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she began to fall
down the rabbit hole
learning about herself
and what she
believed in
it wasn't so bad there
that was when
she decided to stay
just a little longer
For the first time
she was trying
she didn't want
what she was heading to
all this time
she wanted to
Live her life
and love it as well
She was stuck
in endless cycles
it seemed to her
more harm than good
to be a girl
in this world
At night time
that was when
she was truly
with herself
listening to her thoughts
drowning in her thoughts
at night time
no one was watching
no one was there
to protect her
from her thoughts
She looked at that day
that moment
in time that she felt
that one day
she could go
about her day
and truly be happy
feel happy
and stay happy
She was learning
to choose herself
to love herself
and to take care
of herself
But it did not
come easily
she wanted to
loose herself
in herself
and love herself
didn't come easily to her
she could see
every reason to
not be brave
wast the last plan
the last option
that she would take
she cared so deeply
yet felt like she
couldn't be more of an
and for no reason
overthinking caused her
to set herself apart
she couldn't see
that they cared
for her too
she wished
she could be done
and wondering
if she chose correctly
or if she
was going the wrong way
she just wished
she could find
her path
her right way
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