LeV3e Jan 10

I want to touch the
Escape the clock and

Searching for more than
Light burns my eyes when
I go looking

Blinded by our ends
Making ends meet in

Is consciousness really
Or is death's essence
Our destiny?

MikeTheVike Dec 2017


Do you even still love me?
I can't help but think that
maybe we are falling apart,
like the spine of a book.
One that we've read over
a thousand times and gotten bored of
because we know how each other ends
You know that I will smother you
And I know that you will run
And even though I know this
I track down your inky footprints
with my pillow in tow
in hopes that by suffocating you
I will take your breath away
like they do in the movies.
But we are not actors and we read no script
This bleak romantic comedy
seems nothing but a tragedy
for I have nothing romantic or funny to say
all I have is the truth in that
I feel like maybe we made a mistake
So while you place your shoes by the door,
I will sleep with my pillow  on the floor,
waiting for us to lather, rinse, and repeat
the same damn cycle
that never washes clean
Never knowing if you will run away
for good next time
Never knowing if we were fated for others
Is that why you run? To find someone else?
Is that why I push? To put you through hell?
I can't answer these questions
all I know is I'll always have
my pillow

maybe I should just smother myself


© Mike Mortensen
Tala Dec 2017

It disappears, gone 
into particles it dissolves 
lighter, flowing

To suddenly return 
into the rotten cracks of her soul 
HEAVIER yet again 
into the cracks
it dissolves with the darkness it unites

Let it slide, let it slide 
till the next season, let it slide 
to the bottom 
It Hits and Hides
secretly whispers into her mind
counting the days till it's "cherry blossom" time

Seasonal Depression
riwa Nov 2017

we’ll go days without speaking,
a blanket of awkward silences wrapped so tightly around us that we won’t have any room to move.

then you’ll text me.
i’ll reply.
tell you how greatly i’ve missed you, and that everything is okay now.

we’ll talk.

i’ll forbid myself from falling for you again, but when had i ever really listened to my own warnings?

once i’ll start getting pulled in again,

you’ll start to pull away.

then i start thinking too much.

K Balachandran Nov 2017

Gently I  woke up in an ethereal hour,
as the permeating scent of a wild flower,
after roaming many many lives as insects,birds
animals wild in the forests and sea creatures

As the story went on, chapters changed
I stumbled and fell in to her curious eye
with out knowing who she was or why
all I remember was her radiance and sigh
that lifted me,at once to a level too high

Later,after many cycles,a cloud,I realize this:
a piece of clear blue sky I need immediately
her blue eyes, to dissolve bit by bit and die.

Zero Nine Oct 2017

Traveled this road
times before
It would be true
to say I drive
in circles
so I won't

So I won't say it
I won't say it

I won't say it
I won't say

I'm broken
You can't fix it with words
All I need is you
to want to hear
me speak
For once

I'm here
I'm ears
Let me
hear you say

I won't say it

You're bare
You're open
Let me
taste your salt

I can't do that

I can't do good

to myself

It's endless

keep setting those
personal fires
one of these convictions,
from the ash
you'll rise

i'd hate to end on a sullen note
so i won't

'The flowers are wilting away...
If keep watering them, will they stay alive?'
'No, dear, they've been picked from the ground.'
'Was I picked from the ground?'
'No, dear.'
'So, if you kept watering me, will I ...'

Written in Autumn 2013
ringyorm Oct 2017

An apparition floats in the ether
Flirting with uncertainty
Fornicating with insanity
Dreams weaving spiderwebs
missed connections
The cerebral cortex is dead
Neurologic misconduct
The product of masterbatory philosophic ego
Circling the drain
Dark matter cocks its pistol
Currently the universal harmony is obsolete
Industrial jinx the Sphinx winks
Esoteric barbaric monkey race
Acrid acrobatics through semantics
Labrynth of foul play
The mind can't stray away
Meditate on the outer banks
Collective conscious cremating brain waves
the last microwave TV dinner
Enthroned on the last iceberg

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