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You will feel deeply
Little girls can write like dragon ladies,
galvanise poems and spit them out metallic
slipped through pavement portal cracks
I don’t want to write like a girl anymore
there’s no air holes.
Dragon ladies told me not to
I stuck googley eyes on my conscience
diversion tactics
I hope the world doesn’t eat me
***** sun-roof open
limbs steer in different directions and going around in circles.
No canoe
I want to be an radio ooost
me in their karaoke voices
if you stop being yourself, it will set you free.
if you stop being yourself, it will set you free.
Äŧül Feb 9
You impressed me effortlessly,
I love you truly and crazily.

You looked at me beautifully,
I fell further in love for you deeply.

You have goodness truthfully,
I shall never lose my faith crazily.

You give me patience truly,
I am not saying this flirtatiously.

You stand these testing times strongly,
I get pulled towards you simply.

You may take your time pondering carefully,
I stand here, waiting for you eternally.

You know that you live gracefully,
I shall make you realize that you live gorgeously.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
I'm walking through snow
Who'll win the game?
Did I drowned enough?
Or something has been left?
Am I hitting or playing? With snowball.
Drip drop...
You didn't fall enough
Compesition of snow
Drive me blind of who I am
The winner isn't who didn't get the cold but who drowened deeply
Cambria Andersen Oct 2018
If we knew what our soul looked like.
If we understood just how beautiful we are.
Idleness and low self esteem would be replaced with,
Love, ambition and a heart full of fire.
stopdoopy Nov 2018
Feelings overflowing and spilling out of the fountain.

It warms me, to know you care so deeply.

I'm sorry.

My tears may spill like raindrops,

But I will lay down my flesh time and time again,

Until every inch of me is littered with scars;

And I'm sinking beneath the waves of worry, ache, and sadness.

If it means I can one day find someone,

Who feels the same as me,

Then I will die a thousand times.
A response piece to Cait-Cait's "to you, whom i love very much". This was written months ago and all I remember is we had some very open hearted conversations and I love that we can be so honest with each other. I hope you all find a friend like her.
Elizabeth Zenk Aug 2018
I’m trying so hard
to ***** that wall of frozen ice you have placed between us.
With an ice axe, I go down
on the meter-thick glacier
I grow weary of my failing progress.
I slide down the numbingly cold wall into the crisp blanket of snow.
And I call over between raspy breaths,
“If you keep shutting these conversations down I’ll stop trying to have them.”
and you quietly reply,
My sunken eyebags are darker than ever
the wasted energy of trying to establish trust
melts over me all at once.
Now I'm shivering alone.
Poetic T Jul 2018
Incandescent virtues , yet I'm a drought within .
I read tealeaves in mouldy cups of our tainted futures.
Our wicks that never saw the light, even though burnt out.
Untenable sight that we drank deeply on, but still thirsted for.
Poetic T May 2018
Directions swerve from visualizations of
reflections that are kept
                                          within the above.

                Dismay verses  acute desperation,
stray reflections deflect
                                          systematic dictation.

Where all shards of what lingers before us,
pair unto parts that collect for us to

But eventually  they show true form,
               cut deeply they delegate in uniform.
internal rhyme, stretch your thoughts to new avenues took me ages :)
Obscrea Dec 2017
I hope I can live my life
Painting stretching sunsets
With my back against a wall
Breathing in ever so deeply

In a t-shirt and shorts
My hair tumbling loose
And paint on my hands
Humming peacefully.
Apachi Ram Fatal Oct 2017
zen manipulate electrons in various states\
migrate matter within range negate radiation\
indicate particles  of ambiguous qualities heart\
rate acceding mean mug gimmickry deflower\
showman stalemate minute of the meeting\
bonsai tree focus attention on mental desertion\
of a post without permission leaving duty\
unconcerned possess contrite phase clout\
initiate conduction butterfly effect\
unconditional require dissertation variation
in the future scale systems of education\
consume clones dogmatic zone emphatic\
wormhole between widely abused encompass\
those sadly disturbing amused separate connect\
ions space time continuum chromium address\
headless tune ⍏ chyme  divine combine celestial\
sign ⍏ bodies pine guide ⍏ shrine unleash\  

out zipper little dipper stick
love without pain set my soul free
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