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When she danced
it was as if
fairies sparkled
all around her
and there was this glow
about her face
To him
it just made her

We were arms and legs,
ruffled pillows and
twisted blankets
bare writhing bodies
reflected in a warped carnival mirror
glowing embers of a fallen star
Your strokes
tentative and wavering
in an unsteady tremolo

find me where the shy dawn
dare caress the black crystal waters
that sparkled so green
amidst cold oceans of metaphor
and warm, streaky peach jam skies

gift me, make me, break me, grant me
may i find nourishment and sustenance
in suckling the dripping honey
from your velvet rose-tinted lips
slake Your thirst
sate Your hunger
drink from these fountains
and eat from these briars
revel in my sanctum
but let no blessed water
pass my parched lips

i will etch soliloquies into the nape of your neck
i, the calligrapher, you my masterpiece
monet's soleil levant and water lilies
botticelli's map of hell and rorshach blots
i will find god in your twinkling sepia eyes
and repose in the contours of your body
chiseled with conviction bold
i will trace lines traced long ago
and discover you anew
lilting auroras behind these tired eyelids
sweet aubades of clotted maple cream
embroidered into the
buttery cashmere shearling
of Your lush being
knotted, blistering lilac and rose
in this churning ****** sea
of flames and sculpted ice

bold sensual soft
caress but never kiss
it's five a.m.
and i still can't sleep
we're out of time
there's no stopping what's to come
but the taste of jasmine white tea
still lingers on my tongue
i'm still shouting to the void
and playing piano in the brazen dark
~escapril prompt no. 1
~dedicated to a tayden and a david, and to a lana for seeing me through it all :)
~this will also probably become a part of dichotomy pt. 2
~"crystal water that sparkled so green" -- kipling's seal lullaby
~feedback much appreciated <3
Buoyed pot Dec 2019
With such ceaseless light falling from heaven on my late shut eyes,
I encountered the other half of my soul in the golden woods.
It sparkled and made me almost blind.
It was you, my love, I never want to lose,
The prettiest dream, I never want to awake...
April Feb 2018
I remember your eyes,
How they sparkled when I made a joke,
How they crinkled around the edges when you laughed.

I remember your laugh,
How happy it made me,
How you'd slowly stop laughing then abruptly start laughing again.

I remember your hands,
How they molded with mine perfectly,
How you'd wring them together when you were nervous.

I remember you,
I hope you remember me.
AlluringEnigma Aug 2015
You rose in the sky above,
of my left
You smiled at me
And i was glad to see;
You offered me to stay awake
& I'll give you heat,
You kept me from cold
Which could froze me like a snow man
And I was a shame to say
You sparkled like white rose,
Just beside me
Your tiny friends wre with you
As I was just to step on the frog
You brighted like the rising Sun,
You stole my sleep
As you stole my thoughts
I was just staring at you ALL night,
\\\*I just write it for how to feel just in front of them & I hope You may like thisss
AlphaShadowK Feb 2015
Sparkled water is terrible.
It doesn't work well with meals
Or with my taste buds
It doesn't work well with anything.
If I just added some syrup
And turned it to pop
It would be wonderful,
Not terrible, no more.
My friend told me to make a poem about sparkled water, even though, as the title suggests, I personally think it's terrible.

— The End —