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Jun 2022 · 17.2k
Everything in Between
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2022
My pillow misses you
more than I do.
The way you taste, the way you feel
Your kiss echoes goodnight.
A sheep lost it's way to the moon
We both lie awake waiting for you
The last thought before
falling asleep.
If it seemed I never missed you
you're sadly mistaken &
everything in between
Jun 2022 · 16.4k
Flat Blue Sheets
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2022
I come to life when you touch me
Fluent & continuous.
You've unzipped my lips and tossed
them to the side.
I've never fallen &
been caught so freely.
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really was.
A jagged peninsula
Eloped in oceans embrace
Curved in explosion.
Sometimes it feels like I am
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really is
Chipped off, covered by you
falling deeper into you
Jun 2022 · 11.9k
A City Full of You
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2022
Meeting you gave me the permission
I sought in myself.
To get out & explore in a sense
that it feels like home.
Being with you, the best idea yet.
Small petite buildings, towering
Everyday feels brand new
I don't feel the need to stay cooped
up inside a room.
With you I want to get out &
explore and sleep when there is
I've never been to a place like
this before.
I've never tasted food this good
before & for once,
There are no distractions, no other
place to be.
The lights that shine from your eyes
The thoughts that travel fast like cars.
I've never been to a city like this
before, the best idea yet.
When people ask me where I've been
I call your name.
When friends ask me where I'm going
I call your name.
And I can't wait until I get back there
Jun 2022 · 10.6k
Defy Gravity
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2022
She came from heaven & laid her head
Down next to mine.
It felt like I had crawled into the sun &
Realized that everything was not
what it seemed.
She became an island
One my emotions began to explore,
Simplified to pacing in circles
walking back and forth.
She came from heaven & laid her head
Down next to mine.
I'd realized that I never seen the sun
My gratitude today hopeful
of the invitation into tomorrow.
She defies the gravity of my world
Dec 2021 · 1.6k
Cruel Things
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
The sound of fingers
The string of hearts
Pressed wood hallowed out
Digging, digging
Digging, digging
Breathe in breathe out.
It takes courage
Just to exist.
I've tied my heart to a steel string
And lost them around the cuticles
of your fingers.
Of all the cruel things in life
I am glad that you're not one of them.
I've tuned my lips
& Twisted my hips toward you.
You never once laughed
When I mentioned
I am still learning how to dance
Dec 2021 · 11.9k
Red Joysticks
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Through the red joysticks
And white & blue slap buttons.
Without the advancement of memory cards
Or weird split screens to
My last life is always the one
I save for you,
Through the experience points
and colorful gems
There’s much more to explore.
My first wow, my first time, my next again
& Again.
No matter how many times
I feel like I lose,
You’re the reason I always get back up.
My initials fill all ten slots of your heart,
Until you're decommissioned and pulled
Out of stock.
There they will always remain
Dec 2021 · 2.1k
World is Asleep
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
While the world is asleep
I lie awake in a dream that feels real
because I am with you.
They'll lie still and we won't disturb
It's you that I only get this feeling
I accept that I am awake because you
are here
There is no other fact.
While the world is asleep
I want to explore everything that I can.
Without interruption.
Without the triple bypass of work.
More than enjoying your company for
what it is.
Like croissants in Paris
After climbing the Eiffel tower with you
on my back.
Or counting how long it'll take to bend
the curvature of the tower into the
shape of your heart.
While the world is asleep
They'll lie still and we won't disturb
& When they awake,
They'll think it was all a dream
By the time we finish explaining what
took us so long to get back
Dec 2021 · 2.5k
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Fear is a language all on its own.
Although broken, we understand soon
as we hear it.
No matter how well spoken
No matter how intuitive or savvy
We sabotage ourselves well after the
moment has passed.
I stepped outside of myself when I met
Bilingual & open,
No matter how far you move or I.
I'll always remember you
I've memorized you in my heart
Where fear does not exist
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Your memories are a poem
Presented to me at the end of the bar.
Alone & fleeting; an escape from reality.
Wanting to take part in the meeting
Of strangers; A variety of faces exchanging
****** temptation disguised as liquid courage.
Chased by the thought of not being alone
Your memories are a poem
Refilled soon as it's emptied. Wished away,
Wanting to be pursued
In exchange for monetary currency.
Bad ideas that roam the ideology of good,
You fill me, I feel you.
I stand & I stumble around the thought of you.
You start to leave me soon as I start to feel you
Nov 2021 · 613
The Valley of Your Smile
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
My fingers are a boat,
Navigating the river of your skin.
Through the bog & long blades of grass,
I picked for you a bush of roses.
In the hopes of making you smile,
Wandering away with thoughts of you.
The kind of peace brought soon
as I see your face.
Though the sun has yet to rise
I’ve sunk down in the pores of your skin.
Searching for the best flowers I can find.
Day after day
Night after night.
I’ve dived & I’ve sunk
Curious of what I’ll find,
At times I didn’t want to leave.
My fingers free to roam the curves
Of your body with nothing to tie them down.
Your body a wave gentle & smooth,
Guiding me to where I sought
In mind body & spirit.
Through the bog & long blades of grass.
I placed all the flowers I found in your heart.
Wild & free
Tomorrow, I’ll return to do the same
To watch the sunrise of your cheeks
Nov 2021 · 534
Feng Shui
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
She invited me into her home
apologizing for the lack of things there.
I could tell that she had renovated recently,
getting rid of the things that no longer
served purpose.
I thought of her as timely,
a perfect harmony of sage & mint candles
burning on a black glass coffee table.
about halfway through,
I realized how much I loved her home.
while she apologized in the beginning
less is more & it showed by way of her smile.
I enjoyed how everything was laid out,
from the brochures of comfort to the cushion
of where I sat.
the greatest intimacy between us two.
laughing at everything yet nothing at the same time.
but still I thought, how much she inspired me to do
the same when I got home.
everything that I thought was beautiful before
no longer had that same appeal.
when i extended the same invitation,
I too found myself apologizing for things
that needed no explanation.
my biggest source of inspiration,
I was glad to see her growth
& in turn stopped chasing the wrong things,
I learned from her
That everything is going to be alright
Nov 2021 · 1.0k
First Contact
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
It's been so many nights
I've scrolled down my contact list
& Highlighted your name.
So many nights you've crossed
My mind and never left.
Wherever you call home
Wherever I call home.
Places I thought we'd never go
Desperate finding our way back.
You're name a direct reflection
Of the sun,
My finger an eclipse.
Unknown to the philosophers
And professors who study science.
It's been so many nights
I've scrolled down my contact list
& Your name has shone bright
Like some shooting star
Searching for something it's lost.
Knowing our history
You'd have to be there to have
Seen it.
Without first contact,
I miss you every time
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
I love the conversations that we have.
There's no rush involved
A certain amount of logic or
Anything otherwise overbearing.
We might not say that we love each other
in the sense of coming out
& Saying the words, but
We do so in a more fun generously
Giving way.
If I ever slouch or have something
on my face you tell me in a way
that doesn't feel remedial
Or wait until I reach your train of thought,
which could otherwise
Feel embarrassing.
A mutual understanding in patience,
Filling an empty space in my bones.
The cushioning that relaxes and eases
No matter how goofy or if we don't see
eye to eye.
You're the only woman I want
To fall asleep on, while
You fall asleep on the couch.
With three perfectly good explanations
Down the hall
Oct 2021 · 12.2k
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
I've never had anyone look
At me the way that you do.
The first time I saw it, I tried
To catch it but missed.
Much like a shooting star
Fast & fleeting.
I remember the look on your face,
The pieces of gold shone by the light.
Your eyes, they do something to me
In my collective thought.
They break down an insane amount
Of answers to questions I've never
Thought to think.
I've never had much luck when it
comes to money, but I can imagine
the amount of fear that makes
someone insane off the thought of losing it.
Today, tomorrow, always.
To look up and see your eyes,
A not so hidden pleasure
Fast & fleeting.
Out in the open and still somehow
manage to miss it.
The second, third, as well as fourth
I plan to catch
Oct 2021 · 408
Volcanic Wildfire
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
Now I am certain of nothing
But your existence, in chaotic disbelief.
The scurry of feet patter down the path
Of the avenue & city blocks downtown.
As beautiful as you are dangerous,
Now open to the world around you.
A fiery ship intentionally dragging it’s
Anchor in obsession.
Not knowing how or when to stop.
The smog of smoke eases its way down.
We all were told to evacuate.
What is this place?
What is this promise made anew?
Some days are better than others,
The stars blend in with the search lights.
At times it’s hard to tell which is which.
I stand in both shock & awe.
It looks like the sky has split open,
The closest I’ll ever get to the sun
Not knowing how, or when to stop
You’ve always been familiar to me
Oct 2021 · 11.2k
California King
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
My bed may not be as large
As California or have a blanket
As deep as the ocean.
But it’s comfy and shares
The same view as if we were there.
When I am asleep with you,
Everything becomes ideal.
One of the best feelings the universe
Could bestow.
To discover a slice of heaven beside you.
A spoon finding it’s way
To the big dipper, in the same
Lineage of how I see you.
We stargaze with our eyes closed,
Watching the stars bloom like flowers
In complete comfort.
The urge to explore further,
A simple look, a simple smirk
Head nestled deep in a pillow.
The aspirations of becoming an astronaut
Become that much clearer.
I blast off & everything becomes dark
My reflection staring at yours beneath mine,
Until I see your face spread wide
Across the moon.
Happy and safe,
My voyage is now complete
Sep 2021 · 556
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2021
She was here long before I.
I was not native to her land.
I joined hands in celebration.
My every emotion, a feast returned.
Aligned in reciprocation.
I an inhabitant of her,
& She of me.
A comfort to the mind, body, and soul.
I saw myself in her,
Not afraid to separate where land
& lake begins.
Supporting each other as the sky and
I celebrate like a native.
I celebrate in all her teachings.
She a proud nation & I a piece of her.
In hands the color of mud,
I call every piece a name familiar of her.
Without lies. Without fear to stand up.
A fruit fully grown & sprout from the tree.
She was here long before I,
Not lost neither stolen.
I joined her hands and rejoiced
Before I knew I could breath.
Sep 2021 · 1.1k
Old Songs
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2021
Old songs are like
A prayer; no matter the length
Of time.
No matter how long or short.
They dance.
They dance regardless of who's
Around & accept your invitation
Without you knowing.
Just when you forget.
They tap you on the shoulder &
Give you something to smile about.
Old songs are like a dancehall that scream
In silence and fill the empty with hope.
Regardless of how you felt before.
Old songs are like the remedy to the old
Person in your head who finally feels the urge
to dance again
Aug 2021 · 13.0k
Anywhere there's Peace
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2021
I feel most at home
When I am beside you.
I am able to breathe freely & abundantly.
You speak kindly to my soul,
& nurture the points of direction
Which I grow.
My sanctuary of peace,
My birds eye view of serenity.
I feel most at home
When I am in view of your garden.
Offering the utmost
Of warmth & affection.
Make no mistake,
I am not there to simply pass time
Nor am I there out of the convenience
Of you.
Being around you takes me
to another world

& I am glad to share in the experience
Of you.
I am in awe at how you transform me
Into a moth, in terms of light.
I’ll follow you anywhere
Aug 2021 · 1.7k
To be without you
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2021
When buildings crumble
& return back to dust
& heads turn in disgust.
Faced with lust & deeds
Of mistrust.

When all else fades
& the stars speckle
Like eons of old dust collected
& swept across the sky,
Time will cease to exist.

While some of us ascend
The staircase.
Not all of us will be so fortunate
In a desert of red.

In any case,
No matter which way you go,
Wait for me.

Wait for me at the floodgate
Which passion percolates &
The stars weep for us as we do
For them.
Don’t breathe without me,
Just as I wouldn’t without you.
Humble & unknowing

I don’t know what’s to become of us
But I do know,
I don’t want to be without you.
When buildings crumble
& return back to dust
When all else fades
& the stars speckle
Like eons of old dust collected
& swept across the sky.

Wait for me,
No matter what happens
Aug 2021 · 628
Brainbox (in your brain)
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2021
Hold me in your brain
Close to memories you're soon
To forget.
Only time will tell, close to things you'll
never forget.
Hold me in your brain with
Things that make you laugh, things
that make you cry.
If for some reason you feel afraid.
I'll be right there.
Reminding you how good it feels
being close to you.
To help if you should ever forget.
Your favorite song to dance to in the rain.
The good memories and also the bad.
I feel completely & utterly safe
Dancing around in your brain.
Deep in the catacombs I hope you don't forget.
Reminding you how good it feels,
being this close to you.
The cover that protects you from all the monsters under your bed.
The fear of being yourself if confronted with something new.
Another thought that eases your brain.
Only time will tell.
Close to the things you'll never forget
To help if you should ever forget.
Your favorite song to dance to in the rain
Jul 2021 · 809
Caution Tape
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
I'd do anything to take up space
in her notebook.
Almost anything.
Close to anything.
Most positively not that, but close to that.
A wobbly fall or ignoring a crowd of people.
walking through a double door you’d normally
have no problem walking though.
Most definitely the kind of mistake
that leaves you paralyzed.
Unable to move, taste, or breathe freely.
Paralyzed & left between the pages
she comes back & visits often.
Pages I have to relive every time I see her face.
If she turns her notebook sideways the blue lines
become a jail cell.
If she turns her notebook long ways the blue lines
become a pair of blinds & I fall.
Shifting through the pages until I hit the bottom.
I'd do anything to take up space
in her notebook.
Almost anything.
Close to anything.
Most positively not that, but close to that.
Unless she adds caution tape to the elevator shaft
Of the next skyscraper she draws.
Or maybe I'll just take the stairs
Jul 2021 · 876
Scenic Route
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
Take me on a plane to your heart.
I want to get out & celebrate
Your hand in mine.
Time steadily ticks down, our emotions
Attentive streamers and banners
That shout welcome.
I stayed up all night like a child.
Anticipating the feel of something new,
The rush of being around you.
My fearless dream of you,
Curiously you.
Take me on a plane to your heart.
Your peace of mind, your cloud in the sky.
Somewhere that I’ve never been.
I feel so small when I am next to you,
But not in an insurmountable way.
I get a chance to see how much of a difference
That you’ve made.
Next time that you go,
Or at least consider.
Take me with you in the experience
That no one will know but you & I.
To be happy and belong to a part
Of you always & discover how many
Times I’ve looked at you and deeply
Appreciate the parts of you I am just now seeing.
How beautifully breathtaking,
No matter how big, there is still plenty
To discover & plenty of flights we could schedule.
No matter where we journey,
No matter how small.
Take me on a plane to your heart,
I only ask, that we take the scenic route
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
Blow a kiss & show me
What true liberation and
Desire look like, I deserve it
& when I see you, I am coming
With you. With nothing but
Excitement and the best intention.
I would love nothing more than that.
It doesn’t matter the list of places.
The first, second, or third destination.
I’d really just like to go hallucinate
With you In the wilderness.
A language that needs no translation.
No matter where we stand, mentally
We are where we want to be.
Prosperous in each other.
The earth tucked beneath a blanket,
eventually we’ll have to get up
but until then blow a few kisses
& take me with you.
A naked soul free, exploring a dream.
One of the first things that come to mind
Your face on front of a post card.
This memory snuggled up close
In infinity.
Without having to imagine or dream
Where we’ve already been.
Together by the lake,
The mountains nestled low,
One head snuggled into another.
The campfire barely visible, piled in a mess
Realizing that there’s nothing more perfect
Realizing that we are a dream within a dream.
Realizing that only we can make this a reality.
I want this so bad.
No matter where we stand, mentally.
We are where we want to be.
Each other’s everywhere & everything
in between.
Jul 2021 · 679
Eggman Blues
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
Not once have I ever questioned
Why Humpty Dumpty sat on
A wall.
Not once did I ever question
The size of his hat.
Time is just one of those things
Easily hard working,
No matter how many times you
Yell out wait,
It just walks on.
No matter how much you care,
No matter how much you crave
It’s touch.
If you’re not careful, it’ll pass you by.
Not once have I thought about
The answers to any of these questions.
It’s quite painful,
To love someone risking the chance
They might not love you back.
It’s quite painful,
To teeter totter on a wall.
Even more fearful knowing
That you might fall.
But anything is better than
Walking on eggshells
Jul 2021 · 503
Rents Due
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
If there is one thing that couldn’t
Be further from the truth,
Nothing in this life is free.
To do better in chase of sanity.
One of the greatest forms of currency,
In a world of chaos everything
Has a cost.
No matter the need or want,
Yet I am ever so appreciative.
To be housed, clothed & fed with working
Lights and water.
Stability, an antidepressant in a world
You wake up & do the same thing over
& over.
If there is one thing that couldn’t
Be further from the truth.
Nothing in this life is free, & I
Ever so appreciative.
I’d gladly pay weekly, biweekly,
even monthly.
I feel that much closer to liberation
Under the roof of your smile,
A sense of privacy unlike any other.
Your lips the doorbell to inner peace.
Your hands a meal to feed thousands
At a time.
Although nothing is free,
I am ever so appreciative that a smile
Doesn’t cost a thing.
I couldn’t think of a better representation,
A better place to be
Jul 2021 · 426
Rushing Home
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
& when I rush to get home,
Before I lay my keys down.
You’ll put your arms around me
& fill me with so much joy.
You give me a feeling that’s both
Happy & ecstatic.
I don’t want to have to miss you
Then wait forever to kiss you.
The sort of thing that happens
When least expected.
It’s always easier than it sounds.
But seeing you smile always
Puts things in perfect perspective.
When I rush to get home
I’ll yell out that I am here &
When I do, my mind will ask my heart
Why am I so loud.
When it does I’ll reply that I’ve
Filled all the empty space
Around with pieces of her.
& when I yell out I am easily reminded,
Before she is seen
Before she is heard.
That she is completely safe.
That she is comprised of all the small things
That make life worthwhile.
The smallest patter of feet &
Being attacked by the gentlest thing
Such as a hug.
It really is easy to take for granted
When I rush to get home,
I am going to crawl into the bed
Of her arms & sleep for as long
As she allows me to
Jul 2021 · 426
Pin Cushion
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
Sometimes I feel that it isn't right,
How close we are but yet
So far apart.
There's not a day, a single
solemn minute that goes by
That you don't cross my mind.
I've taken every piece of you &
Hoarded it, for better or worse.
To the point I can barely recognize
which parts are me
& which are you.
These bright and colorful reminders.
I've taken it all.
In walking distance so far from where
we began.
I've taken it all,
& held it tight without question.
On the days I really wanted to see you,
You were numb.
for better or worse.
To the point I can barely recognize
which parts are me
& which are you.
You've stuffed me with long sharp pins,
pressing them deep
Without consideration to how it feels
or how I'd feel.
Not once have I said a word,
In walking distance so far from where
we began.
On the days I really wanted to see you,
which parts are me
& which are you.
There just isn't anymore room,
Those were your words to me
Jul 2021 · 9.9k
Off For So Long
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
Your body is a vacation, the perfect
spot to getaway.
Over the mound of your thigh the sun is
high & the fun has yet to begin.
I love how your skin feels between my hands.
How small you make everything around feel.
I apologize for putting you off for so long.
A year or two from now, I won't regret
how fast I packed my bag & left to
come visit.
A year or two from now, I'll tell everyone my favorite place to vacate.
How easy the language was to learn,
To bathe in the sun of your smile &
splash in the ocean of your body.
The weather is always perfect,
The adventures that await beneath your dress.
I apologize for putting you off for so
A year or two from now, I'll still remember the smell of fresh peaches,
Served in thick nectar.
Compliments of being the perfect guest, the first to check in &
the last to leave.
Still viewing the sights, things that'll
last twenty years from now, without
hesitation or worry.
The only thing left to unpack is you
& Memories of you
Jul 2021 · 8.5k
Not A Single Drop
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
When I am with you
The sun shines it’s absolute brightest.
Not a single cloud in the sky.
No matter what side of town we’re on,
No matter what we do.
All I see is clear skies, no matter what
they say.
Even if it does, so what.
I am with you.
My own personal parade, beautiful
In every way.
When you walk pass, everyone &
Everything stops.
Pretty brass skin, your voice smooth
As silk.
When I am with you, the sun shines
It’s absolute brightest & I am at ease.
The best part of the day,
No matter what side of town,
No matter what we wear.
The sun shines it’s absolute best
When we’re together.
Not a single drop of rain comes to mind,
Not a single drop
Jun 2021 · 7.4k
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
There are over a million things
To do in the name of pleasure.
Over a million more that involves
The person I could be,
The person I’d love to be,
Over a million things that could go wrong.
This thought a wave pattern found
In an ocean of sheets,
The shore of the mattress bare.
The meeting of my fingers interlocked
With yours,
The earth rotates & bends sideways.
Without hesitation we are poured
Up down left & right,
Over a million things that could go wrong.
Lost at sea in complete darkness
I cling to you to keep warm.
Lost in the earth, you blush morning.
Shedding light to infinity.
Your face a cathedral of a million things
That could go right.
Smushed & paused in excitement.
A religion that doesn’t require
A curriculum.
The earth rotates & bends,
I am baptized in the liquid from
Your lips & like a fish I am alive,
& like a fish I can breathe without fear
That you’d be stolen & renamed
Without fear that you’d be stolen & renamed.
Robbed of over a million things
That could go right,
Between the sheets we hide.
I cling to you to keep warm, lost in the earth
You blush morning.
Shedding light to infinity.
A religion that doesn’t require
A curriculum.
The person I could be,
The person I’d love to be,
Without fear.
I wander you freely
Jun 2021 · 1.2k
Guest House
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
I still miss you.
Sometimes I wonder if you miss me
As much as I dream that you do.
If I am even a second thought, if you miss
Anything about me period.
I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed you as tight as I do than when I dream.
When I am sleep, everything feels real.
The feel of your skin.
The way the small of your back raises
When you breathe.
Your hair a mess, barely holding on to the pillow.
Apparently dreams are the guest house to prayers.
Missing you hurts like hell, lying awake
In angst, not being able to enjoy the moment In full.
I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed you as tight as I do than when I dream,
Your head in the cease of my arm.
I am not ready to wake up yet,
I am not ready for you to go.
Not ready for you to disappear.
When I dream,
Every word we say is silent
& your heart beats next to mine.
You snuggle up close to me &
Everything in you just releases.
Just let me sleep a while longer,
I still feel safe when you’re around
I still miss you when you’re not around
Jun 2021 · 341
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
She sprawled out across the sky, bored,
Perfectly sun-kissed.
From a distance she could fit
In my hands.
Day, the name we hold dearest
Day, the name of the memory I placed
her above all else.
I too, lay sprawled out, beneath her.
The intensity of how she makes me
A region I know well, sweltered &
Without walls or halls to contain the
effect she has on me.
She took my hand & gave me the gift of
her presence.
My heart but a burning bush from this
intense percussion, this rapid sensation spreading steadily, rapidly.
A giant in my eyes.
I've climbed the highest building &
collapsed beneath her.
Black & wilted,
I am the wick without promise of
Jun 2021 · 6.9k
Loud & Breathtaking
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
There are fireworks
Small & big reminders
Of everywhere we’ve been.
Above the rooftops, above our
Top lips, in tremendous fashion.
Spread far, your soul & mine.
I couldn’t imagine life
Without you.
Something out of the blue,
Loud & breathtaking.
How we’ve inspired each other
In quick rocket bursts.
If nothing else we’ve learned
That in a matter of minutes
It can all come to an end.
The way you kiss me &
The ethos of traveling souls
Finding a color to forever live in.
I’ve found a place, there are
Fireworks everywhere.
If nothing else, we’ve learned
That in a matter of minutes
it can all come to an end.
& when it does, I’ll race you
To the top & kiss you and
Every memory I have of you.
The cosmos of left over
Gunpowder & shredded paper
All combustible in our celebration.
With eyes closed,
& the sizzling palpitation of my heart.
Possibly the biggest reminder.
Whenever I see fireworks,
I think of you
Jun 2021 · 269
Little Big Person
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
I am unable to sleep, she holds me
In the palm of her hands.
No matter what, she greets me
Through the day.
Her face my sun, the moon,
The stars & everything in between.
If I go to sleep, she wakes me right up.
Whether verbal or the slightest notion,
She knows when I am awake.
Confirming the beat of my heart.
Whether she’s close or far away,
She still appears a giant in my eyes.
& I snug in her hands.
She pops in & out of my head,
Leaving nothing but her smile.
Wherever I look she’s always there
She’s become my peace, the very dream
I continue to wake & go back to sleep to.
The breath I take that brings clarity
To everything.
My eyes no longer feel like “X’s”
& I barely feel the stitches.
She gives me the things she thinks
I require & that’s the closest
To love I’ve been.
For someone to take time out of their day.
To gain an understanding of someone else,
Although much taller than I.
She makes me feel bigger than what I really am.
For some that might be trivial.
But for me,
It’s all I ever wanted to know
Jun 2021 · 593
Dumb Deaf & Blind
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
When I saw his name pop up
In your phone.
I felt something in me break
& it hasn’t been right since.
The way you call my name,
The way you touch me.
I knew it was over.
I continued to go about,
Remembering the person I once
When you’d kiss me your grip
Only got looser, while mine
Became tighter.
The receiving end of closed eyes
In search of better times,
Reliving a moment perhaps
I’d never live again.
Deep down I felt something in me
Break, something only you had
The power to fix.
The voice in my head told me,
The way you grabbed me the last
Time we met told me.
The way you tried to hide it
The way I pretended not to see
Told me.
Your eyes told a familiar story,
Not everything needs to be said.
To be dumb deaf & blind,
I love you that much
Jun 2021 · 6.9k
Best Days
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
The best days of my life
Where’d you go?
Time flies trying to fit in
As much as you can.
Sleep barely comes
Running round losing track
Of time.
No one to tell you to stop,
Kind of loud
Kind of subtle.
The best days of my life.
Staying up all night
Not a care in the world.
Where’d you go?
The best of everything,
So little time.
Trying to fit in as much
As you can.
They tell you that these
Are the best,
You never realize until
It’s gone.
Memories of when we met
Memories of when we spent
The night.
The things we got caught doing,
But no one said a word.
Sleep barely comes
Lost somewhere having fun.
The best days of my life,
Where’d you go?
Jun 2021 · 6.0k
Real Love
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
Real love lives in your eyes,
It lives in your smile.
It's even shared through the extension
Of your hand.
Real love is exceptional & phenomenal,
Much like a cassette tape wound up
In emotion.
Real love is realistic & finds a way
to communicate, no matter
How hard the emotion.
Real love travels with you.
Real love lives & breathes the same
Breath as you.
The beat of your heart divine &
Echos mine.
Real love remembers the day
my heart met yours,
Although it's been quite a while,
Real love still remembers your name
& Although cassette tapes are a bit
I still remember staying up all night
Listening to the sound of your
No matter the instrument,
Real love finds a way
Jun 2021 · 103
Of Home
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
There's always something that
reminds you of home.
A certain something,
A certain feel.
A certain someone that's become
A joyous lifetime of longevity.
The genius of violins & stringed
No matter where you go,
There's always something day by day.
No matter what's going on or
How old you feel,
This certain something that makes us
feel young again,
Whatever it may be.
There's always something that
reminds you of home, & for me.
You just happen to be that certain
The second, first, all the way to infinity
thing I want to do.
The only place I really want to go.
No matter what's going on or
Who's around.
A place to call home,
A place to return to,
A place I can't wait to get back to.
You are that something, the fire
That crackles in the fireplace of my
The lock & key that makes me feel safe
and secure.
No matter where I go, I carry a piece of
you with me, always.
A piece of me I can't wait to get back
& That's home
Jun 2021 · 5.1k
Hands Down
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
Like a song played over & over,
I don't want to lose the feeling you give.
The only one that holds a special place,
That knows what I desire without
Having to say a word.
The way your voice takes absolute
A kiss from my ear down to my neck.
Your lips, your body, my favorite CD to
listen to.
The shiver between lyrics,
Experiencing you in full, soon as I hear, I listen.
Spending the night in your arms
In our never-ending marathon.
Your voice to ease whatever sorrow.
The one I turn to when I am in need,
Without fear of judgement.
Bless the Lord for creating night to
further explore our talents.
How I seem to lose myself in you &
Light up whenever I hear your voice.
Whatever you ask, whatever you desire, your heart is mine
& There is nothing that I will not do.
Understanding, the greatest parallel between us two.
My favorite song hands down.
Your lips, your body, my favorite album
cover to take my time & thumb
Like a song played over & over,
I don't want to lose the feeling you give.
Spending the night in your arms,
In our never-ending marathon.
Experiencing you in full
Jun 2021 · 335
Unless You're a Bear
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
Some say that life is just around
The corner,
Some say that fun is just around
The corner
But unless you’ve been there yourself
You wouldn’t understand the billboard
Above the corner store.
Although things change, it’ll surprise you
What stays the same.
What ghost appears & possesses you
One second to the next.
Barely visible labels taken down
& replaced,
Old rusted metal.
A small reminder that things can
& will be replaced.
Just through the intersection,
Just around the corner.
Some say that things just aren’t
The way they use to be.
The news broadcasts certain events
That take place under the billboard.
A mans been shot five times &
The police still haven’t responded.
Unless you’re a bear wearing a headdress
Wearing shades, & riding a dull grey bike.
You’ll search for a place to belong too,
Up high above on the billboard,
Above the corner store.
Unless you live on this side of town.
You wouldn’t understand,
Why he peddles the way he does
Sep 2020 · 1.1k
Morning Dew
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2020
& I found you
lying on the ground.
You welcomed me to your lips,
Finding early morning twinkle
in your eyes - Just before
the security lights on the house
are cut off.
Shortly before we are interrupted
by the footprints of muddy boots
& soft sole shoes finding their way
into the light.
I found you on the ground &
laid beside you,
My lips melting into yours
Just beneath the sun.
I closed my eyes and fell into you
Hiding myself deep within your reach.
No longer naive to the definition of
Promise me that you won't leave
at least until tomorrow morning.
My loving arms wrapped around you
until the sun tells me that it's time
to go
Sep 2020 · 1.6k
Blackberry Roses
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2020
I've taken delicate walks
Where my hand
meets the arch of your back
& I've drowned
In the aroma of the sun kissed sun.
You've caressed in an whisper
where me myself & my thoughts
The foliage of your lips
Against the edge of my ear.
To where my memories of you are open ended
and bruised by the sigh of a thorn
Covered in black lace.
The glow of blackberry petals
in the September sun.
I've massaged your feet in the soil of my hands
& rested your back against the bend of fingers
Free to stand and grab the sun
against the side of your neck.
Next to my clothes
on the hardwood floor
Next to your blackberry lipstick
on the night stand
where we causally thirst in epiphany
spread far & wide
Over by the Mason jar filled with
Over by the night stand
Where you & I delicately walk inside
Each other
Sep 2020 · 639
Satellites & Lures
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2020
She grabbed me by my collar
& told me come quick.
The view of the moon was
Perfect, especially from this close.
Our combustion, our compulsion
I felt small compared to her
Sailing in a small metal boat
She grabbed me by the collar
To stop me from falling
The only best thing I could've done.
Defying the laws of gravity
I'd never been this high up
Reluctant to play make believe.
Falling and bumping my head
On a star.
She hooked me with the lure
Of her eye
And like a fish I'd evaporate
From a blue and green possibility
Into a rocket lure;
& hurled off into an unknown
Eternity of stars.
Skipped across the sky
Until out of sight
Sep 2020 · 875
Boarders (Thin Lines)
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2020
That thin line is where
I want to be
Cut off between us two.
No matter how much we
change, this line will
always be.
Between motorized vehicles
the patter of shoes, old & new.
Spaced out between concrete plateaus and
painted highway lines.
The onlookers & passerbys
caught in the wind without second glance,
that thin line where I want to be
Can only be described as
Beside you.
Between the trees, beside the small lakes & birds
of your imagination,
That thin line where I end & you begin.
Our invisible bridge where my voice
tickles your ear & is miles long
That thin line that grasps your hand & mind.
No matter how much we change
this line will always be
& this line where we always meet
Mar 2020 · 343
White Fudge Oreos
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
Some nights you
were the moon.
Sailing through waves of milk
Before disappearing
into the vulnerability
Of what we keep on the inside.
It's no wonder why cookies
Are so popular.
The outer edge
drenched in saliva,
Curiously protecting
what's kept Precious.
A slight pause before everything
Is mushed & swallowed.
Some nights you were the moon.
Drenched in white fudge
Swirling in a universe all of your own.
Some nights you were the universe
Mar 2020 · 345
Octopus In A Jar
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
On a distant shore
I travel to you
I've twisted the top off my head
& filled it with thoughts of you
For safe keeping.
If by chance you hear my voice
While you read them.
You'll know they were meant for you.
If by chance they stretch cross
The lake of your womb
You'll know that a part of me
Will always reside in you.
I slouch in excitement
The only container I know.
An octopus trapped in a bottle
Your breath a taste of freedom
Mar 2020 · 575
Be Like Home
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
& when you walk away
When the doors to your arms
Are no longer open.
Where do I go
To wander the thoughts that
Keep me warm & snug.
There are parts of you that twist
The thermostat that actives
This warmth.
& when you walk away
To where does the mail go addressed
With the stamp of your lips,
A place I call home.
Will it be delivered else where
& I forlorn.
When the doors to your arms
Are no longer open.
Where do I go
To wander the thoughts that
Keep me warm & snug
Mar 2020 · 307
Space Of Words
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
Before words were ever written
There were words.
Words that some what equate visibility.
This transparent line spoke 
Before my eyes found the cover of your face.
With this burning desire to speak
I dotted my tongue with ink &
Began writing along the page of your thighs,
Placing the period of my lips above your navel.
Before words were ever written
There were words,
How ever silent
I dotted my tongue in your ink &
scribbled the blank page in my affection.
Between the space of words, I hear you moan
With this burning desire to speak
I dotted my tongue in your ink &
Began writing along the page of your thighs
Without restriction
Mar 2020 · 449
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
I remember the taste of your lips.
I searched in panic
Trying to remember the last place
I put you.
Turning my pockets inside out
Conscious of the last time you were here
on my lips
Consciously knowing that I need you now.
It's been twenty-five minutes already
& I am craving the way you lick my lips.
I am in awe, your body pressed between my fingers.
My lips swallowed by your tongue.
I stand in silence.
Punished yet unpunished
The taste of your lips swirling against my lips
Patting my pockets then looking up
To see you've been in front of me the whole time.
Whether several seconds or several lifetimes
I am in constant protest.
If I were to lose you, consciously knowing that I need you now
Unconsciously knowing how much is left in you.
I stand in silence punished yet unpunished
Giving my lips to you
Until one of us parts
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