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Jun 15 · 321
A Piece Of You
Within my arms lies a piece of you
Which I extend further.
Pretending I don't see, until
I pull my arms closer
Wishing that you were here
Jun 15 · 213
Pack light
Far away from here
I lay in the deepest corner of your mind.
I've packed my bags
in search of the many times
you've kissed the air.
The new sights and events
seen through your eyes.
I packed light
knowing the most essential thing
was reaching at least one of a million
of your passed thoughts.
Far away from here,
I've missed you so much.
When I close my eyes
I am there with you.
I packed light knowing that my favorite
everything resides where you are
Jun 15 · 280
Our love is best played loud.
Loud in love.
The louder the better.
The rest of the world turned down low.
So in love with the sound we make.
Our love blurted out loud.
The speakers amplify our love
A language spoke in tongues.
Both of us undressed in the sound.
Loud in love.
Don't turn us down
Let's turn our love up loud.
Let's let the neighbors call the police
Jun 12 · 221
Waiting For You
Waiting for you is like
Being the passenger on a bus next to the window seat.
No matter how crowed it gets.
No matter the amount of stops the driver makes.
Being next to the window is the best seat.
Viewing the world inside out.
The nooks & crannies, a part of you that is rarely seen.
Being the passenger
Lost in thought.
Waiting for you gives a certain sensation.
The sensation that there is something to be had,
building great anticipation.
Giving a chance to sit back & reflect.
Thinking the thought of maybe if not this stop.
Maybe it's the next when the driver finally hits the air brakes.
Being the passenger next to the window.
Viewing the world inside out.
The nooks & crannies, a part of you that is rarely
But eventually every bus has to make it's last stop.
No matter how long the ride
Jun 4 · 207
In My City
In my city
Things get the liveliest after dark.
A song in itself, with lowered vocals.
The kind of song you put on & just drive to.
The kind of song you hold your head up to.
Whether night or day.
In my city
The buildings & bridges like to dress up.
Coming to life at night.
Some smoke cigarettes.
Blowing O rings to the clouds.
Some wear their necklaces made of light.
Draped in gray and beige, pants to match.
In my city
You can find the everlasting lyrics
on just about every corner.
A song in itself, with lowered vocals
Blared loud
a city of rhythm & blues
Jun 3 · 217
Night Breeze
And like the night breeze
Her love comes quietly, patiently.
A breeze spoke soft between her lips
Softly rapping on my ears.
And like the calm of the breeze
I am at pleasant thought
Lost in ultimate stillness.
No matter the amount of noise from the rest of the world
Nothing could interrupt this peace of mind.
Her love the night breeze coming as a quiet hush
And I, ever so thankful for the amount of calm that follows.
The rest of the world slowly swallowed by peace
If for but a moment.
Everything makes sense.
Until that moment I never really noticed
How often this breeze would come.
Until that moment I never really noticed
that some nights this breeze rarely comes
May 31 · 215
Reminds Me Of You
It's Half past twelve.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
I've lost count of time being in the loft of your heart.
Lost in the city lights.
It's something about the streets here that make me feel brand new.
It's half past twelve in the real world.
But here,
In the loft of your heart.
I have the best view.
Being downtown transcends my favorite places in the real world.
Here, there aren't any scheduled buses, no large crowds of people.
It's stunningly beautiful.
Not being able to tell the difference between night and day.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
It's already tomorrow here
And everything reminds me of you
There's no full moon tonight baby.
That ole train is steadily rolling on by
Rolling on into the night.
When I watched the news tonight baby
they promised me my moon
would be full.
No sign of rain, clear skies all night long.
That's what they said.
Where in the world am I suppose to go
On a night like this.
Knowing my moon ain't full.
Packed it's bags and gone.
Gone away at least for the night.
One last glimpse before your gone for good.
That ole train steadily rolling on by baby.
Nothing but storm clouds and the smell of rain
Done packed your bag and gone away.
My sky never been this empty.
Half dark twinkles and rain rolling down my window.
There's no full moon tonight baby
Done packed your bag and gone.
Gone away
May 29 · 151
As Long As You're Away
As long as you're away
I will continue to look up at the sky
Longing that you'll gravitate back to me.
Even though you're far,
You're never at all that far from me.
For in my deepest thought I am curled up
in the brightest star that I named after you.
No matter how dark the sky I will always find you.

Gazing back upon me, curious as to how we travel so many miles.
In so little time.

Even on the darkest night
I know that you're still there.
Your love the brightest of stars.
As long as you're away
this star is always closer than it appears
No matter how far you are
May 28 · 239
Without Milk
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk.
Our memories becoming this more desirable,
This more delicious.
Just you & I
underneath a chocolate sky.
Counting the stars one by one as we take huge bites.
Lost in our own little world
Just you & I.
Vulnerable to the outside world
without a clue to why
our mouths are covered in chocolate
We'll crunch the stars like the world was ending.
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk
May 28 · 187
Almond Joy
The last time we met.
You stood in front of me wearing those almond eyes
that I love so much.
Not once did I hesitate
Developing a taste for almonds.
The taste of something new in the mystique of fascination.
I did not realize my love for almonds
until the initial taste.
Finding how deletable they are,
The everlasting crunch of an almond.
A unique taste swirled around my mouth
covered in milk chocolate.
Although you have gone, I have remained faithful in your absence.
Recognizing your wrapper by name
Remembering the first crunch I realized I was in love
And when I see you
My heart skips a beat,
Walking out into the middle of the street
Without regard to the cars
darting through the intersection.
Some raising their fingers,
Others intentionally driving faster.

Remembering a time,
Remembering a place that
you were everything I needed.
Everything I could have wanted.

And when I see you
My heart so badly wants to
relive those moments.
Stepping one foot in front of the other.
Dodging near miss
After near miss.
Knowing that deep down
I'll end up getting hit
For not letting go
May 25 · 288
Couldn't Wait
If clothes could speak
You'd be the fragrance
They'd wear.
A kiss to remind them that they too, are alive.
Welcoming you with open lips
& arms.
If clothes could speak
They'd be fluent in speaking you.
Touching you in a way that you don't touch yourself,
Knowing the chance may never
Come again.
They'd reveal to you, that you were the one
They couldn't wait to uncover
May 20 · 193
When love arrives,
It arrives only to leave again.
Coming back to another again.
Another time,
Another arrival.
The same streets once laughed and grinned in.
When love arrives,
It arrives as that familiar face
Strolling down the street without a care in the world.
A personality in the wind mutual to which steps to take.

When love arrives,
It arrives with a certain taste.
The first slice of readily made pizza.
Made hot, fresh.
Pepperonis covered in cheese.
Knowing it's favorite place, love.
It's soon to leave until the urge returns.

The pizzeria tucked in the corner.
The pizzeria no one knows about.
The pizzeria that can be found in each and every city.

When love arrives no matter how many times it leaves.
No matter how good the taste,
It is never really gone
I fear the day I call
and hear
the "number you're trying to call"
Your voice a sense of comfort
when home seems so far.
The freedom you enable when
theres no way to control the excitement
of hearing your voice.
Knowing that your just a call away.
Your voice
a prescription cough syrup
and I behave as such.
Smiling as soon as I hear it.
Knowing that soon I'll feel much better.
Only you can give me this feeling
Only you can cause such devastation
May 10 · 130
Held Up
And like a child
You have lifted me high above
With both hands.
I am weightless in my search,
Finding that my world revolves around you.
My every fear put to ease &
Like a child I am drawn to you without
a care in the world.
Finding that I am much taller, held up high in your arms.
My heart raising in unconditional love.
There is no fear when you are around.
I have put all my trust in you without realizing what trust is.
Your name most meaningful each time
it passes through my lips.
My eyes much wider, staring at you with such anticipation.
The way you pick me up when I am down
Without fear of falling
Life gone get you baby
The same way you love to keep gettin' me.
You know it's hard, you know it's hard to tell baby.
Exactly when, exactly where.
Life gone get you baby.
Get you the way you got me.

Set your bags down baby,
Life gone come on back round'
Gone get you, gone get you baby.
Same way you love to keep gettin' me.

Ain't enough money in the world baby.
Not too many more places you can run on hide in.
Don't know exactly when, don't know exactly where baby.
But life gone get you,
Get you the way you love to keep on gettin' me
Apr 24 · 172
All The "Time"
I chase every second spent without you.
A kiss short and brief
This being the most meaningful time
If but a moment,
Passing by.
Two arms forever lost in a memory.
The stretch of ticking needles.
Tick tock, tick tock I am back in your arms.
Tick tock, tick tock I am back chasing.
An eternity spent in your arms
Seems like a dream
Apr 23 · 138
No matter how many times
We are shuffled.
No matter how many times
We are split apart.
I'll always find you.
My Queen, my diamond in the rough. 
My heart forever upright in your hand.
Lost in all the minutes, the seconds.
All the numbered cards and look a likes
That re-symbol you, re-symbol I.
Shuffled in search of love
Shuffled in search to belong
My head nestled warm against yours.
Split between us two
Face flat against your heart.
Lost in the minutes, the seconds
All the numbered cards and look a likes
That could never surmount the stakes of losing you.
No matter the bluff
Apr 23 · 199
The Color Red
And this love for you
I have attached to a ribbon.
I have watched it soar
Weaving left & right above
My head.
Half-afraid to watch
Half-afraid to let go.
In the blink of an eye it was over.
The look in your eye attached to a ribbon
Apr 22 · 169
She taught me
The unexpected way people fall in love.
To hear a voice croon a name so beautiful.
That you forget all the incorrect keys
it takes to create a masterpiece.
The refuge of having a piano fall on your head
At the most unexpected time.
All of the keys playing in the most beautiful harmony.
The way you say my name in un-orchestrated chaos
Apr 22 · 286
I once asked
Do you love me,
To which I knew the answer
before her reply,
Covered in skin
Sat next to my heart.
And instead
Took it away from me
Apr 22 · 160
The Sun could never replace
The warmth you've left on my lips.
Although the night comes,
I need nothing else.
My lips patiently wait
In hoping that there is a tomorrow.
So the Sun can see once more,
The warmth you've left on my lips
Apr 20 · 278
Again Soon, Heaven
I went to heaven in a smile
Lathered in pearly white.
Out of sight, out of mind
I understood this only after arriving.

I went to heaven in a smile
Without grief, without prior knowledge.
In a whisper every thing became clear.
Without stumbling I realized where I was.
Following a winged angel
She smiled, her hand warm in mine.
Until we meet again, know I miss you.
Lathered in what I've come to know,
What I've come to feel.
When I close my eyes I hope to arrive there again soon.
Before my winged angel
In a language spoke between clouds
Apr 9 · 308
Your Best
I love the way you please me
The way you find time out of your busy day.
I love the way you appear mostly out the blue.
Whether it's for a couple of hours
or a couple of minutes.
I am always glad you came through
To make my day a bit brighter.
It may not always seem like it
but I love these moments spent with you.
Not because of what we do
But simply because it's you.
It doesn't have to be anything over the top.
You don't have to look your best for me.
It's always a surprise to see how you've took time
out of your day just for me.
Away from the harsh demand of work
The craziness of getting from point A to B.
To arrive at my door and we just be.
I love the way you put a smile on my face
Inspired by JUNO The Artist's guitar cover of Please Me.
Very talented artist, I love her lol filled with so much life
Apr 8 · 266
In Acoustic
I've often thought of guitar lessons
Learning the strings to your heart.
To pluck away for hours on in
Learning your gentle curve.
Your inner most thoughts, desires.
An ecstasy that fills the air,
That first takes place with beating hearts.
The first sound that changes lives.
The sound of how deeply I've fallen for you.
Plucking away insecurity after insecurity,
An emotion sincerely felt
Caught in your sultry moan over & over again.
You laid in my arms, in a caress that makes life more beautiful .
Through extension, how much a single moment can mean.
Discovering the best feeling when you stare back at me,
Cradled in my arms.
An undying language no one can take from you or I.
Our loudness the things we've always wanted to say.
Our loudness a passion that makes my heart tap.
Learning the strings to your heart.
Apr 8 · 227
Coffee Of Stars
Her moon is the everlasting cream
In my coffee of stars.
I stir in the hopes she appears
In half dark twinkles of night.
My hands warm in the bistro of
She leans against my lips
& my emotions erupt in hot steam.
A love like hers silk as cream,
Easing down my throat.
I stir until half dark twinkles are covered.
I stir until only the smallest bit is shown.
Her moon the everlasting cream,
In my coffee of stars.
The taste forever lingering on my tongue.
This cream a kiss that orbits much of the world.
A romance I taste with each sip,
In my coffee of stars
Apr 8 · 261
This is so unexpected
What ever you are serving I am eating.
A steak fillet served soft, with the taste of your lips.
Green and red peppers seared hot,
Over open flame.
A special marinade blend, severed with wine.
I'm sure the first bite will melt in my mouth.
Grabbing knife and fork.
The juices filling my mouth, as succulent as you.
Crossing my mind with every bite.
Imagining you on the other end
Filling my mouth.
Unexpected that you'd call.
Are you more surprised that I picked up.
What ever you want to do.
What ever you are serving, I am eating.
Long as I'm with you
Apr 7 · 292
Hold out your hand
So I can pull you closer.
Watching the stars light one by one.
I've never seen them this close, the stars.
Sparkling like they are dancing,
Your eyes staring deep into mine.
Tell me you know how to dance.
Your hand held tight in mine, the small of your back.
The stars shine so bright, hidden beneath long eyelashes.
The perfume of a constellation brimming this close.
The smudge of lipstick across my lips.
I've never seen the stars this close.
Pretty baby, I've never seen the universe quite like this.
The night wove across your skin in a dress
Apr 7 · 266
Side Scroll
This feeling only exists when I am with her.
This vibrant, pixelated world.
Filled with her attention.
When I am with her
I am lost for hours on in, exploring every inch of her.
My favorite escape, determined to prove myself.
Alone in a world filled with her,
I've fallen in love with every click of the button rapidly pressed.
If any of the cords should come undone,
I'll loose my mind.
Her heart ever so elusive.
Scrolling screen after screen
Yet I continue to scroll.
Lost in the only feeling that exists when she's around.
Unraveling my controller, plugging it into her heart
Apr 6 · 159
I love being with you,
Staring into those big brown eyes.
You don't know the effect they have on me,
The way they lure me in as only you can.
With the slightest touch I melt.
All with the simplicity of a smile.
I feel it imperative that you know.
These moments with you I crave.
Every song heard with you instantly becomes my favorite.
The background that increases intensely,
With my tongue against your neck.
You moan heavily in my ear.
Openly expressing more, more.
It's these moments with you
I savor,
Where thought becomes more than reality.
We connect in ultimate ******, both together you & I.
The tremble of your voice breaks the stare, your eyes gazed deep in mine.

Our bodies crave more.
The contour of your back wrapped tight in my arms.

The contour of silhouettes seen through low-cut eyes.
At the slightest touch your deepest desire screaming more
Cradled fast to sleep,
You in my arms
Apr 6 · 219
Than Here With You
Soon as you open the door
And I feel the touch of your skin.
I know I am home.
When my hands glide across the small of your back.
There is no greater absolute feeling.
My lips pressed against yours
Before the door can close.
The divinity of a kiss,
Revealed not only in places kept secret,
But the manifestation of each throb our heart begins to beat.
My hands beneath the small of your back.
The taste of chocolate swirling around my mouth.
Being here alone with you.
You've lit the fragrance of a passion burned deep,
And with each sensation that strokes this fire.
May we both wither like the ash
That burns in this ember we've come to know as home
Filled with a depth as satisfied as I am in knowing.
There is no greater place I'd rather be, than here with you
Apr 6 · 142
Still Care
And your voice
It still gives me chills.
Thinking about the last we spoke.
If you still hold even an once of the love you had for me.
The precise moment I silenced my words.
Wanting to know but not wanting to refer to the beautiful moments we shared as a memory.
Becoming more distant.
Even as I stand in front of you.
I still care, no matter how far we stand.
Even now.
The same gleam in your eye that I could call mine.
I admit that I've tried.
Gathering the words as you put one foot in front of the other.
Even if that ounce still exists,
I'd very much like to know
That you still care
As the love I have for you is still very much alive.
Taking one step out of my life.
One moment at a time,
Do you
Mar 31 · 155
Rest Of The World
Wherever I go you are always near.
Our greeting penetrating,
Diverse in communication.
The way that I love you.
I have placed an antenna in my heart.
No matter the frequency,
You are always near.
Expanding in trust,
I find you in my dreams.
Near & close.
This antenna perfectly adjusted.
Tuning in,
Finding a place for all these wires.
The existence that something this practical exists.
Something that makes us stop and ask.
Missing the important part of missing,
Finding the only difficulty.
Tuning out the rest of the world
Mar 30 · 254
Planet You: Universe
I love your light
The way it leads past eternal dark.
I really believe that this is the universe,
Expanding in front of me.
The best feeling staring right at me.
How beautiful, just to exist.
To not rush a thing.
Being known, a limitless possibility
Venturing past the impossible.
A type of love discovered after eclipse.
The way you sparkle, orbiting the entire world.
A world comprised entirely of you.
The region's shift, broken up in cosmic shift.
& I
Forever lost
In the scatter of shooting stars,
Beneath tectonic plates.
Your heart, your soul, the universe
Mar 29 · 122
Pretty Sure
Your voice is my favorite sound.
Every day, I listen effortlessly.
Every single word.
From early morning
Every late night.
I am in constant bliss.
The most beautiful sound coming from your lips.
From the most private of conversations
To the silliest of things.
Your voice puts me at ease
No matter what kind of day I've had
Laying on the couch not a thing to do.
Summer time vibes
Outside all times of the night like I don't
have to go to work in the morning.
Your voice a perfect nostalgia
Of how I wish I'd met you sooner.
I am counting down the seconds until I see you again
Mar 29 · 166
In The Grove
I revere you when I lay in your grove
I am but in an infinity of comfort.
Sealed in open space,
It is in this grove I am found.
I dance in the graduation of being.
Being there,
The expansion of reverence.
A love affair in complete darkness
Before the height of merchant eyes,
Peeking over the horizon.
This moment becoming more precious, more scarce.
I revere you in the occasion that we are firmly planted in the ground.
Just below the grove I am laid
Just below the surface we are rooted.
We are felt.
Our survival depends on it.
Without you I cannot begin to exist
Mar 27 · 209
Garden Run Deep
I love you as a rose with soft petals,
I bathe in your perfume without pride.
Not knowing where you nor I begin,
A bridge made from head to toe.

A stem grown in everlasting patience
Without pestilence, without secret

I love you as a rose with soft petals
My heart providing shelter,
An overwhelming need to protect you.

I mold my lips against you.
A nature no longer absent between you & I.
Having known the spontaneous eruption
hearts can provide.

My heart overhead
Providing shelter in not so private joy.
A wine made from your lips.
Tasted over & over.
Little trickles that sit close.
Explored deep between you & I

I love you as a rose with soft petals
A bridge made from head to toe.
In a garden run deep.
My love for you permanent
Careful not to wither away in undying mystery
Mar 22 · 198
Swept Away
Her love was like rain,
Falling a million drops at a time
Scattering through the sky.
Her love soothing, calm, wet.
This love not predicted by
forecasts given by weathermen.
Coming when ready.
She often fell without limit.
A huge gulp swallowed without spill.
Her deed readily prepared without haste.
Her love like rain.
Falling drop after drop.
Sincere without shame.
& I the none swimmer,
carried by her flood
& without fear,
I insist that she carry me
where ever she may go
Mar 21 · 143
And it goes with undying gratitude
That our disagreement has set in motion
An unyielding paradox.
That perhaps has chipped away more than
we care to admit.
Generally speaking the process of removing mask
from face.
A necessary belief that doesn't present inferiority of wrong doing.
But instead defines the basic principle definition in the same breath.
That I am deep rooted in my belief & any further denial
would lead to my complete & utter ignorance.
That I have seen what you've done & now believe the mask
that is now chipped away has become nothing but ash in the wind.
And I forever grateful.
With undying gratitude
Mar 21 · 795
Skin (Haiku)
I miss ******* 
you, your lips pressed against mine
The feel of your skin
Mar 21 · 896
Simple Look (Haiku)
When you look at me
I can't help but think, how much
I want to bite you
Mar 21 · 123
Keep In Touch (Haiku)
I use to love her
Two strangers lost on the street,
She never once called
Mar 21 · 115
Next Time (Haiku)
I tripped over love
Losing my balance twice,
Maybe the next time
Mar 21 · 116
Too Soon (Haiku)
I wondered in sleep
Body momentarily still,
The alarm goes off
Mar 21 · 156
Missed The Sign (Haiku)
She walks in the bar
The bartender sits & stares,
We're closed for repairs
Mar 20 · 309
To The Next
With skin the color of sand
I want to go there & walk along the shore eyes first meet.
In another life I am there
Voyaging the soft sand of your smile,
A caress felt soft between you & I.
Hand in hand, grains of sand shift between fingers.
That is just how fast time flies.
Fullness of taste awaken without barrier
The touch of skin soft & warm
To love as we never have in ultimate surrender.
A valley forged of skin.
I want to go there just you & I
In another life I am there
In another life I have walked for days
The thought of thirst never came to cross
Uncovered in mounds of skin
The curve of you discovered in the arch of patience.
Consumed in gratitude
An opportunity set free
From this life to the next.
Mar 20 · 163
Sometimes I call to just blab
Alot of the time it's about nothing.
It's not really that I don't like to talk about how I feel.
It just takes it to another level
That we have this type of relationship.
That we can laugh & vibe about anything.
It's real because it gives a different type of importance.
A different type of love.
Something that doesn't have to be serious all the time.
I can dial you up or pop up and rest between your legs & just blab.
Blab & know that your really listening.
Blab because that's who we are.
Blab because there isn't any pride to it at all,
The world spins a bit slower
Mar 20 · 100
Truth be told
We walk pass each other without a single word.
Stubborn to the presence of each other.
Yet we look with secrecy, afraid to be noticed.
Terrified of becoming strangers.
Unknowingly judged by thought itself.
The grief of lips unspoken. The sudden appearance of a familiar feeling.
Afraid to speak, the sudden urge of hey.
Today but one of a million.
Disguised as a single moment
We but two people lost in the same moment.
Yet nothing is familiar.
The distance between us grows.
Truth be told
I miss you and can never tell you
While today is but one of a million more
That I moved my mouth
But nothing came out
Normally, it's easier to open up to strangers
Mar 19 · 147
When it came to her
I had a slender grasp
Though unintentional.
When I think about it.
Deep down it was I rearing
a lack of confidence.
Living up our anonymous
Though she was around
My arms would always cross up.
I was righteously liberated.
The perfect punctuation
of how I'd run on mentally,
Constantly around & around.
I wasn't embarrassed.
Revealing which part of her made me tick.
I can tell she didn't expect my answer
But with such a slender grasp,
every second spent with her made me tick.
At least for a little while
Perhaps the most un-thought thought.
Where do we place the batteries when they run out
Or will my arms be crossed up forever
Constantly around & around.
I find that time- such a strange & unusual thing.
Brings focus to things outside of all the crazy
ways arms move.
All in a beautiful destructiveness I can't describe.
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