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Sep 14 · 339
Morning Dew
& I found you
lying on the ground.
You welcomed me to your lips,
Finding early morning twinkle
in your eyes - Just before
the security lights on the house
are cut off.
Shortly before we are interrupted
by the footprints of muddy boots
& soft sole shoes finding their way
into the light.
I found you on the ground &
laid beside you,
My lips melting into yours
Just beneath the sun.
I closed my eyes and fell into you
Hiding myself deep within your reach.
No longer naive to the definition of
Promise me that you won't leave
at least until tomorrow morning.
My loving arms wrapped around you
until the sun tells me that it's time
to go
Sep 14 · 196
Blackberry Roses
I've taken delicate walks
Where my hand
meets the arch of your back
& I've drowned
In the aroma of the sun kissed sun.
You've caressed in an whisper
where me myself & my thoughts
The foliage of your lips
Against the edge of my ear.
To where my memories of you are open ended
and bruised by the sigh of a thorn
Covered in black lace.
The glow of blackberry petals
in the September sun.
I've massaged your feet in the soil of my hands
& rested your back against the bend of fingers
Free to stand and grab the sun
against the side of your neck.
Next to my clothes
on the hardwood floor
Next to your blackberry lipstick
on the night stand
where we causally thirst in epiphany
spread far & wide
Over by the Mason jar filled with
Over by the night stand
Where you & I delicately walk inside
Each other
Sep 14 · 133
Satellites & Lures
She grabbed me by my collar
& told me come quick.
The view of the moon was
Perfect, especially from this close.
Our combustion, our compulsion
I felt small compared to her
Sailing in a small metal boat
She grabbed me by the collar
To stop me from falling
The only best thing I could've done.
Defying the laws of gravity
I'd never been this high up
Reluctant to play make believe.
Falling and bumping my head
On a star.
She hooked me with the lure
Of her eye
And like a fish I'd evaporate
From a blue and green possibility
Into a rocket lure;
& hurled off into an unknown
Eternity of stars.
Skipped across the sky
Until out of sight
Sep 14 · 115
Boarders (Thin Lines)
That thin line is where
I want to be
Cut off between us two.
No matter how much we
change, this line will
always be.
Between motorized vehicles
the patter of shoes, old & new.
Spaced out between concrete plateaus and
painted highway lines.
The onlookers & passerbys
caught in the wind without second glance,
that thin line where I want to be
Can only be described as
Beside you.
Between the trees, beside the small lakes & birds
of your imagination,
That thin line where I end & you begin.
Our invisible bridge where my voice
tickles your ear & is miles long
That thin line that grasps your hand & mind.
No matter how much we change
this line will always be
& this line where we always meet
Mar 3 · 365
White Fudge Oreos
Some nights you
were the moon.
Sailing through waves of milk
Before disappearing
into the vulnerability
Of what we keep on the inside.
It's no wonder why cookies
Are so popular.
The outer edge
drenched in saliva,
Curiously protecting
what's kept Precious.
A slight pause before everything
Is mushed & swallowed.
Some nights you were the moon.
Drenched in white fudge
Swirling in a universe all of your own.
Some nights you were the universe
Mar 3 · 382
Octopus In A Jar
On a distant shore
I travel to you
I've twisted the top off my head
& filled it with thoughts of you
For safe keeping.
If by chance you hear my voice
While you read them.
You'll know they were meant for you.
If by chance they stretch cross
The lake of your womb
You'll know that a part of me
Will always reside in you.
I slouch in excitement
The only container I know.
An octopus trapped in a bottle
Your breath a taste of freedom
Mar 3 · 509
Be Like Home
& when you walk away
When the doors to your arms
Are no longer open.
Where do I go
To wander the thoughts that
Keep me warm & snug.
There are parts of you that twist
The thermostat that actives
This warmth.
& when you walk away
To where does the mail go addressed
With the stamp of your lips,
A place I call home.
Will it be delivered else where
& I forlorn.
When the doors to your arms
Are no longer open.
Where do I go
To wander the thoughts that
Keep me warm & snug
Mar 3 · 307
Space Of Words
Before words were ever written
There were words.
Words that some what equate visibility.
This transparent line spoke 
Before my eyes found the cover of your face.
With this burning desire to speak
I dotted my tongue with ink &
Began writing along the page of your thighs,
Placing the period of my lips above your navel.
Before words were ever written
There were words,
How ever silent
I dotted my tongue in your ink &
scribbled the blank page in my affection.
Between the space of words, I hear you moan
With this burning desire to speak
I dotted my tongue in your ink &
Began writing along the page of your thighs
Without restriction
Mar 3 · 204
I remember the taste of your lips.
I searched in panic
Trying to remember the last place
I put you.
Turning my pockets inside out
Conscious of the last time you were here
on my lips
Consciously knowing that I need you now.
It's been twenty-five minutes already
& I am craving the way you lick my lips.
I am in awe, your body pressed between my fingers.
My lips swallowed by your tongue.
I stand in silence.
Punished yet unpunished
The taste of your lips swirling against my lips
Patting my pockets then looking up
To see you've been in front of me the whole time.
Whether several seconds or several lifetimes
I am in constant protest.
If I were to lose you, consciously knowing that I need you now
Unconsciously knowing how much is left in you.
I stand in silence punished yet unpunished
Giving my lips to you
Until one of us parts
Mar 3 · 375
Fish Food
You are the land which soaks
The crumbs I've longed to eat.
My mouth can only open so wide,
Though nothing truly keeps us apart.
To know you means to die
And I've known you for years.
Where the water stops
We'll always be.
I've tasted your moistened crumbs
& here is where we'll always be.
Whose to say that you cannot
Swim where I've learned to walk
Whose to say that I cannot
Walk where you've learned to swim
Soon I'll be part of the crumbs
I've watched you eat
Soon, where the water stops
We'll always be
Mar 3 · 132
Running Faucet
She caught me running
Out the faucet
She caught me between
Her fingers,
She caught me between
her toes.
Turning the **** slightly
To the left.
She eased herself down in the tub
And I became a million and one
Learning to rise & float.
She was the peninsula that taught
Me to dream
I long to be nowhere else.
Mar 3 · 261
Backdoor Swell
She told me that she loves deep
& the swell of her heart
Holds so much water.
I myself never believed that
The world was round.
The clouds themselves
hang their shoulders
Out the dresses the sun has woven
& the sky proves that night gowns
Are not only brought in stores.
She told me that she loves deep
& the swell of her heart
Holds so much water.
With the stars of her eyes
Lighting the way.
I'll find a way
If she were to close her eyes
& the stars were to disappear
From the sky.
I am forever thankful.
Adorned in the swell
Of her heart
Jan 22 · 127
Lost Key Blues
I locked my keys in my baby car
She promised me a ride, done fell asleep,
left me up all alone.
I locked my keys in my baby car.
We went for a ride, didn't notice until
she left.
Couldn't get in my door last night.
Her new seat caressed me. Made me feel
right at home.
Didn't have a care in the world riding round
in my baby new car.
Nothing like the feeling of brand new tires.
Don't have to spend hours on in at the tire shop.
Next time I talk to my baby
I'll tell her that I locked my keys in her car.
The very next time she promises me a ride
I'll show her round the corner of what I dreamed
the night before.
The very next time she promises me a ride
I'll show my baby to the restaurant where I met
& dined with her a moment alone
Jan 22 · 248
A Zillion Shards
Her heart burst into the air
Like a zillion shards of red.
Her heart a fashion show
Displaying a jacket wrapped around
it's waist.
I fell in love, my heart following hers
in applause.
I'd never seen a live volcano before.
Not until she opened her mouth
& covered me with her heart.
Her heart a fashion show
Displaying a jacket wrapped around
it's waist & prints of confetti
blown against it's face.
Love but an invitation to our
own private island in the making
Jan 13 · 159
Gift Wrap
All of my favorite kisses involve
the eruption of spilled thoughts.
The things we both know
But reassure each other, My lips
pressed against yours
A peck the furthest from my mind.
My face melts into yours pouring
a sense of urgency
A sense of need,
Your tongue lost in my breath.
Searching for another again
before the current moment is over.
Your tongue the ribbon gift wrapped
in your lips
Passionately unwrapped by the palm
of my lips gripping yours.
Inviting your body closer to mine
The best kisses printed and tasted in reassurance
My favorite kisses unable to speak, craving more
of the sound of wrapping paper
Being fondled and torn beneath us
My head twisted in yours enjoying the gift
of your kiss
The roll of gift wrap half rolled off onto my lips
Jan 13 · 345
All Darkness
Kiss me & wrap me in the discovery
Of the night.
My tongue kneels in search of yours
Soon to combust & counteract in the stars of the night.
In everything that is you,
This part of the night exclusively mine
Reserved to be devoured in greed
My consciousness expanding inside yours.
Kiss me & wrap me in deep discovery
My tongue overlapping the minutes & seconds you weren't around
Salivating in a single moment sat aside
Just for us
Our eyes both closed caught in the
****** of stars
This dark not like the rest.
This part of the night reserved for us
Forever grateful to experience a part
Of you far away from the rest of the world
To explore myself with you in full
This ****** governs the ****** of stars
Between you & I
Until the brightest spark between
You & I
Erases all darkness
Jan 10 · 221
What's For Dinner
I have run from you
one time too many
Finding myself out in the open,
There aren't too many places
to hide.
I've slid between the spaces of your fork
now you have me pinned,
I have run from you one time too many
I hope that you have mercy on me.
Along the lines of patience
I realize that mercy may be asking too much
But until now I've realized how big your teeth
really are.
With no place to run & your fork fast-ly
approaching there is no where else on this plate
to run.
I have run from you one time too many
and after tasting your lips
I question myself
Why did I run in the first place
Jan 10 · 222
Library Card
Late at night
When there's no place to go.
Sometimes I visit the library of your smile.
But not for one particular reason or another.
Sometimes I go because it's so well lit.
Engaging in the silence of a smile.
Sometimes when it's late
I am most comfortable there.
The urge of going somewhere yet everywhere
Between the bookcase of your lips.
Following the ridges & creases that most people
walk by without second glance.
Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day,
Following the adventures and misadventures
of earth tone browns
Reference guides & resources.
To volunteer to such precious things
Late at night when I have no where to go
I visit the library of your smile.
But not because I have no where to go
There is no place like you around.
All in proper regard to the staff
Jan 4 · 318
Cry Of The War Goddess
In order of the most high
I come to you on bended knee
Guide me into your world &
Breach the intermissions of my soul
In all the intervals that you allow.
Your skin the wine that overflows
from the victory of your presence.
Not in defeat but of sheer delight.
A song rarely heard from the croon
of your voice.
Your skin a silk bronze
I come to you on bended knee
willing to abandon the world I knew
before your name graced my lips.
A fire that burns in my throat
That seeks source of inspiration.
Free, untamed.
I offer all of me as tribute.
To carry you with me.
To know you better than I know myself.
Guide me into your world & breach
the intermissions of my soul
The devil walked into a store
Eying the clearance rack.
He made eye contact with the cashier
Walking towards the half priced jackets
Flannels & boots.

At that moment he saw something that
became his whole world.

His fingers wild with excitement
passing through all the colors
The hangers clanging against metal feverishly
to find that they didn't have his size.
He thumbed back through the sizes
as though something would have changed
Checking then double checking.

He asked the cashier if they had anymore
in the back,
much to his dismay
to receive the same answer.

He saw a cardigan in his size but hated the way
it looked.

Flapping the hood up and down.
He circled the store
Looking up & down the isles.

Until he noticed the buttons.
Those big wooden buttons
Memories of a different time & place
How fast time slips away.

All that's left;
Shoes to match
Jan 4 · 246
Slips Trips & Falls
Growth takes time.
Not every seed takes off running.
Every now & then
Even seeds can trip over their shoes.
It makes the difference when you
Can take the time to stop & notice
As well as continue to walk
Until falling face first.
I've never known a man to die from
Tripping over their shoes.
But I've known men to improvise
Until they learned to tie their shoes
I've also known men to tie knots in their shoes
and still can't get them loose
No matter how hard they try
Jan 3 · 514
No Longer See
Sometimes something as simple as a look can hurt us.
It's so easy to get caught up in a moment of temporary happiness.
The truth seems so far from the place we'd rather be.
Eventually we become blinded by that
Which we know will eventually hurt us.
When in reality, what we truly want
Is for someone to hold our hand &
Tell us that everything will be alright.
It breaks our heart and tears us apart,
Something so simple as a look.
We allow ourselves to hear and see what we want,
But when that split second is gone
& there is no one else around to help
Us from finally glancing in that direction.
Something so simple as a look hurts us
More than we could ever imagine.
We never realize that we deserve more
Than we allow ourselves to have until we have no choice to let go and accept
What we can no longer see
This Christmas Doesn't feel like Christmas
Until my eyes decorate your cheeks &
My teeth hang from your bottom lip like
Missile toe.

Although the weather changes & Santa
is checking his list.
I am patiently waiting for the warm fuzzy
feeling I get when I am with you.

With my arms stretched around you like Garland
There's no place I'd rather be.
My cheek pressed against yours like a bulb.
My smile stamped in white circling round
Full & bubbly, bright red.

Long as I am hanging around you,
Christmas feels like Christmas
Jan 3 · 169
Fish In A Pond
I dream of love
As two fish in a pond;
I drown only when I am away from you.
I exist only when I am inside
of you
Jan 3 · 142
New Home
When I first met you
I didn't know for sure but
I felt that your lips were the door
to a new home.

I loved the way you said hey,
There was something so comforting
about how you said it.
The way I immediately felt at ease.
My feet planted towards yours.
My knocks on the door waiting to be
My eyes neighboring yours
through the window of your eyes.
I didn't know for sure but I felt that you
were home.
Home in the sense of being close to
Home in the sense of your lips
being the welcome mat
that introduces me to your smile.
home in the sense of being close
to you.
home in the sense of where ever I go you are there.

My eyes no longer neighboring yours.
But instead learning to see the world
through your eyes
Jan 3 · 169
Wiped Into Oblivion
If the world were ending tonight
You'd still make time for me
wouldn't you?
Even if it were all in your head

If the world were ending tonight
you'd still give me the same smile
you always give, right?

No matter the crumbling buildings
& people playing hop scotch
Avoiding the large craters in the earth.

You'd still make time just before
the final impact,
Before we're wiped into oblivion, right?
On top of crumbling cars
& huge chunks of rock.
Even if it were all in your head,
would you still come over & make believe
that everything is alright?

If the world were ending tonight,
would there still be time
to go some place nice,
Even if it were all in your head
Jan 3 · 164
Over You (Falling)
I think I am falling but don't really know
how to vocalize it.
I think I am falling like the shirt that reveals your shoulder.
I've revealed parts of myself no one knows.
A thin layer exposing true desire.
Opposed to you picking out something to wear,
even if it's just to take right back off.
I've given your face my stare to do with what you please.
My stare trailing your eyes, your nose.
I've ordered from the menu of your lips, casually staring
spending time with you.
I think I am falling, becoming more envious of the shirt
that hangs from your shoulder,
How I'd love to trade places. Being that much closer to you.
To your heart. At arms reach whenever you'd prefer.
To match your shoes, your purse.
Or just when you need comfort.
I think I am falling.
I think I have fallen with no place to land but on top of you
in seasonal bliss.
To be stretched & worn at least one day out the week.
My lips a loose fitting collar sliding kisses between your shoulder,
your collar bone.
I think I've fallen & can't pick myself up
I think I've fallen over you
I've lost my moon somewhere
in the crevass of my pocket.
I realized only when I looked up
Feeling that something wasn't right.
I reached my hand in my pocket,
Finding my keys, my wallet,
Everything but you.

I've lost my moon somewhere
in the crevass of my pocket.
My fingers roaming through lint stars
& loose string galaxies.
I lost my moon checking every pocket
on my jeans.
The lint stars all out of orbit.
I reached my hand in my pocket.
Finding my keys, my wallet,
everything but you

The only thing that makes my night
that much brighter
Inspired by YourQuote's Star Gazer.
Original piece did not have a title

They loved the inspired piece that I written and okay'd to post.

It was really fun to write
Jan 3 · 221
I'd rather you find me on your lips
Than anywhere else.
Far away from home
Pulled over on the side of the road.
I'd rather you feel me on your lips
Two to three months later,
Still attached.
No expectations, no seat belts.
Just you & I
The keys lost some where on the floor.
My tongue wandering around
stargazing in your mouth
Somewhere under the stars
Far away from home
Brown skin like coffee
Lips sip in sensuous aroma.
In brown porcelain,
Fill my hands & explore my taste.
Fill my lips
With your brown skin.
Inside my rough hands
Dots of you remain
I love how your body makes me feel
Your mouth, your hands.
All of you.
Brown skin like coffee
I hunger for the harvest of my tongue
Against yours.
Hot, yet warm to the touch
Brown skin like coffee
I love the stickiness you
Leave behind
Jan 3 · 269
Porch Of Broken Dreams
Beside the porch of broken dreams
She invited me to her dreams.
When I asked whether or not
which door to walk through.
That's when she cut the lights off
& everything got dark
Beside the porch of broken dreams.
I too, sit
without so much as a light
to keep me company
Jan 3 · 401
You are the cover of my favorite book.
& when you open up I am at peace
There isn't a spot of you that I won't
From your open arms to your open legs.
We are spontaneous.
In the places we travel.
My fingers but a mark to hold the page.
From my eyes to my hands
I always have time for you.
We are spontaneous
No matter where we are.
No matter who is around
From your open arms to your open legs.
You are the cover of my favorite book.
Your spine stretched against my hands
Jan 3 · 383
Weighed Blanket
Sometimes you don't need much
Sometimes it can feel like the beginning
Of a new life.
The start of a new moment
Legs wrapped around each other
Beneath off white sheets.
When the world makes it feel like
You haven't accomplished much.
Sometimes the smallest thing
Feels like a dream come true.
When she stretches her arm across
I start to remember all things
My weighed blanket warm & at rest.
Her chest raising and falling against my arm.
Of all the rooms in the world, there's
only one that truly exists.
And it exists when I kiss her forehead when she's sleep.
Her arms wrapped around me
Tight & snug
Sometimes it's moments like this
When one person can make you
Remember how important the small
Things are.
The difference one room can make
Jan 3 · 257
Soap Suds
She opened my mouth
And began to throw all of her
***** things inside.
The collar of her shirt laced
With a smirk.
She filled my mouth with soap
The seat of her jeans between my teeth.
Normally she'd walk away
But today
She sat on top of me
My insides swished around & around
Thumping & bumbling around.
She closed my mouth and sat on my face.
A collection of all her ***** things
Coming clean
Including I,
Without need for a change dispenser
Jan 3 · 1.6k
Come To Hush
She likes the lights in my room
They highlight everything I love about
The lights highlight where my lips
Have pressed & my teeth have marked.
She circumvents and understands
The lights when they come to hush.
The way that I touch her.
The way she lays back & enjoys
The thought of my hands
Revealing the parts of her that I cannot
The ridges of her back my tongue
Walks & drowns in slowly.
Soft the way her body
Stretches & yawns (in ecstasy.)
She likes the lights in my room
But more so the way they cut off
When she walks in.
The light gives way the hint of attention.
Shadows fleet before my hand reaches
Becoming one with the way she yearns.
Her thigh gap at perfect ease
This craving a friend we both welcome
She wears this light for me
Until the switch undresses this yearning
She spreads & undresses for me
Everything I love about her
Jan 3 · 99
In Your Atmosphere
Out of the many inhabitants
Of your heart.
I still pace the downtown streets
Hoping to see your face among the
Whether you are leaving a plate of pasta
Or I catch you walking past the side of a building.
Of all the places I've been
I enjoy being here the most.
If by chance I see your face,
Whether you are alone
Or with company.
I'll keep my hello short
Around the landmark of your dimple
Most of the flights I'd like to take
Really are affordable
Jan 3 · 530
Ramen & You
You are thick in size
Curling around my fork
String by string.
You anchor my stomach
& kiss my lips in a slurp.
You never have to worry about
The intrusion
Curving my appetite with your
Delicious coil.
You curl yourself in front of me
And invite me to come back for more.
Fork after fork
You unravel your flavor &
Pack them in my mouth.
You're the first thing on my mind
And bowl
Tasting you before you come to a boil.
You're my noodle
Perfectly seasoned and anchored
To my soul.
The broth the last kiss
From me to you
Until the next bowl
Jan 3 · 117
Super Bounce Ball
I fit most comfortably
in your hand
Yet you drop me & bounce
me around.
When I fall I have every
intention of landing back
in your hand
But when I bounce back up
I fly in every direction
Except there.
I bounce & I bounce
Until I have no choice
But to lay motionless on the ground.
Still full of life
Still full of excitement.
Until you decide you'd like to play
with me again.
I fit most comfortably
in your hand
Yet you drop me & never pick me
back up
Jan 3 · 211
Open Lane
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane.
There are no distractions,
No other obstacles.
Long as I am with you
everything is fine.
Loving you is like having
the radio blast your voice
through the speakers.
Your arms the seat belt that
fits snug around me
Protecting me from ****** harm.
The quirk of your smile
dangling from the air freshener
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane & my lips
are the bumper to the outer edge
of my heart.
My lips follow the guideline
of the lane.
Trailing each curve of the road.
Loving you is like driving
with no destination in mind.
Just as long as I am with you
Jan 3 · 120
Things End (Changes)
One thing that truly changes
No matter how I cut my hair
Or the kind of clothes I put on.
When I look in the mirror I am
still me.

Not very often do second chances
come around.
How often do things change
No matter if I trim my beard
Or let myself go and my belly
hangs over my belt.

One thing that truly changes
How quick you threw your clothes on
& left me with conversations we'll
never have again.

When I look in the mirror
I am still me
When I step outside I am still me
One thing that never changes
Jun 2019 · 521
A Piece Of You
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
Within my arms lies a piece of you
Which I extend further.
Pretending I don't see, until
I pull my arms closer
Wishing that you were here
Jun 2019 · 427
Pack light
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
Far away from here
I lay in the deepest corner of your mind.
I've packed my bags
in search of the many times
you've kissed the air.
The new sights and events
seen through your eyes.
I packed light
knowing the most essential thing
was reaching at least one of a million
of your passed thoughts.
Far away from here,
I've missed you so much.
When I close my eyes
I am there with you.
I packed light knowing that my favorite
everything resides where you are
Jun 2019 · 503
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
Our love is best played loud.
Loud in love.
The louder the better.
The rest of the world turned down low.
So in love with the sound we make.
Our love blurted out loud.
The speakers amplify our love
A language spoke in tongues.
Both of us undressed in the sound.
Loud in love.
Don't turn us down
Let's turn our love up loud.
Let's let the neighbors call the police
Jun 2019 · 391
Waiting For You
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
Waiting for you is like
Being the passenger on a bus next to the window seat.
No matter how crowed it gets.
No matter the amount of stops the driver makes.
Being next to the window is the best seat.
Viewing the world inside out.
The nooks & crannies, a part of you that is rarely seen.
Being the passenger
Lost in thought.
Waiting for you gives a certain sensation.
The sensation that there is something to be had,
building great anticipation.
Giving a chance to sit back & reflect.
Thinking the thought of maybe if not this stop.
Maybe it's the next when the driver finally hits the air brakes.
Being the passenger next to the window.
Viewing the world inside out.
The nooks & crannies, a part of you that is rarely
But eventually every bus has to make it's last stop.
No matter how long the ride
Jun 2019 · 335
In My City
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
In my city
Things get the liveliest after dark.
A song in itself, with lowered vocals.
The kind of song you put on & just drive to.
The kind of song you hold your head up to.
Whether night or day.
In my city
The buildings & bridges like to dress up.
Coming to life at night.
Some smoke cigarettes.
Blowing O rings to the clouds.
Some wear their necklaces made of light.
Draped in gray and beige, pants to match.
In my city
You can find the everlasting lyrics
on just about every corner.
A song in itself, with lowered vocals
Blared loud
a city of rhythm & blues
Jun 2019 · 786
Night Breeze
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
And like the night breeze
Her love comes quietly, patiently.
A breeze spoke soft between her lips
Softly rapping on my ears.
And like the calm of the breeze
I am at pleasant thought
Lost in ultimate stillness.
No matter the amount of noise from the rest of the world
Nothing could interrupt this peace of mind.
Her love the night breeze coming as a quiet hush
And I, ever so thankful for the amount of calm that follows.
The rest of the world slowly swallowed by peace
If for but a moment.
Everything makes sense.
Until that moment I never really noticed
How often this breeze would come.
Until that moment I never really noticed
that some nights this breeze rarely comes
May 2019 · 395
Reminds Me Of You
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
It's Half past twelve.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
I've lost count of time being in the loft of your heart.
Lost in the city lights.
It's something about the streets here that make me feel brand new.
It's half past twelve in the real world.
But here,
In the loft of your heart.
I have the best view.
Being downtown transcends my favorite places in the real world.
Here, there aren't any scheduled buses, no large crowds of people.
It's stunningly beautiful.
Not being able to tell the difference between night and day.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
It's already tomorrow here
And everything reminds me of you
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
There's no full moon tonight baby.
That ole train is steadily rolling on by
Rolling on into the night.
When I watched the news tonight baby
they promised me my moon
would be full.
No sign of rain, clear skies all night long.
That's what they said.
Where in the world am I suppose to go
On a night like this.
Knowing my moon ain't full.
Packed it's bags and gone.
Gone away at least for the night.
One last glimpse before your gone for good.
That ole train steadily rolling on by baby.
Nothing but storm clouds and the smell of rain
Done packed your bag and gone away.
My sky never been this empty.
Half dark twinkles and rain rolling down my window.
There's no full moon tonight baby
Done packed your bag and gone.
Gone away
May 2019 · 271
As Long As You're Away
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
As long as you're away
I will continue to look up at the sky
Longing that you'll gravitate back to me.
Even though you're far,
You're never at all that far from me.
For in my deepest thought I am curled up
in the brightest star that I named after you.
No matter how dark the sky I will always find you.

Gazing back upon me, curious as to how we travel so many miles.
In so little time.

Even on the darkest night
I know that you're still there.
Your love the brightest of stars.
As long as you're away
this star is always closer than it appears
No matter how far you are
May 2019 · 394
Without Milk
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk.
Our memories becoming this more desirable,
This more delicious.
Just you & I
underneath a chocolate sky.
Counting the stars one by one as we take huge bites.
Lost in our own little world
Just you & I.
Vulnerable to the outside world
without a clue to why
our mouths are covered in chocolate
We'll crunch the stars like the world was ending.
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk
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