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And like the night breeze
Her love comes quietly, patiently.
A breeze spoke soft between her lips
Softly rapping on my ears.
And like the calm of the breeze
I am at pleasant thought
Lost in ultimate stillness.
No matter the amount of noise from the rest of the world
Nothing could interrupt this peace of mind.
Her love the night breeze coming as a quiet hush
And I, ever so thankful for the amount of calm that follows.
The rest of the world slowly swallowed by peace
If for but a moment.
Everything makes sense.
Until that moment I never really noticed
How often this breeze would come.
Until that moment I never really noticed
that some nights this breeze rarely comes
If anyone can't find
With open eyes

Tell them
To close

They will
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Acknowledge the inner bliss
Igor Goldkind Mar 27
Thoughts are merely pebbles
Being gently washed by a passing stream.

You are the stream.

Thoughts are merely pebbles on a beach
Being gently rounded by crashing waves.

You are the waves.

Thoughts are merely pebbles in the sand.
Being gently worn away by the passing wind.

You are the wind
My words escape on.

Words are merely thoughts
Being gently read by a passing eye.

Yours are the eyes
That can read my thoughts.
Originally, this was a 3 line Haiku or Faux-ku.
But each time I read the first 3 lines to an audience, someone would always ask me to read it again so that they could hear the idea a second time.    So I decided to repeat and expand upon the initial 3 lines.

Read the first 3 lines by themselves and if it doesn't make sense, keep reading.
EJ Lee Jan 6
The strength of the waves
Caused by other boats
Makes mine rock
Back and forth
Side to side
Making everyone lose their balance
Causing objects to fall and crash
Doors to slam
Against the wall and frame
This is my sanctuary
The place that I can all mine
Galbraith Frase Nov 2017
Peace of mind,
Let it grind,
Huffing through my sentiments,
No words left behind

You said you're fathomless,
A riddle and meaningful,
High objections, genuine rejections
How come you make me stutter like a fool?

I want my poems to bit,
Vigorous and keen to have teeth,
So the venom in each letter shall sink in---
To your skin, may heap

You said you're logic
Then where's your common sense?
Clearly, you're imperceptive,
Because I know how you're tensed

Attempting to toss me a bullet of pressure,
Locating the verge of anxiety
You're none of the amenable people,
Who would understand and know its variety

Sugarcoated scars and deep comprehension
Thin head's blurry, that's why you have complications
No offense though---

Keep your mouth on line, you half presented amateur
Go ahead and be conceited like an apathetic's chimes
But honestly, at all, you don't even have a
Peace of mind
Glorious, glorious, glorious, glorious to finally post this. A little voice of rancor could do the thing *flips hair clumsily*.
Harley Hucof Jul 2017
She leans closer to me
Kisses me and whisper in my ear

" Stop! Surrender!
  We are one, remember ? "

I smile and look her in the eyes
As i feel our bodies merging to the other side.

Words Of Harfouchism.
before the world swallows you whole,
leaving you barely able to exhale all that continues to weigh you down,
or inhale all that is destined to cast away your inner conflictions.

Kewayne Wadley Jun 2016
I find it hilarious, being arrested in thought.
The emergence of being free.
Voluntarily considering the thought of worry.
Without need for appetite, things broken down given in ration.
This apparatus that things are well and dandy but in reality they are not.
This uncomfortable silence in a lack of distraction.
Not at all considering you an hindrance.
But there looms a sudden fear.
This compulsive habit that leads to addiction.
Standing still, blank look.
Charges brought forth in misdemeanor.
Lost in one paper stack or another.
Worried of this never ending cycle of what to do, what to think.
Devoted to this vivid image I have of you stuck in my head.
Yet, I don't know a single thing about you.
A force of habit, experiencing a part of myself that I've never quite experienced.
This need to run away from myself
And escape further into you.
The lock and key of this caged feeling.
Completely gone.
That one crack in the wall that reveals the smallest spec of sun merely peeking through.
Depending on someone else to unlock that bolted door. A sound not easily forgotten.
This senseless control that cages us up, delegated in authority without act of trust.
I find it hilarious because we are lost in identity.
you've released me yet, you have no idea who I am.
That one spec of sun that crept through a crack in the wall.
By traditional standard this is quite absurd.
Revealing to a beautiful stranger that she was in fact, the total embodiment of what's retained in the Stonehenge,  
Sit quietly in the emptiness of your thoughts,
Let your heart be carried by the wind.
A Creary Aug 2015
There's a fine line between maturity and child hood
A very visible one at that
But when one refuses to release oneself
From the shackles of their past life
Complications begin to arise.
People believe your hesitance to be laziness
Your lack of knowledge to be stupidity
Your inability to relate to the new trends or fashions as indifference
They still believe your a child when
You know you are so much more.
Sometimes all that can hold a man back is one simple feeling.
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