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Kewayne Wadley Aug 2021
I feel most at home
When I am beside you.
I am able to breathe freely & abundantly.
You speak kindly to my soul,
& nurture the points of direction
Which I grow.
My sanctuary of peace,
My birds eye view of serenity.
I feel most at home
When I am in view of your garden.
Offering the utmost
Of warmth & affection.
Make no mistake,
I am not there to simply pass time
Nor am I there out of the convenience
Of you.
Being around you takes me
to another world

& I am glad to share in the experience
Of you.
I am in awe at how you transform me
Into a moth, in terms of light.
I’ll follow you anywhere
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
Your body is a vacation, the perfect
spot to getaway.
Over the mound of your thigh the sun is
high & the fun has yet to begin.
I love how your skin feels between my hands.
How small you make everything around feel.
I apologize for putting you off for so long.
A year or two from now, I won't regret
how fast I packed my bag & left to
come visit.
A year or two from now, I'll tell everyone my favorite place to vacate.
How easy the language was to learn,
To bathe in the sun of your smile &
splash in the ocean of your body.
The weather is always perfect,
The adventures that await beneath your dress.
I apologize for putting you off for so
A year or two from now, I'll still remember the smell of fresh peaches,
Served in thick nectar.
Compliments of being the perfect guest, the first to check in &
the last to leave.
Still viewing the sights, things that'll
last twenty years from now, without
hesitation or worry.
The only thing left to unpack is you
& Memories of you
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2021
When I am with you
The sun shines it’s absolute brightest.
Not a single cloud in the sky.
No matter what side of town we’re on,
No matter what we do.
All I see is clear skies, no matter what
they say.
Even if it does, so what.
I am with you.
My own personal parade, beautiful
In every way.
When you walk pass, everyone &
Everything stops.
Pretty brass skin, your voice smooth
As silk.
When I am with you, the sun shines
It’s absolute brightest & I am at ease.
The best part of the day,
No matter what side of town,
No matter what we wear.
The sun shines it’s absolute best
When we’re together.
Not a single drop of rain comes to mind,
Not a single drop
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
There are fireworks
Small & big reminders
Of everywhere we’ve been.
Above the rooftops, above our
Top lips, in tremendous fashion.
Spread far, your soul & mine.
I couldn’t imagine life
Without you.
Something out of the blue,
Loud & breathtaking.
How we’ve inspired each other
In quick rocket bursts.
If nothing else we’ve learned
That in a matter of minutes
It can all come to an end.
The way you kiss me &
The ethos of traveling souls
Finding a color to forever live in.
I’ve found a place, there are
Fireworks everywhere.
If nothing else, we’ve learned
That in a matter of minutes
it can all come to an end.
& when it does, I’ll race you
To the top & kiss you and
Every memory I have of you.
The cosmos of left over
Gunpowder & shredded paper
All combustible in our celebration.
With eyes closed,
& the sizzling palpitation of my heart.
Possibly the biggest reminder.
Whenever I see fireworks,
I think of you
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
The best days of my life
Where’d you go?
Time flies trying to fit in
As much as you can.
Sleep barely comes
Running round losing track
Of time.
No one to tell you to stop,
Kind of loud
Kind of subtle.
The best days of my life.
Staying up all night
Not a care in the world.
Where’d you go?
The best of everything,
So little time.
Trying to fit in as much
As you can.
They tell you that these
Are the best,
You never realize until
It’s gone.
Memories of when we met
Memories of when we spent
The night.
The things we got caught doing,
But no one said a word.
Sleep barely comes
Lost somewhere having fun.
The best days of my life,
Where’d you go?
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
Real love lives in your eyes,
It lives in your smile.
It's even shared through the extension
Of your hand.
Real love is exceptional & phenomenal,
Much like a cassette tape wound up
In emotion.
Real love is realistic & finds a way
to communicate, no matter
How hard the emotion.
Real love travels with you.
Real love lives & breathes the same
Breath as you.
The beat of your heart divine &
Echos mine.
Real love remembers the day
my heart met yours,
Although it's been quite a while,
Real love still remembers your name
& Although cassette tapes are a bit
I still remember staying up all night
Listening to the sound of your
No matter the instrument,
Real love finds a way
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
Like a song played over & over,
I don't want to lose the feeling you give.
The only one that holds a special place,
That knows what I desire without
Having to say a word.
The way your voice takes absolute
A kiss from my ear down to my neck.
Your lips, your body, my favorite CD to
listen to.
The shiver between lyrics,
Experiencing you in full, soon as I hear, I listen.
Spending the night in your arms
In our never-ending marathon.
Your voice to ease whatever sorrow.
The one I turn to when I am in need,
Without fear of judgement.
Bless the Lord for creating night to
further explore our talents.
How I seem to lose myself in you &
Light up whenever I hear your voice.
Whatever you ask, whatever you desire, your heart is mine
& There is nothing that I will not do.
Understanding, the greatest parallel between us two.
My favorite song hands down.
Your lips, your body, my favorite album
cover to take my time & thumb
Like a song played over & over,
I don't want to lose the feeling you give.
Spending the night in your arms,
In our never-ending marathon.
Experiencing you in full

— The End —