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Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
The sound of fingers
The string of hearts
Pressed wood hallowed out
Digging, digging
Digging, digging
Breathe in breathe out.
It takes courage
Just to exist.
I've tied my heart to a steel string
And lost them around the cuticles
of your fingers.
Of all the cruel things in life
I am glad that you're not one of them.
I've tuned my lips
& Twisted my hips toward you.
You never once laughed
When I mentioned
I am still learning how to dance
Emily Mar 2019
Breathe in, breathe out.
Drink your sorrows, ***** doubt.
Tip the bottle, spill the wine.
Inhale love to lose your mind.
It's been so long
Now my soul has withered..
Tired, my eyes threaten to close.
And as my fingers start to shake,
and the emotions in me start to break..
I pause —

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

It'll be fine.

I will be fine.

I tell myself that as I turn towards the wall,
Draped myself in a thin blanket,
Tears taunting my voice to crack.
I silently cry.
And then I pause.

Slowly but surely, I fall deep, deep, deep,... into a sad but comforting slumber.
Waaaaah, its been such a long time now! Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Chinese New Year, so on and so forth. Glad to finally make a poem for 2018. Well wishes for everyone.

• M a r c h  1 3 ,  2 0 1 8 •

— Juliet Jimenez

— The End —