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Àŧùl Dec 2023
For you, I am an artist.
My art is music.
My art is love.

For you, I am a soldier.
My duty is guarding.
My duty is to protect.

You lost someone special.
I'm a new addition.
Do not worry, dear.
I'm here to stay now.
My HP Poem #1852
©Atul Kaushal
pictures from
this new telescope
glimpses of
an early universe
in spirals
and clouds
      of colour
an ever-changing
luminescent haze
stretched across
the bespeckled
vastness of black;
a cosmic dance
of light
through time
and space
both answering
and posing
countless potentials

even so
it is difficult
not to compare
these images
with what
can be seen
by looking through
a child's kaleidoscope
I S A A C Sep 2021
kaleidoscope, hanging rope
so many options, so many ways to go
but so many ways to fall
can you handle my all
I guess only time knows
time is so fickle but so are my fears
time is so riddled with endings
that's why I keep you near
interlaced, preventing heartbreak
but no matter the amount of effort the sum is pain
so I worship the rain in my dry spell
I focus on the power in myself
to stand tall and plan for the many ways I can fall
I wish the best for myself
ryn Apr 2021
     Captured breaths
within the
       moments in time.

   Broken snapshots
              frozen almost...
  Solid yet fragile
        and so brittle.

         Fractured and frail
      but in many ways,


Namrata Mishra Jan 2021
You are a kaleidoscope my child

A glimpse into the multitude of colours

That shine brightly like the stars

Every angle that it is twisted in

Forms a new magnificent presence

Celebrate your mistakes today

For they are not what they seem

They celebrate you, a masterpiece
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
We're all a little mad
In this world of spinning dreams.
Where teardrops turn to waterfalls,
And fate's determined by the sea.
We're all a little crazy
In this field of life and love.
With winding roads and rabbit holes,
And things you wouldn't dare speak of.
We're all a bit insane
Each dealt a different hand to play.
Though we shuffle the deck of cards,
The Queen of Hearts will still remain.
We're all a bit bizarre
In this place of mystery.
For time ticks faster, faster still,
A kaleidoscope like history.
We're all a little weird
Like Cheshire grinning ear to ear.
But in this Wonderland of Life,
Grand adventures find us here.
©KSS 8/2015
kiran goswami May 2020
Poems which rhyme are written with rhythm in the ears,
Poems which do not are written with kaleidoscope in the eyes.
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