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late night

the day’s

brings to life

city lights
the ripples.

Anya Dec 2018
There's crumbs, all over my computer, all over my pants, all over
Entropy, the natural state is it?
Humans attempting to force the unnatural?
The little graham ******* crumbs,
nothing keeping them together
But still, each individual crumb upon my lap houses millions of billions of trillions of
Individual pieces, that house
And so on               and                  So forth
Till you get to atoms
And eventually,

But, is it worth,
Looking, thinking, so infinitesimally small
We've got bigger matters on our plate?
Things so large, red, and shiny, that they take up all the space
Except the little cracks that we miss,
Or don't care about altogether

Because we've got bigger fish to fry

But then,
If we always keep chasing the dragon,
Won't we miss the shooting star lighting up the sky for just a moment?
As I was writing this I found multiple surprisings interpretations. That's why I gave it that title, it's filled with meaning yet a random mess at the same time.
Stark Nov 2018
Rocking your head back and forth
Disbelieving faces stare
As you cry for mercy
Quietly going insane

Dropped through the hole
Feeling nothing at all
As you saw what the world could be
Reality and fantasy kaleidoscoping

When you awoke--
The brightness was gone
Vanished from your mind
And your ideas seemed inconceivable
--to the others

Oh, the others
The disbelievers
The skeptics
The ones that refused to open their mind

Possibility spreads like a tree from a single root
But they are unable to see it
Instead, they dismiss you
Send you to the sanitarium
Where your screams of madness can be heard
Even today
Lune Solitaire Nov 2018
It was when I was colorless and filled with empty hues that you found my lifeless self. The canvas that was sought after— only to stain with abstract lines resembling pain and misery— resides within me. Sweaty palms, heaving chests and hollowed hearts were the things I used to see from the people that held me close.

And there was you.. with your sweaty palms and heaving chest and hollowed heart. You came to me and broke the frame I have covered myself with to hide myself from people who have no intentions of keeping me— whose only desire is to tinge me with throes to dispose of the ache and save themselves.

But you stared at me like you are fascinated with the art that I am to exist. You gently stroked me with your loving brush of emotions and hidden feelings. You painted me the streak color of loneliness and the beauty of sadness that drives people to create masterpieces— and I was yours.

I was yours but you were never mine. The cacophonous sound of your brushes while kissing the surface of my being started to irk your ears. You splashed me the colors of blue and hate. By then, I knew I love you and I knew you don't. I was loathed for the unpleasant colors you spilled me with. And I hated myself more for loving you still as you painted me and filled me with unsightly parts of you.
Ashley Chapman Nov 2018
In a playful vision sent
Your ****** homologue
Of amber shins and pale phalanges
Weaves three-leaved clovers.

In response,
***** spurs
And protean winged descent
To float into your kaleidoscopic star:
Freely falling,
To rest in lace extremities.

There in our bed of sensual feet,
Sunflowers breath,
Whose burnished rotating petals
Gather me in wisps,
Each spiral frond,
Before death's voids
Is drawn in purls.

And in pleasures held,
Cossetted in latticed limbs,
A ***** lustrous rich embrace;
Denuded and alive!
And with abandon kissed:

    Bony toes
    Deep arches
    Light and delicate.

As here between pretty shins
And fleshy silken feet
Our ascent begins
From low regions,
To scale new heights
And crown our night.

This lovers' leap into prismatic
In the empty Cosmic wastes
     In a web is caught!
Where feet and toes inspire
Continuity for pointed stars.

As material possibilities collide
The **** for life
Is born in non-existence:
So in our nest of feet,
Mating in the game
With heads thrown back,
Of **** drink deeply we.
A friend sent a mesmerising image taken from a kaleidoscope. In that image so many ideas came together that I was able to put this down. It tells of what I know, the line between life and death, or more succinctly put, between our conscious and the great unconscious. In mind, to love is indeed sublime as it removes us from ourselves and plunges us to meet our heart's desire. Out in the wastes of time and space we also see ourselves writ large where whole galaxies collide and in so doing, the resultant chaos, new stars are born. So I take solas in such thoughts, even if my soul does at times yearn to shuffle off this mortal coil and be at peace and know Truth at last.
S Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Kaleidoscope of colors
Mesmerizing, yet deceptive
Arboreal chameleon
Nis Jul 2018
Look up
among the clouds that wrap the sun
there's someone there
her eyes are there
and then it's me.
I am in the sky with diamonds.
I look at me and I'm gone.

Look past the flowers that hang from the sky,
noone is there, noone ever was,
yet you are there, you never were.
You and I eating marshmallow pie
with the head in the clouds
and we are gone.
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