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i remember all the dates, of when i starting liking you, when i loved you, when i was in love with you, the day you kissed me, the day you grabbed my hand, the day you surprised me

i guess i should start to remember the days i fell out of love, the days i wished youd kiss me and you didnt, the days all i needed was your hand and mine and you refused, the weeks you couldnt spare a moment of your time for me

i am not sure the love will fade, but i know it no longer envelopes me, you no longer make me feel safe, wanted, and cared for

how could i continue to be in love with you when i am not even sure you care about me, or want to talk to me, you make no effort for me

i guess there is no problem staying after falling out of love, as you were never in love anyway
fray narte Jul 26
nothing i do will you bring back;

not the shoebox of purple hyacinths
watered by the i love you's
i still wanted to say.

not the prose poetries i wrote you
whilst caught in a mania
in the restrooms of dying gas stations.

not the caving in of the see-through walls
mixed with static humming of the payphone calls.

not the pillow telegrams that smell like
bourbon and my mother's cigarettes;
darling, my bed has become a post office
of the letters i never had the chance to write
and of the things i never
had the chance to say.

and nothing i say will bring you back —
not even this poem, and i know that now;
i just don't know
how to live with that.

still, nothing will ever bring you back
and darling, watching you fall out of love
feels like the only thing i can do right now.
fray narte Jun 13
cigarettes still taste a little like our last kiss — like it's 5 am again and we were stuck in rusty rooftops, waiting for the break of dawn, or for the other to initiate the kiss. that being said, i always wished that 5 am's lasted longer, and that cigarettes burned longer, and that we kissed longer. but before we knew it, the sun had risen and there we were, ashing our cigarettes on the floor, kissing our last kiss. but here i am, darling — yours for the breaking; my cigarettes, yours for the taking — so kiss me again. break me again. leave me again.

say goodbye to me, darling. say goodbye, just once again.
Bullet Oct 2018
I'm drowning in the falls
While I have these angels
Who sing so well
But I know their sirens  
Are just the serpents tongue twisted
They say this is a revenge for a Poet
But I'm just not for-showing it
The warning could be
To look in the devils eyes
N' see how dark the world is
How really it can be filled with these demons

I've honestly never been afraid
Until I've seen where the granite path leads
To these burning bedded plates laid
Each step is a wise one
Thinking of a chip on the shoulder
Never gets you ahead
I'm leading to wake up at the end
Of the waters one day
The shattered pieces of love sending me down

Falling from Heaven and living on Hell
Angel casted but now can tell
Sowed the grace to the soul
Ready to die for an entirety
She gotta know how it feels

I've entered a void to bring me to
An Adam n' Eve garden
Wondering around can't learn
Where to meet such light eyes
Demons have me playing their dance
But an Angel is out there
Wishing a piece of grace would grace her

I'm still walking with demons
Devilishly dressed but coating
A layer that can not be detailed
So whats my route to derail
Live while you can no longer live it
But will your soul be up lifted

Im ******* the way she feels
Thats just the heart pouring out
Love toxins for the siren to bring
The heart beat with each step
To the music
Makes you sway in between
Feeling the curves to
Where you should've been

Falling down hasn't reach the level
To where sanity is found
Waking up seeing lust or love
No longer laying around
Graced without a soul
I need someone majestic
Angelic loved like a lost relic
I want heaven love thats outta this real iced fall world
Falling out of love is some tough ****.
Gloria Burns Aug 2018
And I think I’ve finally fallen out of love
But what’s interesting is
I still love him but
I am no longer in love with him
I don’t think you ever stop loving someone that you have fallen for, but it does get easier
Valerie Perez May 2018
There I was thinking
I’d never feel this way again
The lost that I’ve felt
The dark places I’ve been

I came to an acceptance
That this is how my life would be
I found myself moving on
Became happy with just me

Then you came into my life
Everything about you was just right
You left an imprint on my heart
On that late November night

We each had our fears
We wondered if we were moving too fast
Be both fell in love
We said we hoped that it would last

For the first in a long time
I thought perhaps soulmates are real
The sweet words that you spoke
All the ways you’d make me feel

Your sweet lips against mine
Your warm breath in the air
You drove me wild
Running your hands through my hair

Things moved rather quickly
We spoke of tying the knot
But little did I know
That’s not what you sought

For one day you would leave
That was such a confusing day
“We can fix whatever’s wrong” I said
As I tried not to plead for you to stay

But your mind was made up
I was a little too late
To this day I question why
For that was never our fate

“Forever and always” you said
You wanted to be mine
I tried to give you the world
I gave you all my time

We were obsessed
Perhaps that’s the problem you see
Your feelings grew weaker
As you fell out of love with me

Now I’m left wondering
Was what you felt true
Or was it all an act
Simply because I was someone new

Was I just another warm body
To help you fill a void?
After everything we shared
Now I feel destroyed
ALC Apr 2018
You know I tried,
In so many ways I tried.

I tried to be friends
I tried to keep in touch.
I tried to forget you.
I tried to fight for you.

God did I try,
And try,
And try,
And try,
And try.
You didn’t seem to notice it,
You barely seem to notice me.

I tried so very often,
That I was surprised to notice,
One day I didn’t care.
I didn’t care if I got a text back,
I didn’t care if I got a letter back,
I didn’t care if you even wanted to see me.

I always expected my detachment from you,
To be like a tree falling.
But it was nothing like that.
It was like a leaf falling.
-ALC April 19, 2018
c Jan 2018
In Morning

I found recluse in the

Skin between your fingers

And the sweetness of your breath

Your touch like heavy wind

Meeting wave with rock



A relationship I had a while back ended as swiftly as it began, like a bout of heavy wind rippling into a wave. Imagery of day & night used. Wrote this for a creative writing class I took as a freshman in college.
tabitha Dec 2017
when i sleep, i don’t dream of you

i’m sorry
but it’s true

i don’t dream of you, i don’t see you
i barely ever hear from you
the polaroids on my bunk walls are gone
i covered them with pressed flowers and rotting leaves
i covered them with doodles of daydreams of open skies and crooked wings
i gave myself some air to
breathe & forget

and i’m sorry love
i didn’t mean to
i swear

my lips turned blue when the ground turned white
i loved you more each day,
but you lie about where you go at night
and i lay my **** bare

so i’m sorry love
i didn’t mean to
i swear

..but also, i think, i'm only pretending to care...
lilac sunsets Apr 2017

his eyes were as blue as the ocean & this is the story of how I got lost at sea.
his happiness was as powerful as a tsunami, washing over everyone and instead of ruining lives he made them better.
his waves were gentle, touching people with his kindness
god, he had so many layers, so many different parts.
no one would ever get down to the bottom, if you were lucky you only got to see 5% of him when there was 95% yet to be discovered
he could be as cold as the ocean in February
Never freezing over and closing off, because well that's not him
But if you dared to stick your toe in, he'd push you right back out, cold.
He could be cold.
he could be as choppy as when you drifted out into sea,
Like the ocean he is beautiful
like the ocean he had so many things that were terrifying.
but he was so gentle
he was so happy
his eyes are as blue as the ocean,
and that's how I'm lost at sea.
him. i talked to him again today and it's not the same, i miss him.
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