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Derrick Jones Sep 25
Float around inside your mind just to see what you might find
Close your eyes and be surprised
The chaos crystalized
You take a mental picture
Of a momentary stricture
Of mind manifest
And you are just the guest
Along for the ride you reside in this home but it’s not your own
You wander and roam but every tome has a different theory and it’s hard to see clearly
So you nearly lose your head as you skip off the tread
Trying to understand you cry out a command but meet shifting sand
So instead you embed and let your mind expand
Higher patterns emerge far above the prior yearn
No avoidance or grasping
No clinging and clasping
Only wonder and awe
As you float around inside this new way of being
Flowing is freeing and life is so fleeting we might as well dance
Take a chance and find romance and sink into this trance
Enhance the life you’re given by paying close attention
Let the moment **** you in and show that you don’t ken
You do not know, and yet you win
Letting go, you now begin
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If I find you
Will you mind
My broken windows
My rotted steps
The rats
In my head
And the bats
In the basement
Will you mind
The smokestacks
And boarded
Up doorways
Will you recognize
That I don't want
For you to leave
I just want
Someone to
Break inside
I saw an ExtraMile billboard and for some reason this exists.
Eva Apr 10
Silent ride through the fire

I won't be your backseat driver.

You take the wheel and ride

Bask in what you feel; what makes you feel alive.

Rejuvenate your spirit, ease your mind.

I know this world ain't been too kind...

I'll be your guardian angel

Forever watching from all angles.

You'll never want, need, or fear;

The one who protects and provides is right here.

Legs when you can't walk, eyes when you can't see;

Anytime you feel weak, you can lean on me.

My love for you knows no ends.

I am your guardian angel, and you are my best friend.
Dana Mar 28
A budding flower,
I egress on the ol' soul retreat,
Where the sun is hot and pleasure tastes sweet.
A busy bee making friends with all that i meet,
While harnessing the power nestled in my own two feet.
She is spontaneous, the spirit that resides.
The emperess i love most, but whom often hides.
Adventurous, as she explores new depths inside.
Fresh squeezed freedom,
Days that taste like lemonade,
All the while disobeying lifes civil masquerade.
Illuminating forgotten dusty doors,
Shackles of responsibility breaking loose,
My wild lion heart roars.
The feeling of stepping on a one way flight,
A jelly fish adrift a cool current,
Flowing night after night.
Unlocking ingredients of the person within,
As my inner goddess smirks at me with a welcoming grin.
                               Free to Be,
                                  Free to Be Me
Wild locks, tanned skin with a tooth-full smile,
She sees something in her reflection she hasnt seen in awhile.
Forgive me self, for i have sinned
I let myself forget the refreshing feeling
Of the mountain top wind.
Wrote this after my experience traveling to Hawaii, it is also the first poem that i wrote that I shared publicly. Thanks for reading ☺
As children
We who wore tights to school
   were taught
to wok in high heels
with a book on our heads

to never wear mascara
on our bottom lashes

                        red lipstick = harlot
            red nails = *****
            wearing jewelry = sinful

                       to be proper
                       to mind our manners

           the three monkeys mantra


So we still
Go downtown in our good clothes            
Wearing high heels carrying a matching bag

We have expensive taste
Reputations to uphold

fast cars
          faster boys
           red lipstick
red nails
bodies bejeweled

We learned
All of that                                      Indoctrination
was nonsense

Oh! The high heels of heartache!
How those cruel shoes constrained us
the worship of deities can uplift ones soul or contaminate and desolate it.
Ian Mar 6
Walking through the store,
Surrounded by racks of other lived world's,
Given to be shared with someone else,
My hands brushing across jackets and shoes,
Feeling where someone tripped,
Or where a moth found it's way.

My thoughts meander to my own world,
The scuffs decorating my shoes,
The fraying strings of this jacket,
The torn pocket of these jeans,
All part of me here, and wondering,
Just how much you'd see of me in them.

I'm passing the time all the while,
My search idling between,
The articles of lives, and the ones moving around me,
Waiting for the certain one that led me here,
Leaving me to fend alone for just a moment,
A slight grin my only clue to run on.

Wandering back down, my mind was a flutter,
Before me, radiant and glowing,
The magnificence of your presence
Breathing a whole new meaning,
To a prismatic dress,
And a perfect black jacket,
Captured so brilliantly,
In my enamored mind.
Talis Ren Mar 15
lay with me -
watch the stars and
let yourself just breathe.
we can ease
onto planet rings in

let’s give a little less -
starve ourselves
of dark matter and dust.
we can always look upwards
over worlds and past
scattered star stuff.

dream away -
fly to places drowned
in diamond rain.
run astray
to the places
tranquil rarely stays.

it’s the heart of all
the big thoughts that
i just can’t seem
to touch.
the crux of it
spinning in the

when we go too far
and start again from the top,
will curiosity die
when our eyes go dark?
when our hearts stop
and the world turns to ash
will we still be looking up?
Love you, Oppy.
All my poems became about you,
even the ones that weren’t supposed to.
It felt strange as you hijacked my every
waking thought, although soon,
strange turned into wonderful.
We held each other, our glances
highlighted our love and affection.
We kept moving, together, as always.
Our years have been filled with
love, laughter and desire.
So now I’ll ask you,
to take me to a land,
so far away from this one.
To sail away with me,
and to take to me that land,
to look after me.
To explore with me and sail
through stormy seas,
to take refuge in the rainbows
and to carve a life with me.
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