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Amanda Mar 23
I hear sweet reassuring voice
Sincerity and hope clutched tight
You softly murmur in my ear
"I swear everything will be alright"
And I actually believe it
Amaris Jun 2019
Hush, little one, and get some rest
Don’t lie awake thinking you failed some test
Let me wipe away your tears, don’t be distressed
All who matter know you tried your best
Weariness Jan 2016
Some are shrill and some whiny,
Some are deep and hoarse or smarmy.

Some sing, and others scream,
Some are lazy, some are keen.

Some are there to comfort and to reassure. Or there to ridicule and to exacerbate an emotional sore.

Mine are, mostly, the latter type.
gravygod Nov 2015
i hate to be graphic and upsetting, but i need to write this. please refrain from reading.

first thing on my mind is
what i feel like i deserve is
it is not even a coping mechanism to me anymore
it has become routine
i fixate on it
i need to do it
i have to or else
i cannot bear to be myself
in my cold skin
i can't even look in the mirror
i'm a ******* monster
the slow sensation on my arm
is relieving and reassuring
that i am still deserving of it

i remember when i was 13
and i grabbed my weapon
and ran to my room
shut the door
turned out the light
sat down on the floor
and wept
if only i had known
what i was getting myself into
fast forward 5 years
and i am still there
on the floor

the reaction from my mother when i confessed
shocked me and took me by surprise
how could you be mad at me
i thought to myself
but now i realize why
i was her masterpiece
never to inflict harm on myself
and there i was
ruining what was hers
my skin

it's always there
most times a burden
other times a sign of resilience
a reminder of my monster
my corrupt side
of low self-esteem and self-worth
that i seem to never gain back
i won't ever hide it
i won't ever get rid of it
because i can't

i am not proud
most people say i'm a pathetic fool
crying for attention
desperate for others to see
but no one ever notices
and it lets me know
that it will always be
my little secret
a habit that was once by choice
but now by force

i wonder if i will ever grow out of it
like they said i would
years ago
i have accepted the fact that
i love it
and will never let it go
trigger warning i'm sorry
Nicole Normile Jan 2011
it's a sad thing on my mind
and maybe right now it'll be hard
but I'm going to be fine
cause' in a month, I'll have moved along just that much more
maybe then I would have picked myself up off the floor
So I'm not going to fret
I'm going to stop thinking of all I regret
cause' it'll be just fine
it'll be alright
I'll get back on my feet so I can take flight
the cure is time
sad to say
things don't always go my way
I accept this, so I can live
find something new
in just more time to pass by
and eventually about all this I will no longer cry
It's okay
It's okay
I'm going to keep reassuring myself day by day

— The End —