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Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Through the red joysticks
And white & blue slap buttons.
Without the advancement of memory cards
Or weird split screens to
My last life is always the one
I save for you,
Through the experience points
and colorful gems
There’s much more to explore.
My first wow, my first time, my next again
& Again.
No matter how many times
I feel like I lose,
You’re the reason I always get back up.
My initials fill all ten slots of your heart,
Until you're decommissioned and pulled
Out of stock.
There they will always remain
Kanishk Kandoi Jul 2020
On the edge of the bays
Counting the number of days

Realised that the end is near
But there’s nothing to fear

The last days might be close
Yet no one ever knows

Till when you’re going to survive
And its not a video-game to revive

Live past the days to come
Enjoy every small beat and thrum

Enjoy life to its fullest
Until you get hit by a bullet
A little poem about living life and making every single moment count as we never know when something can happen
Sally A Bayan Apr 2019

As often as a human's breath,
deadlines and restrictions pop up
simultaneous with emergencies
chores, and necessities...all in a fast
pace, many things are prioritized
...though, most are unnecessary and
occupy precious space in our lives...

everyday, we struggle...silent battles
and tribulations stir the soul...
for some reason, some things cannot
be changed...some people play deaf
and stay the same.....neither could
thoughts towards them, be altered...
sometimes, our ties with useless stuff,
and useless people...need to be severed.
moments come when, we've had enough
..............of rules and regulations.
...................we just get fed up...

life is precious and short.....a part of me
....awaits a break......a cold phase,
.........when all my discontent would freeze
..............when all queasy feelings
...................this fidgeting within,
........................would turn to ice


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
(an old unposted poem from 2014)
Debanjana Saha Sep 2018
Feed it with a smile
Early morning
blossom fresh walk
Pause and wait for while
You miss something?
Yes, you miss yourself
being happy all by your own.

Take a deep breath
Jump into the ocean
of loving oneself
Make more art
Immerge into books
nourish your soul
Read through
the struggles of people
Finding you ashore
You are not alone.

Find yourself free
Minimize what you don't need
And fill it up with what you need.
Abandon the turmoil
of heart and mind
Life is too short to be caged inside
Speak up
do what you need to do.

Cry, smile and laugh out loud.
Make sure you take
'You' with you
When figuring out life, we tend to forget everything and keep chasing every other thing. Let's pause and decide what can we do to change our life and do something go for others.
Debbie Ogenyi Oct 2016
It feels like He is  right here waiting
Yet he is  just full of deceit
Just moments ago I planned for today
When today  seemed like long years to come
But now Today is finally here
Time has played his trick again

I have had brief awesome moments
I have been swallowed by pain but spewed
All  these moments  simply varnish  
And leave me with memories
Truly nothing will last forever
Today was tomorrow just yesterday
Today will  be yesterday by tomorrow
Thats how tricky Time is

passing  while making me feel he is here
He walks away and leaves me broken
I am   wishing I never let him go
Was it me?or him?who is to blame?
While  I push blames,he moves further  away
Far away from me,not minding my feelings

I began to ask questions about his past
I was not the first he has cheated
Yet I found some who beat him in his game
Then I realised Time is always on the move
He simply cant stay commited to just me
But I can be steps ahead,I wont wait for Him
Im moving,no room for idleness
No room for wishful thoughts

So I accept Him back into my life
But this time,Im am smarter
I see him play his old tricks
Moving away as he always would
But I smile , knowing I am moving too
I have choosen to always be steps ahead
I agree that  he is pracious and valuable
Yet cunning and always playing games
But I am not worried,two can play the game
Morning write:life is short,time is always on the move,but you can beat time.
That story in a poem
Candace Smith Oct 2016
I see my naked reflection painted on the glass as I look out upon the night sky
the delicate sparkles make me smile like a little girl, lost in a daydream

The pungent smell of farmland gone bad disrupts the serenity of my scene
But no bother
I will not let the grandeur be tainted

As I gaze out at the romantic splendor
The song in the background transports me to a time when I danced with reckless abandonment

when my main priority was a game of kickball or maybe a long bike ride where I got lost in myself til the fading light of day guided me home.

Youth is never lost on the young if you pay attention

— The End —