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I have a sense of purpose.
I provide for my family.
Lately my time is precious.
My Dog, My Partner, and Me.
where I am right now
is where I am meant to be
I'm firmly rooted
Based on an affirmation that I learned to activate the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. I have always found this bit of information to be, while a bit redundant,  quite comforting
Kkø Nov 2018
Most days are filled with unearthing
The feeling of

I am enough.

And then there are days, never-ending

days, and days,

and days.

I am breathing and that is enough.
I do not love him anymore
My feelings are nonexistent
My heart is no longer torn
Its stubbornness cease to exist
Whatever happened in the past
Let me leave it there
I am no longer sad
I no longer care
Two halves of my heart
Have again become one
Neither of them are yours
For my love for you is done
Keep the piece I've given you
If there is space in your heart
For I have no fragment left for you
And for that I can finally part
Gods1son Oct 2018
A man's life is like an artwork
Where his tongue is the brush
And his affirmations are the paints!
You are who you say you are. Your words have big influences on what happens to you
ConnectHook May 2018




          (Kiss your own ***)
Highbrow religion:
the New York Times Book Review
you progressive, you.
Star BG Dec 2017
We are naturally filled with the essence of love.
Tap into it inside your thoughts and your whole world will change. For miracles are around at all times
and can be seen inside the
vibration of love

TODAY, I will echo in words of love and self praise
and accept my life unfolding with miracles.
Star BG Dec 2017
I know I am part of a DIVINE SOUL    
so I shall move in my life celebrating who I am.

Today, I will celebrate my DIVINITY
to reap all the rewards of a higher vibration
which include peace joy and abundance.
I gift you all these two affirmations to repeat them every morning until they anchor in your heart. The you can feel empowered to move in your day.
They were inspired by a chat with Crazy Diamond Kristy  Thanks CDK
Star BG Nov 2017
TODAY I shall Imagine I am a tube for money.
I will allow it to flow in your minds eye,
aligning with its energy believing it is here.

So Be it. And So it is.
Use it if you want to bring more funds into your life. Remember money is really energy and it is our birth right to be abundant. We already are.
Star BG Oct 2017
Inside craters of mind I wander,
feeling fumes of dark energies rise.

Shadow figures embark
attempting to take sanity,
trying to drown self in sea of sorrows
where pity is infused in undertow.

Breath of inner resolve circles within
building momentum,
as standing position is taken
to conquer negativity.

Reprograming process commences
as craters become basins of light.
Deep breath integrates voice
saying farewell to dark
Hello to self love.

Inside pause under moon rays,
warrior within takes over.
Affirmations fly
as each word
is knife of power. cutting away dark.
“I’m a trooper who shall never give up.”
“I will conquer demons from past lives.”
“I believe in self and am sacred.”

Canyon of heart resonates
with power phases enkindling peace,
in all cells as mind pattens of past sadness
find exit route with another breath.

Light hugs inside delicate song
ridding self of baggage of loneliness.

And freedom rings while heartbeats plays
Never alone. Never alone, evermore.
I read a poem about being trapped in loneliness and feeling alone so this poem was born.
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