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Hawley Anne Jul 3
I am smart,
and I'm kind.
I've got a beauty that's all mine.
I am worthy.
I'm enough.
I am deserving of healthy love.
I am happy,
and I'm calm.
I can right all of my wrongs.
I will succeed.
I will endure.
I will live life feeling secure.  
I can do this,
you can too.
This poem is for me,
but also you.
anita May 2022
my eyes are a bit brighter
the weight of my mind is lighter
i finally feel alive.
i am holding on for my life
it had been such a ****** up time
but for once
i am rising.
i have been clean for 2 years <3 i finally have some hope again
Srujani Feb 2022
In this saga of finding answers for my unknown questions
I sometimes failed fallen and found myself lost
I sometimes felt mismatched out snatched and lonely
But ultimately, all I know is
no matter how many time it felt,
No mater how hard they hit,
I know how to deal with them.
I may be lonely some of the time, most of the time or all of the time
But after I realized that I can deal with it anyway, and then
The span did really felt secondary!
Mose Dec 2021
My history doesn't define me.  
I write my past presently.
self present vision past history define affirmations thought time
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
She invited me into her home
apologizing for the lack of things there.
I could tell that she had renovated recently,
getting rid of the things that no longer
served purpose.
I thought of her as timely,
a perfect harmony of sage & mint candles
burning on a black glass coffee table.
about halfway through,
I realized how much I loved her home.
while she apologized in the beginning
less is more & it showed by way of her smile.
I enjoyed how everything was laid out,
from the brochures of comfort to the cushion
of where I sat.
the greatest intimacy between us two.
laughing at everything yet nothing at the same time.
but still I thought, how much she inspired me to do
the same when I got home.
everything that I thought was beautiful before
no longer had that same appeal.
when i extended the same invitation,
I too found myself apologizing for things
that needed no explanation.
my biggest source of inspiration,
I was glad to see her growth
& in turn stopped chasing the wrong things,
I learned from her
That everything is going to be alright
Orakhal Dec 2020
is the best way
to present your self to others
Orakhal Dec 2020
You are bound and blind
if how we see you matters

you are not
if all you see doesn't
Orakhal Dec 2020
blame life
to make it worse

blame none
to make it happen
Orakhal Dec 2020
is like calling on a friend
you know is not home
Orakhal Dec 2020
We hear a many snarl and say
all people about their selves today
who else to be about ? replies
now don't hold your breath to tell us lies

a rich mans poor mans weathers same
some make it hay
some make it rain
not to say don't lend a hand
but first things first to understand

to take a leaf out of our book
a creature takes back that it took
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