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Kalliope Jan 21
How do you learn to be alone
When you were with me
For all my milestones
How do you move on
When the pain
Is so intertwined
With the pleasure
How do you leave
When what your heart wants
Is to stay
How do you stay when you know that you can't
Mariana May 2019
I said this would not happen again
I told myself I would not let it
I said I was deserving
I said nothing less of a princess

But still

I allow him to push me around
I allow him to make me feel small
I allow him to say the things he wants because

They’re just words
They’re just jokes
They’re meant to be funny
They’re not met to be taken seriously

But I guess

The fat on my stomach told me he is not wrong
The cellulite in my thighs nodded with his words  
The hair on my face agreed with every word he spoke
The slab of fat on my arm swung in agreeance

I found myself deciding my self-worth on

How many times he said I was beautiful
How many times he said he loved me
How many times he let go of my hand when people approached him
How many times he cared to open any door for me

I said I had changed
I said I was better
I said I love me


You broke me  
You left behind a person I don't recognize
You left me

Back to square one
cosmicrealm Jul 2020
Your love was like a potion
that heals me
whenever I feel feeble.
You healed my soul
from its melancholic tragedy.
Yet, unconciously
it was slowly tarnishing
me inside like a poison.
the love that healed you in all your pain and misery. yet, unknowingly, this love is slowly killing you inside.
Velvel Ben David Apr 2020
A poison lives inside her veins
I’m he who lives to rule & reign

Between her lips, not mine but his
I rule & reign. I’m he who lives

I reach the end of my book
She offers comfort with her looks

Inject her poison & sustain
Lobotomize her only king

I’m he who lives to rule & reign
Her poison riddles through my veins

Between her lips, sealed with a kiss
I rule & reign. I’m he who lives
Ritika Dutta Apr 2020
Looking at the waxing moon,

I hum softly one of our favorites.

Blowing smoke rings,

You  look up at the starry night;

Counting stars and trying to figure out constellations.

‘It's an Orion’ you say,

Breaking the silence of the night.

I look away, skipping stones into the brook.

As the fog settles over,

Your Orion disappears beneath.

Distracted, you pick up your stranded ukulele

Adjusting the broken strings, you sing

“Apki nazron ne samjha;

Pyar ke kabil mujhe”

I chuckle at the parody.

Writhing in trauma,

I resent your poignant emotions.

Even after years of distress, you thought

You had me cold.

I shudder, brushing my vulnerability away.

Embracing the empty fog.

You lie down on the grass.

Sheathing myself from the toxicity around,

I leave.
Janus Mar 2020
My Dear,
I’ve been called by many names
My favourite by far is
You see me as perfection
Elegant, Sophisticated, Charming
How wrong you were
You saw me in a makeshift light
Created by you in your desperation
I’ll  consider the thoughts you have chosen to speak out loud
I've chosen not to listen, letting the words fall upon apathetic ears
But your pleas of anguish do not go unheard
You once told me you do not believe in the truth of words but actions
Yet the misery that follows me is apparent
How naive you were

My Dear, you have made a grave mistake
You had the misfortune of meeting me
You believed in my honeyed lies
You became drunk on my intoxicating kisses
You blindly followed every command
Simply because you yearned for
Approval, Love and Affection
You're submission, willingly laying yourself bare before me
How foolish you were

My Dear,
You were once bathed in light,
Now you are tainted by dark shadows
You should have listened to the warnings
You won't fall in love again believe me
there's nothing left that you can love with
Oh how innocent you were
ve Jun 2019
you and I
we were a match made in hell

the way we burn against (and for) each other
how we destroyed dreams and melodies
and suffering seemed like a perfect word for us

this love was never meant to last
but why did we hold on?

did you love it when I was burning?

we were poison for each other

but why did I still cry when you left
Humble Apr 2019
I almost didn't
survive you leaving me

I think I would
have died anyway
if you stayed.
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