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I come to life when you touch me
Fluent & continuous.
You've unzipped my lips and tossed
them to the side.
I've never fallen &
been caught so freely.
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really was.
A jagged peninsula
Eloped in oceans embrace
Curved in explosion.
Sometimes it feels like I am
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really is
Chipped off, covered by you
falling deeper into you
Em Dec 2021
This feeling is familiar,
It crept its way onto my skin,
Dug a hole into my chest,
Made a home within my bones.
In the hollowness,
It found a sanctuary.
That heavy ache within,
Feels lighter every day,
I’ve been bitten by that pesky bug,
Who was hiding in the dark,
Waiting till my armor broke,
To root itself within.
Jenny Bllr Nov 2021
Do you remember our first date?
A date that wasn't official
for you never dared to ask me out.
A date that was one
even though we didn't kiss at the end.
A date where I lost my gaze
in your pretty eyes.

How many dates will there be?
A date where we kiss goodbye
and are slowly falling for each other.
A date where we spend the night
and are not two but one.
A date which is not a date
as we spend more time together than apart.

I can't wait.
For you
For us
For I am already falling
Falling for you.
Sombro Oct 2021
I felt her on my belly
A well fed boa
Squatting for the day

She writhed as my heart beat
Drawing tighter to my
Pinched breaths

I saw wild eyes, glancing, prancing
Sprites, friends of the serpent,
Laughed, for I had fallen mute

To the forest floor, and lay poisoned
Shrinking before a gleeful crowd
In love with an animal.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2021
Hold me in your brain
Close to memories you're soon
To forget.
Only time will tell, close to things you'll
never forget.
Hold me in your brain with
Things that make you laugh, things
that make you cry.
If for some reason you feel afraid.
I'll be right there.
Reminding you how good it feels
being close to you.
To help if you should ever forget.
Your favorite song to dance to in the rain.
The good memories and also the bad.
I feel completely & utterly safe
Dancing around in your brain.
Deep in the catacombs I hope you don't forget.
Reminding you how good it feels,
being this close to you.
The cover that protects you from all the monsters under your bed.
The fear of being yourself if confronted with something new.
Another thought that eases your brain.
Only time will tell.
Close to the things you'll never forget
To help if you should ever forget.
Your favorite song to dance to in the rain
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