RnR Dec 6

And finally,
it happened,
she not only fell in love with herself,
she fell in love with him.
But what was important,
was she fell in love with herself first

and i know that sometimes lines of poetry
tumble from my mouth like a forgotten stream
and they get jumbled, the poets mixing together
the space between the words gets smaller
but i truly only want to share something
that even compares to the beauty of you

Rachel Nov 20

The feeling of being with them rushed me,
Adrenaline pulsing through my veins.
Every touch we shared would be lodged into my mind.
My ears tinted red,
Their lips teasing me as they speak.
Their eyes swallowed me deep and then.
I fell.

It was your heart
Big and strong
It was your spirit
Open and welcoming

I was drawn by your aura yielding
Without fear I let go and let you take me away down a stream faithful
The further my heart floated down with you the sky became more enriched in dazzling starlight

Hand in hand we let ourselves get taken away by this delightful current
Surrendering to this sweet dance life gifted us with
Ourselves struck with hope in what we thought was only myth

Our spirits ribboned around each other like legs under cool sheets
Embracing one another as two reunited travelers separated for years
Drunk in love and paying no attention to fears

I saw finally where poets before me had been
Under this celestial sky of serenity is where I forever want to lay in
Hand in hand, tangled around each other under dazzling stars that envy our glow
Praying tomorrow's sun would show kindness to rise slow

nim Oct 24

You can learn to love,
You'll never learn how to fall in love

RnR Oct 13

July 11, Tuesday, 2017
I’ve never met someone quite like you before.
I mean,
I have met boys who do stupid shit like you,
And say the most random stuff like you
But never have I ever,
met someone who makes me feel this way.
We haven’t known each other long but I feel like  
I’ve known you since Adam and Eve felt,
how we say we feel.
You make me feel safe,
when you have your strong arms around my waist
You make me feel safe,
even when you just look at me,
when you think im not paying attention.
I feel like I will never be hurt
You bring me such a safe feeling
when my head is on your chest
I hear your heart start beating faster,
I smile knowing I am part of the reason
your breathe gets heavier
when I start tracing lines, stars, and hearts
with my nails lightly touching your warm calming chest.
I never thought in a million years
That a girl like me,
A girl who has been so broken from others,
would ever find a boy
who makes me feel whole once again.
When I tell you that when I look in the mirror im disappointment
You tell me that the only thing you see
is a girl
as pretty as a full moon.
When you tell me you think im pretty
It’s different,
even though those words have hit my ears from others lips before
when it comes out of yours
I actually believe it.
God the things we could do…

there's nothing like a chilled breeze
that simply swifts through the leaves.
there's nothing like the colors above
that are falling with me, I'm falling in love.


And like some old building I,
came crumbling down.


I drowned in the rubble of dust and smoke.
I felt my lungs collapse. Gasping for breath.


I, felt brand new aches I couldn't imagine.
Looking down I fell to a slant.


This wasn't a cry for attention or a plea of desperation.
My knees folded past my stomach.

I coughed my lungs out in a puff of smoke.
My allergies reacted in a way that I've never seen before.


Like some old building I,
came crumbling down.


Without hope of resuscitation I collapsed.
A cloud of smoke funneling it's way down my throat.


A dry cough and a gag.

I ached in ultimate agony.


All in attempt to avoid falling on top the bakery beside me.

Her smile, her scent.
Stealing all of my breath

Juvia Cecilia Aug 17

I never wanted to fall in love
because at the end of the day
I know I'll never be anything to you

Cné Aug 14

when i fall,
i don't just fall in love.
clumsily, i stumble
down and then i land

awkwardly and graceless,
stuttering utterly at the foot
of a handsome man,

blundering an apology
out of breath, ineptly
embarrassed about
my shaky hands,

to dust myself off,
all the while, i try,
desperately, to stand

wishing i could disappear,
i rise as quickly as i can
waving off any helping hand

so he doesn't see
how incredibly stupid
i must be

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