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stillhuman Sep 2023
There's a tightness
in my throat
when I look to you.

I wanted to keep you special,
tied  you up in that tiny space,
all your memories kept like treasure,
but you became mundane,
engraved with gold in my days and life,
a part of the morning sky.

You painted my days in a lilac shade,
throwing red and blue my way
so that I could feel close to you
and find distance all the same.

There are storm clouds in this purple sky
ready to fall heavy with rain
as it drips from my eyes
that feel this indifference in disguise,
tries to hide this part of me
that cries from the inside
to be seen and be freed from these lies.

There's no peace in this demise
'cause the clock is ticking with time
moving quickly to divide
what is ours into what is mine.

You're a purple lover
always been on my mind
and still only a stranger
that I felt was too kind
but your presence is like wine,
gets me drunk, makes it sublime.
You'll still be my purple lover, even when it's no longer our time
Vaniexe Kafka Sep 2023
i don't believe in fairytales
but i believe in you,
that happily ever after doesn't exist
but there is being together in this life,
and the next life,
and all the lives after that

i don't believe in "butterflies in the stomach"
nor the "sparks when we touch",
but i believe in you
of the worthwhile days ahead—
there may be tears we'll shed
but surely there'll be more days,
filled with bliss,
sneaking a hug,
and stealing a kiss

i don't believe in destiny
but i believe in you,
that everyday was a choice—
when you ran after me
after the first fight,
when i came back
after the breakup,
when you got down on one knee,
you chose me
and when i finally said yes,
i chose you
and i promise to choose you
every single day
for all the days to come,
until the next lives

every day
i will choose you.
this is inspired by a local song "araw-araw" by ben & ben. there's a lyric literally translated as: "i will choose you everyday" and it's just so touching
yāsha May 2023
i like the way i make you go soft,
when i touch you like a friend
and your hands start to sweat
as if my fingers brushed your lips.
when your eyes hold my gaze
and you look at me lovingly,
even if our faces
never met each other's warmth.
            not even once.
tell me, how do i make you go hard?
because it seems that you only kiss people
who makes your body quiver.
     you only want to love
      when they give you a certain pulse
—but didn't i make your heart beat more faster
when i poured the gravity of my heart
to satisfy yours?
Ashwin Kumar Oct 2022
At the moment, I am fine
I am part of a rich family
But more importantly, a loving family
I have a decent job
And a stable career
Most of all
I have a few close friends
Whom I can count on, anytime
So, you can say
That my life is pretty much sorted
Except, of course, for a bit of work stress
Which is one of the occupational hazards
Of being a recruiter
So, is there anything missing?
Surprisingly, the answer is yes
What wouldn't I give
To fall in love?
My heart yearns for that chance
To meet a special someone
Who has the potential
To change my life
In ways that I would least expect
It can be anyone
A friend
A colleague
Someone in my poetry circle
Or for that matter, comedy circle
A friend of a relative
A friend of a friend
Or even a total stranger
Of course, the last option is rather unlikely
Anyway, the point is
I would love the chance
To share my thoughts and feelings
My beliefs and ideas
My darkest secrets
And most importantly
My love and affection
With that special woman
Of course, only if she is okay with it
Because, true love works both ways
Well, it's not like I haven't fallen in love before
In fact, it has happened to me twice
But on both occasions
My love wasn't reciprocated
Therefore, what wouldn't I give
To fall in love once more?
I am keeping my fingers crossed
That it will turn out to be a case of "third time lucky"
Assuming, of course, that it happens in the first place
emily Oct 2022
You touched my soul
The intimate of all intimates
And burned away all the sorrow
As well as the pain and misery.
All emotions that ate away my delight of life
Were replaced with the foundation of you
It was like seeing in colour for the first time
And feeling the wind run its fingers through my whole body
It invaded my whole self
As you enlightened all that I was.
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2022
I come to life when you touch me
Fluent & continuous.
You've unzipped my lips and tossed
them to the side.
I've never fallen &
been caught so freely.
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really was.
A jagged peninsula
Eloped in oceans embrace
Curved in explosion.
Sometimes it feels like I am
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really is
Chipped off, covered by you
falling deeper into you
Em Dec 2021
This feeling is familiar,
It crept its way onto my skin,
Dug a hole into my chest,
Made a home within my bones.
In the hollowness,
It found a sanctuary.
That heavy ache within,
Feels lighter every day,
I’ve been bitten by that pesky bug,
Who was hiding in the dark,
Waiting till my armor broke,
To root itself within.
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