Mia Taljaard Jul 10
You are an artist
You do not move a brush to a canvas
You do not find the beat or breath of the music to sway to
You do not strum the strings of the exhaling instrument
You do not lift the roof with your voice as you sing
You do not catch an audiences applaud with your acts and rolls
You do not build beauty with your hands to shape something magnificent

You are an artist
You paint me as a dream even as I see my flaws beneath the oil paint
You sway me and you lead me as we dance to the melody of falling in love
You play my heart string for string and I might have thought you've been playing all your life
You sing me the aubade of memory and I fall again and again
You play the role of not a prince but a knight in my dream as we fight the ongoing battle of life back to back
You have used your hands to caress what you call God's Work Of Art and called me breathtaking by every shape and curve, so you whisper sweet sweet things to me.

You are an artist to my heart
I had this tremendous fear.
The mist soon all around;
The water around capsizes.
Substance attends, a funeral of sorts.
I've never ventured this far.
Soon they return, looking back.
Fleeing wildish scream.
My former thought bold.
Such my hope.
Resurfacing the ill fated.
The thought of sinking.
Forced to roam in darkness.
Where would I place my feet.
Perplexed, nothing was the same.
Cold, unable to find comfort.
I drifted, longing to chance the size of waves.
Distant waters courteous in expectation.
I too braced for it.
Becoming motionless.
Awaiting descent.

Not all ships sink.
The voyage extended from strangers eyes.
When the wind stops and the sail settles.
Some peculiar gaze, heavily weighed in length.
The ship sinks.
But this I feel far too late.
I am at the bottom.
The bottom of her heart
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Sweet little compromise

I love your sweet little compromise.
I love your deep blue sexy eyes.
I love to watch you sleep at night.
I love to get between your thighs.

I hate the way you make me feel inside;
I hate the day I love the night.
I hate to hate, but hey, that’s life!
I hate it seems to me all the time.

Your love is my disease; it’s very contagious.
It seems like everyone’s falling all around us.
In love that is; they fall for each other.
Finding their other.  Their favourite lover.

But love’s a disease that eats out your heart.
The day is now over; the nightmares will start.
The hate and despair, will tear you apart,
Until your find your next,
So the love story can restart.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When I'm near you I'm anxious.
At any moment I can explode.
A coloration of floral hues printed across the sky,
Covering you; the night.
Appropriately expanding.
A sizzle awaiting detonation.
Catapulted high.
Nothing to do but fall.
Fall in love with you.
Plummeting down unable to sit still.
Your hand the stripe that surrounds me.
Stars; echo in a crackle.
Change is inevitable.
The glory of being held close,
Counting every second until we burst into pieces.
Wandering around your essence.
Wandering in turquoise yellows & purple strawberries exhaled in smoke.
The moon forever jealous
Every night July everlasting.
The closer I get to you
Aa Harvey Jul 2

Oh to compare thee to a summers day,
Would be to compare thee to a billion protons.
Such a list would never truly say,
That which one would try to describe,
To the thousands of witnesses and so on.

All the people who would surely have to ask,
Why her?  Why now?  Why here?  And alas,
I would be unable to pinpoint the main,
For it is made up of not one item but a mass.
The contents of which have been spoken of forever,
But yet, here I am flocking like two birds of a feather,
Entwined in vines whilst drinking red wine, straight from the vine,
It binds.

And thus they were and thus they shall remain,
Until the bed of death shall separate.
This sunny afternoon, let’s call it a Wednesday.
The seal was locked,
The band purely golden;
There is no other way.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
ph Jun 29
Sometimes, the leaves fall off the trees
to be carried over the
wind and to a new home.

Sometimes, the leaves fall off the trees
to be trampled and smashed into the
rich, black dirt.

Sometimes, the leaves fall off the trees
because they made the mistake of falling
for your charming inventions.

Sometimes, the leaves fall off the trees,
because they too, are falling in love
with you, my dear.
Aa Harvey Jun 28
These are the good times.

Betwixt and between, lovers caught in a quandary;
Do we fall in love forever?
Or just remember each other fondly?
What will be will be, but oh!  What might have been…
If we only took a shot in the dark at the never before seen.

Love is so new as to be exciting,
Yet the unknown is all so very frightening;
Bewildering days lost beneath the thunder and lightning.
And then at last the summer arrives;
The rainy days are washed away from our lives.
The sadness we clung to so very tightly,
Morning, noon and nightly,
Fades away from our memory as love brings us to life.

Such joy eternal!
Possibly to become, one day, matrimonial.
Anything is possible in these times of revival.
The good old days of love are back again;
No longer bound by self-imposed chains;
No longer afraid of falling deeply into love…
The world is my oyster and I could eat;
I will see if she would like to fall in love with a guy like me.
If not, then c’est la vie, it was never meant to be.

But eagerly I await her answer,
Because my heart is in a ballroom, waiting for my dancer,
To take my hand, so I can spin her around
And show her I love her,
As we glide across the ground.

She will run to me like a dirty dancer affair
And after I have picked her up,
I will lift her high into the air!

Finally we are all out of dance.
Hopefully when she lands,
I will find myself inside a new romance.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 21
I worship at your altar.

I worship at your altar my love,
For you are truly wonderful.
Phenomenal does not even catch your vapour,
Too quick to fall in love with you is the true believer.

But Goddesses are there to be worshipped
And I kneel before you my Queen.
For I am forever enslaved by a dream of your kiss
And shall bear your symbol, through thick and through thin.

Through anything I would carry you,
If my aid you should ever need.
Just think of me and never be alone or blue;
For I shall always be your faithful steed.

The one you can depend upon, to be there automatically.
I would sense that you were not ok
And I would try to make you happy.
I would never let you feel alone, for I am always with you.
If you ever need anything at all, then I shall fetch it for you.

I humbly beg for your touch at night.
In my bed beside me sleeps an angel.
I would simply roll over and hold you tight
And never let you come near any danger.

I shall protect you until the end,
Be you wife or nothing or my best friend.
Whichever you wish, anything you can have,
I shall always be here for you; I wish you to never feel sad.

Unless we are watching a romantic movie together;
I love them like I could love you, let us be together forever.
One long ride through life, with you at my side;
Our family forever even after I die.

I shall always protect you in any way I can
And I would lay down my life to protect your children.
I believe with you I could become a great Dad,
But I don’t even know how you feel about me, my chosen.

My light in the dark, the devourer of my heart (it is yours),
Forever; all I ask for is your love…evermore.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Loving her was like a good meal.
An unexpected moment in the universe when everything goes right.
Whether the chef changes the recipe.
Or I just so happened to catch the place on a slow day.
An otherwise busy, fast paced world.
Everything from the complimentary water, to the appetizer.
The main course.
This was how good to be in love with her felt.
There was no such thing as placing another order.
Substituting one item for another.
Without need for a menu.
I wanted all that she had to offer.
This was a meal that couldn't be recreated.
Everything presented perfect on the plate.
The seasonal greens and meat overlapping what's thought to be imperfect.
We often take for granted the simple things.
Occasional efforts that what we need most can easily be found at request.
This isn't always the case.
We authentically lose anticipation doing so.
Creating different realities of ourselves. 
Rather than learning to accept. 
Soaked in juices, the aroma seeping through the air.
She sizzled, cracked, and popped.
This experience that approached.
This was eating at it's finest.
Preparing knife and fork.
Loving her without wasting a single crumb, morsel, or drop.
This was me biting into something that I've never before experienced.
Giving each other what we've both desired.
The fulfillment of one another.
Exploring portion after portion of this delicious rendezvous
Aa Harvey Jun 14
Love is a calling

Let me be the Romeo you need in this hour;
Let me be the one to bring you flowers.
Let me stand hand in hand with you beneath the shower;
With you in my sight, I could never be dour.

If love is the game, then by all means play on!
In film, in poetry, in life and in song!
Let hatred be scorched and banished from loves eyes;
Be joyous!  Be happy!  Don’t worry or despise.

For u2 shall find love, if you wait a while;
If all else fails, love will help you raise a smile.
I bring good tidings to the empty of empathy
And I spread love all around.
Love can never become a bullet, a paintball maybe;
The laws of nature leave love and happiness, eternally bound.

We are all seekers of love and love forever evolves;
Loves existence cannot be denied, even in the coldest of souls.
Every foot on the planet is hoping to move forwards towards love;
So who are you to give up?
Love is waiting out there for you to give it a hug.

Love loves to hug;
Love loves to be loved.
Love is waiting;
Love is a calling.
Lovers love to love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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