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It was fall now and something fell from the sky and atop my head it sat. I figured it be something of green leaves or the tears from a clouds uncertainty. The water lay in cracks deep underneath the piles of autumn leaves over sidewalks where children played games of hopscotch and three pile. There was something of fall when things grew old and shriveled that made me realize the meaning of old love, there was something in the crisp air that let me feel like a new beginning. The leaves told me it was time to start anew.
The best season of them all
You came like a thief
and snuck out with my heart.

I didn’t even notice it was gone.

But the longer it was missing
the less I cared.

I was perfectly happy with
you holding on to it.
Tally Cat Sep 25
To describe how you entrance my lusts is not to love you
To say you are beautiful, to compare each feature you wear
With flowery prose, with dramatic declarations
Is not to love you
For it is not you curls, or the scent of your hair
Nor the colour of your eyes that I would squander an ode to
There are many with eyes and hair such as yours
Many with less or more graceful hands
A many of lover’s lips and pleasing faces
With shapely forms and tapered waists
With the embellished scaling cadences of a choir
And other things for which I’m told I should desire

All of something mortal worlds compare
All these things the world tells you is beautiful and faire
These are things a camera could capture
And not the reasons I love you

What I love about you is not something that can be caught
Cannot be wrangled, pinned down, or fought
I was allowed witness to your spark
A moment your soul burned bright enough that its very embers reached my heart

It took root in me, it grew to a flame like a zippo lighter
Every time we spoke, it fanned a little brighter
For me, before it began it was over
Of any room, dressed in any garb, to me you are the cynosure

That light at your core lit up your face when you smiled
A smile was just a smile until I saw how you did it - right there!
It fills a room until I scarcely believe there is such a thing as air

I fell in love with your clever disputes and the contagious way you laugh
The words, worlds and points of view that you craft
With that mad humour, compassion, and your bluntly put curses
Your desires, your faults, your quirks
Your temper, your heart, your mirth
How your eyes took in spans of bland ashen days
And your mind painted it all into a miraculous blaze

I love
The things about you, you don’t notice or even see
I’m like a bird in love with what it means to be free
For me there is no one fairer, no other who could raise the bar
Because there is no feature that could sway me
I fell in love with who you are
Mariah Wynn Aug 28
I admit, I’ve never chosen you.
Falling in love is temporary,
love is a choice.

And I surrender to you.

You’re heart is grandiose.
In search of an asylum,
the delicacy of your love,
softens my core.
Peering into your soul,
through the earthy green
in your eyes, that spec of blood orange
a fire lights inside of you, hungry
to achieve a purpose.
I want to be your motivation,
be your motivator.
We could lose time
but we’d meet back at the equator,
once again, feeding the fire
that lights for you and I.
We’ve survived darkness
time & time again, lost.
In search of that dwindling fire
we find each other, nose to nose.
We are special,  We are young, We are beautiful, We are complex,
We are strong.
We are real.
Years spent, trying to navigate
the passion of our love.
We’ve rebelled against time,
against distance...
We are flawed, we are damaged.
But we are stubborn in love.

I hope I’m not too late,
I want a clean slate
I’m not holding back anymore.
For the first time, boo
I choose you.
To my ex
If there is something,

That maybe I can just bring back in time

The echoes of voices of the angels sings,

Or maybe memories of you that gone it seems.

Life is a **** of a ride,

To meet different faces,

To meet different type,

To tie different laces,

To gone a different hype

If there is something,

I can make out of my past,

Is to hold your hand,

And to confess that I like you at last,

Not because of any money nor fame,

Nor power nor ****,

But simply because in all words and act

You are simply perfect

Too perfect that I kept it in

Just to be blown away like dust

Before I die,

If there is something,

That I can say nor see

''I wanna love all of you''

''Just the way it should be''

''Just the way it want to be''

''Just the way it gonna be''

Then i would close my eye

To let the angels take me,

And sing me my last lulaby

Knowing my heart and its voices,

Will stay near you,

Because that is the place it should be

I know,

Words won't be enough,

To tell you what I felt,

The moment I saw you,

The moment I know you,

The moment I hold you,

The moment when I hold you hand,

To dance to the ryhtm,

Without a sorrow,

Like a happy rabbit in its burrow

To dance and Love you

Like there is no tomorrow

If there is something

I wanna do before I go,

Is to say I love you,

All this time,

All this years,

It is only you,

Im Sorry

That I had fallen in Love With You.

The story of me fail to confess to a girl haha
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My love for you isn't just a feeling.
It's a civilization.
It's a group formed in unorganized noise.
A commotion of expression purposely existing
the sole purpose of you.
Living & breathing.
A jumbled language overheard.
Stenciled with each patter of foot.
Every horn honked.
Each lane clogged with the thought of you.
A foundation built from the ground up
in means to explore.
A stone age modernized.
Misinterpreted by the desire of fire.
Built upon.
Built into the tallest building, which I call your name.
My love for you is like the plane that flies overhead.
Roaring loud in repetition.
Tedious nooks & crannies.
Places to shop, things to see.
All the things I see when I look into your eyes.
My love for you a province of sorts.
The smell seared in a pan. Best served on a plate for two.
A mix of different pastas, vegetables.
Fried in upbeat cafe, different aromas.
The chit chat different versions of me.
Complimenting the very essence of you.
A new building erected with cranes and steel beams.
Plastered dry wall.
Soon opened for your arrival
Through trial & error.
I admit I was afraid to love.
Opening up felt tremendous.
Having known the fear of failure.
I was afraid to drown, admiring the ocean from a far.
The current which she dove.
She'd offer her ocean.
Currents pulled strong only she knew it's depth.
I lacked understanding.
Appearing to move closer,
At which point these currents grew darker.
I trusted myself, longing to become a single wave swirled in thought.
Focused on simple clarity.
I didn't want to be like the rest.
Knowing the beauty she possessed.
I feared drowning the most.
Learning to float.
The buoyancy of reassurance.
The things neither of us said aloud.
In the end it wasn't that I was afraid of love.
It was her that I feared.
Admiring from the shore.
The best thing I've ever known.
Diving in head first
And I have this strange feeling.
Memories of us,
Margaritas sipped slow.
Comcast commercials played on repeat.
The weather mild.
First in line.
Patiently waiting to board a flight
Without need for debit card.
Inspired by the look in each other's eyes.
Beats by Dre sponsored by the throb of hearts.
Wandering the gap between songs.
We sip, no longer the ones that got away.
Our silent trips planned moments in advance.
This strange feeling soaring over patio tables, beaches.
Flying away with you in mind body soul.
The many oceans to come.
Highlighting the glare that reflects off our window.
This strange feeling
Becoming more and more familiar
Aa Harvey Jul 28
Love is in bloom.

You kissed my mind like your lips were a fist.
I want to make you mine, because if love is this,
Then count me in.

I’m locked with you, no pretending.
So punk!  
Attitude has come and gone.
You are my non-blonde and I hear you going for a song
And if you want to get it on, then give me a bell
And I will ring it twice.
Please do not see me as nice,
Because I want you to think, let’s get it on!

Come tell me how I can get with you.
What will it take?  Can you see a way through,
To a way you could fall in love with me?
What do you need me to be?

I can be your true desire if you set alight those eyes of fire,
With words of love; find your way into lifting me up,
With promises never broken.
You and I could be if you trust and allow your heart to be stolen.

Let’s connect the dots, draw a line through our past.
Our future together starts now; no turning back.
A bolt from the blue, stuck me with you.
Together at last, now love is in bloom.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Mia Taljaard Jul 10
You are an artist
You do not move a brush to a canvas
You do not find the beat or breath of the music to sway to
You do not strum the strings of the exhaling instrument
You do not lift the roof with your voice as you sing
You do not catch an audiences applaud with your acts and rolls
You do not build beauty with your hands to shape something magnificent

You are an artist
You paint me as a dream even as I see my flaws beneath the oil paint
You sway me and you lead me as we dance to the melody of falling in love
You play my heart string for string and I might have thought you've been playing all your life
You sing me the aubade of memory and I fall again and again
You play the role of not a prince but a knight in my dream as we fight the ongoing battle of life back to back
You have used your hands to caress what you call ***'s Work Of Art and called me breathtaking by every shape and curve, so you whisper sweet sweet things to me.

You are an artist to my heart
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