I've never been very good at listening.
I imagine that I resonate with a piece of you that reminds me of the same piece of me.
When I come face to face with this piece.
I realize that not everything can be changed.
That's what makes it important.
Otherwise the urge to speak would never come.
Realizing this occurrence,
It becomes familar.
Not once does fear strike.
All in all there's no interruption.
The well being of ourselves.
The very things that no matter what, we tend to recognize.
No matter the grief.
And like that very thing I become a child.
Not realizing the meaning of being alive.
Within these moments I turn to you for guidance.
I look up and realize a stubbornness.

I admit.
I've never been good at listening.
Although I vocalize the feeling.
We go through extreme measures when the appearance isn't quite right.
In light of innocence I am struck time and time again.
The lashings of what I'll always believe.
It becomes excessive.
Coming into contact with this same piece of me that I have found in you.
That no matter the argument.
We understand that there is an accord that cannot be ignored.
We live in a state where this paradox becomes conscious.
Separating what is right, as well as wrong.
At times we may disagree, proving in these times that it takes growth to be heard.
And I have heard you this whole time.
This piece of me that has fallen in love with every piece of you.
Both stubborn and impatient
Fingers of wild poppy stems
Entangled in golden hair
Gently curled around
Her delicate collarbones
Butterfly heartbeats echo
into strong, lean hands
Palm to bone, to soul,
they stake his claim
Shallow winds escape
their silent parted lips
Only her eyes upturned,
a light with wonder
to the hazel sunrise in his,
looking lovingly back
To the poppy on her neck
@ladyofravenhill 2018
I laid across your heart like a bed.
Secure, soaring through the air.
Goodbye to the linen I left back at home.
Stuck in an room.
I felt at ease.
My back falling splat into comfort.
An endless supply of sheets.
Laying in complete peace.
My every woe.
My every ache.
Thereby at the door.
There's nothing outside this moment.
Soon I will be sleep.
That's all left to do.
A dream closer than the eye.
Stay where you are.
Away from me and my cache
made of heart.
I hope you don't mind that I've laid here.
Contouring to your every shape.
To lay away in this elation I have towards you.
I hope to catch more than a decent sleep.
My neck twisted left.
In a deep sleep in the contours of your heart
Never fall in love with a stranger,
You never know what lies deeper,
Their heart might have a different intention.
The intention to make you feel eager
to explore the evil of the world,
and lead youself into danger,
they will cast  you when you are deeply in love with them,
and tell you, "we are just strangers"
"What do you mean we are just strangers?"
you will wonder.
Your heart sink into pain because of those four words,
that changed your world,
you realize your mistakes,
and your evil ways,
you feel so sober and plain,
but he is not there say,
"Don't worry, you can lean on me,"
or all those things that made him sound meek,
You feel so lonely,
like you didn't have a life before.
To heal your broken bond,
you made another one,
with a common stranger,
you played with his heart,
and made him fall for you,
you made him miserable after he asked,
"What are we?" and you replied,
"We are just strangers."
I wrote this thinking about someone I liked. I though i knew them but i actually didn't.
Counting the reasons I fell for you
Watching reasons fray
Even if every reason was true
Then they all left me broken in two
And you left me broken just the same

Call the crimes of your magic
That got the best of me
It all looks better from the outside
The posts and pictures we hide behind
Because blind love is the best way to believe

"Loving You Blind" -JP
Not until steping closer.
I realized that I was in the palm of your hand.
I left my parachute without regret,
Moving one step closer staring down.
I deeply wanted to understand how free love was.
Standing here,
Realizing how high up everything really is.
Your palm sustaining my weight.
I wasn't at all anixous.
Now thinking that the wind could have shifted me forward before time.
Constantly aware that at any moment.
I will close my eyes and lean forward.
Pass the ridges of pants and tile floor.
Leaving behind everything I knew best.
My comfort zone.
This was me falling in love.
This was me overcoming my fear of heights
Forever in debt to the strength of your hand
emma Feb 20
Sitting on that roof with you terrified me. It wasn’t the idea that I was sitting on the edge, seven stories from the ground or even the idea that if I did fall I would instantly die. No, that did not scare me at all. What scared me was you, sitting there across from me.  The feelings I have for you as I am sitting there seem way more frightening to me than actually falling to my death. I am unable to get my head around how irrational my fears are at that time. It would seem that the easier solution for me would be to make myself fall from that roof right then and there than to fall for you.
shaynespeare Feb 19
i used to be alone in a swing
suddenly i heard someone sing
found it was you my zing
bliss is what you bring.
shaynespeare Feb 19
by sight of you makes me whirl
how i love your imperfect curls
beauty as rare as the black pearl
this i ask "would you be my girl?"
arielle Sep 2017
the pink and red
in his cheeks
made me fall in love
each and every

over and over
pink hearts
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