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Sometimes I call to just blab
Alot of the time it's about nothing.
It's not really that I don't like to talk about how I feel.
It just takes it to another level
That we have this type of relationship.
That we can laugh & vibe about anything.
It's real because it gives a different type of importance.
A different type of love.
Something that doesn't have to be serious all the time.
I can dial you up or pop up and rest between your legs & just blab.
Blab & know that your really listening.
Blab because that's who we are.
Blab because there isn't any pride to it at all,
The world spins a bit slower
Horrible emotions were all I thought I could ever feel
I never even thought love could be real
Just a fantasy to help escape reality

However then I found you
You saved me from all of my pain
And the burdens of what I once went through
But I was still scared
My heart was still impaired
One more hit and I would be through

But you showed me something more
You were nothing like the rest
My heart was beating fast
I was told the past wouldn't last
But I never thought,
the things I could feel would be vast

Everything about you changed my heart of blue
into a bright red
I never thought this would happen
Something so bright
All of this, to me, was so very new

Talking with you has made me feel something
I never thought it was real,
or something I could feel
It was something so strange,
I had to stick by you

You made me feel so happy
Reality isn't my prison anymore
You set me free
Free from all that is blue

And in return, I had fallen deeply in love with you
Jack Mar 13
There is a place I want to go.
Somewhere I need to find.
A place familiar to home.
We can go.
Just me and you in this unknown place we call home.

Love me, cherish me, Bury me.
I would do the same.
Until the very end you shall have me and this unknown place we call home.
About a girl I met on my travels.
Amethyst Mar 12
There was a time when i believed in falling
for falling is the first step to trust
and trust, i have lacked for the last few years
because sheded tears caused my steel heart to rust
for a while i was convinced there was a spark
hidden under heaps of high expectations and hope
past the overthinking, right next to quaint smiles and glances, and hidden under the wish that we’d finally elope
but love isn’t built with empty promises
nor is it molded with the lovley, “if only”
because when you fall in love with the idea of someone
falling turns to broken, the broken can’t mend, and your back to being desperate and lonely
i wish being loved wasn’t so difficult
but if it was easier no one would dare to fall
because we’d rather be shattered from falling with faith
than stay safe with nothing at all
Reva Mar 9
you laugh alongside.
you listen to their jokes,
and then you smile.

you start to look at them
in the eyes.
too deep,
too brown,
even too terrifying to stare.
and then you blink.

you think of them before you close your eyes at night.
you think of how those eyes glimmer;
like the stars you're staring
at your ceiling.
and then you doze to sleep,
knowing you'd dream of them.

you reminisce of how they hurted you.
verbally, yet indirectly;
you tell yourself,
this is going to hurt.

you inhaled.
you drag your fingers onto the
empty white sheet of paper.
you dipped feather into a black ink,
and the next thing you know:
you begun writing about them.

that's how you know
you're falling in love.
7 steps on how you know you're falling in love.
We so misjudge the obvious places,
Searching after our most empty spaces,
Running straight for the prettiest faces,
Fooling ourselves in meaningless chases.

Has anyone found Love where predicted?
Fantasies to which we’re addicted?
Love’s not how the romantics predicted,
Foolish poets who end up conflicted!

Love is not the salve of those in despair,
Crying till morning for what is not there,
Trying to swipe on some profile somewhere,
They buy what’s on sale, but buyer beware.

They love too free, expecting rejection,
Just to love who made them their selection,
Love of convenience with no connection—
Love ends and begins with introspection.

Love is not something you find if you try,
Focusing on just what pleases the eye.
If Love arrives, there’s but one reason why—
You happened to meet the right passer-by.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Zara Turner Jan 21
Fool me a little longer,
And I know that I’ll crumble apart.
I can’t keep my guard up much longer,
So it’s inevitable that you’ll fool my heart.
Just a poem about falling in love too easily
Mae Jan 17
"Falling in love"
is the perfect description
The fear-filled sensation of anti-gravity
The wonder of the unknown
The adrenaline pulsing
Keeping me going
for you in every way
She's the one. The next one. The last one?
Viktoria Jan 17
I am just searching for someone
To fall in love with
Because it is that feeling
That I miss.
indigochild Dec 2018
today my mom asked “how many people hurt you to act like this?”

so as I let myself fall for you, know…

i’m weaker than i seem, but for you i will hold steady
fragile to the touch, but for you i will stay strong

have been played like a deck of cards, but for you i will play my hand
too many broken promises, but for you i will create new ones

come from a broken home, but for you i will build love
carry a lot of baggage, but for you i will no longer burden

                                                         ­                                                      i won’t
                                                                ­                                              tell you
                                                                ­                                      this because
                                                                ­                                          i’m afraid
                                                          ­                                                   i’ll scare
                                                                ­                                          you away

you are right, i need to stop apologizing for the actions of others and how they have left me raw
no more punishing myself as the result of the uncontrollable

my walls are pretty high, and i want to break them for you

let me come undone under your touch
let me unzip all that is me

let me feel all that is you

                               ...i want to be with you, but please know this is hard
a not so poem, poem
not my greatest, but it is what i am feeling
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