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is this happiness
or delusion

that i wanted to fall in love
maybe with you

but i didn't want to risk it
knowing i'd lose you

trying to forget
12 years worth of memories
the happiest of childhood days

love isn't worth the risk of separation
between me and you
Nina Aug 21
She was aware
That he wasn't here for long
A couple of months in her country  for work
And Just looking for someone to have fun with

She knew that from the beginning
But she was hoping he'd stay a little longer
She had already fallen for him
Too deep
To even say goodbye
She didn't mind the thought of him going back
As long as she knew she'd have him in her heart
So she begged
Deep inside her heart
For him to be hers
For him to fall for her
And only her
Hoping that one day,
He'll come back
And ask for her hand

He was just a tourist
That she fell for
And hoped to be his someday
So she begged
Hoping that he will fall in love with her
Just like how she fell for him
fray narte Jul 26
I've spilled your name
and my feelings
on fallen lashes
and wishbones.
I've read 1950s
love letters and wondered
if we would've had
exchanged some
had we lived that time.
I've stayed up late
in air-conditioned rooms;
a ****** for midnight voice
between your broken smiles.

But boy, this isn't
a confession of how
enchanted I am of you.
This is just me realizing that
you can make a dismal world
look a little less messed up;
god, you're beautiful for it.

This is just me realizing that
I can stay with you
for all the reasons
they left you for.

This is just me realizing that
I can fall for you,
so, so deep,
if allow myself.
and feel like I was falling to the clouds.
Boy, this isn't love,
but somehow, it's so much more.

This is a saving grace
wrapped in chipped nails
and stories that make you feel
more human.
This is a silver lining.
This is chance.
This is light,
This is hope
for damaged people
like us.

This is us —
This is us —
Zywa Jul 19
In love, every time
again, right away

by you, your face
whoever you are
whatever you see

not me
because then I wouldn't have time
to think this, wondering

how the mirror works
and what you see
when you see me

We don't need words
I could be deaf
and be equally touched

opening up with love
to see you
live, powerful

in better and worse
Collection “Without reserve”
Nina Jul 8
I will keep on falling
Falling in love with you
Despite knowing how painful the fall will be
I will still fall
If it's for you
fray narte Jun 14
the thing with falling in love with a poet
is that only the heartbreak is good enough
to qualify as poetry.
all the roller-coaster rush
and the picnics on the hill
and the first time your hands brush together
on your first date and they take yours
to fill the gaps between their finger,
and the aimless walks looking for
somewhere to eat
and the first time they said i love you
but it wasn’t perfect
so they’d written you a poem
because that seemed closer
to perfect
than those three words —
somehow, at some point,
all of these gets overlooked
like words in a history book
he wouldn’t read even if he was stuck with it in a dream.

the thing with falling in love with a poet
is that it is falling in love with a stranger
who writes poetry at 8 am or 10 pm, hoping
to find his lover back in front of him
when he reaches the last word and raises up his head.
it is falling in love
with someone whose walls seem to echo
the first time they said i love you
three years ago,
it is falling in love with someone
who could still be writing about the love of his life
and sometimes, the consonants
in her name
look like the
vowel in yours
but it’s not you, honey,
it’s just
not you.

he said i shouldn’t mistake
falling in love with his words
for falling in love with him,
so i thought
how could that be, when his words
were the words i wanted to kiss?
how could that be, when he was
the poetry i wanted to read?

one time,
i asked him if he would write me a poem
if he ever fell out of love.

and he said he would never fall out of love.

and he did.

without any warning —
without any melancholic farewell,
or messy kisses on the kitchen floor,
or desperate pleads for us to stay.
he fell out of love with me —
without writing any heartbreak poem;

but then again, maybe it was because
all heartbreak poems, even if it was us falling apart,
would still be written for you.

the night he left,
he forgot to take his poetry collection
all written in the tattered pages
of that black notebook i got him,
and it was full of pages folded in halves
and it was full of your name in lazy scribbles
and it was full of his words
wanting you back.

it was the night we broke up
yet it was still you, breaking his heart —

it was the night he decided he could no longer pretend
he loved me.
it was the night he decided he could no longer pretend
i was you.
An attempt at a spoken poetry piece
fray narte Jun 13
if we're all about
lazy, blanket-cuddles
mixed with Radiohead songs
and missing breakfast
in the morning,

if we're all about playing
Russian roulettes with
our anxiety triggers
and chasing them down
with *****,

if we're all about
untouched calendars
and jokes that aren't funny
and telling them anyway
and not saying
i love you's,

i love what we're all about.
i love not saying
i love you's
with you.
i love this
kind of us.
Altonulus Jun 9
i fall in love too easily
so everyday i face gets a little less dreary
mondays, i feel butterflies blooming through my veins and arteries
and thursdays, my chest bursts with feelings like it's a basic need
the day before it was the charming upperclassman with a smile like a dream
today, it'll be the idol that i'll never reach
i fall in love too easily
to forget the meaningless existence of everything surrounding me
this love keeps me believing, it keeps me on my knees
sometimes i wish it wasn't like this
but to feel the familiar surge of feelings pulse through me is bliss
falling in love too easily leads to heartbreak, of course
but there's so many people to love on this world, i'll find a new love for sure
i fall in love too easily
though it might be a burden, i'll leave this habit of mine perfectly be.
anyone know the song "i fall in love too easily" by Caleb Belkin?
Dante Jun 2
“I’ve only seen her, Charles. Like a shooting star, I’ve only seen her. But I’d be a king amongst kings to subject myself to that arduous task— of knowing her, and letting her know me. So that we could, some day, and only if she too desires me, arrive at the gates of love.”

“And what about doing that would make you a king, Laurence?”

“Oh don’t you know, Charles? The wait to reach her is as golden as any king’s riches,”

And here, he turns to look at him and smiling, baring teeth and pride, tells his dear friend,

“and would make me twice richer.”

imtooawake May 13
I remember the first time when I saw him...
that was a crushing experience
I still remember that particular moment
when my world stopped. Nothing mattered.
I didn't care at all. I was just standing there
waiting for something that has never happened.
I had to wake up.
So I did.
Yes, I do remember that day.
Yes, I would like to forget.
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