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Brighter than I thought
You lit up my life
Gave me confidence
I wouldn't be alone forever
Not everyone was judgmental

I don't know why I love you
But sometimes that's all that's needed
I've read somewhere that you know its real
When you can't explain why you love someone

I could never express my full feelings
There's just too much happening
My heart is a mess trying to figure it out
The twist and pull can only be called love

This may come across as cheesy
But I'm not sure how else to express this

It's like my world was in ruin and everything reversed
Falling in place
With you at the very center

This is the reason
I call you this
The very center
My sun
My sunshine
I wanted to write something about my wonderful girlfriend. Let me know what you think.
& I found you
lying on the ground.
You welcomed me to your lips,
Finding early morning twinkle
in your eyes - Just before
the security lights on the house
are cut off.
Shortly before we are interrupted
by the footprints of muddy boots
& soft sole shoes finding their way
into the light.
I found you on the ground &
laid beside you,
My lips melting into yours
Just beneath the sun.
I closed my eyes and fell into you
Hiding myself deep within your reach.
No longer naive to the definition of
Promise me that you won't leave
at least until tomorrow morning.
My loving arms wrapped around you
until the sun tells me that it's time
to go
She grabbed me by my collar
& told me come quick.
The view of the moon was
Perfect, especially from this close.
Our combustion, our compulsion
I felt small compared to her
Sailing in a small metal boat
She grabbed me by the collar
To stop me from falling
The only best thing I could've done.
Defying the laws of gravity
I'd never been this high up
Reluctant to play make believe.
Falling and bumping my head
On a star.
She hooked me with the lure
Of her eye
And like a fish I'd evaporate
From a blue and green possibility
Into a rocket lure;
& hurled off into an unknown
Eternity of stars.
Skipped across the sky
Until out of sight
Rai Espigar Aug 26
Isn't it crazy how we are born only to die
How our journey is measured only through years
How our existence is just about taking up space

And so we wait...
We wait for something spectacular to happen
Like a chaos that could lead to peace,
Like a Big Bang or a Supernova
Something like fireworks and brights lights
Like falling stars or falling in love...

And then I met you
You are my "something spectacular"
The fireworks to my existence
A Big Bang that caught me by surprise
Your love is like a supernova in my heart
The best things in life are not only free, but comes unexpectedly. The thrill of the surprise will make you feel alive. Let it make you shine. Let the fire stay in your heart and keep it forever and use it to be better.
Something about you
it’s like fire unite with water
From crescent tears to shallow minds
a cosmic feeling that's one of a kind

I know I’ts wrong
I know it might take long
For you to accept
the forbidden roses I bloom inside your heart

With sharp edges I try to be soft
Be naive
Be dense
Yet at the end
it all doesn’t make sense

This feeling is wrong
im not suppose to feel like this
Not suppose to drown in your ocean
The oceans of enigmas
that hides in your cold enchanting air

Question marks all over my head
All hanging in one thread

It holds my heart in one loop
Of faith and hope
Of love and hate
And the questioning fate

Maybe i love you
yet the soil is grey

Its too late to bloom.
A Poem about a honest feeling for a person that's meant to be forbidden. Whereas the person is not on your ground anymore, not ready to bare with your fragile sensitive heart. Hence, you think its too late to accept this feeling. Because time says it so.
Haley Aug 21
I used to fear falling,
Slipping off the edge
Of the cliff everyone knows

I used to fear falling,
Then I inevitably met you
And I jumped like it was my last chance

I fell for you,
And you caught me

I didn’t fear the fall,
I feared the crash landing
That never would come
Kairosclere Jun 12
I could fit all my world 
Inside my hands
Yet have
Nothing over
My control.
Lotus May May 23
I painted you
in all the corners
of my mind and
I fell more in
love each day
with 𝚢̶𝚘̶𝚞̶
the idea of you
Lotus May May 20
I listen to my heart
and fall prey to
its whimsical detours
the way it marvels
at everything different
then naively
opens its hands wide
it gets blindsided
by love and then
forgot it ever happened

I listen to my mind
its cynical voice tells
me to put up walls
and don’t wish for
what I can’t have
everything is calculated
with fear and doubt
it drowns in loneliness
but at least that’s safer
than believing in love
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