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Zywa May 26
It's unreal, the world

of the screens, you live in it --

like Don Quixote.
Beginning of the novel "Quichotte" (2019, Salman Rushdie), part 1, chapter 1

Collection "Low gear"
Kushal Dec 2022
Press Play
It's about time that I got into the action,
A little bit of flawless and now we got traction.

Player one and I'm feeling like a MC,
Onto the next arc with new opportunities.
RGB, I'm gonna light up the industry,
Fresh new world, yeah that **** was built into me.

Yeah, I'm not one to come and act all cynical,
I got a crew behind me,
Repping art so lyrical.
So, this wasn't a miracle,
We put in the work,
Now we headed past the pinnacle.

And this is just the prologue,
Just the beginning.
Even though we been at it,
We gon' keep on winning.

Look out for name on the web,
And here's where I said.
So, when they picturize my story
They'll know I meant it.
I've been on a winning streak lately. I finished my degree, won some contests, and have started my own Game studio! Pineapple on Pizza Studios (PTY) LTD, has received funding for 2023 and we'll begin working on interactive stories and art pieces through games.
Follow my journey by checking out  for all my socials and more in the coming year.
Descovia Aug 2022
I been on, and on, and on going at it.
Bring the metal, if you have it.
We can play it out.
I'm paranoid, indulge into the void.
I'm a black Savage, bad as Black Sabbath.
Set your ship, ****-deep,
Your last words, you better
assist with what we can salvage!
The other side of me, asked if you can manage!
I'll take us both out!
Go out. Goku and Raditz
Blasted into King Kait's World
Special Beam Canon.
None of this is common.
None of ths Canon.
I'm no Nick, we wildin' out
Flying high, disregard all by default
without a calculated LANDING.
KOBE!!! ****!  We miss you!
Repent for our sins. Cause we done ENOUGH DAMAGE!
I'm losing my patience and my cool
I'll be ****** if another fool
goes inside a school, with a gun
I'm no mailman. But I will bust out the package.
Go ham on the packet, take it out da plastic!
I'll road-rage-rampage, Laredo Heat
Blacked out Bandit. I am coming for answers!

No water, all Ice with fire.
Pray for help, if he's old enough
To game and gamble, then he can get scrabbled.... like eggs!
Then give him every sample to lead by example
I am not playing games, off with his head!
i am not soft with the dread.
Get ravaged and dismantled
act hard, then get HANDLED!!
Help me. Help me.  Help me....
White noise bringing the realization
from the brain's static
My mind's eye open, I'ma black man,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I
no **** with black magic!
Playing board games, got me bored with your tactics
Try me, you be in Monopoly, figuring why you're "Sorry"
The trouble is on it's way and Trouble is bringing damage
I got nothing else to lose,
My life more wasted than CJ on
highway drifting on xanax.

I will make the best out of my skills.
I am empowered by you all.
Thanks for believing and honoring me.
My decisions to help this world through
the power of words of wisdom and love
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Through the red joysticks
And white & blue slap buttons.
Without the advancement of memory cards
Or weird split screens to
My last life is always the one
I save for you,
Through the experience points
and colorful gems
There’s much more to explore.
My first wow, my first time, my next again
& Again.
No matter how many times
I feel like I lose,
You’re the reason I always get back up.
My initials fill all ten slots of your heart,
Until you're decommissioned and pulled
Out of stock.
There they will always remain
SophiaAtlas Oct 2021
Who says video games won't teach you important things?

Tetris taught me that trying too hard to fit in will just make you disappear.
Juliana Apr 2021
I am not a monster.
My veins are the same
purplish hue as yours.
Pricked by the same needle,
an arrow can penetrate
my body, soul escaping
my still-beating heart.

I cling to your words.
I want to know your soul,
your deepest insecurities,
the smallest bits of joy.
I want to be in love.

The universe is a gallery,
each star a mosaic of art,
colliding and combining
to create beauty;
a masterpiece;
I could look at you for eons.


I am not to be perceived
by capitalistic powerhouses.
Life is not a final boss,
requiring each day
to serve as a minigame,
collecting coins and
jumping blocks until
I reach the Bowzer.

I live for myself,
the sole goal of
collecting knowledge
and seeing stars
until my final breath,
at which I can say my life
felt complete once I knew
that every single person
I met had smiled.

I will not live by
checking boxes off a form,
stats gathered frequently
on if I’m living it right.
Because there is no right.

There are only idealistic fantasies
that maybe if I run fast enough,
I could one day hope to reach.
There is the rustic murkiness
of yesteryear attempting to
****** its claws on my soul.
It will not win.

This game of mine
may not be multiplayer,
nor do I have the cheat codes,
but I am having fun,
I am exploring the world,
and I will not listen—
never listen—to you saying
that I am playing it wrong.
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Differential manifolds are like levels of a video game where the character levels up their weapon upon arriving on each new level.
Delyla Nunez Feb 2021
Log on,
Be the character,
Enjoy another world unlike this one.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
I've always dreamed of adventure, but now, I'm not so sure.
I grew up playing video games and playing pretend in the woods.
What I would've given to be Link with my own legendary quest.
But these are turbulent times.
Between my anxiety and the businessman-president and his blue-bird threats and the media, honestly, I'd rather curl up in a ball and stay inside my house forever.
But the truth is, no one ever caught a crocodile by hiding in their
It takes real bravery.
And while I've got problems staring me down like I'm deadmeat,
I've got to be a crocodile hunter. I have to.
It's the only way to free the princess trapped inside.
This poem aged well —ha! Guess I got my wish to stay indoors! I caused COVID-19, so feel free to cancel me, I guess!
This poem was written in 2016.
Dave Robertson Aug 2020
I play video games on easy.

I know how some folk will see me,
but now, here’s the thing:

I don’t thrive on challenge.
I grow from knowing
what I’m capable of knowing
and showing all of that
polished up

I get that people see mountains
and climb because they’re there
but me knowing there’s a cafe at the top
with flapjack, tea and Kendal mint cake
seems to make it fair

Better still if a tarmac track
or funicular railway
can get me halfway or more,
I’m all over that,
you just watch me summit

To return to the original sort of analogy:
if I can beat the enigmatic end of level boss
who tosses a second or third energy bar
in the mix
by spamming the same overpowered move over and over,
I’m doing it,
end of

When I stand in the ashes of the beast
whatever it might be
and take loot or XP
that might be not quite as good as on normal or hard
I’m good
I still feel the buzz of winning

If I have to grind repeatedly
and learn intricate enemy routines to evade or parry
and die
and die
and die

It’s not for me.

It could be because I cut my gaming teeth in eighties arcades
where I judged how good a game was
by how far 10p could take me
at a time when 10ps were limited

A forgiving difficulty level was a boon
(Yeah, I’m looking at you Mad Dog McCree
50 flipping *** a go and dead in 30 seconds!)


A little friction in life is fine,
no drama without conflict and all that,
but given the option
to up up, down down
left right, left right
B A Start
my heart will always take it
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