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I play video games on easy.

I know how some folk will see me,
but now, here’s the thing:

I don’t thrive on challenge.
I grow from knowing
what I’m capable of knowing
and showing all of that
polished up

I get that people see mountains
and climb because they’re there
but me knowing there’s a cafe at the top
with flapjack, tea and Kendal mint cake
seems to make it fair

Better still if a tarmac track
or funicular railway
can get me halfway or more,
I’m all over that,
you just watch me summit

To return to the original sort of analogy:
if I can beat the enigmatic end of level boss
who tosses a second or third energy bar
in the mix
by spamming the same overpowered move over and over,
I’m doing it,
end of

When I stand in the ashes of the beast
whatever it might be
and take loot or XP
that might be not quite as good as on normal or hard
I’m good
I still feel the buzz of winning

If I have to grind repeatedly
and learn intricate enemy routines to evade or parry
and die
and die
and die

It’s not for me.

It could be because I cut my gaming teeth in eighties arcades
where I judged how good a game was
by how far 10p could take me
at a time when 10ps were limited

A forgiving difficulty level was a boon
(Yeah, I’m looking at you Mad Dog McCree
50 flipping *** a go and dead in 30 seconds!)


A little friction in life is fine,
no drama without conflict and all that,
but given the option
to up up, down down
left right, left right
B A Start
my heart will always take it
You Made Me Go Through All These Experiences Just So I Could Write About It? (too long)
TISFU (that is so ****** up)
L’enfer c’est les autres
I Hate Strangers!
Street Corner Conundrum
Is that Approaching Drunken Psychotic ******* Yelling At Me?
You say Zombie...I say Zombie Works
I’m Happy **** It! 🤗
You Sugared? The Peas?
Does He Have Balance Problems or Has He Been Body-Snatched?
Digital or Analog?
Get Your **** Outta My Face
A Rose By Any Other Name
Extreme Peripheral
Is That a Cowbell?
You Said That The Lord, Jesus Christ Wants To Mug Me?
Winter’s Coming
Do It For Less
Yes My Legs Are Great!
My Friend Says That People ****!
******* Rabbithole
RabbitAss Hole Hole
God the Couture Warned Me!
I see you seeking consolation in your video consoles
digital moguls making profit from your wretched, con(ned) souls
they're selling lies to you, well packaged in that shiny box
you think they're keys while indeed they're just a bunch of locks
meant to entrap your precious souls thru' well devised distraction
these dudes are smart, tho' they're bent on man's own ill destruction
feed you illusions, just confuse you from the Truth then,
tighten that noose around your neck with each release man

I find it shocking how they  bring down mighty Titans
with virtual lies that are disguised as Man's enlightenment
Raymond Cuadrado Dec 2019
Told me to open the bible and turn to John
but I worship the passage of 117,
keeping my words set in plasma,
I love the symbolism,
Inspiring me to fight for Reach.

I don't need no mentats,
moving with the speed of my finesse
with max 10 intelligence
and 11 perception,
Lone Wanderer perk activated
on full sprint from the grim reaper.

Running in circles like a Kabal,
getting lost and confused
but staying strong like a hellspawn,
but no fatalities
as you get your throat ripped off
left in awe from this flawless victory,
But I'm chilling
at sub zero degrees.

But you see, this is just a distraction,
Mind your misconception
as I move down this passage
with my thoughts so massive,
I just need to relax
as I move further to my goals.
This reminds me a lot of when I wrote Wide Awake. I had a lot of fun creating certain lines.
Karliah Sep 2019
The steel will always be a reminder of our past,
As will the buildings broken burned,
Radiation penetrates even the thickest of walls,
So society moves on.
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2019
When Beauty comes around sometimes you just have Stop and Admire it. You never know when you’ll see it again.
                                -Understanding Gentleman

I want to talk to you half of me say, “I shouldn’t” and the other half say, “I should”.
I’ll just be patient until my mind say, “I could”
                                                  -Aaron L. Osgood

I could be your type! Depending on what flavor do you like?
I like to play games but not with your mind or heart. I’m talking video games, I’m ready to start!
I’m a mystery and A special person..if only I could specify.
I’m just Me and in Love with a Beautiful Lady
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Cradle the smell
Of french fries and quarters
Clinking their way
To the belly of Donkey Kong

The bowling ball
Slides and pins they hit
Coughing as they
Fall in the smoke-filled room

Dipping in ketchup
We salute the fallen red-ringed pins
As high scores fall and initials go up
Below the row of quarters for those to go next.
What playing video games USED to be like!
Moth Apr 2019
"It's a beautiful day out"
mum says with a sigh
as I turn to look at her with doubt
the screen reflects in the corner of my eye

"I'd rather not"
I say as I turn away
"outside is danger fraught"
I don't want to stray

from the safety of my game
were others understand
and there is no shame
to being a bit bland
Was sitting in history and asked my classmate for a subject to wright a poem on. They said video games so here it is. It's kind of weird, sorry I guess. It's kind of about how people you hang out with on the internet can be so much nicer and understanding then anyone in real life. Then again they can be so much worse too... *Shrugs*
Ninten Mar 2019
Chk-! Chk-! Chk-!
The tree falls down and I gather the wood that falls
It fills up my inventory.
An imaginary world controlled by a few keyboard clicks and mouse movements
It’s not real but
It better than my real life
I’m an escapist of reality
Because anywhere else would be better than this
The pile of homework on my desk begs to differ
But I ignore it
I’ve been injured in a great dual.
One of mighty wizards and witches, all battling for freedom.
One of the medics heals my wounds, I watch as the skins magically starts coming back together
Good as new
As if it had never happened
I wish paper cuts healed that fast
There’s a dozen on my fingers from school work
But let’s not think about that! Back to the great fantasy
Away from my real life
Away from everything
My escape
After all…
my break hour isn’t over yet
definitely a minecraft reference
a piece I use for S.A.D
Postal Leo Jan 2019
I'm so messed up, and so ******, but your magical, and amazingly pretty….
And every-time i think about you, I can't help but cry,
Because somehow in God’s plan, I earned you, don’t know how or why.
Your an angel, so divine. Completely holy, sanctified.
We don't, cant. It just doesn't make sense.
But without you i'm just so tense….
I'm just another piece of trash, throw me away.
I can earn your love, one day...

Week in, and my heart can't stop pumping,
God, i hope you never hurt or dump me.
Blood rushes to my head,
If this keeps up, one of us will end up dead!
Saying rash things and having bad ideas.
Except now I have a reason,
Write a song and hope to the day,
That you love this one, like you loved the one i wrote yesterday…
Do anything, long as it’s for you!
Even if you ask completely out of the blue!

God I'm, so, stupidly stressed,
Being away from you for so long, makes me want to go on a quest.
Need to save you, from a giant spiky tortoise,
Dodge his fireballs and continue on, I have a crazy purpose….
Get to your chamber, unlock the doors,
Being told your elsewhere, I fall on all fours.
Readjust my shroomy hat, and off I go,
To save my princess, cause you couldn't find a Mario.
But i don't mind, not in the slightest.
Long as I’m on my quest, I’m covered in your brightness.

I can’t breathe, or think, without you listening.
My heartbeat, near you, is incredibly crippling.
I want to... Will you let me?
I'm in young love, and i can't flee.
Wouldn't want to if i could, i love this Spider’s trap,
I'm so enraptured by it, just like rhyme and rap…
Messed up on adrenaline, and the way your hair smells,
I’m hearing the sound of all the school bells,
Signaling we must be apart yet again,
But my love for you is impossible to comprehend...
So wait for me, dearest, I’ll save you yet!
Until, our love, long this poem, is finished, so never I bet.
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