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Gira 3d
Chk-! Chk-! Chk-!
The tree falls down and I gather the wood that falls
It fills up my inventory.
An imaginary world controlled by a few keyboard clicks and mouse movements
It’s not real but
It better than my real life
I’m an escapist of reality
Because anywhere else would be better than this
The pile of homework on my desk begs to differ
But I ignore it
I’ve been injured in a great dual.
One of mighty wizards and witches, all battling for freedom.
One of the medics heals my wounds, I watch as the skins magically starts coming back together
Good as new
As if it had never happened
I wish paper cuts healed that fast
There’s a dozen on my fingers from school work
But let’s not think about that! Back to the great fantasy
Away from my real life
Away from everything
My escape
After all…
my break hour isn’t over yet
definitely a minecraft reference
a piece I use for S.A.D
Laiyn Davis Jan 30
I'm so messed up, and so ******, but your magical, and amazingly pretty….
And every-time i think about you, I can't help but cry,
Because somehow in God’s plan, I earned you, don’t know how or why.
Your an angel, so divine. Completely holy, sanctified.
We don't, cant. It just doesn't make sense.
But without you i'm just so tense….
I'm just another piece of trash, throw me away.
I can earn your love, one day...

Week in, and my heart can't stop pumping,
God, i hope you never hurt or dump me.
Blood rushes to my head,
If this keeps up, one of us will end up dead!
Saying rash things and having bad ideas.
Except now I have a reason,
Write a song and hope to the day,
That you love this one, like you loved the one i wrote yesterday…
Do anything, long as it’s for you!
Even if you ask completely out of the blue!

God I'm, so, stupidly stressed,
Being away from you for so long, makes me want to go on a quest.
Need to save you, from a giant spiky tortoise,
Dodge his fireballs and continue on, I have a crazy purpose….
Get to your chamber, unlock the doors,
Being told your elsewhere, I fall on all fours.
Readjust my shroomy hat, and off I go,
To save my princess, cause you couldn't find a Mario.
But i don't mind, not in the slightest.
Long as I’m on my quest, I’m covered in your brightness.

I can’t breathe, or think, without you listening.
My heartbeat, near you, is incredibly crippling.
I want to... Will you let me?
I'm in young love, and i can't flee.
Wouldn't want to if i could, i love this Spider’s trap,
I'm so enraptured by it, just like rhyme and rap…
Messed up on adrenaline, and the way your hair smells,
I’m hearing the sound of all the school bells,
Signaling we must be apart yet again,
But my love for you is impossible to comprehend...
So wait for me, dearest, I’ll save you yet!
Until, our love, long this poem, is finished, so never I bet.
If life were a video game
We could use power-ups and antidotes
To cure lethal diseases
We could design the world however
We pleased
Life's objective would be crystal clear
Save the princess
**** the enemies
Collect the artifacts
Of all of those aspects
The one I wish were true
Is the restart button
Syv Elena Dec 2018
She fell from the sky
She clipped her wing
I brought her food
As much as I could bring

But food she did not need
Twas gold she craved
I went to the castle with mighty speed
And gave her the coins that I had saved

She's ran across the island
She flapped her giant wings
Getting the greed somewhat frightened
They were blown back by the wind

A lovely friend
A trusty companion
Loyalty that will never end

Star Scream; the Griffon
I've streamed Kingdom on twitch and I gave my steeds names. My favorite is the griffon. I named her Star Scream.
Karliah Dec 2018
Dorito chips and mountain dew,
The bread and butter of our youth,

Kino Der Toten,
Where the strange portal lays,
Black Ops Zombies,
I'd play to the end of days.
I love Black ops zombies!
Maddy Nov 2018
here i am
so fricking irritated
i cant get on
and i just want to play
so mojang LET ME ON
let me get on some server
or create my own world
i just want to build stuff
thank you
also if you have minecraft
and no longer play
please give me your account
thank you again
this is my rant for today
i know it isnt a poem
i really want to play minecraft guys so if you have an account and wanna let me have it because you dont play anymore, please let me know:)
Isaac Ward Sep 2018
Me and my Titan,
We fightin' like lightning,
With a crashing of thunder-
This **** gets exciting,
Not a second to slow down,
Hesitation is a killer,
My Titan is falling,
Look up at the pillar-

Of smoke, trailing down from the sky,
My Titan might land on your heads,
My Titan wants you to die,
My Titan needs to be fed,

And I am his pilot,
Flying the fastest,
Surf on my ***, *****,
Across that map quick,
Swift with the S.M.G.,
Or bring the E.P.G.,
You'll need an E.K.G.,
Dead? Read your eulogy,

"He started a fight that he couldn't win",
And that's the truth no need for the spin,
So cry to your gods, this fight is simplistic,
My Titans are here to take back Mount Olympus.
Syv Elena Aug 2018
Sometimes I hate this
This thing that I'm born with
It causes so many unnecessary fights
It causes so many ****** problems

I can't go to a regular school
I can't have a regular job
The moment I say the word autism
I've already had enough

I don't know what the positive sides are
Of something that makes me so different
I only know the negative parts
Because that's the part that makes me conflicted

Why would I love something that has ruined my chance for a normal life?
How could I accept something that refuses my acceptance?
All they tell me is you need help
you need help, you need help, you need help

And I get help
The people who help have helped
But even though I can function better
No one can take away this internal anger

I feel inadequate, I feel dumb
I feel sad, I feel numb
I can't speak of my emotions
allthough I got feelings all the time
I wish there was a potion
that made it possible for me to speak about it in an other way than rhyme

I wish I could say what was really on my mind
I wish I could say how my autism makes me want to die
I wish I could say I love myself in any shape or form
I wish I could say that I can conform to the norm

But I can't
so I play league
And then I get mad
When they say "autistic screech"

Because it's so hilarious
Living with this everyday
Because it's so hilarious
That this will never ******* change
I have no self-acceptance.
Syv Elena Aug 2018
I like to play horror games
Amnesia was the first one I played
The monsters were scary
The envoirement was eerie
But if I'd call the monster Steven
Instead of scared I'd be merry

Steven was such a funny guy
He looked funny
He walked weirdly
Nothing of him would terrify

The only time he'd scare me was when I'd open the door
Sometimes the jumpscare would make me fall to the floor

Many years I have played these games
Even though I was scared, in the end I'd be okay

That was until I stood next to my brother
He was not yet in his grave
This experience was like no other
It crashed on me like a giant wave

I'd never seen him lay so still
It was hard but I wanted to try
Though I knew it could only go downhill
I wanted to touch his hand one last time

I lowered my body and reached out my hand
I was pretty sure he would scare me right then & there
But my brother didnt move, not even a hair

And I realized at that moment how much I wanted that jumpscare
I lost my brother back in February to suicide. Back then I didn't have the words to say what happened when I stood in that room with my best friend. I told her when I lowered my body that I was waiting for a jumpscare I knew would never happen.

It were very tough times.
To be honest, I still can't handle it.
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