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Nina 6d
Loving you
Made me love myself
Made me want to be better for myself
So let me love you
Because only when i love you
I know how to love myself
Impatient I found a love worth the wait,
Knowing lost love does not mean love is lost,
Heartbreak was just a detour to my fate,
Where all of love’s mistakes were worth the cost.

I waited to find love in full despair,
That hopelessness contrasts with love so sweet,
I missed the point when I thought life unfair,
I had to be prepared for us to meet.

Your love is what I dreamt that love would be,
Looking back my deep sadness seems so small,
Perhaps you too were waiting just for me,
Finally we found true love after all.

Patience had worn thin from each rejection,
Then you came along with love’s perfection.
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Kewayne Wadley Nov 2017
In the swift wind.
My hands set sail in a vast
Weary feet pointed left.
My heart steadfast to the right.
Her heart wild as the wind.
I sailed beside her.

Capsizing in her silk wave.
She was far from quiet, an abundance of thoughts. Opinionated from one wave to the next.
Without a single struggle.
I sank.

I left my supplies by the mast.
Becoming easier to swallow.
Everything scattered.
Topsy turvy in fascination.
She kissed me and I never looked back.
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2017
I was a shirt filed with straw and rags.
Pants that hang loose. Jeans cuffed pinned uncomfortably.
Nothing to think of; a hat filled with straw.
The inability to walk. Pinned to a board.
Hickory oak.
Chest disproportionate to a small waist.
Sleeves flung in the wind.
Left standing still; a face motionless.
Pinned to hickory oak.
A shadow left in an empty field, the boundaries of a checkerboard shirt.
The insecurity of straw hands.
Pickett fences to the feet of crows,
Still she'd visit often.
Distance cut short by dark heavy wings.
She'd caw in my silence,
Not knowing the ability to smile I stood against purpose.
She refused to run, poking fun at my hat.
The clothes that hung loosely in the wind, scurf tied tightly around my neck.
Feeling her ***** the strings of my chest.
Strands of straw filled by her need to find a home.
Was there anything there at all before that moment.
Becoming shelter to the way she pried.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
I allowed myself to be loved by you.
Moving from across the street to a building that I always wondered what was inside.
I am not at all innocent.
Allowing myself to become busy.
Never really having the time to indulge in something I always wanted to do.
A new building in a familar place.
So welcoming.
Freeing myself of everything around.
The clock loosely ticking away.
The world no longer the same.
The steps taken from across the street becoming my favorite.
Remembering the first time I looked at you.
The term busy no longer existed.
Allowing myself to come at ease.
Opening the door.
Crazy how everything just happened.
Doing something unexpected, forgetting that I had something to do.
I allowed myself to be unexpectedly loved by you.
Completely forgetting where the door was.
Losing track of time
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
She placed me on top of her head as if I were some type of hat.
Sticking my head out ever so often,
I Rested comfortably in the wool combs of her hair.
Never before have I been able to breathe so freely.
My feet massaging her scalp.
In my honest opinion, I explored a sensitivity I knew nothing about.
Laying in a field of hair.
Dark brown roots,wrapping my finger around natural brown curls.
I wanted to know why she never shared this with anyone else.
Hearing my echo come back to me in complete silence.
Something seen out right, a wool ornament seen in the fall.
Hanging across the greatest joy shared between us two.
Finding home in the follicles of her hair
Sri Shruthi Jul 2016
A year started with no expectation,
with little bit of tears
for i was a exception,
to relinquish, for years.

There you came, knowing nothing,
here, i fell for everything.
where would i go without your memories,
were i so crazy about the fairies.

My heart played tricks on me,
took me to a disneyland,
where i found a wonderland,
the butterflies flew all over me.

i kept dreaming on and on,
besides the hurt, fell in love again and again,
to find myself no gain again,
I still wanna go on and on.
Shruti Atri Jan 2015
Let's write ourselves a poem,
You be the verse, I'll be the rhyme;

Let's find ourselves a feast of words,
And slash them down on white.

Let's sit ourselves in a quiet corner,
So temptation isn't bright;

Let's be ourselves for each other,
And spend our days in the light.

Let's be together for once, forever,
The rest can wait in line;

Let's not change the mellow mood,
And forget the needle and the pine.

Let's lay by ourselves for a little moment,
While I spell our love out on your spine;

Let's share ourselves a life's dream,
And paint it on the starry skies.

Let's pen ourselves our memories,
To remember for all of time...

*I told you we'd write ourselves a poem,
But you ditched me for the dime!
Silent Thoughts Sep 2014
I can’t keep imagining him in my mind
Or love I’ll never find
Blinded by my perception of perfection
Depth only found upon inspection
Afraid I should know in an instant
On this I am insistent
For last time when I let the feeling build
The foundation wasn’t filled
And these holes turned into cracks
Beliefs I’d built on pacts
I want that love that grew
But I want the instantaneous jolt, too
Hearts bright at first sight
And feelings that take flight
AmberLynne Jul 2014
I've changed my face over the years,
and my muse right along with it.
I first found inspiration
in myself, writing words
upon my skin.
But the pen was silver and cold
and the words were red and ****.
Sadness, a pensive depression,
that was my next muse.
And I wrote,
oh, how I wrote,
works which bled me out
but never did much to help
soothe the ache anyway.
Then for a time I lost myself,
and had no muse to call my own.
And I squandered far too much
precious time stagnating.
the most unexpected muse arrived
with a sweeping push,
forcing me up.
And now I'm wandering,
though I'm no longer lose,
and with me I have the muse
I never knew I wanted.
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