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Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
Come to
Think of it,
You know,
I don't know
What to write
About. I've have
Written quite a bit
About you.
I guess I find it
Difficult to find
Other things that
Pains me. Everything
Else is usually easily solved.
Now it is more of an issue
Because everything
Else isn't you.
You were my
ren Nov 2018
when you say my name,
my heart races,
when i look at you-
look into your eyes,
my heart feels as if it leaped out of my chest.
your face so close to mine
and i just want to kiss you,
there’s no point in hiding these feelings,
these feelings i have for you
which you may not feel in return
but when you grin at me
and you hold me,
i am told otherwise.
i am always looking forward to seeing you-
i wish i would allow my heart to sing,
sing the words ‘i love you’ so proudly
but these thoughts cloud my feelings,
telling me that you do not feel the same
and that i should just leave you alone.
my heart sings silently for you,
you may not believe so
but it sings for you
and just for you.
Tyler Skidmore Jun 2018
Hand in hand we go
Up and up through the smooth green forest
There is beauty
We hide behind a waterfall and let the droplets lightly land on our soft cheeks
Pure joy
We ascend down the path
It is narrow
Easy to fall
But we keep each other up on the path
We are in a clearing that smells of the sweet mosses and flowers of the forest
We set up camp and talk deeply and lightly by the warm fire before settling in each others arms in the large domelike tent
It is morning.
We continue on the path
The trees are thinning, and now we are surrounded by rocks of many different sizes
We have to clear them to get through to the lake on the other side
After many days of work
We are through to the lake.
It is very serene, clear, and we bathe in it with ease.
After awhile we journey on, through a heavy dark storm
The rain feels like needles on our skin
We fight through it to the other side where there is a cliff
We could jump, but we calmly sit on the edge
Old and wrinkly
Hand in hand throughout the whole journey.
We made it
Yet happily in the end.
Moonlight Sep 2017
To say you are my everything is something deeper than it appears to be..
Thank you for having me.
I'm not disappointed, just a little unstable.
Just Melz Feb 2017
I wanna hold your hand all night

I wanna kiss you until I melt into your very soul

I wanna undress you with my eyes until the image of your perfection is embedded in my memory

I wanna be in your arms until I can feel nothing but you and the darkness that surrounds us becomes all we know

I wanna make love to you until the sun rises on us and we're blinded by sweat and high off the fire that sparks every time we touch

I wanna fall asleep in your embrace, secure in the knowledge that I am loved.

I wanna wake up next to you until...


I wanna be with you until...

Ismahanwrites May 2016
His escape was Writing
All of the Massive disruption and Chaos that was happening in Our that he inspired me to be One.
          A Writer.
Agnes Angelina Feb 2016
There is nothing in the world that i ever can be sure of.

But, i'm assure about one thing...

I will A-L-W-A-Y-S get back to you...




MissMew Oct 2015
Maybe it's the way
You sing softly as I sleep,
Or maybe it's the way
My heart is yours to keep.
Maybe it's the way you speak,
Or sometimes even the way you squeak,
But all I know,
Is for a fact,
Is all of me
Loves all of you,
And maybe one day
You and me can be a "we".
But you my love,
Who are so bright,
Could not be touched
By someone as tainted
As I.
How cruel it is,
Fate taunts me this way,
But darling know,
I will never stray.
Just to feel you near me,
Is like the sun kissing away the frost from my soul;
But you darling,
Are the perfect bait.
I find myself wondering
About the coming days together,
How someone as cold as I,
Could be with someone as warm as thy?
I'm not worthy of such perfection,
Such grace,
Such elegance,
Truly purity of all there is that is just.
How could the angel before me,
Truly be mine?
A man so beautiful,
So divine,
I call my lover,
My twine.
The man whose arms I gladly reside,
For I am his home,
and he is mine.
SMILEY Aug 2015
I see greatness in him
I can imagine him moving mountains
Saving lives with his smile
He has power over me
At any point he could completely destroy me
I would be dead inside without him
Hes just what I need
All I need
All I have
It scares me
To think of all the possibilities
Good and bad
Change just isn't my thing

I miss him all day long
Every little thing reminds me of him
Every cute scene in a movie
Every couple I see
Ive never felt this way before
And I don't mind
Because I know that if I fall
He will be there to catch me
And lift me up as high as I can go
Drives me crazy..
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