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Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
She invited me into her home
apologizing for the lack of things there.
I could tell that she had renovated recently,
getting rid of the things that no longer
served purpose.
I thought of her as timely,
a perfect harmony of sage & mint candles
burning on a black glass coffee table.
about halfway through,
I realized how much I loved her home.
while she apologized in the beginning
less is more & it showed by way of her smile.
I enjoyed how everything was laid out,
from the brochures of comfort to the cushion
of where I sat.
the greatest intimacy between us two.
laughing at everything yet nothing at the same time.
but still I thought, how much she inspired me to do
the same when I got home.
everything that I thought was beautiful before
no longer had that same appeal.
when i extended the same invitation,
I too found myself apologizing for things
that needed no explanation.
my biggest source of inspiration,
I was glad to see her growth
& in turn stopped chasing the wrong things,
I learned from her
That everything is going to be alright
Adi N Sep 2020
The more you have, the more you want
...that's your trap.
The less you are, the more you have
hybridstorm May 2020
A little wit I think I have,
A little strength I believe I have,
A little heart I sure do have,
A little soul I currently have,
A little beauty I thankfully have,
A little friend in you fortunately I have,
A little grace inherently I have,
A little luck hopefully must I have.
And yet you look so confused,
when I do not fear the so little that I have
                                                                ­                  -storm-
Realize your blessings and be content with them. Never lean towards extremism and unnecessary perfectionism. Realize that nature is a balance, and you are a part of it. Live a humble, happy, simple, and worthy life for it is what is best for you. Fear is like poison, knowledge is its antidote. Be inquisitive, brave, and calm all at the same time in adequate amounts. There is absolutely no need for you to hide from the spotlight that is rightfully yours because you feel like you are apparently "not enough".BOSS UP!
ivy Mar 2018
I settle for less
Because less is more
Love yourself before you love someone else. You may find you are stuck when you are in love. If you need love, don't crawl and scratch your way to find it. It's in yourself.
Luna Casablanca Aug 2014
Well who doesn't feel lonely somedays?
That's right.
Don't you ever think
This popularity contest
Isn't pushing my buttons.
Push the button that says
And I won't be insecure.
Push the button that says
But it's been pushed so many times
By so many individuals.
To the few
Who are a part of my life
Looks like you
Have pushed
The Start button.
So we start a friendship,
And begin a family.
The popularity button
Is one that is not pushed.
But it won't last.
It can break my machine.
So why bother?
Hannah f Jul 2014
When I hear the word "friend" not many people come to mind
One or two, perhaps three;
Doesnt really matter anyway.
Just less to keep up with...

I already think enough without carrying the worry of fake friendship on my shoulders.
Less is usually more when you get down to it.

— The End —