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Aaj koi Anjaana jankaar ** gaya
Koi paraya apna ** gaya .

Bade dino baad aaj apne pan ka ehsaas hua hai
Shayad uske liye nahi, par mere liye kuchh khaas hua hai.

Iss zamaane se ladte ladte main logon par se bharosa kho chuka hoon,
Par na jaane kyun, tujh par aitbaar karne laga hoon.

Yeh sahi hai ya galat yeh main nahi jaanta
Main bass itna jaanta hoon ki khud ko tere hawale kar chuka hoon.
Written a long time ago when a stranger came into my life and lit it up.
sometimes it will be
seen with others of its
and sometimes it
is seen without any of its

the American Indians
have befriended
as they've felt an
affinity with

you might get a shiver
down your
if you hear the sound
that it will

it is an animal of great
and it also has a watchful

from the prairies
to the snow
it will tread a path
on their
OpenWorldView Nov 2018
There she is, standing alone,
waiting, like every day,
with me as her silent shadow.

Silver rain falls in great drops
and a cold breeze gives her shivers
causing me equal agony.

Her raven hair makes the pale skin
shine white, clean like a statue.
A sight which stops everything around.

She looks my way, giving a sign
and her scarlet lips open like flowers
seducing me, making me blush.

But fool, now she’s gone
and I stand alone, waiting,
like every day, for her return.
Lilywhite Sep 2018
I find myself
and I feel myself
slowly falling down
into your gaze,
but is this right?
is this okay?

It's everything I'm afraid of,
everything I'm unsure of. . .
Am I?
Am I even good enough?
to grow with you,
to move with you,
to just be-
with you,
in harmony?

to ebb and flow-
its hard ya know..?
to take the good with the bad,
not many can handle that.

it's a long, hard road paved by patience
with diligence, allegiance, and constant cognizance;
that's not to mention pure intent, unconditional love, and
always going beyond and above...

is this..
could this..
could this be what we're capable of?

when I think of the possibilities,
the places we can go,
the faces we'll see, the some that we'll know,
the many opportunities. . .

w      o      a      h

the thought;
it ties my stomach in knots
the tension;
its so easily broken
like a button upon cloth
held by a thread


I'm a wreck...
and its just waiting to happen
like the many times before..
I can't, you can't, we can't
they all end in divorce..
oh sweet, sweet discourse

who knows,
I can't predict the future,
but what I do know
is that you may be the one to sway me
but only I can save me from myself..

and the last thing I'd do is ask you
for any type of help
so give me the time I need
and maybe it'll be
everly after happy!
K Mar 2018
I can't stop thinking of your arms
How they wrapped around me that night
Braille of a story spelled out across them
I run my fingers across the raised surface of scarred skin
There's so many
It's nostalgic
I felt your breathing deepen

This world has been cruel to you
With arms safe in my palms

It's sort of tragically beautiful
Two souls threatening to break at any moment
Lean on one another
We know what it's like to be broken

I'll be your pillow
I'll be your razor

Cut into me
And take what you need
Sudipta Maity Jan 2018
Not for the sake of long outstrip, in lieu of affinity.
Not for the sake of anger, in lieu of affection.
Not far away, today I am far away.
Don't have that glad of touch.
Don't have that air, full of her smell.
The wet air of monsoon call me today with long breath.
Glimpse of lost somewhere.
Richard Grahn May 2017
You reach out for me
With the tips of your fingers
I reach for your soul
mj May 2017
I like your crooked teeth.
And how they taunt me.
Bothering and provoking.
Unwinding me slowly.
Sharp and angled precariously like church steeples.
Blasphemous teeth.
And how they subdue me.
A smile that mocks my desire.
One that makes me feel unworthy.
Unmatched and unwanted.
And I fantasize our first kiss
We are one centimeter apart
Spirits connected through heart
A mess of heavy syncopated breaths
The vibrating pulse under the mass of your *******
Tempting liquid lips
Languid and flowing like liquor above a cup
We are sloppy and missing the curves of the rim
The air becomes a target for every tantric touch
The proximity Thick With Our Invisible Lust
My eyes scale the jagged curves of your frame
Hands feigning and groping and stuttering like staccato
You tremble under my caress with much vibrato.
And you are mine.
Except in reality,
you won't spare me a second of your time.
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