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Glenn Currier May 2020
Don’t brag about your good fortune in bad weather
unless you’re ready to hear how theirs is better
Glenn Currier Nov 2018
The last time I was sick
throwing up pints of ick
not once did I think of love
or anything above
that porcelain refuge
the object of my deluge.

Being sick focuses the brain
on the body’s strain
chains freedom to pity
makes one feel so bitty
all you can see is the floor to the ***
hoping you’ll be in time to squat.

Next morning when I hope it’s passed
questions arise in me to ask
what if this pause in my health
is no pause but a demise of the wealth
I’ve so long taken for granted
and I’ll be forever stuck and disenchanted.

Scarcity focuses the brain
like drought makes you ache for rain
or poverty narrows your sight
to the very next meal or bite
what you don’t have in hand
makes you do anything you can

makes you shout and sing
for that longed-for thing
you look hither and yon
for what seems so far gone.
Then you must work on relearning
to let go of sick yearning.
Written after a night and morning of the upchucks.  Writing this also brought reflections on some other things I've been thinking about lately.  Funny how poetry brings together seemingly disparate things.
Anton Jan 2018
Just wanted to go someplace where no one knows my name. I wanna go there alone but not lonely.

Why do I feel so lonely sometimes Even when surrounded by a lot of people?

Why cant this feeling of Emptiness just go away?

Let me forget Everything, the things I know , My Identity, all the problems , and Unwind from it completely.

Help Me Unravel My whole life to find My true self.
Grant My Mind Tranquility amidst everything that's going on in my life.

Make me see my problems as a new Opportunity.
Make me Become useful to my family and not a Hindrance

Help us become prosperous someday, so that my family wont need to face more hardships in life

Give them profusion not scarcity.

Sometimes I envy those who have overabundance in everything, I encourage myself not to but just cant help it sometimes.

I don't fear death I only fear what it prologues.

Why did i write ?
I don't  do it for people to think and assume that I'm smart
Just wanted to say how I really feel deep Inside.

I'm not smart. nope. never in my life.
Never Earned any medals at all.
There's a lot of things I don't Know and still want to learn.

As what Socrates once said,
"I know One thing , That I know nothing"
Mane Omsy Oct 2017
Breaking hearts with thoughts of people
Crying out for water
Thirst has dared them to commit crimes
While we flush litres

All the news we see isn't all there is
Many left unnoticed, undiscovered
Craving for a single drop of liquid
While some plan wars on regions

Did you let the human out of your soul?
Do you dare to help the needy instead?
Dare to ignore the profits off of wars fought?
Dungeons dwell on people like you
Thousands of people starve to death every year. WHO is not the only organisation that should focus on needy countries. Somalia and several regions in Africa are thriving for food and water. The news we see aren't the only suffering, there could be many undiscovered places where people die without water.
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