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You are not a bird to be locked in a cage. The door is unlocked—. Fly as high as you can and discover it all. Fly as fast as you can and feel something. Fly as slow as you can and experience everything.
Ray Dunn Mar 30
I lost my notebook the other day
It didn’t quite look like something
I had made.
It looked too pristine, too manicured.
I wrote on its pages with all my heart,
I could have no way of knowing it wasn’t messy enough.

It had a grey cover.
My last name written on the inside.
It wasn’t exactly filled yet…
But the words inside tumbled out like
I’d never intended them to.

It’s long gone.
Probably left in my classroom…
Maybe on the floor of my car.
Who knows!
I don’t quite have the energy to look right now.
Not enough energy until it’s too late to look.

I spent six dollars on it.
Down at the local craft store.
Its’ cover design fades from white to black,
Very different from the contrast of my pen.
I only ever used black ink.
Maybe it’s because, that’s what color pen was closest.

I lost my notebook the other day.
Hopefully someone will find it.
I guess they’ll probably read my name on the cover,
God help me if they read anything but my name.
They might think
I’m sad.
I guess they’d be right.
Believe it or not this is based on a true story, and I’ve lost my poetry notebook! The only place I would’ve left it is in my classroom or in my car, the only places my bag went that day, but I’m worried I’ve lost it for good. Basically this poem isn’t even metaphorical and is 100% literal Update: I found it!!!!!!
M-E Mar 22
We write
So when we leave
We are remembered
I will speak for you
If you ask me to.
If we try,
There's no dark inside.

But to gain the view
That you want, anew,
You must lay
All your fears aside.

All the worlds you're through,
All the lies so true,
All that's left
Is the great divide.
Where do you think I found this? Yup--on the back of my notebook.
Sam Mar 9
I bought a brand new notebook.
With floral print and purple lines,
For the brand new school year,
To show them how I shine

But now it’s half way through the school year,
And my notebook has lost its glow,
It’s like as if my floral notebook,
Somehow really knows,

My mood and all my feelings,
And as I begin to age,
Like my floral notebook,
I seem tattered at every page.

When I reach the end of my notebook,
I fear what the story will hold,
Stripped of the words on the pages,
My heart soon growing cold.

I remember all the lessons,
And hope one day I understand,
That the stories in this notebook,
Are worth all the ink marks on my hand.
why do you fill my pages with
hopes and dreams
only to rip them right out?
funny how a simple notebook
can be a direct reflection of life
Özcan Sh Nov 2018
You were the missing part
In my lonely heart
When I touch your skin with my pen
My blood would rush through my veins
When you hold my hand
I would write a love poem
On your delicate body.
s Nov 2018
i don't even know
what i want anymore,
writing poems in your notebook
on my apartment floor
i opened myself to you
like i've never done before
you roamed those empty hallways
before you slammed the front door

but now you beg me to let you back in
does your love ever end or begin?
i don't want to be hung up
on what could-have-been
but i'm exhausted from repenting
for all of these sins

and i'm running out of ways
to numb the pain
you're gone from my life
but i smell your scent in the rain
all i wanted was my freedom
but you're a ball and chain
all i wanted was pure love
but this one's driving me insane
RN Nov 2018
So here's the notebook of mine
Where I wrote all my sweet and cheesy lines
Please read all of this if you have time
Cause it's for you even I can't call you mine

This notebook will be the proof of my love for you
All the words and lines I wrote every page are true
Unlike Bruno Mars, you can just count on me until two
I'll be there because I love you and will always do

My love. I hope you'll remember me someday
Keep this notebook and don't throw it away
It's the summary of my feelings that I want to say
I love you forever, you're the reason why I pray
Rhymes in my Mind
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