When I think of you.
The first thing that comes to mind is your smile.
I always find it at the most unexpected time.
Coming across it in a world where everything seems cold.
Although it's been a short time.
This smile of yours is selfless; kind, patient.
Although Valentine's Day is highly celebrated.
Out of three-hundred sixty-four days.
I hope that your able to smile your biggest smile.
On days when your schedule is full
On days when your tired and look forward to the minute you get to yourself.
When I think of you.
I hope that you are still courageous enough to turn that frown upside down
In a world where everything seems so cold,
You never know how big an impact you make,
With something as simple as a smile.
How fast time flies when your lips reveal this gift
that you constantly give
She's the type of girl you get ****** to
Late night conversations
Broken down wrapped tight
The type of girl you laugh & trip with,
Without intention of escape,
A means of quick get away.
The type of girl that's good for your mental.
Filled with hopes & dreams
Down for whatever, at anytime.
Not the average high you'll find.
Shes not a shot type of girl.
Out in the height of the night,
The one you turn to
to run away from your problems.
A bitter taste chased one after another.
She was the girl not everyone is familiar with
But has heard of.
Her type of high one of intellect
not easily found on the block.
Friend of a friend hipped on game

She was the type of girl that put you on the real.
The type you tilt your head to the left and puff.
The type of high you only dream about.
Real tokers know her brand of intrigue
The kind of high you keep to yourself
Put me to sleep
I says put me back to sleep
and lock the door

I got some place to be
Got someones to see.

You can't understand
You surely can't understand

I needs to dream my same dream
I needs to dream my same dream I says

This old life does me no good
My eyes, they need to be closed I says.

Finds me a woman I met sometime last night

No madder how I tell it,
You can't understand this thang I know fo' certain.

I says put me back to sleep
I says put me back to sleep
Can't you see
I got some place to be
Got someones to see
A large percentage of my favorite dreams end too soon.
My eyes open and I regret the moment I open them.
A large percentage of my favorite dreams ending too soon.
While I lay there unable to find my way back.
A large portion of my life spent unaware of my surrounding
until I wake up.
The reality that I'll never find my way back.
Some of my best smiles, favorite memories of what could have been.
Discovered while I leave everything behind
And close my eyes for seconds longer
This unexpected moment I close my eyes & begin to dream.
My eyes skipping through every smile.
To see where I end up, the faces I haven't seen in a long time
Re-Living a moment of peace.
When my eyes open
It's not completely the dream I resent why I open my eyes.
It's the complete and utter feeling of not knowing what could have been.
Known that you were the sweetest dream I could have fallen into
Stumbling in and out of every laugh.
Known the sweetest kiss I could have ever dreamed
Came from you
Your beautiful.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I thought of moving there.
Closer to you.
For sure, sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow.
Sometimes I miss it.
This glorious overhead view.
A bucket list dream come true.
A place that takes my breath in slow pace.
I wanna go so bad.
This place of senrenity.
This place of peace.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I've been told Tuesdays aren't bad times to fly.
Head in the clouds.
The sunset of your eyes.
Discovering a love like yours.
Paradise in the blink of an eye.
For sure sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow
At times I can be very indecisive.
One minute I can know exactly what I am doing.
Or know exactly what I want.
Then the next have no idea.
Especially having
All of my favorite things presented to me at once.
I admit.
It gets troublesome.
One decision seeming to be better than the next.
Venturing from one height to the next.
Each of my favorite things jumbled into one
big idea that seems to good to be true.
Eventually I make a decision
If by some chance I am dreaming don't pinch me.
Let me enjoy all of my favorite things in complete chaos.
While I pause for moments longer.
Taking in the sight of all my favorite things.
Stare back at me in contemplation.
While any and everything sounds good.
Long as I am with you everything gets that much better.
Knowing that all of my favorite things consist of you
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
I adore you
More than I could have ever thought.
When time runs short & you have to go.
I say a prayer to myself, let us stay this way.
We have a lot in common and so much more to discover.
Regardless of what you tell me
You are all to perfect.
In times of anger I grit my teeth but look to you
for the same answers I seek.
The moments we lose sight of clarity and begin
to hate one another.
With you in my arms, only then are things clear.
The way you look at me.
The things we share.
Without doubt.
I have won an all expense paid vacation.
Every time you laugh.
Every time you smile.
The food I eat.
To everything I drink.
To see all of you even at times we become short at each other.
I am living my wildest dream
When I am with you
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
I've dreamed of you
Eyes dressed in desire.
Above your head a halo.
Metallic and bronze.
Uniquely dressed.
A pair of wings from your back.
When I dream of you,
I dream standing up.
The sun envious of the warmth your cheek provides
The side of my face against yours.
Together we sore.
We sore through this vision where I have no fear of falling.
Knowing that if I should fall
You'd catch me before I hit the ground.
Your voice soft
Comforting me through the heights we ascend.
Our hands but a kiss away from heaven.
I've dreamed of you
Eyes dressed in desire.
With wings in mid flight
Our hands in one another.
You lift my spirits with the simplest of smiles.
Followed by the blessing of your presence
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
You came into my heart &
Spread your love.
Your eyes pierced my soul.
You spread your love
All my time, all my attention yours.
You came into my heart
A star, bright and red hot
Briefly pausing.
The kindest hey, one of many twinkles.
My heart decorated with thoughts of you,
Your face the brightest light.
I melt in desire.
Lit by the touch of your hand
Borrowing you from the sky.
My heart but a passionate fire.
Trailed by a kiss
Your arms warm to the touch.
The way you look at me,
Searching for you amongst the stars
Your kiss still wet on my face
Noltser Dec 2018
At times I think of what could’ve been
if fate had been kinder on my part
and let us begin our lives wherein
our love for each other would’ve blossomed into art
but as I see you in the warm embrace of another
seeing that you have found love, a missing piece that you sought
It never fails to make me quickly remember
that everything was just a wishful thought.
“For Her”
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