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I've taken delicate walks
Where my hand
meets the arch of your back
& I've drowned
In the aroma of the sun kissed sun.
You've caressed in an whisper
where me myself & my thoughts
The foliage of your lips
Against the edge of my ear.
To where my memories of you are open ended
and bruised by the sigh of a thorn
Covered in black lace.
The glow of blackberry petals
in the September sun.
I've massaged your feet in the soil of my hands
& rested your back against the bend of fingers
Free to stand and grab the sun
against the side of your neck.
Next to my clothes
on the hardwood floor
Next to your blackberry lipstick
on the night stand
where we causally thirst in epiphany
spread far & wide
Over by the Mason jar filled with
Over by the night stand
Where you & I delicately walk inside
Each other
and you sent her a title of the song you wanted her to hear
saying it was saying about the feelings you have,
you wanted her to feel.

but, she heard it before.

you can't blame her
but she did

she had felt the world dance around the same beat
swayed through the waves of the sounds with the wind
when she was on her way to the beach
one hot summer day.

she had fell asleep on the same song
on a school night
having to wait to be validated.

she have cried on the same song when he left her

now, ask your self:

are the songs really for her?
Just a piece of advice. It has been a mainstream gesture between everyone to showoff our playlist to our significant others or even to those people we like. Yet, let's be mindful and be sensitive of the songs we sometimes send to them or dedicate to them as it will have an impact to their emotions and also their impressions to us (especially if you're still trying to impress them) If possible, try to sing yourself the songs you wanted them to listen so that they could feel the sincerity of emotions you wanted them to feel of you dedicating that song. Because little do we know, they have already heard the song, or they already have cried on it.
Euphrosyne Feb 29
We were
Just friends
Until we fell
on each other
And spoked
like lovers
And that seemed
to be enough for
Two teenagers
who were
scared to
love one another.
And that was the reason why we held back on confessing our feelings for each other because before we started to be lovers we were bestfriends but I'm hoping she gives me a chance to be her lover and now I can say that I love her even though she's trying to avoid me.
Brown skin like coffee
Lips sip in sensuous aroma.
In brown porcelain,
Fill my hands & explore my taste.
Fill my lips
With your brown skin.
Inside my rough hands
Dots of you remain
I love how your body makes me feel
Your mouth, your hands.
All of you.
Brown skin like coffee
I hunger for the harvest of my tongue
Against yours.
Hot, yet warm to the touch
Brown skin like coffee
I love the stickiness you
Leave behind
You are thick in size
Curling around my fork
String by string.
You anchor my stomach
& kiss my lips in a slurp.
You never have to worry about
The intrusion
Curving my appetite with your
Delicious coil.
You curl yourself in front of me
And invite me to come back for more.
Fork after fork
You unravel your flavor &
Pack them in my mouth.
You're the first thing on my mind
And bowl
Tasting you before you come to a boil.
You're my noodle
Perfectly seasoned and anchored
To my soul.
The broth the last kiss
From me to you
Until the next bowl
TS Ray Nov 2019
Words were spoken,
yet, emotions were left unsaid.

Gifts were exchanged,
yet, happiness was never shared.

Canvas had been prepared.
yet, colors hardly registered.

Thoughts had surfaced.
yet, ideas were left uncovered.

Songs were created,
yet, music had not been premiered.

Winds were blowing.
yet, leaves had not been cleared.

Sunshine was warming up.
yet, cold never left my feet.

Learnings had started.
surely, knowing this was bittersweet.

Loneliness had crept in.
surely, dreams were all where I meet.

TS. 2019.
TS Ray Nov 2019
I haven’t been to the stars,
I count my blessings with you.

I haven’t been to the moon,
I see my light of love in you.

I haven’t been to the Opera.
I can hear a perfect pitch thru you.

I haven’t reached Mt Everest.
I am on top of the world with you.

I haven’t done many things.
Except my single minded devotion for you.
TS. 2019.
TS Ray Oct 2019
When the light leads its way,
When the shine glides in a sway,
When the fireworks shows its play,
Your smile makes my day.

When the clouds gather around, and
when the sun does a merry go round,
When the darkness disappears in a turnaround,
Your laughter makes me spellbound.

When the words make you feel,
When the mind spins a wheel,
When the stories have an appeal,
You and being you is the real deal. :)
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
It's Half past twelve.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
I've lost count of time being in the loft of your heart.
Lost in the city lights.
It's something about the streets here that make me feel brand new.
It's half past twelve in the real world.
But here,
In the loft of your heart.
I have the best view.
Being downtown transcends my favorite places in the real world.
Here, there aren't any scheduled buses, no large crowds of people.
It's stunningly beautiful.
Not being able to tell the difference between night and day.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
It's already tomorrow here
And everything reminds me of you
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk.
Our memories becoming this more desirable,
This more delicious.
Just you & I
underneath a chocolate sky.
Counting the stars one by one as we take huge bites.
Lost in our own little world
Just you & I.
Vulnerable to the outside world
without a clue to why
our mouths are covered in chocolate
We'll crunch the stars like the world was ending.
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk
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