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It's Half past twelve.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
I've lost count of time being in the loft of your heart.
Lost in the city lights.
It's something about the streets here that make me feel brand new.
It's half past twelve in the real world.
But here,
In the loft of your heart.
I have the best view.
Being downtown transcends my favorite places in the real world.
Here, there aren't any scheduled buses, no large crowds of people.
It's stunningly beautiful.
Not being able to tell the difference between night and day.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
It's already tomorrow here
And everything reminds me of you
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk.
Our memories becoming this more desirable,
This more delicious.
Just you & I
underneath a chocolate sky.
Counting the stars one by one as we take huge bites.
Lost in our own little world
Just you & I.
Vulnerable to the outside world
without a clue to why
our mouths are covered in chocolate
We'll crunch the stars like the world was ending.
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk
The last time we met.
You stood in front of me wearing those almond eyes
that I love so much.
Not once did I hesitate
Developing a taste for almonds.
The taste of something new in the mystique of fascination.
I did not realize my love for almonds
until the initial taste.
Finding how deletable they are,
The everlasting crunch of an almond.
A unique taste swirled around my mouth
covered in milk chocolate.
Although you have gone, I have remained faithful in your absence.
Recognizing your wrapper by name
Remembering the first crunch I realized I was in love
I fear the day I call
and hear
the "number you're trying to call"
Your voice a sense of comfort
when home seems so far.
The freedom you enable when
theres no way to control the excitement
of hearing your voice.
Knowing that your just a call away.
Your voice
a prescription cough syrup
and I behave as such.
Smiling as soon as I hear it.
Knowing that soon I'll feel much better.
Only you can give me this feeling
Only you can cause such devastation
And like a child
You have lifted me high above
With both hands.
I am weightless in my search,
Finding that my world revolves around you.
My every fear put to ease &
Like a child I am drawn to you without
a care in the world.
Finding that I am much taller, held up high in your arms.
My heart raising in unconditional love.
There is no fear when you are around.
I have put all my trust in you without realizing what trust is.
Your name most meaningful each time
it passes through my lips.
My eyes much wider, staring at you with such anticipation.
The way you pick me up when I am down
Without fear of falling
Wherever I go you are always near.
Our greeting penetrating,
Diverse in communication.
The way that I love you.
I have placed an antenna in my heart.
No matter the frequency,
You are always near.
Expanding in trust,
I find you in my dreams.
Near & close.
This antenna perfectly adjusted.
Tuning in,
Finding a place for all these wires.
The existence that something this practical exists.
Something that makes us stop and ask.
Missing the important part of missing,
Finding the only difficulty.
Tuning out the rest of the world
I love your light
The way it leads past eternal dark.
I really believe that this is the universe,
Expanding in front of me.
The best feeling staring right at me.
How beautiful, just to exist.
To not rush a thing.
Being known, a limitless possibility
Venturing past the impossible.
A type of love discovered after eclipse.
The way you sparkle, orbiting the entire world.
A world comprised entirely of you.
The region's shift, broken up in cosmic shift.
& I
Forever lost
In the scatter of shooting stars,
Beneath tectonic plates.
Your heart, your soul, the universe
Your voice is my favorite sound.
Every day, I listen effortlessly.
Every single word.
From early morning
Every late night.
I am in constant bliss.
The most beautiful sound coming from your lips.
From the most private of conversations
To the silliest of things.
Your voice puts me at ease
No matter what kind of day I've had
Laying on the couch not a thing to do.
Summer time vibes
Outside all times of the night like I don't
have to go to work in the morning.
Your voice a perfect nostalgia
Of how I wish I'd met you sooner.
I am counting down the seconds until I see you again
I revere you when I lay in your grove
I am but in an infinity of comfort.
Sealed in open space,
It is in this grove I am found.
I dance in the graduation of being.
Being there,
The expansion of reverence.
A love affair in complete darkness
Before the height of merchant eyes,
Peeking over the horizon.
This moment becoming more precious, more scarce.
I revere you in the occasion that we are firmly planted in the ground.
Just below the grove I am laid
Just below the surface we are rooted.
We are felt.
Our survival depends on it.
Without you I cannot begin to exist
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