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There’s still time.
Despite it all, there’s

Things I thought
I’d someday do, I

Gave up on
forgotten goals. But,

Time pursued
me and called me. I

There’s still time!
I’m always here! Do

I did it.
Without thinking, life

I did things
I gave up on, in
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Jodie-Elaine Nov 2018
The day sits waiting in it's pear-shaped
room, one of the vacant eyed occupants of other, older,
occupied chairs.
The day crosses it's knees, one leg
over the other as a white flag,
The day wants it's peace,
it fought the world wars, caught it's reflection aged,
tripped over itself
calling itself out, a
This day knows it won't live tomorrow,
knows it's wanted blind and poor, so waits
in a waiting room,
wasting the room's air in an exchange of
This day is counting down it's losses, putting
all of it's seconds in a jam jar.

And there are screams never externalised, legs never uncrossed,
paperweights weighing less than those they push to the floor, and
this day is
this day is
from the inside out in the form of folded linen,
inconspicuous on a plastic chair.
This day holds
up the moon,
hears it's laughter and falls through the cracks
in the tide.
His knuckles aren't
connected to his fingertips and
shoulders feet apart
from the spine,
the spine crossing one leg over the other in a pear-shaped room
with fingertips tapping at themselves, writhing into an hourglass formation.
This day is holding
up the walls.
Count this day lost when your eyes skip it, miss it, dance past it
in a waiting room.
Count this day screaming
when you wake up tomorrow.
ZT Jun 2015
Change is inevitable
They say
But this is questionable
I dare say

Past, present, future
had, is, might
a certain change of words
yes you will see

In past there exists an -ed
Add this and it'll be history

The present presents us with -ing
Add this and it'll be a present thing

To the future that is a mystery
You need to add a certain uncertainty
Might, Could, Would it can be

But change is not for me
The past, the present, the future
Is just but mere words for me
I have something that'll never change for sure

Now I will tell you
I have not loved
I do not love
I will not love
Anyone but you
And this was
this is
this will
Always be true

I have loved you
I love you
and I won't let a concept of mystery change that
for the future is just a change in time
And my love for you is already defined
My love is not a function of time
So it will never changed by times
So my love will always be for you

past, present, future participle might change
but still it will always be you
I tell you that's true

I told you
I am telling you
I will tell you
I love you

— The End —