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Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
Within my arms lies a piece of you
Which I extend further.
Pretending I don't see, until
I pull my arms closer
Wishing that you were here
Viktoria Jan 2019
A seed planted,
Turned around,
A look planted,
Turned around,
A smile more,
Turned around,
Another look, longer,
Turned around,
I hope I touched your soul.
...because you definitely touched mine.
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2018
I loved the honesty.
Netflix, chill then what.
I'd love to unfold you all night.
A reiteration of
Laying on our backs
No longer hesitant.
No longer ignorant.
Transcending the labels we both  keep inside.
Suggesting that there's more to appearance.
Standing in the chills of liberation.
We soon were caught in
Organized noise
Lost in flims of smoke
All night long.
Shall we roll another or two.
If I told you right then whose wrong,
Two separate interpretations.
Each to send tremors of truth of what's really happened.
Netflix waits in response
Mahogany fingertips.
Intellectual stimulation.
**** I forgot errythang I was supposed to be doing.
I concur wholeheartedly with this unexpected attraction.
The television a distraction.
Current circumstances.
Thinking about you
Open invitation
Samantha Marie Aug 2017
I used to pity my friends
They fell so easily
Never failing to coexist perfectly with an admirer
Becoming best friends and lovers
Until the day they break apart
Leaving memories with a mixture of despair
I believed getting over a person was simple
Stop texting
Stop calling
Stop thinking about them
Then move on like it never happened
But that all changed when I met you
When I myself fell
I fell for you, when I told myself not to
Now I pity myself for missing you
I used to tell them to be strong and move on
but you have made me weak like they have been
I resent you for that
I resent myself even more
riwa Oct 2016
It’s a dark, lonely night, and I am sitting on my bedroom floor
a bottle of stolen ***** on one side,
and the ghost of you on the other

I take another swig
and realize that maybe I spend so much time kissing the mouths of bottles now
because I know I can’t kiss yours anymore
maybe I like the way the liquid makes my insides burn
because it reminds me of how I felt whenever you touched me

I’ve been counting the days since you’ve left
and I’ve realized that maybe thats why I’ve been drinking so much
because every time I do it feels like for just a moment I can forget about you
I can forget about the way we promised each other the world
but could barely gather enough tinder to keep ourselves warm
"Do you miss me enough to drink or did you drink enough to miss me?"
I think about you every day still.
I think about holding your hand because that's my dream.
I promised I'd keep you on like the favorite sweater
I never get to wear, but you're coming off on your own.
I want you to fall in love with the way I do things only you notice
but you're not.
you're falling in love with her
because I opened you up.
I sometimes think she's closing you up.

I'll never be tired of waiting for you,
just tired of hurting over you.
you know I hurt,
but you don't care enough to run to me.
you don't care enough to ask to hold my hand.
listen to Light Home - Matt Corby
Andrew Dunham Jun 2015
I think of you when I’m on the toilet.**
Maybe that wasn’t the best place to start
I think of you when I’m walking too
Wishing you were taking the same route
By coincidence
But hoping that it was by choice
I think of you when I make breakfast
Cause I would gladly make enough for two
When I have nothing better to do
I count the hair on my forearms
And I wish you were here to help me count
I was never really good at math
Or science
But I’m really good at thinking
I swear
And I’m pretty good at grammar
Because you
Are the person
About whom
I have been thinking much lately
I ponder you like politicians
In Astana
Ponder budgets
Like artisans in Rwanda ponder baskets
Like the UN ponders nations
Like farmers ponder precipitation
I roughly calculate
I could have solved around 200 Rubik’s Cubes
Give or take a few
In the time it took
to figure out you
So now I’ll chew my fingernails well past the white part
Even though you can’t stand it
Because I don’t want you thinking that I’m thinking about you
not gina Jan 2015
i want to kick you out of my head
you take up too much space
with all the racing around you do

but i want you to stay
because the noise you provide
is better than my silence

and the company
is better than being alone

— The End —