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Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
My fingers are a boat,
Navigating the river of your skin.
Through the bog & long blades of grass,
I picked for you a bush of roses.
In the hopes of making you smile,
Wandering away with thoughts of you.
The kind of peace brought soon
as I see your face.
Though the sun has yet to rise
I’ve sunk down in the pores of your skin.
Searching for the best flowers I can find.
Day after day
Night after night.
I’ve dived & I’ve sunk
Curious of what I’ll find,
At times I didn’t want to leave.
My fingers free to roam the curves
Of your body with nothing to tie them down.
Your body a wave gentle & smooth,
Guiding me to where I sought
In mind body & spirit.
Through the bog & long blades of grass.
I placed all the flowers I found in your heart.
Wild & free
Tomorrow, I’ll return to do the same
To watch the sunrise of your cheeks
Speaking Eyes Apr 2020
And he told me:
Burn the soup with you
It is a privilege that no one else has ...
My boyfriend and me, trying to cook a Menestrone soup :D
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2017
Today is built on chance.
The ideal of a better tomorrow.
And still I love you.

Though every day can't be as perfect as the last.
It's made perfect for all the little things you do.
And still I love you.

The foundation of tomorrow begins with today.
And if blessed with longevity.
I'll still faithfully love you.

Although there will be times when I press your last button.
And other times when you can't stand the sight of me.
You should always be convinced, that I love you.

It's not because my heart doesn't have a brain.
Or the fact your face is so beautifully complexed.
In truth my heart shouldn't always need a reason to recognize it's
living, breathing representation.


Even if your mad a time or two.
Your still the reason life tastes so great.
And I'll still faithfully love you

— The End —