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Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
My bed may not be as large
As California or have a blanket
As deep as the ocean.
But it’s comfy and shares
The same view as if we were there.
When I am asleep with you,
Everything becomes ideal.
One of the best feelings the universe
Could bestow.
To discover a slice of heaven beside you.
A spoon finding it’s way
To the big dipper, in the same
Lineage of how I see you.
We stargaze with our eyes closed,
Watching the stars bloom like flowers
In complete comfort.
The urge to explore further,
A simple look, a simple smirk
Head nestled deep in a pillow.
The aspirations of becoming an astronaut
Become that much clearer.
I blast off & everything becomes dark
My reflection staring at yours beneath mine,
Until I see your face spread wide
Across the moon.
Happy and safe,
My voyage is now complete
Between the sheets, in perfect peace,
The back and forth is synchronous.
The movements slow but never cease,
Then rise with violence amorous.

Between the sheets, yet closer still,
The lust for love becomes sublime,
One slides in to the other’s fill
The coming moments beyond time.

Between the sheets, the eyes roll back,
The light caress has now dug in,
Moans interrupted by a smack
Of rhythmic impact skin in skin.

Between the sheets, in unison,
The lovers’ gush of spirit meets,
Their finished glow beams like the sun.
They lie alone—where are the sheets?
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My entire world is lying next to me,
Adoring me gently, and sensuous.
Together in a nakedness that’s free,
With passion devouring and virtuous.

My love is in the body beside me,
And in the soul, seductive yet so sweet.
Our bodies safe as they are meant to be,
In anticipation of when they meet.

All I ever wanted is next to me,
Wanting finally the one that I want.
The moment she kisses me so gently,
I lose self-control I’ve wanted to flaunt.

I love her lying beside me in bed,
She’s as much in my arms as in my head.
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Daye May 2018
‪I was good before the meds‬
Slightly depressed because I wanted to leave my husband
But other than that, I lived.

Is this me?
Is mania my thing?
How many times do I have to trip before I go back to Bing?

Oh ****, everything is all of a sudden exciting!

Counting numbers like a mathematician
Looking at numbers like they’ll come into fruition
A Beautiful Mind subtracting with ambition

Hey Eleven! Is it 11:11?
Upside down, still 11:11
Oh hey, Porche 9-11
That’s my birthday! 9/11

8:44 I’m going to do it
9:44 I’m going to do it
10:44 weighing my options
44 reasons to pop it

Stop it

Where did I get these bruises on my legs?
Shortness of breath
A billion needles stinging through my chest
Night sweats
Driving fast and a little wreckless
That’s when I know I need to get checked
I need to be in this bed
Half dead
Blood sample draining from my head
From another case of miscalibrated meds

This better be the prescription
Otherwise I can’t live knowing my mind can't function
Dian Eka Mar 2018
He Calmed Winter on My Chest
Along Came Spring...
And Summer Arose..
Flowers Grew in My Flesh

I Bloomed
For I Know No Sin or Doom
In His Bed....
I do not know what it is about a bed that compels us to longevity,
to slumber eternity in our wildest of dreams.
Might it be the warmth of its sheets that invites us to prolong our stay.
The wholesome tenderness that hugs us tight in its cover.
Tucked into our safety net, a mother's arm to a child,
where we only live to love and let die.

May it be our sheer will to live the day that chains us to our bedside,
a slave to time, a ***** to work.
We are but men comprised of exhaustion and sacrifice.
A time set aside to pamper ourselves for a while more.
A longing to heal a little further, to rejuvenate our spirits a little greater.
To fix the dark parts in our lives with black sunsets underneath our eyes,
hollowed willow trees in late night dreams carved into our flesh.

May it be for a better life, one less bitter and sour,
sheltered from the chaos upon us these years.
Tyrannies upon our souls, bomb brigades and racketeers.
A shelter, a feeding frenzy of tranquility that keeps us grasping onto life.

Is my bed but a place where my monsters hide underneath,
maybe we sweep our pain underneath the covers
and rest shame and guilt on our pillows
hoping to bring a rest to our demons of the dark
when the sun rises the next day,
soldiers forlorn to leave our post till day breaks.

Or is our answer, E “all of the above”.
Our will beaten till death pulls us apart in our night gowns
and whispers “sleep thy will, eternity”.
And temptation rages beyond our control
with a red flag glued to our hearts
tired of the ******* life charges at us.
Originally written in pros,  but broken up for the hell of it
Javanira Waters May 2015
I want you.
Right now.

Your lips on mine.
Your hand around my waist.

My lips on your neck.
My hands running through your hair.

Heavy breaths.
Deep  stares.

I want you.
Right now.

In my bed.
Right next to me.
Holding me tight.
Talking about anything.

Gentle kisses in between thoughts.
Our tired eyes holding contact.
Slowly falling asleep

All I ever want is you.
this one goes out to the girl I want to be near and give my everything to
Adriean New Aug 2014
If I didn't have cores to do,
I'd stay in bed all day with you.
We'd cuddle, kiss & watch movies all day.
If I didn't have ten thousand things to do,
I'd stay in bed with you.
I do, so I can't.
That's why I enjoy coming home to you at night,
8 to 10 hours of cuddling with you tonight, baby.
I Love Staying In Bed With You
Drag me down, go on
I can lift myself higher
Than you ever thought.

— The End —