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a fog of uncertainty
or mist of opportunity

discouragement of the fearful
passion of the pathfinders

boredom of the erudite
opportunity of the ready

despair of the overcome
pride of the calm conqueror

crumbling of the thoughtless
savvy of the thinker

rebellion of restless seas
wisdom of the calmer waters

coarseness of the unmodified rocks
refinement of a rare diamond sage

repeating dirge of the pessimists
excitement of the optimists

shock of the confronted
pragmatism of the realists

dissatisfaction of the takers
fulfillment's flame in the givers

empty shell of the ever selfish
and balm of those who

to the bewildered
smile kindness
In response to Joey's lovely, timely poem: 'Seeing is Believing'

There are many variations in the responses to modern life of those around us, especially to the daily bombardment of the news of 'mass disabling confusion and denial' or the 'barely contained hysteria' observed in reactions of many to an actual or even perceived foe. These altered societal parameters are proving to be a challenge for some, a way to shine for others.  The choice is for us to make, perhaps with a change in outlook for the best outcome, hence I wanted to share the reality and opportunity of our day...
Justin Mar 8
They said the road ahead
Wouldn't be easy
I will be challenged and
Counted out
And that expectations
Would weigh me down
My life has only one path
That can be taken
But I'll prove them wrong

If I've got to burn
I will burn brightly
Like a dying star
I'll go supernova
If I've got to leave it all behind
I'll fill the sky, up high,
With color and splendor

I'm going to move beyond
My doubts and demons
I won't let them dim
The brighter side of me
I'm more than my darkest moment
I can't be defined
I cannot be molded
I'll take the path less traveled
And learn about the meaning
Of prices and values

If I've got to fall down
I will get up
Like a phoenix from the ashes
I'll be reborn
If I've got to let go
I'll fly high on wings
Like eagles

I'll fly high as the sun
Sarah Martindale Mar 2019
Words cannot define who we are
Only we can

People tell us things to bring us down
They will also tell us thing to build us up

Either way, words will do both to us

Words can help you find who you are
They can also make you lose yourself in their confusion

Whose words will you listen to?

Will you listen to what people tell you, when they say you are not enough
When they say you will fail
When they say you will never amount to anything


Will you listen to what YOU tell yourself?
That you are enough
That you will succeed
That you will do things no one has ever imagined

Those are the words we need to hear
Those are the words that will build people up
Words that will make them stronger

So, now you decide

Whose words will you listen to?
girasol Jan 2019
You gave me the moon
You gave me the stars
I brought the sun
Together, we made our world spin
Apart, I am still the sun
Your love was great, but your departure does not diminish me. I am still the sun.
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
She shall flip the tables and ignore her hearts breaking pulse “It is you who have tormented thy soul
It is you and the demons who lurk behind
Digging at my skin
Burning with pain from within
The beauty within this tragedy, is I’ve been left with the art they carried
Most terrifying of my works, almost as if they’ve been left undone
But I’ve learned, that’s no art to live on”
A deal for a seal, to steal her happiness she’ll soon feel
To fight the evil under her skin
To finally surround herself with her own friend
Ah the relief is so much thicker and sweeter than the blood she consumed from her own self, her sister, her demon of the old her, her old friend
Who lurks behind still
But listen to this fill, the evil “she” lurks behind because the new her is so much ahead, she’s  cut them down, but you’re not dead!
Cause really “she” is “I” and “they” and “you” she is all those things no one knew
That evil one in the back of her head, she’s been learning to shut out that voice raging within her head because
She’s not dead!
©Jessica Stull
rissa Dec 2017
I don't know what happens next I've been down this road before there was a pothole I didn't see coming and in i fell head over heels again.
I must walk alone cold tired but fighting to find my own, to be myself but those potholes..

Temptation creeps trying to wrap its warm embrace around me what a ploy daring me to look the other way one misstep and I'll fall again you'll hold me for years and that warmth will rise till it is a smouldering burn smothering me.
In flood the memories I can't breathe a harsh reminder to withstand the cold a step each day I have to make my own way two steps forward one step back and I'm slipping stumbling crying for help and there it is another pothole perfectly foot shaped.
Dare I ever allow myself to fall again.
Muse by Melissa Jun 2017
She walks with me,
quietly alongside,
taking my hand when I'm scared,
and when I'm wild
giving me freedom to fly.

She holds my tears in her palm,
encourages me to stay strong,
lifts the darkness when I'm dreary
and fights my demons when I fall.

She's part angel,
part friend,
part mother,
part zen,

she is warrior,
inner peace,
she is love,
she is me.
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2017
Within you is a great harvest.
One filled with wheat grain and honey.
Within you there is no pain or sickness.
This is where the greatest gift of all can be found. Planted, along with root free of toxin.
Protect yourself from those whom take just to take.
Be wise in the time of famine.
For every hand that reaches hastily isn't in true need.
They seek to abuse and leave you robbed of everything you hold dear.
Leaving behind disease, infection.
This harvest of great proportion.
Selfishly taking to leave you with nothing but emptiness.
Alone in a stretch of clear field.
Your grain and wheat scattered, littered to dry in spilled honey.
In enough time wounds heal.
In time this bountiful harvest will grow back.
But never will the land rid of the memory of everything once pure and wholesome.
Be weary of those whom seek only to trespass.
They too come with pretentious smile and promise to never leave
Mark Lecuona Jan 2017
I want to love you with all my heart
But you are not the reason it exists
It is there to give you love
But I am the source of that love
And the blood that is made
Is the blood you cannot see
Except in my tears
Absent of color
Absent of you
But I will live on
For the heart that is mine still beats inside of me
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016
I was foolish, to have believed the lies your eyes told.
I never needed some sort of approval to explore the ways I felt
Drifting away in your eyes.
Those shameless lies that cared not what they told.
Not once did they reply to the things told in confidence.
Tied port side by dim lit lights. The fog smug, suffocating everything it touched.
The secrets I felt that numbed the pain.
The extra miles walked in untied laces.
The ease of feeling uptight, repressed. Gone whenever I felt your presence.
You were that light that I searched so long for, wandering around in complete darkness.
Learning to trust what I felt, I believed in you.
After searching for so long, that one beam to pierce through the dark and make everything clear.
At least for a moment.
And for that, I don't blame you for circumstances out of my control.
That irreducible feeling, watching you disappear then reappear.
Spreading your light in every direction but the one place it was needed most.
Things happen for a reason, and just as sure as I drifted away in your eyes.
I've learned that the stars shine the brightest the farther you get from port.
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