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Lily 8h
~Your hugs leave lasting impressions that I can feel hours after we touch~
Lily 5d
~You told me, “I love you” today, and even though you've said it before, I still blushed a thousand shades of red~
Lily Jan 14
~You take up so much of my mind, I don't know how my heart is still beating. Oh yeah, it's beating for you~
Lily Jan 12
~I want to watch scary movies with you, and laugh together afterwards about how scared we got~
Lily Jan 11
~If I had my whole lifetime and another, I could not even begin to thank you for all of the good you have done in my life~
Lily Jan 10
~I wonder if you have even the slightest idea how I feel when I hear your name~
Lily Jan 8
~Every night I wrestle with myself, my mind saying we will never happen and my heart saying we need to happen~
Lily Jan 7
~You are always the first person I look for when I walk into the room~
theforest Jan 7
i suppose
it's cliché to say
i never stop
thinking of you
but i suppose
it's also true

p.s. i love you
Lily Jan 4
~I don't know exactly when I fell in love with you.  I just know one day we were best friends and the next day I wanted us to be more~
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