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Lanna K Feb 2021
only the tough survive. Is it really that simple, and so very primal? Has humankind over complicated itself to the point, where when we get a simple outcome, it muddles our brain?Because it seems like these adversities that I am faced with, and forced to go with, is just what everyone else in the world is too. Life is a beautiful thing to be given, but you also have to act like it is. Everything that is tangible to the eye to see, it is here, because it's been able to survive through hardships. The small, seemingly magical moments that break-up the discomfort of the everyday, which is what makes everything worth living through.Even in this pandemic, and universal upheaval, there have been small moments of bliss for myself, and the collective included.
Tatiana Aug 2019
You cut off one head.
Then two!
Then three!
Then four!
So many more!
And you wonder why
they're still standing?


And I'm so scared.
Do those heads belong to my enemies?
Or do they belong to my friends?


One down
two more to gore
but we can't ignore!
The possibility of our heads
Getting the same treatment


It's easier to solve your problems
when there's a figurehead
So take them to the guillotine
So you can all eat your bread.

And have the cake offered
by your headless queen.
Here's a poem.
Esther L Krenzin Mar 2019
I don't need much
to be content
And sometimes when my
heart is fraying
A simple glimpse at
the stars
Smooths away the
rough edges
Stills lips that tremble
and quake
From holding back brimming

-Esther L. Krenzin-
There are small needs that are often not met. Take time to fill them. You deserve every last one of them.
Action can
Create crisis-



Don't fall victim
To Ego's

Hold fast
The light
You've been


From the
Ides of March.

Tread lightly,
My dears.

Walk soft,
With good thought-
Your mind
And sit guard
Your soul.

Chaos' Shadow
Is passing by-

Much is brewing
Has been for
So long.

It was
Four years ago,
We knelt
Pregnant with terror
Of what life was
Hurling our way,

And here we are
Nearing the end


As we must.

The final
Square off

Speak softly,
My dears,

And again,

Tread lightly.

Deceit is slinking

But trust your heart
And what you've learned
For tomorrow,

It finally ends,

Either one way
Or, some other


It finally begins.
As poets, we are naturally sensitive to the moods and shifts of nature and life itself. But tomorrow is gonna be quite the day for all of us (well, today.  2.37am here). Those more sensitive to these may have already felt this coming. And if you've really been paying attention, you know this chapter truly began about four years ago for us all. I don't know if I'm ready for this, but I like to believe I've been well prepared.
Further Jul 2014
Music in my soul, in my veins, in my ear,
Rhythmic hunting, a low pulse that only I can hear.

Separate seats, separate lives,
A brushing meet, competing prides.

The force pushes, always peering,
The pressure mocks, its grin is leering.

Crawling upwards, invading the interior
Onwards it claws, I’m nearing hysteria

My stomach churns, my throat is tight,
My chest burns, my mind alight

Souls all around, but souls are worth dust,
Empty and worthless, ****** dry as a husk

Eyes averted, pointed blank gaze
Still my mind flames, calm in its rage

The stations flicker by, spiralling down the hatch
The names pass too quickly, too quickly for me to catch

Closer to home, a new home I’ve built,
Borne out of upheaval, decorated with guilt

Stepping towards a future, try to shoot from the hip,
But it’s all a façade – loneliness has me in its grip.
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