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I don't need much
to be content
And sometimes when my
heart is fraying
A simple glimpse at
the stars
Smooths away the
rough edges
Stills lips that tremble
and quake
From holding back brimming

-Esther L. Krenzin-
There are small needs that are often not met. Take time to fill them. You deserve every last one of them.
Action can
Create crisis-



Don't fall victim
To Ego's

Hold fast
The light
You've been


From the
Ides of March.

Tread lightly,
My dears.

Walk soft,
With good thought-
Your mind
And sit guard
Your soul.

Chaos' Shadow
Is passing by-

Much is brewing
Has been for
So long.

It was
Four years ago,
We knelt
Pregnant with terror
Of what life was
Hurling our way,

And here we are
Nearing the end


As we must.

The final
Square off

Speak softly,
My dears,

And again,

Tread lightly.

Deceit is slinking

But trust your heart
And what you've learned
For tomorrow,

It finally ends,

Either one way
Or, some other


It finally begins.
As poets, we are naturally sensitive to the moods and shifts of nature and life itself. But tomorrow is gonna be quite the day for all of us (well, today.  2.37am here). Those more sensitive to these may have already felt this coming. And if you've really been paying attention, you know this chapter truly began about four years ago for us all. I don't know if I'm ready for this, but I like to believe I've been well prepared.
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
I say unto you: Let. Them. Come.

The *******, demons, menageries, and hoards--
all of your nightmares and hounding wraiths.
We'll reminisce of their downfall when we're bored;
thinking, "no longer are we haunted by their taint."

Who knows who and just what comes next?
Let them squabble as they're besieged by fire
We'll find glory; and come tomorrow we'll jest
My brothers will sing, "To Hell with the liars!"

Yes--who will toast with me of their timely defeat?
Very soon, they will recognize just what they've done
They will soon see past their own lies and deceit
So, I say to you, my brethren; "just let them come."
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
My good congregation, I take the podium!
I have been asked to speak--to preach!
Where are you demons, devils, acrimonious angels?
Why do you submit yourself to actions so odious?
Stand up! Do not allow yourself to be leeched
of your life! Do not suffer the unfaithful!

No! I will not allow my flock to be misled!
I will not stand by as these good souls are drained!
So, rise! Cast your burdens back upon the *******!
Throw them like stones; let their sins be bled!
Who has had enough of being perilously pained?
Who is fed up with with all their dastardly disasters?

Now! Now is the time to undo the oppression!
Show them your anger--unleash the frustration!
I ask, who among you is without disdain?
To Hell with them! Let's teach them a lesson!
Our lives are ours! Deny them castration!
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
I was asked to write another "sermon," type poem. Oh, how I do love ranting. Take back your lives, my good congregation.
Frank Ruland Sep 2014
Top and bottom, baby--
No more "maybe;"
I know just what comes next,
my life is no longer vexed.

I see just where we stand.
Tables turned, tides reversed;
top and bottom, darling--
demons dancing... angels snarling.

You used to stand atop a pillar;
I used to call the Styx my home,
but now your kingdom falls apart.
Top and bottom, sweetheart,

No more smoldering skies above.
Top and bottom, my love;
Schisms--Heaven, Hell?
Just look at how the Angel fell.
Frank Ruland May 2014
It's a crying shame when a dog is abused
Through thick and thin, it would always love you
Despite this, neglecting the thing is all you do
Well, the road you've chosen will end soon.

It's a crying shame you make your dog fight
What you're doing just isn't right
You may run from the cops all you like,
but there is no escaping karma's might.

It's a crying shame you lock your dog away
It whimpers alone in the closet, racked with pain
No food, no water, and deprived of the love it craves
If only you could see the error of your ways.

It's a crying shame your dog's become a beast
Not once did your brutal ways ever cease
You reap what you sow, this you will see
The hand which feeds will become a piece of meat.

You created something and lost control
No you're in the floor, begging for no more
Feel what it's like to be shredded and torn
All of those teeth, sinking into your bones
It's a crying shame you dropped your phone.
Further Jul 2014
Music in my soul, in my veins, in my ear,
Rhythmic hunting, a low pulse that only I can hear.

Separate seats, separate lives,
A brushing meet, competing prides.

The force pushes, always peering,
The pressure mocks, its grin is leering.

Crawling upwards, invading the interior
Onwards it claws, I’m nearing hysteria

My stomach churns, my throat is tight,
My chest burns, my mind alight

Souls all around, but souls are worth dust,
Empty and worthless, ****** dry as a husk

Eyes averted, pointed blank gaze
Still my mind flames, calm in its rage

The stations flicker by, spiralling down the hatch
The names pass too quickly, too quickly for me to catch

Closer to home, a new home I’ve built,
Borne out of upheaval, decorated with guilt

Stepping towards a future, try to shoot from the hip,
But it’s all a façade – loneliness has me in its grip.
Frank Ruland Jul 2014
Brothers and sisters, who are you to be disallowed your hearts, voices and minds? Who are they to dilute your lives with their blasphemy and lies? Cast down your oppressors! Cast out their slanders! Breathe in new life and exhale their blight! Devils are among us, and they wish to lead our flock astray! The Seven Circles await those who aren't willing to pry the usurpers' fingers from our riddled veins! They want what's  left of our sanity, hope and grace! They care only about themselves saving face! They are the starved, parasitic and greedy demons aplenty! We are the few, subservient souls they so seek to frenzy! So I say to you, my brethren, rise up! RISE UP! Raise your fists! Your fingers! Voice your hatred! Let the anger flow through you like a tsunami through a city! Take your dependencies and cast them back unto your tormentors like stones! Politicians, idols, false  prophets and acrimonious angels alike! Show them no mercy, just as they have shown you! This is the way to redemption! This is the start of the Rapture! I ask: can you open your eyes? Can you realize yourselves, your own lives? Can you come to understand all they have wrong, and how you can make it right? I say unto you, dare, decide, do! Do this now, before they do it to you!
Frank Ruland Jul 2014
You never cared, did you? For the first year, I really had the highest hopes I'd find new heights in you, but after those twelve months, Hell was the only home I'd come to know. You threw Heaven out the window every chance you got, and for what? You wanted this before me, even when I knew your feelings for me were illusions brought on by my case of Superman Syndrome. When I refused, you only dropped deeper into your distant state of depression, until cutting and threat of suicide made me have a change of heart. Maybe you did feel some kind I way about me. Or maybe, as always, I had been right all along. As soon as you started seeing some semblance within your sorrow, you perked up in the worst way possible. You didn't need me. You were bigger, better, stronger now. And in a display of newfound power, you took to transfusing me with every bit of pain and poison that had riddled your veins. I cried out in agony, but you left me to sulk in your shadow. Every night, you'd leave to get high with your friends while you let me drink myself drunk in the dark. Oh, the anger those times did instill within me! I still get the shakes at night, thinking of that pungent smell you'd come home with as you passed out on the couch. You had no troubles anymore. Everything was peachy-keen, now that you had someone to hold you at the smallest sign of sadness. You know, maybe all I wanted was someone to hold me and say everything would be fine. Maybe all I wanted was someone who cared. All I wanted was to feel wanted. But, you ruined my everything and left me six feet below the wreckage. You chose not to care at all the wrong times. You broke me, after every valiant effort I made you reassemble your shattered soul and hollowed heart. I never did anything but love you. But, I think what hurt the most is when I slowly sank into the shadows and you didn't even say, "goodbye."
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
This land, where we can roam free
Boundaries have been set up
Mapped by the pen of a cartographer
Continents drifted apart, tectonic shifts
Ripping across the land mass
The mightiest of mountains turned to rubble
Giving rise to new landmarks
The fury spewing fire, the molten lava
Created fissures along the ground
Rivers of fire flowing across the veins of Earth
Resentment of nature marched to new frontiers
Earth transformed itself, to a new avatar
New landscapes and greenery adorned it
In the coronation ceremony of the usurper
Commandeering life - forms to a new future
We are living that dream for centuries
Without an inkling of the next rebellion**

© Amitav (Radiance)

— The End —