I am an object so small,
You probably wouldn’t even notice me at all.
I may be simple to you, but you’re not her.
For her I hold much value. Much meaning.

You’d call her crazy for that,
For the fact that she found happiness,
and love in an object and not you.
A feeling that you never gave her, that she never knew.

So instead, she sits. Deep in thought.
Running her fingers over my small, metal surface.
Taking seconds to hold on a little longer,
Scared that I’ll go away. Just like he did.

What she doesn't realize, is that I’m not him.
As much as she wants me to,
I cannot and will not ever replace his presence.
I cannot replace the pain with closure.

Nobody will ever be able to hold her,
The way that he did.
Nobody will ever be able to love and care for her,
Like she was his own.

As happy as I make her feel,
Or as much love as I make her feel,
I know there's still pain inside.
Pain and tears that never subside.

All I can do, is give her some peace of mind.
Let her know that she's not alone.
I can help her remember all the good times,
And help her never forget who he was before.

I cannot be worn as I'm used to,
With my chain broken.. I cannot hang from her neck.
You’d think I'm useless,
But she still keeps me.

Afiqah Jan 9

thank you
for dressing up my neck prettily
this poor, poor heart
has always needed a few of them
to beat synchronically
with the one
that's vitally throbbing inside
I know I always let you down
I'll forgive the wind if it rattles up the little chains
for I know,
even if
this is probably the last thing I would ever
feel anything new
they'd still stay collared together,


Wejdan Dec 2016

I often feel dumb and lonely about my feelings, I didn't have anything towards you, but only wanting to cut off your choker necklace.
Then things changed; now when I look at you my eyes sparkles, my jaws drops, my mouth opens widely staring at you.
I wonder If you ever have anything towards me.
you probably feel happy with her anyways.

Afiqah Jun 2016

I fall asleep
in the a.m hours
with a triple heart turquoise
holding my veins


Kerri Apr 2016

The cold locket
She gave you
Slipped from your neck
Falling between
Your bare breast
And down past
Your broken heart

You hugged
Your knees
That they might
Save you
And hold you
For just a
Little while

Staring at your
In the
Lukewarm water
That stagnated
At your thighs,
A white
Porcelain refuge
Surrounded by
Moldy tiles
Was your solace

The salty leakage
From your
Forest eyes
Fell faster
Than the
Squeaky faucet
That never stopped

The cool
Air grazed
Your spine
And sent
A peppered
Patch of
Chill bumps
Down your arms,
But you
Didn't seem
To mind

All you
Could feel
Was the
Broken pieces
Of your heart,
S c a t t e r e d
In the water
Slicing your body
Like tiny
Razor blades
By their
Jagged, Uneven

With one
Flip of
Your toe
You whispered
As the necklace
That she
Gave you
And the
Pieces of
Your heart
That she
Took from you
Slid down
The drain,
Into the
Place Where
Broken Hearts Go.

A story of the place where most girls go to deal with their broken hearts: A good cry in the bath tub.

She curses herself
When she forgets to
Take her jewelry off
Before sleeping
Because she wakes up
In the middle of the night
Suffocating, gasping for air.

You gave her a necklace
And you loved it when
She wore it around her neck.
She fell so deeply in love
With its design and giver
That she wore it
Even in her sleep.

But when you were gone,
She wore the necklace
To remind her of
The time you and her
Were happy and free.
And she was left alone
Crying, gasping for air.

And when her face was dry
Because of the numbness,
She fell into a deep sleep
With a silver chain around her neck,
And a nightmare in her mind,
Making it difficult for her to breathe.

She woke up in cold sweat,
Took the necklace off
And flung it
Across the room.

When she woke up
In the morning
With her eyes red and puffy,
She remembered
What she did half asleep
And looked for the necklace
In every corner of her room.
She cursed herself when
She couldn't find it.

She wants it back
Around her neck
Even if she can't breathe
But deep down in her heart
She knows
Not to wear it again
Because months later
She might just find it
Behind her nightstand
And she would smile
At the memory
Of the necklace
For she can then breathe.

J M Surgent Nov 2015

When I was a child,
I was given a silver necklace by my father,
Told the stories of how it was there when he met my mother
And cherished it dearly.
But as childhood would have it,
I lost the necklace,
In a full contact game of two-hand touch football,
In the backyard of my frenemy neighbor.
I searched for hours in the grass,
Coming across spiders, quarters
The remnants of dog’s passed,
But never again saw the silver chain
With the little cross
That was the closest thing I ever held to God.
Now I look back,
To the necklace, the touch football games
The neighborhood loving brawls,
And realize youth is an object,
It’s something we hold close
But never realize the importance of
Until years later,
When we miss it
Around our necks,
And we regret
Never truly
Falling in love
With what we had
Before it was gone.

w r e c k a g e Aug 2015

i often wake up to your perfume on my sheets or your necklace on my dresser or your shirt on my bedroom floor but you are never there

Lindsey Ross Jul 2015

And the thing was
I was falling so hard for you
I had jumped off the cliff
Hoping you would catch me
At the bottom

I wore
Your necklace of hickeys
Around my neck

But once I saw the ground
And realized you weren't there
The necklace turned into a noose
And tightened right before
I hit the ground

My last thought was
How relieved I was you caught me
Even if if wasn't in the way
I wanted

Vamika Sinha May 2015

And every night
she unhooks the
to string them
'round her neck.

She can't decide
if she's making a
or she's making
a necklace.

Late night thoughts.
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