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Squearlie Merlie Oct 2020
I remember these early times
The first
Downtown in the cold
Lights out.
Adults living like heathens
Teens on the streets
My inspiration
The freedom which comes
from taps on bricks
cold air to put
you right back in your body
It was freedom nonetheless
Growing up in Eugene as young teens we would frequent the downtown bus station where scores of transient teens would congregate to talk of life, meaning, use drugs and debate existence after childhoods of parental neglect.
Ivyanna Aug 2020
What a city!
What tales to tell!

A pizza boy crossing the street
impatient, tired features
clicking of heels on the stairs
their elbows touch
strangers from different worlds
intimate for a fleeting moment

Wailing of an ambulance
crashing with the seductive smell
from the corner coffeeshop

A girl flirting with the waiter
while round the block
at a divorce court
one fairy tale ends

Yesterday's newspaper
left on the bus seat
a homeless man in the park
humming quietly
the city has many faces

Raindrops on your office window -
is it a life what's happening out there?
Justine Louisy Jul 2020
Welcome abroad Thameslink.
Grab a camera a wink at
Shaftsbury’s bootylicious dancers.
Pen in gear and know the answers to
the parade of pub quizzes.
Let your strands of raw seismic frizzes scream
on bonds lightening Thames RIB.
The Louis Vuitton wallet ‘on fleek’ for that crib inside
the Shards slender diamond belly.
Feet stay in groove with that Kidston welly against
the roaring mud at the wireless festival.
Pre dem soulful struts of de Notting hill carnival spicy
spirits, nani wines and **** kisses.
Safari hunt watch out for those hisses on
centre stage of the primeval in the zoo.
Grab my hand and come on boo steady
your bags and steady your feet on the thrilling
ride of Oxford street.
Reminisce its entirety and say goodbye.

As we take in our final view on the London eye.

Justine Louisy
Copyright ©Justine Louisy 2016
All Rights Reserved
Happy Friday folks!! Hope you have a great weekend planned and are keeping safe during these times!! Here’s something to cheer you up... my poetic vision of LONDON 🇬🇧.... if you are planning to go (once COVID restrictions are fully lifted) hope this gives you a good sense of things to do and places to visit 😁🏙😊
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
I walk up to the counter ready to place an order to go.
With coffee and cookie in tow,
i head to my favorite spot and get ready for the show.
3..2..1 let's go!
What's the show you ask?
I don't know! It's different every day
and plays whether the sky is blue or gray.
It could be a traffic jam,
a man trying to wash people's cars,
someone getting arrested,
or even a guy in a costume saying he's an alien from mars. Whatever plays that day, it never gets old.
I get to learn about the people of my city
while staying out of the cold
My 50th poem! This poem was inspired by someone suggesting writing a poem about something you would see in a coffee shop.
lua Feb 2020
The glow of orange streetlights
The neons, the stale greys, the ***** whites
The many shades of skin I see
Oh how I love the city

A dreamer's den
And sights to see
The souvenir pens
And skyscrapers so high you can't see the peak

The mix of language
The workers' plight
The late night hours
And the fear of heights

All these one night stands
All these broken hearts
All these underground bands
All the vandalised street art

This concrete jungle
This cement sea
To where my heart belongs
Despite the battles, we don't fight alone
I love the city
I love my home.
Shantala Kothare Aug 2019
It’s nice to have a little patch of beach
A spot away from where you can reach
To waves and sand and sun-setting skies
A spot away from frantic bustling city cries.
A spot is important you will see
It’s an escape where you can be
It’s a high better than the cigarette -
You’ll see there’s no need to light up to forget
There’s no need to be in that smoking slot
No need to puff or blow ***.
For on the beach you’ll get your spot
A perfect place that’s forever sought.
hannah Aug 2019
Cloudy in August
Couldn't be better
Burning dumpsters
Near crowded highways
This inner city squalor
Is my lifelong muse
Leather jackets
And scuffed up boots
Patients give me
Patience sticking
Needles in our veins
Dynomatic symphonies
Pounding us
With ecstasy
Drinking in the
Sweet smoked air
At bus stops I've
Never seen before
I'd never it give it up
That politically incorrect
Temperamental judgement
I'll live forever
For the idiosyncratic
Enigma I call
My not quite home
Jordan Hudson Apr 2019
Dark night skyline by the sea
Far sighted city lighting
Why the seagulls fighting?
Building tall above them all
Cranes up building walls at the mall
On the streets, on my way
Stop to eat, only short stay
Nice cars and fancy suits
Pirate loot and seaweed roots
Vacation gone, leaving now
Gas station we leaving town
Scraper heights, I just might
Stay awhile driving miles
Off work, out of school
I be cool with the crew
Southern meet danger streets
Stay a week, dreams I seek
Low to the ground, out of town
Around and round and about
This city I am out
Dark sky, interstate signs
This is why I drive in the lines
I'd get lost any other way
The gas cost the next day
Would only go up
Could only slow all of us
Skylines rising above
The city lights are what I love
All silence but the road
Line by line a repeating code
Morse code on the road
Bay ahead the maps show
City lights glow
In the sky city crows
Car meets with stance so low
I can get there by chance though
Night driving by a bay
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