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Louise Oct 2022
My city...
I was here before it was even one,
my toys are older
than the high-rise buildings.
Yet all of my oldest dreams
have long been gone,
this is where new people
from far-away are dreaming.

People dream to visit here
even for a day,
I can't count the years
I've been trying to escape.
People travel here
to have a sip of coffee,
even the taste of water here
can tell that I am sick.

In the inner city,
while everyone takes photographs,
I try my best to walk
with my shoulders not dropped.
In the chic cafes
where others strike a pose,
I knew I never wanted more,
I had my dose.

My city,
that many people dream
of visiting and living in,
why, then there's me
who's here and feeling livid in.
My now-larger-city
that still feels like a small town,
I feel suffocated,
as if all my life I'm in a tight gown.
I'm sick of the city life. About d*mn time
Jude Quinn Jun 2022
Open me in half
And you'll find plastic in my lungs
And concrete in my stomach.
It's good to know
After I'm gone
You'll still linger around,
Even if you're just a corpse.

Tell me we are no longer human;
We are consumers,
We are citizens.

And all the angels know,
And all the devils know,
We won't change any time soon.

I want to hurt you,
I want you to hurt me.
I want to curl my hands round your neck
And see the life run away from you
Like you made me run away too.

I felt your shadow while we were making love
And I cried.

I felt your shadow
And I wonder if you can feel my heartbeat.
I'm just as lost as you,
But we all forget
Everyone else is hurting too;
That makes it easy

To open people in half.
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2022
Meeting you gave me the permission
I sought in myself.
To get out & explore in a sense
that it feels like home.
Being with you, the best idea yet.
Small petite buildings, towering
Everyday feels brand new
I don't feel the need to stay cooped
up inside a room.
With you I want to get out &
explore and sleep when there is
I've never been to a place like
this before.
I've never tasted food this good
before & for once,
There are no distractions, no other
place to be.
The lights that shine from your eyes
The thoughts that travel fast like cars.
I've never been to a city like this
before, the best idea yet.
When people ask me where I've been
I call your name.
When friends ask me where I'm going
I call your name.
And I can't wait until I get back there
Jay Kay Apr 2022
I had forgotten
The **** steam from a sewer grate
Nature’s heat lamp
And the regulars you see
When you’re walking the streets
And I hope they can find a clean mattress.
City life.
Jackie Mead Dec 2021
The sun has set on another day, the sky settling a darker grey.
The Moon has not yet graced us with its' presence.
The  nearby businesses, shedding light, fluorescent.
Illuminating the water in yellow and blue columns.
Like candles flickering in a church, in a scene, oh so solemn.
People are walking home from work, some meeting for a drink or perhaps something to eat.
Swans are gathering in a group, taking food from a human hand, such trust rarely given.
I am lost in my thoughts as I watch the scene before me on the still waters, and just listen.
Listen to the sounds of the end of the day.
Last night walking home from the Chiropractic. It was a wonderful scene, one I hope I did a little justice to.
Nishant Rawat May 2021
The place where life becomes captivity,
Some people call it a big city.
Merlie T Oct 2020
I remember these early times
The first
Downtown in the cold
Lights out.
Adults living like heathens
Teens on the streets
My inspiration
The freedom which comes
from taps on bricks
cold air to put
you right back in your body
It was freedom nonetheless
Growing up in Eugene as young teens we would frequent the downtown bus station where scores of transient teens would congregate to talk of life, meaning, use drugs and debate existence after childhoods of parental neglect.
Ivyanna Aug 2020
What a city!
What tales to tell!

A pizza boy crossing the street
impatient, tired features
clicking of heels on the stairs
their elbows touch
strangers from different worlds
intimate for a fleeting moment

Wailing of an ambulance
crashing with the seductive smell
from the corner coffeeshop

A girl flirting with the waiter
while round the block
at a divorce court
one fairy tale ends

Yesterday's newspaper
left on the bus seat
a homeless man in the park
humming quietly
the city has many faces

Raindrops on your office window -
is it a life what's happening out there?
Justine Louisy Jul 2020
Welcome abroad Thameslink.
Grab a camera a wink at
Shaftsbury’s bootylicious dancers.
Pen in gear and know the answers to
the parade of pub quizzes.
Let your strands of raw seismic frizzes scream
on bonds lightening Thames RIB.
The Louis Vuitton wallet ‘on fleek’ for that crib inside
the Shards slender diamond belly.
Feet stay in groove with that Kidston welly against
the roaring mud at the wireless festival.
Pre dem soulful struts of de Notting hill carnival spicy
spirits, nani wines and **** kisses.
Safari hunt watch out for those hisses on
centre stage of the primeval in the zoo.
Grab my hand and come on boo steady
your bags and steady your feet on the thrilling
ride of Oxford street.
Reminisce its entirety and say goodbye.

As we take in our final view on the London eye.

Justine Louisy
Copyright ©Justine Louisy 2016
All Rights Reserved
Happy Friday folks!! Hope you have a great weekend planned and are keeping safe during these times!! Here’s something to cheer you up... my poetic vision of LONDON 🇬🇧.... if you are planning to go (once COVID restrictions are fully lifted) hope this gives you a good sense of things to do and places to visit 😁🏙😊
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