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Baby..Let's get away
Pretend that todays a holiday..
Your the perfect get away..
Each moment spent with you..
Baby..Let's get away
Baby..Let's get excited.
Spend all our time away..
Forget all about our privacy
Make today a holiday..
Baby.. let's get away
Make today a Holiday.
The weekend still days away..
Your the perfect get away..
Our weekly get away.. down charcoal gray
Baby..Let's get away.
Pretend todays a holiday..
Bombay & Lemonade.
the perfect get away..
The sun melts into your skin
and I the horizon that melts into you..
Your the perfect get away..
Baby..Let's get away
colzzmacdonald Jul 2017
I was lost to the wilderness
Until you came ~ in you I am found
You gave me hope beyond measure
When you turned my world around

I was sobbing like a child inside
I was oblivious I did not know it
My heart ~ a soldier alone in this war
Wounds heal in love as you show it

Eternity is a step away from freedom
Where we shall garner our harmony
The obscurity of life can't expend
The truthfulness of our destiny

You dance across forever ~ pirouetting
Gracefully releasing all negligence
You glide in my soul echoes of peace
My cacoëthes lost in your elegance

I am home when I am in your arms
I only hope you'll stay by my side
You brighten my days you fill my nights
As dreams of everlong souls abide
Andy Hunter Jan 2015
Up at the top of the acre
where the overflow stand-
pipe comes up
out of the grass,
there's so much running
water that reeds and rushes
have taken over
and choked up the land

In the evening
looking up to the window
as I wash
I see a family of roe deer, down
from the woods
in among the reeds

In the morning
they're still grazing there
as if nothing’s

Andy Hunter Mar 2015
Swimming in brackish waters off of Helsinki thinking
These waves are very high and very frequent I felt ****
(I hoped it was ****) brush at my feet then something rough
Scraped against my thigh as my breast stroke failed
To keep my head held high and slightly salty water went
Into my mouth and across my eyes and I stopped

Treading water long enough to rush one hand over my face to clear
Things up and kept telling myself as I swam further out no
There's no sharks in the Baltic what you felt
Must've been **** or a rock and even

This far away a thing
Can touch you

And you're never really sure
What it is

— The End —