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I want to be a different person
No, not someone else
But an improved version of myself
And a huge part of that process
Is to get rid of all the layers of you
That remain rooted in me

So I'll skin myself to the bone
Besides how painful it may be
Until I can finally state to the wind
That you no longer pull my strings
As it gently messes my hair
And whisper that I'm free
Some lines about my daddy issues... I had the most messed up childhood and it's quite hard to forgive him for it.
Nylee Apr 9
Ocean and sea
Deep layers of blue
Calm and angry.
say Jan 28
love is like a razor
it peels off the layers of dead skin
only to reveal the most vulnerable

it can be smooth and refreshing
& other times rough and bumpy

and sometimes,
It's a ****** mess

I'm a ****** mess
Daniel K Jan 28
Slice off the face,
Underneath is another.
Filled with wonder
What mystery is hidden.
Must be treasure underneath
The due price I pay
With tears unbearable.
Exhausted to see
Who you really are
Decision, made
To believe those shed skins
Are truly you.
Stinging winds, cold as ice
scald away frozen layers.
Drawing raw, unbidden wounds,
Upon her ruffed peaks.
© LadyRavenhill 2019
md-writer Dec 2018
it fades away, but not because it’s gone.
time does not destroy
nor years the pain unmake;
scarred and scarring.

layered pain:
a heart’s a frail and terrible thing.
accumulated horrors
in the attic of the mind
forsaken and forgotten
in light still burn the eye.
time’s circle turned,
by day and night unfurled
does not the bleeding wipe away
but distance adds and
layer stacks on layer.

don’t deny the hollowness
the bleeding in your eyes.
with falt’ring step and screeching voice
it’s gone before a sigh
without a whisper,
clasped in hearts aboil,
hanging, sinking, thoughts uncurled
like bleeding bits of earth.

drown this terror,
dye that gold
don’t deny the doubter’s goals
flying, denying, it’s all the
same to me,
filling up the measure of a broken,
settled gleam.

inching forward, step by step,
we look above for light and hope,
denied this life we drink;
and blight
devours in the night

sanctified by fallen gods,
a dripping-honey angel
stooping, breathing down our necks,
to free our death’s sweet

Alone, alas, ‘tis not to be, this dream’s
a fatal liar,
for nothing that we see tonight
will ever meet His fire.

Denied, we died. It’s time to bleed
in fire.
Watch it hiss. We kiss. We fly.
And speak of our desire.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
Complexity is like onion
Some peel it
Layer by layer

Some may shed tears
Just on first layer
Then stop there

With passion
Some may explore deep
Inside the core

Some chop it, at once
Exploring all the layers
Revealing a delicate soul

Some make it simple
Some complicate the simple
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Complexity
Haruharu Oct 2018
Four months today. Since he became mine.

4 months of peeling each others layers.

Layers of love, layers of conflicts.

Some almost fell off, some were a challenge to even budge.

We fell apart, only to collide once again.

The hard collision brought the toughest layers with it.

And here we are.

4 months later.

Honest, bare and exposed.

Closer than ever before.

No matter how hard our fears tried to stop us,

we can't fight destiny.
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