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Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Through the red joysticks
And white & blue slap buttons.
Without the advancement of memory cards
Or weird split screens to
My last life is always the one
I save for you,
Through the experience points
and colorful gems
There’s much more to explore.
My first wow, my first time, my next again
& Again.
No matter how many times
I feel like I lose,
You’re the reason I always get back up.
My initials fill all ten slots of your heart,
Until you're decommissioned and pulled
Out of stock.
There they will always remain
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2021
Now I am certain of nothing
But your existence, in chaotic disbelief.
The scurry of feet patter down the path
Of the avenue & city blocks downtown.
As beautiful as you are dangerous,
Now open to the world around you.
A fiery ship intentionally dragging it’s
Anchor in obsession.
Not knowing how or when to stop.
The smog of smoke eases its way down.
We all were told to evacuate.
What is this place?
What is this promise made anew?
Some days are better than others,
The stars blend in with the search lights.
At times it’s hard to tell which is which.
I stand in both shock & awe.
It looks like the sky has split open,
The closest I’ll ever get to the sun
Not knowing how, or when to stop
You’ve always been familiar to me
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2021
She was here long before I.
I was not native to her land.
I joined hands in celebration.
My every emotion, a feast returned.
Aligned in reciprocation.
I an inhabitant of her,
& She of me.
A comfort to the mind, body, and soul.
I saw myself in her,
Not afraid to separate where land
& lake begins.
Supporting each other as the sky and
I celebrate like a native.
I celebrate in all her teachings.
She a proud nation & I a piece of her.
In hands the color of mud,
I call every piece a name familiar of her.
Without lies. Without fear to stand up.
A fruit fully grown & sprout from the tree.
She was here long before I,
Not lost neither stolen.
I joined her hands and rejoiced
Before I knew I could breath.

— The End —