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Cox Oct 18
It’s like the sun is in me.
Wild energy,
feeling warm and free.
When I am with you I start living, and find the person that I need to be.
Nely Aug 18
I now give my love out freely, it's your business what you choose to do with it
Scars of the heart are the hardest to heal

Yet the greatest you can feel

To give yourself freely

To be released just as easily
Heatbreak can change your life
J Apr 29
The truth is...
we don’t love
the person
we love
because they
love us back.

We just love them.
No reasons.
And quite frankly,
that’s what makes
it so liberating.
Love freely. No reasons.
Michael A Duff Dec 2019
Keep your heart soft even in hard times

Keep it well but give it often

Live like it is the key to happiness

Even thought it will get stained and mostly broken what is ha ing an untouched heart if it cant be shared
Broken as it is still stain from loves past, I give it freely until there is no more me left to give
Am I intense?
Well, I guess that depends
If the message is sent
But to you we're just friends
Has the mood become tense
So that now it must end
In my plan, threw a wrench
All advances suspend

Should not need a defense
Or your feelings defend
Does not work if against
Can't distort, twist or bend
Don't want you on the fence
Later something to mend
Take me out; Ride the bench
Simply followed the trend

A pursuit would be dense
Broken message I'd send
How you felt came and went
Not returning again
Everything said I meant
But I will not pretend
'Cause my love's not for rent
And my heart I don't lend
Written: March 7, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
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