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Mar 15 · 336
A Touch Of Fire
And when you touch me
I feel a fire burn across my skin.
A touch that can only be described
As the fire I feel towards you.
A pain that isn't pain at all.
The warmth of something close as fire.
Traveling through every inch of skin.
My body open to the thrill of you.
The sensation of touching something hot,
To know lingering thrill.
Your presence always near.
A touch only described as the fire I feel towards you.
A pain that isn't pain at all.
My love for you.
A fire that rages on consumed with conquest.
And when you touch me
I feel a fire burn across my skin.
I explode in the look of look of your eyes.
No rain in sight to cool the feeling.
To yield unending blaze
Mar 9 · 247
Feel Like Home
To be honest
You've always felt like home to me.
All of the familiar feelings that
rush when I am around you.
I can relax and be me
Without fear of judgement.
To look over at you and see you smile
I know that everything is ok.
There aren't too many places in the universe that
give me this feeling.
The want you, need you.
Can't be away from you.
A feeling of peace,
Being wrapped in your arms.
A place that's safe, warm.
The acceptance of everything that stands
outside of yourself.
Something out of the ordinary.
To look over at you and know.
Home is not that far away
Mar 4 · 308
A World Away
Her love is urgent
Coming quick,
Reaching out with both arms extended.
Her love close to my heart,
Our feet no longer stray,
The result of prayers made on both knees.
Her arms give more than take
Finding their way inside mine.
Providing a warmth awaken by the tick of hearts.
Her love urgent,
Time assent.
My nose lost in the scent of her neck,
My arms tight around her.
I don't want to go.
Tomorrow a world away.
I don't want to wait
Her love close
Pressed tight,
Just beneath her chest.
Each throb in the palm of my hand
Reaching out with both arms extended.
I don't want to go.
My hands no longer by my side.
Her love ever more urgent
My love waiting my whole life for her.
Mar 4 · 195
Today's Holiday
Baby..Let's get away
Pretend that todays a holiday..
Your the perfect get away..
Each moment spent with you..
Baby..Let's get away
Baby..Let's get excited.
Spend all our time away..
Forget all about our privacy
Make today a holiday..
Baby.. let's get away
Make today a Holiday.
The weekend still days away..
Your the perfect get away..
Our weekly get away.. down charcoal gray
Baby..Let's get away.
Pretend todays a holiday..
Bombay & Lemonade.
the perfect get away..
The sun melts into your skin
and I the horizon that melts into you..
Your the perfect get away..
Baby..Let's get away
Feb 22 · 258
In A Bag
One of the worst things I could have done
Is blame you for all of the things you couldn't have known.
Instead of telling you I always figured that you've known all of these things.
Forgetting that you too, are human.
Putting on this front that we aren't as vulnerable as we seem.
Knowing all of the things that I keep from you.
I realized my mistake only when it was too late.
Revealing to you all the things that I thought you knew.
The things you couldn't have known.
How your name drives me insane soon as I hear it.
Staring across from you embracing every moment.
These things not often said not knowing how you'd react.
If you'd really see how important you are
One of the worse things I could have done.
Separating these same feelings in the blink of an eye.
Not knowing if you truly felt the same as I.
Twisting myself in half not realizing how whole you made me.
Instead of telling you I always figured that you've known all of these things.
I love the way you look at me.
The nonchalant way you'd often speak.
Putting on this front that we aren't as vulnerable as we seem.
How I crumble at the chance I didn't pull you closer.
Too few gaps left to fill.
Instead of telling you I always figured that you've known all of these things.
All of the things I wanted to do.
All of the things I wanted to say.
The weight of cookies that sit on a shelf.
Often suffocate while no one watches
Never knowing the feeling of being in love.
They often crumble
Feb 13 · 388
Most Valuable
There isn't a dollar amount
that can be placed on what we value most.

There isn't a store that can stock this particular package.
The inventory doesn't come close.

The smiles and memories we add to heart shaped trinkets.
The ones that crazily throb with each thought we keep of each other.

The dollar amount is insurmountable to the way I see you.
The traditional box of chocolates don't come close.

Your kiss sweeter than Hershey's & Reese's combined.
It is virtually impossible to prove worth with these store brought items.

The items we value most.
The items the store can't put a price on.
Cash back rewards are meaningless when each kiss adds further value
to the heart shaped trinkets that beat erratically when we think of each other.

There isn't a dollar amount
that can be placed on what we value most.

Your heart being the most valuable

Happy Valentines Day
Feb 8 · 199
Steal My Love
I found your love in a song
I've heard before.
I listened to it often,
Wondering why it was a familiar
Finding your face while misplacing my headphones.
Finding your love in a song
Previously heard.

I found your love in a song
I used to love.
I listened to it day in & out.
Not really paying attention to the words
But found myself
Mouthing the words.
Listening to the beat.

Before I saw your face
I knew this feeling in a song.
A song previously heard before
It became popular.
It meant something back then,
Before it could be found any where.
This special feeling that can't be described as anything other than love.

Before I saw you walk
I'd plug my headphones in
And share a moment just between us two.
This familiar feeling

before I saw your face.
Before I misplaced my headphones.

I found your love in a song
I've heard before.
A song i continuously listened to before it became popular.
I listened to it often,
Wondering why it was a familiar
Until I saw your face.
It meant something back then.
Before this song could steal my love
Feb 7 · 276
Beautiful Rose
My beautiful rose
My beautiful rose

As beautiful as the day is long,
No one knows why she blooms.
She blooms through the storm
whether the vase is ceramic or poreclin,
My beautiful rose.

She is most beautiful because she isn't an ordinary rose.
She finds the sun in any weather.
She says more than what a dozen roses can say.
My beautiful rose.

Beautiful as the day is long.

By chance if you find my beautiful rose.
Speak to her in a language she understands.
A language only the heart understands.

She uproots her self and spreads her heart.
Finding the sun in any weather.
No one knows why she blooms
But by chance you see my beautiful rose
You'd soon understand.
Why she blooms the way she does

Spreading her joy.
The way she blooms
If by chance you find my beautiful rose.
You'd know exactly why she is my beautiful rose
She sat on the shelf
Admiring the other dolls,
She'd been there for some time.
Watching the other dolls come & go.
The only one not wrapped in plastic.
She thought her self ****
The other dolls never staying long.
The kids & their parents quickly by passing her.
Grabbing the dolls wrapped in box & plastic.
Although very beautiful she'd sit and contemplate the worst.
Watching the other dolls come & go.
The little black doll not wrapped in plastic.
She grew resentment.
Finding the only difference was in how she was made.
Her brown skin, her black hair.
She so longed to be taken to a loving home.
She didn't come with any accessories.
The vanity that came with the other dolls.
Her smile printed across her face.
Over time it became hard for that smile to stay.
Often crying when the lights turned off and the store closed.
She wanted a home just like the other dolls.
Quickly picked up,
Hurried over to the register.
She longed to be like all the other dolls.
Watching them all come and go.
Their hair tied behind their head.
All the make up and accessories sealed in their package.
It wasn't until one of the other dolls was returned.
Half stuffed into the package.
When she spoke to the other doll,
She discovered that not all homes are what you think.
Seeing how rough she was played with.
The rough marks across her face, her hair no longer tied in the package ponytail.
It wasn't until then that she realized that the best things come with time.
Finding the best home in herself
Beautiful black doll
Taken home to meet the girl she'd be with forever
Feb 4 · 191
Come Back
How could you say these lies
When you know I anticipate these times with you.
To watch you walk away
Your warmth instantly leaving my hands.
How could you say these lies
Knowing that your not coming back.
My hands with nothing left to grab.
Watching you walk away.
Those jeans
The way you sway.
My hands ache with nothing left to grab on to.
The warmth hidden behind those jeans.
How could you say these lies
Knowing that I am waiting.
Anticipating this time spent with you.
The way my hands grip you.
Each moment slipping through my fingers.
Not knowing you didn't plan on coming back.
Your sway imprinted on my hands.
This walk a reminder of how I waited.
Anticipating this time spent with you.
How could you say these lies.
My hands filled with brown skin.
Squeezed tight
Cuffed beneath the bottom of your jeans.
Finally realizing you never planned on coming back.
Your sway
Those jeans.
Your warmth forever leaving my hands.
& here I am
Still anticipating this time,
Spent with you
Feb 4 · 312
Black & Mild
I want to be your black & mild
The thick hard plastic piece you
Slide between your lips
The thick hard piece you can't help but bite down on.
With each layer that withers away.
I want to reveal more of myself
In the comfort of where ever you take me.
I grow with such anticipation when you reach for me.
The moments counting down until you undress me from my wrapper.
With the touch of your hand only do I come alive.
The whispers only I can hear
Before my lips reach yours, embraced in a kiss.
Tempting you to bite down even harder.
I want this more than you could imagine.
Each ash thumped off, a testimony
To the moments that unknowingly go by.
A means of relief.
Making myself available for these special moments shared between you & I.
I want to be your black & mild.
The thick hard plastic piece you turn to for comfort.
My cologne granting peace with each puff you take.
Each layer of paper my words wrapping around you.
Flaked off without denial.
This is the effect you have on me.
Taking me deep inside of every thought with no explaination,
Our private conversations like ***.
Ignited in the whisper of a kiss.
Tucked soft between the nook of your fingers.
I want to be your black & mild.
I want to surrender only to you.
The thick plastic piece you hang out of your mouth cocked slightly to the side.
Until we both ****** and there is nothing left but hot ash
I've always seen you
When I look up at the stars.
This is the beginning of life
To love you, to dream in massive
The infinity of new beginnings.
To feel so close
Knowing that I am so far.
Asleep in your presence.
Knowing that I am completely comfortable soon as I see you.
Searching the sky until I find you.
The very reason I look up.
The galaxy colliding in the pupil
Of my eyes.
Night after night
Everytime I look at you
Feb 3 · 765
By A Kiss
Tell me in a whisper
Is there anything you'd like to confide.
My lips pressed against your neck
The images seen when eyes close.
My breath hot against your neck.
Almost hyperventilating at a gasp,
Tell me right there in a whisper,
The not so terrible things we can explore.
The lining of your neck,
The rapid beat of your heart.
Common ground my tongue travels.
The loss of control caused by your hands alone,
Pull me tighter
Exposing your ear to my mouth.
In a single bite
A moan travels down your ear
Until it reaches the peak of euphoria.
We've put this off for so long.
These things we try to hide.
Tell me in a whisper how we've waited for this moment.
With me pressed up against you
Your thigh wrapped against mine.
With eyes shut tight this moment we both long.
My fingers hid between skin.
Tell me the grin we both await
Broken by a kiss
Jan 31 · 343
Take A Message
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
If by chance I call & your fast asleep.
Record me in your dreams.
& when you wake up I'll see you soon.
Greeted by the sound of your voice.
Only a call away.
If by chance I call & you can only talk for a moment.
Then I'll spend a moment in honest truth.
The moments quickly falling in the past.
Your smile always with me.
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
Take a message so when you play it back
You'll always have a reason to smile.
Whether your busy.
Or simply just don't have the time.
Take a message.
Take a message
Jan 29 · 265
Coke With You
Of all the things I'd love to do.
I'd love to have a coke with you.
To watch your face light up full of joy.
The first sip that leads into another.
Soon as the cap snaps off
We'll drink until we can't any more.
Can't you imagine how fun that would be.
Imagining yourself as a coke.
The fulfillment of ultimate joy.
My throat no longer parched knowing that I've
had the one thing I've thought of all day.
How could anyone walk past you and not smile.
How could anyone pick you up and not want to carry you
around with them all day.
To be part of every experience
To see the rest of the world through the eyes of a smile.
Of all things I'd love to have a coke with you.
Imagining your smile the first sip after a long day
Jan 29 · 250
Blink Of An Eye
She kissed me unexpectedly.
Her lips softly pressed against mine.
My lips fully convinced, my thoughts of her.
My hands wanting to wrap around her back.
The look before her eyes closed & pressed her lips to mine.
I haven't been able to think of anything else.
Her admirer no longer secret,
The look in her eyes, revealing everything I tried to hide.
The look of urgency; The anticipation of a rushing heart.
Her lips a world I only dreamed
& I helpless to the way she tasted.
The best things happening at the most unexpected moments.
Her shoulders relaxed in the moment.
Her lips pressed against mine in comfort.
Unknowingly whispering the moment is ours.
My eyes close & I am a million miles from where I stood.
Her jawline stretched toward mine.
Revealing everything I tried to hide.
My hands wanting to wrap around her back.
The best things happening at the most unexpected moments.
Moments that pass quickly in the blink of an eye
Jan 29 · 180
Kind Of Stupid Smile
You put the biggest smile on my face
In case you didn't know.
The kind of stupid smile that everyone questions.
The kind of stupid smile that invites everyone to ask,
who is the cause of this happening.
Looking down fingers moving a hundred miles per second.
The kind of stupid smile that makes my heartbeat
triple the times it normally would.
The anticipation of knowing on the other end
is someone that I truly care about.
And through extension,
My happy ending, my happy beginning
All sent through a message
That tickles my heart.
This happiness erupting from my heart
stretching into my cheeks
Into the kind of stupid smile only you could give

Seeing your name come across my screen
Jan 29 · 175
You've always been able to do
Fill my head with all these
Beautiful thoughts.
To the point that I feel
Like I am floating
Up in the sky where every
Cloud reminds me of you.
Sometimes I think it's funny.
Picturing myself as a balloon.
Swollen head.
Little body dangling below.
No matter how high I get,
Floating inside this love of yours.
I promise not to float too
Far away.
Knowing the sky is filled with
Jan 29 · 309
She Gave
She fed my soul with the
Kindest of hands.
Revealing a hunger I didn't know.
I ate from her hands,
Knowing the pieces that she gave
Were near & dear.
I ate expecting her to stop.
Seeing past her body,
These beautiful hands.
I'd wave my hand to stop
But instead she smiled and continue to give more.
She gave pieces of her soul.
Her hands like spoons,
Blowing the pieces that were too hot.
Easing them into my mouth.
Her hands like home
The heartbeat I knew with in.
Warm, comforting.
You know I can still hear your voice when I read your messages.
You don't have to express it with a "ha" or "lol"
Alot of the times I read & re-read your messages.
& automatically I get to laughing & smiling when I hear it.
My favorite song.
It's been a while since I've heard it.
Finally finding my favorite song
After thinking about it so long.
All the memories that come rushing at once,
A sense of taste.
A sense of smell.
Remembering the words to all my favorite parts.
After all it's my favorite song.
This beautiful voice a reminder that warmth is but a thought away.
This happy feel good feeling that only I understand.
Finding myself dancing, nodding to the rhythm of your voice.
Out of all the streaming and downloading services in the world.
I could access it anytime or anywhere.
It doesn't give the same authenticity as hearing it in person.
I could access it anytime or anywhere.
Put my headphones in and tune out the entire world.
All with a user name and password.
But these files are only copies of my favorite song.
My favorite song played over and over whenever I talk to you.
Whenever I think of you.
My favorite song played over and over when I hear the sound of your voice.
Reading your messages
Jan 26 · 302
Forgot My Name
I sent a girl a valentine
Decorated with ink hearts
& ink smile.

I addressed it to her
Her name written as a rose.
Ink heart underlining the stem.

I folded the paper
& Cut it into a heart.
How clumsy of me to have
Cut so much off.

The paper unfolded into
five other mini hearts.
The biggest one being my heart.

I sent a girl a valentine
Decorating it with a trail that
leads back to my heart.
How clumsy of me to forget to sign my name
I smeared myself against your bottom lip,
To feel the same warmth
That rests at the caress of
Your lip.
Each breath a breeze,
I myself, resting in the hammock your lips make.
If you sigh I have no fear of being blown away.
Knowing that I've reached the peak of where I've climaxed most.
I don't mind if you bite down.
Being caught between your bottom lip and the top of your grin.
If I could lay here for a while longer,
Caught in the explosion between us two.
The way I've smeared myself far from subtle.
Drowned in the corner of your mouth.

Your lips the softest pillow
I could rest my head.
Your lips the softest kiss I could drown
Jan 23 · 206
So Long
I flung my arms open
In a dream.
I hoped to feel you, knowing
A place warm and welcoming.
A place I haven't been in so long.
I flung my arms open to a place That I've missed, that I haven't been in so long.
A knock perfectly placed on your heart.
I've missed you so much,
Remembering the last time we spoke.
The last time we kissed.
Our lips patient in between knocks.
Our feet tap in anticipation.
My fingers in such rush to grab you.
In relief to how I've missed you being in front of me.
Seeing your smile for the first time in so long.
Your face a breath of fresh air.
And this,
The warmth of your skin.
Your caress snug against my skin,
The best dream I've had in so long
Jan 23 · 206
These Shoes
It takes alot
Loving you in these shoes.
It isn't horrible.
The way they fit.
The way they look.
Loving you in these shoes of mine.
It doesn't take much effort.
To slide my feet in.
Tie them, before a single step is taken.
Knowing all that goes unseen.
The padding & cushioning.
The flex of each step,
The urgency of how I long.
Revealing how much I've thought of you.
The many steps and puddles these shoes have walked.
They aren't waterproof.
They aren't well protected from wear & tear.
Loving you in these shoes of mine.
They are far from dress shoes,
Not even close to casual shoes.
They aren't the type of brand shoe everyone is in line to buy.
Stacy Adams, Adidas, Jordan.
Loving you in these shoes,
No one knows where to find them.
How many times they've come loose.
How many times the cushion has been replaced.
Loving you in these shoes of mine.
Knowing you've checked the tags of the name brand shoes.
The appeal of readily available colors
Jan 15 · 225
When I
When I think of you.
The first thing that comes to mind is your smile.
I always find it at the most unexpected time.
Coming across it in a world where everything seems cold.
Although it's been a short time.
This smile of yours is selfless; kind, patient.
Although Valentine's Day is highly celebrated.
Out of three-hundred sixty-four days.
I hope that your able to smile your biggest smile.
On days when your schedule is full
On days when your tired and look forward to the minute you get to yourself.
When I think of you.
I hope that you are still courageous enough to turn that frown upside down
In a world where everything seems so cold,
You never know how big an impact you make,
With something as simple as a smile.
How fast time flies when your lips reveal this gift
that you constantly give
Good gawd O' lawd
I can't hide it.

Suppose to be doing other things.
Here she go again
Showing her face.

She packed her bags.
Left before the door could close.
Left fa' anotha man.

Lawd A mercy
Here she is again.
Showing her face.

I can't hide it lawd.
Catching the door fo' it close.
Suppose to be doing other things.

Find these old receipts.
Piece my heart here and there.
Good lawd I hid it from ma' self

She claimin' she leavin'
Come back wondering round
Showing her face.
Lawd A mercy

Left before the door could close
Left fa' anotha man
Lawd A mercy
Here she go again

Here I go again
Catching the door fo' it close.
I want the seat closest to the window.
Boat, plane, bus, passenger seat
Ma'am if you don't mind,
could you please scoot down
while I take my seat.
My feet are tired.
I have been standing on this concrete all day.
Almost sleep on my feet,
The same problems exist at the front of the bus
just as the back.
If you could see past me, you'd see.
Yet you turn your nose and grab your purse.
All I want is a seat to rest my feet.
Lay my head back and dream.
I don't want to wear your chains today.
The chains used to justify what you see on the news.
How you can't see anything past me.
How you've wrapped me in chain from shoulder to feet.
You don't try to hide your look,
I can feel the heat on the back of my neck.
How you pick and choose what you like,
There is no difference between you nor I,
Except color,
Other than gender.
You watch me from the corner of your eye while I take my seat.
There once was a time when I'd have no choice but to sit in the back.
Now that I take my seat in the front you move to the back
A look of disgust across your face.
Boat, plane, bus, passenger seat.
Ma'am if you could,
would you please scoot down
While I take my seat.
All I want is a seat beside the window without having to explain why
I want to sit this close to the window
Jan 14 · 212
Tight Hugs & Her Kisses
One of the best feelings
The first bite of my favorite meal.
It's hard to decide if it's hunger
Or anticipation.
All of this savored in smile.
The spice of salt, pepper among things
The aroma coming from plate to spoon,
The simplicity of it all.
I live for this feeling,
This warm cozy feeling,
A tight hug from meal to lips.
Theres no better feeling.
Tight hugs
Followed by her kisses
Jan 12 · 254
She's the type of girl you get ****** to
Late night conversations
Broken down wrapped tight
The type of girl you laugh & trip with,
Without intention of escape,
A means of quick get away.
The type of girl that's good for your mental.
Filled with hopes & dreams
Down for whatever, at anytime.
Not the average high you'll find.
Shes not a shot type of girl.
Out in the height of the night,
The one you turn to
to run away from your problems.
A bitter taste chased one after another.
She was the girl not everyone is familiar with
But has heard of.
Her type of high one of intellect
not easily found on the block.
Friend of a friend hipped on game

She was the type of girl that put you on the real.
The type you tilt your head to the left and puff.
The type of high you only dream about.
Real tokers know her brand of intrigue
The kind of high you keep to yourself
Jan 10 · 187
Not Truly Knowing
Conversations can occur in many ways.
Many the conception of one thing, used to justify another.
It tends to happen more commonly if not at all.
A certain honesty revealed.
In the consideration of intimacy
Without coming across as too overbearing.
Yet we place blame on ourselves for not revealing how we truly feel,
Sometimes trapping ourself in the thought of someone else's happiness.
Obvious truths overlooked when the normal reaction is the total opposite.
The latter, already knowing how we'd like to be valued, received.
We express ourselves the same way.
Not truly knowing how it's to be received.
Obvious truths automatically assumed when true intention is revealed.
Instead we seek validation through a smile, a laugh.
Part of ourself hidden.
A habit of not wanting to project what we feel we lack.
Overvalued on whether or not happiness is then assumed,
Instead of saying how we truly feel.
We normally put ourselves on hold.
Fearing that our mouths may differ in opinion,
that how we truly feel.
May not be what the other person expects, or wants to hear.
Further putting ourselves at confrontation with what we truly feel.
Not truly knowing the risk that comes with how much we truly love
And how much sacrifice is required.
How often we express our likes and dislikes
How often do they go ignored
Yet we place blame on ourselves for not revealing how we truly feel
Lord oh lord,
Lord oh lord
Between heaven & stars,
Clouds near & far

Turn down the stars
Turn down the stars
I gots ta' find my loves heart.
A light that shines bright.

Through prayer & bent knees.
Bent knees and loose shoe strings.
I look but can't find
My loves heart.

These old shoe strings
stumbling, falling
Looking up at the stars
Clouds near and far

These old loose shoe strings
These old loose shoe strings.
Lord if you can
I gots ta' find my loves heart
Put me to sleep
I says put me back to sleep
and lock the door

I got some place to be
Got someones to see.

You can't understand
You surely can't understand

I needs to dream my same dream
I needs to dream my same dream I says

This old life does me no good
My eyes, they need to be closed I says.

Finds me a woman I met sometime last night

No madder how I tell it,
You can't understand this thang I know fo' certain.

I says put me back to sleep
I says put me back to sleep
Can't you see
I got some place to be
Got someones to see
Jan 8 · 312
Same Dream
A large percentage of my favorite dreams end too soon.
My eyes open and I regret the moment I open them.
A large percentage of my favorite dreams ending too soon.
While I lay there unable to find my way back.
A large portion of my life spent unaware of my surrounding
until I wake up.
The reality that I'll never find my way back.
Some of my best smiles, favorite memories of what could have been.
Discovered while I leave everything behind
And close my eyes for seconds longer
This unexpected moment I close my eyes & begin to dream.
My eyes skipping through every smile.
To see where I end up, the faces I haven't seen in a long time
Re-Living a moment of peace.
When my eyes open
It's not completely the dream I resent why I open my eyes.
It's the complete and utter feeling of not knowing what could have been.
Known that you were the sweetest dream I could have fallen into
Stumbling in and out of every laugh.
Known the sweetest kiss I could have ever dreamed
Came from you
Jan 7 · 169
Curator's Trip
I decided to take a trip on my day off
Rediscovering all the things that make me smile.
My place of work no longer work.
A small fee to a different world.
A world filled with all sorts of abstract color.
My favorite art museum, living & breathing.
A corridor of wide wall.
Different perspective of how eyes greet grin.
These marble floor emotions of how small I felt
Staring at these giant frames.
Perfectly sculpted lips
Each frame a memory captured for all time.
Me traveling down the corridor of your smile.
Our childlike sensibility
The truth of every display.
A hop and a skip away
Lost in liquid color.
How I've traveled The hue of your eye.
Displayed big and bright,
Decorated in frame and gloss.
The many times I've splashed around as you brought each color to life
as vivid as displayed.
For each glance a different story told
The tragedy of how we preserve time.
How soon we outgrow our former selves.
The moments that make the loudest sound.
Clay molds of your face
Smooth and round.
Every truth captured
Presented in constant space.
The burden of velvet rope
In restriction of how close we see ourselves.
Photo flash ban signs,
Dimmed lights to help preserve sensitivity
No running
All noise kept to a minimum.
This trip a reminder of how precious the simple things are.
Stepping back into reality
A long walk into how we use to be
It's been so long
Since I've seen you.
So so long
The joy of your company kept in thought.
Seeing you smile your beautiful smile.
A spot of light seen with closed eyes.
It's been so long
Sharing the same space.
The touch of your skin against mine.
To be the shadow of reassurance
That propels the moon to shine it's brightest.
It is in these times I miss you most.
The moon a reminder of your cheeks.
The complications of how scarce  we've made ourselves.
Places to be
Thangs to do.
The night a harsh reminder of how we pass each other.
Your moan more distant,
The stars but flickers of our tongues.
Your body a constellation made in absence.
The absence of your dress between my teeth,
The last time I truly felt with eyes warm,
The ****** of eclipse.
The joining of northern to southern hemisphere.
Your cheeks the fullest they've ever been.
The moon a constant reminder,
How scarce we've made ourselves.
Places to go
Thangs to do,
Mo thangs to occupy the time
Jan 5 · 460
Your beautiful.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I thought of moving there.
Closer to you.
For sure, sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow.
Sometimes I miss it.
This glorious overhead view.
A bucket list dream come true.
A place that takes my breath in slow pace.
I wanna go so bad.
This place of senrenity.
This place of peace.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I've been told Tuesdays aren't bad times to fly.
Head in the clouds.
The sunset of your eyes.
Discovering a love like yours.
Paradise in the blink of an eye.
For sure sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow
Jan 2 · 282
Balloon Head
In a moment I am high,
Head swollen
Lost in the clouds

Laughing, talking
Far from the fear that exists 
When you are away.
My head inflated by the same breath


in your presence.
These feelings dispersed by the taste of your lips.
Heaven but a breath away.
Lost in the sky with my giant head.

Love.. love... love love love
This rush of anticipation,

Not knowing what comes next 
Floating around with the largest smile.
The fear of falling miles away
Along with the feeling of being popped

among all things.
I've been taken by the whirlwind of your smile.

Below my body dangles,
My head perfect in your hands.
This simple pleasure visited &
Re-visited in the reflection of my eyes to yours.
Love.. love... love love love
The helium that keeps me afloat.
Love.. love... love love love

Your lips pressed to mine.
Without this taste of affection I'd surely die.
Love.. love... love love love 
But a breath away
At times I can be very indecisive.
One minute I can know exactly what I am doing.
Or know exactly what I want.
Then the next have no idea.
Especially having
All of my favorite things presented to me at once.
I admit.
It gets troublesome.
One decision seeming to be better than the next.
Venturing from one height to the next.
Each of my favorite things jumbled into one
big idea that seems to good to be true.
Eventually I make a decision
If by some chance I am dreaming don't pinch me.
Let me enjoy all of my favorite things in complete chaos.
While I pause for moments longer.
Taking in the sight of all my favorite things.
Stare back at me in contemplation.
While any and everything sounds good.
Long as I am with you everything gets that much better.
Knowing that all of my favorite things consist of you
Dec 2018 · 372
Paid Vacation
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
I adore you
More than I could have ever thought.
When time runs short & you have to go.
I say a prayer to myself, let us stay this way.
We have a lot in common and so much more to discover.
Regardless of what you tell me
You are all to perfect.
In times of anger I grit my teeth but look to you
for the same answers I seek.
The moments we lose sight of clarity and begin
to hate one another.
With you in my arms, only then are things clear.
The way you look at me.
The things we share.
Without doubt.
I have won an all expense paid vacation.
Every time you laugh.
Every time you smile.
The food I eat.
To everything I drink.
To see all of you even at times we become short at each other.
I am living my wildest dream
When I am with you
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
I love your eyes.
Wet, filled with desire.
I love them most when they stare back into mine.
Not a word needs to be said.
A breath between us two,
Each craving met, my eyes trailing yours.
The way they bend shut when your legs stretch out
and your arms wrap around me.
The natural curling of toes
When your eyes widen before closing tight.
I love looking into your eyes.
This feel good feeling that interrupts each kiss.
A gasp filled behind closed eyes.
A roaring ****** that rumbles behind them.
The arch felt across the small of your back.
Bridging the gap of a swaying bridge.
Your body in the comfort of my hands.
A soft kiss below your temple.
Welcoming your shyness.
Those eyes that follow the movement of your head.
I love the way you look at me and bite your bottom lip.
Welcoming the audience of my eyes.
Catching every glimpse,
Not a thought held back behind those eyes.
Our passion held between us two.
Lost in the rumble of how your body trembles.
Over and over,
Until your fast asleep
Dec 2018 · 237
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
I've dreamed of you
Eyes dressed in desire.
Above your head a halo.
Metallic and bronze.
Uniquely dressed.
A pair of wings from your back.
When I dream of you,
I dream standing up.
The sun envious of the warmth your cheek provides
The side of my face against yours.
Together we sore.
We sore through this vision where I have no fear of falling.
Knowing that if I should fall
You'd catch me before I hit the ground.
Your voice soft
Comforting me through the heights we ascend.
Our hands but a kiss away from heaven.
I've dreamed of you
Eyes dressed in desire.
With wings in mid flight
Our hands in one another.
You lift my spirits with the simplest of smiles.
Followed by the blessing of your presence
Dec 2018 · 276
Spread Your Love
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
You came into my heart &
Spread your love.
Your eyes pierced my soul.
You spread your love
All my time, all my attention yours.
You came into my heart
A star, bright and red hot
Briefly pausing.
The kindest hey, one of many twinkles.
My heart decorated with thoughts of you,
Your face the brightest light.
I melt in desire.
Lit by the touch of your hand
Borrowing you from the sky.
My heart but a passionate fire.
Trailed by a kiss
Your arms warm to the touch.
The way you look at me,
Searching for you amongst the stars
Your kiss still wet on my face
Dec 2018 · 566
Favorite Movie
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
We laughed
Scrolling through the new arrivals.
Bird Box, The Little Hours.
The last movie gone off.
Your head against my shoulder.
My head sunk in the curve of your hair.
The couch beneath us,
Critically acclaimed movies seen through one eye.
Peeking through spaces of hair.
To be honest.
None of the movies mattered.
Agreeing to disagree.
Our binge put on hold.
The attention put on you.
Being in your presence.
The way you say my name,
The way you stop and stare.
Our connection to movies
Old & new.
Easing into comfort,
Readjusting my body to see you better.
My head in your lap.
Conversation progressing.
All the favorite parts to my favorite movie in view
Dec 2018 · 441
Afraid To Fly
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
And when I look into your eyes
That smile gets me everytime.
Time seems to fly by.
Left standing, wondering what happened to the hours.
The minutes.
The rest of the world unknowing.
Causally walking.
Just as I,
Lost in the wake of your eyes.
This place hidden.
Beautiful and free.
Reflecting the angels that go unnoticed.
The rest of the world,
Afraid to fly
Dec 2018 · 169
With Lips Soft And Brown
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Seeing your face
Lips soft and brown.
When I see them
I've found a place I want to be.
A place I want to belong.
When I stare at them
I instantly hear your voice & I melt.
The pound of my heart intensifies.
Almost beating though my chest.
Anxious in desire.
A knock that signifies that I've thought about you.
Another knock that anxiously awaits you to open the door.
An invitation issued by passing eyes.
Glances that have kissed you a thousand times over.
To be the chapstick that shines when you reach in your pocket.
A desert in search of oasis,
To be the next phrase that slips through.
Unmarked by pause.
The thought of our eyes closed
The thought of a kiss that leads to packing everything I own.
Moving to the closest part of your face.
With lips soft and brown.
My heart steadily pounds.
Stopping at the leasing office.
Everything I own packed
Dec 2018 · 178
Let It Snow
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
On this precious day
May your smile shine bright.
The best of gifts-
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Mounds upon mounds.
What ever the weather.
The best of gifts wrapped not in paper,
Fancy knots or bows.
But of skin.
These happy memories one of many.
Full of footsteps & voices.
Good cheer but a candle.
Flickering against the shadows,
This precious day but a wick,
Dwindling in bright red.
I find much comfort in every thought.
Each kiss.
Snuggled warm and tight in the many memories soon to come.
The best gift.
Taken out the box bright for all to see.
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Let it snow
Dec 2018 · 381
Months Away
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Tonight of all nights.
I am here with you.
Clouds of smoke
Squeezed together in festive occasion.
Brown liquor,
Swallowed in warm smile
Lips a silky smooth.
You magically appear,
Gliding across the stage-
Short hair, diverse in curve.
Black dress,
Singer, songstress.
The maestra of all my desire,
At first everything was quiet
then you sing.
You sing this beautiful song.
Words filled with passion.
Raw, heartfelt.
Each word penetrating deep.
My soul, my very being
Leaving me.
Spiraling in urgent need,
This internal urge to jump out of my seat,
Pulled by the tug of your every word.
Vocalized by the depth of yours.
These words brought to life by your voice-
This beautiful voice.
This song highlighted,
The bright light shone against your head.
Short hair, diverse in curve.
Black dress,
One side longer than the other.
Singer, songstress.
The midnight of all my dream,
I came tonight just for the occasion.
My face bright red
Squeezed tight by fever.
The pull of your cigarette.
A residue of ash left of where I sat.
Every part of me gone with the flick of your wrist.
Tonight of all nights.
I am here with you.
The best of me lost among the crowd.
Scattered in a room of dark faces.
Squeezed together, Tight fitting building
Brown liquor,
Lips a silky smooth.
Tickets for the next show months away
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
Take Our Time
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Let's take our time
You & I,
Let's not complicate what we feel
The beat of your heart against me.
Unraveling in steady breath,
The places my tongue has tasted.
The nape of your neck,
To your pelvic throb.
Your eyes staring back into mine.
Time but a gasp,
Consumed in the kiss of your neck.
My reflection stares back from your eye.
Ascension of the most high.
Falling deeper & deeper inside of you.
Your legs ensuring that everything is felt.
The mattress supports us,
Lost in current after current of timeless bliss.
The sheets no longer pulled tight,
Half off the bed.
Pillows no longer nice,
The thoughts we keep of ourself.
Outside of me,
Inside of you.
Beckoning for more.
The rest of the world put on hold hours at a time.
Prolong every moment possible,
Enjoying each other
Dec 2018 · 305
Puppy Love
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Soon as I saw you
I began to follow.
Without regard of home,
regardless of how many steps
it took to keep up.
I can't exactly describe what it was.
It just felt natural,
to follow you.
My legs moving twice as fast
This need to fall in love in the palm of your hand.
I felt a sense of need.
An overwhelming sense to bump into your leg until you noticed
This piece of me that felt something was missing.
To follow your every command, be accepted as I am.
For now I am enjoying this stroll.
This trot hoping you'll notice everything I see when I look at you.
What ever you ask of me
My life made whole in a glimpse.
I don't know exactly what it was that made me follow you,
But I am glad I did.
Until I am old and gray.
I will always follow you
Dec 2018 · 371
Hot Chocolate
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
And it was one of those kind of days.
Enjoyment of the little things.
She filled both my hands.
My mind at ease,
She was very good at stuff like that.
Warm to the touch, my hands snug around her.
The way she smelled was life itself.
Flooding my nose with endless memory.
Deliciously swirled & tasted.
My insides fluttering in thought.
No longer empty but filled by anticipation.
This was the kind of weather she was made for.
Jeans, sweaters.
Lazy days to throw any old thing on and lounge around.
It was one of those kind of days she filled my mug,
My hands with hot chocolate.
Her being the very chocolate that warmed my soul

Of all things
Just because
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