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Megha Thakur Aug 12
For me, writing is
Expressing anything and everything in my own way....
With my heart and soul....
Without any manipulation....
Like the sun came up every morning with a new energy and his ray....
-Megha Thakur
Megha Thakur Aug 9
How hard it is,
To find peace.
Simple, as much as,
Feeling the fresh breeze.
-Megha Thakur
David ugwu May 22
Our call might end
Our time together,
Might end
But our tie
Like space and time
Will never end.
David ugwu May 8
The crazy things we did
The late nights we had
The days we shared
And the things we had
So real it was, it sparkled
So out of the world it seemed
And just like the movies looked
A reminiscence of the past
A reminder of what is
And a vision of what shall remain
To the special people who make us cherish the past and make us dream of what would be.
David ugwu Apr 15
Although harmless it appears
it remains the start of something new
And yet the end of something good

Powerless it seems
it remains the reason behind so many tears
Soothing to the ears they are
Yet heartbroken has it left many

We must always  remember the secret untold
Lest we forget its comforts
Which in dark times past have brought hope
A narrative telling  us the the secrets in words which has been neglected and how powerful words are; (could be the start and end of a war and at the same what we cling to in times of chaos.
pandya dhwani s Nov 2019
I know I am a little difficult to handle but I know you'll do it.
To the man, I haven't met yet.
I know admiring sunset will be more beautiful with you!
I know my complex thoughts will be a little easy for you to read.
I know waiting for you is worthwhile,
I know the time we'll meet will be Right time,
To the man, I haven't met yet!
-dhwani pandya .
Adarsh singh Apr 2019
i was earth,
and you were homosapien,
you came,
you used,
you destroyed,
and now,
you are probably going to leave.
-Homosapien by adarsh singh
Adarsh singh Apr 2019
Age 12,
not a single tension of this world,
standing at a standstill,
And shouting ,'**** the whole universe'

age 13,
failed first time,
everything was fine,
except my parent's pride,

age 14,failed again,
for my pride,
my mum made me change my school once again,
I didn't feed on sun,still for everyone I was an alien,
thanks to Harry, Ron and Hermoine,
I learnt friendship from a friendship which I never got,
thanks to J.K Rowling too,
she's the reason why these rhymes make much more sense to me than those value of pi's do,

age 15, failed once again,
but no worries,
cause I know I am going to change the game,
that doesn't mean I don't cry,
don't worry,
when someone asks me,
I never tell them 'why?'

I read Edgar Allan Poe to Dan brown,
did not leave even a single account,
but still the main question remains,
will these words going to take me somewhere,
or even anywhere else,
or I too, will became a 9 to 5 slave just like everyone else.

-my story by adarsh Singh.
Marie Mar 2019
I was wondering if after all
I've done to you,
You left me alone in the darkness side
Full of agony and suffering
The shimmering lights
You bestowed upon
Now, just a memoir in the past
I couldn't ponder, why-------
Why we end up in here?
I can't let you go
Until now, my heart keep chanting your name so loud
I've didn't done wrong
I don't broke the promise we bind
In the first place, you know
No words that can described,
How much I love you?
I'm going to be insane
Thinking, how I can fix everything?
I miss you **** much!
Please came back my dear!
Light me up.
Free me from this pain.
Marie Mar 2019
Crazy, that's what they think of me
I tend to laugh so hard
I coat my true feelings with a smile
Funny, coz they dont know how I turn my feelings into words.

Words woven with metaphorical phrase
A phrase that leaves them some illusion
Illusion that answers why poetry becomes my passion
Passion that I'll wouldn't leave for

Just judge every piece that I weave
It wouldn't matter to me that much
'Cause I'm just a penless poet
Who writes the thoughts that seize me all day long.
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