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And when you touch me
I feel a fire burn across my skin.
A touch that can only be described
As the fire I feel towards you.
A pain that isn't pain at all.
The warmth of something close as fire.
Traveling through every inch of skin.
My body open to the thrill of you.
The sensation of touching something hot,
To know lingering thrill.
Your presence always near.
A touch only described as the fire I feel towards you.
A pain that isn't pain at all.
My love for you.
A fire that rages on consumed with conquest.
And when you touch me
I feel a fire burn across my skin.
I explode in the look of look of your eyes.
No rain in sight to cool the feeling.
To yield unending blaze
There isn't a dollar amount
that can be placed on what we value most.

There isn't a store that can stock this particular package.
The inventory doesn't come close.

The smiles and memories we add to heart shaped trinkets.
The ones that crazily throb with each thought we keep of each other.

The dollar amount is insurmountable to the way I see you.
The traditional box of chocolates don't come close.

Your kiss sweeter than Hershey's & Reese's combined.
It is virtually impossible to prove worth with these store brought items.

The items we value most.
The items the store can't put a price on.
Cash back rewards are meaningless when each kiss adds further value
to the heart shaped trinkets that beat erratically when we think of each other.

There isn't a dollar amount
that can be placed on what we value most.

Your heart being the most valuable

Happy Valentines Day
My beautiful rose
My beautiful rose

As beautiful as the day is long,
No one knows why she blooms.
She blooms through the storm
whether the vase is ceramic or poreclin,
My beautiful rose.

She is most beautiful because she isn't an ordinary rose.
She finds the sun in any weather.
She says more than what a dozen roses can say.
My beautiful rose.

Beautiful as the day is long.

By chance if you find my beautiful rose.
Speak to her in a language she understands.
A language only the heart understands.

She uproots her self and spreads her heart.
Finding the sun in any weather.
No one knows why she blooms
But by chance you see my beautiful rose
You'd soon understand.
Why she blooms the way she does

Spreading her joy.
The way she blooms
If by chance you find my beautiful rose.
You'd know exactly why she is my beautiful rose
When I think of you.
The first thing that comes to mind is your smile.
I always find it at the most unexpected time.
Coming across it in a world where everything seems cold.
Although it's been a short time.
This smile of yours is selfless; kind, patient.
Although Valentine's Day is highly celebrated.
Out of three-hundred sixty-four days.
I hope that your able to smile your biggest smile.
On days when your schedule is full
On days when your tired and look forward to the minute you get to yourself.
When I think of you.
I hope that you are still courageous enough to turn that frown upside down
In a world where everything seems so cold,
You never know how big an impact you make,
With something as simple as a smile.
How fast time flies when your lips reveal this gift
that you constantly give
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Seeing your face
Lips soft and brown.
When I see them
I've found a place I want to be.
A place I want to belong.
When I stare at them
I instantly hear your voice & I melt.
The pound of my heart intensifies.
Almost beating though my chest.
Anxious in desire.
A knock that signifies that I've thought about you.
Another knock that anxiously awaits you to open the door.
An invitation issued by passing eyes.
Glances that have kissed you a thousand times over.
To be the chapstick that shines when you reach in your pocket.
A desert in search of oasis,
To be the next phrase that slips through.
Unmarked by pause.
The thought of our eyes closed
The thought of a kiss that leads to packing everything I own.
Moving to the closest part of your face.
With lips soft and brown.
My heart steadily pounds.
Stopping at the leasing office.
Everything I own packed
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
From the distance
I felt a kiss from you.
Brown lips dressed in strawberry glaze.
Butterscotch peaks,
Marshmallow swirls.
My day made bright in such taste.
Suddenly you don't seem far
Pretty lights and dark shadows fade.
Happy and full approach.
Suddenly I am alone with you.
My lips rush to tell
How much I've missed you.
******* in absolute happiness
The gap narrowing
My lips pressed against yours
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
Your lips are like home.
A place (always) with me,
No matter how far away.
When I kiss you.
I am to be found nowhere else.
Except what I've thought all day.

A place of warmth.
A place of comfort.
Your lips.
Where all of my favorite memories can be found.
Stretched out.
Your breath the clothes I slide in and out.
Your lips the only place that matters.
Your lips more that confirms that home is not a place.

A kiss that welcomes me with open affection.
All of my favorite things.
Soon to return.
Again & again
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
With the lines small in attendance.
We made haste,
Skipping to the front.
A ceremony of shoes,
moving inch by inch.
We felt like kids again.
Amusing ourselves before a rush of anxiety.
Being slung in the air.
Our hands and feet lifeless by our side.
Nothing but stretched nylon and belts keeping us in our seat.
The ****** of seeing her eyes light next to mine.
This was how I felt being by her side.
The anticipation of knowing that at any given moment.
A strange metamorphosis was bound to happen.
The simplest thing such as walking became that much enjoyable.
The endless patter of feet.
Pounding over and over.
Walking about,
Reviewing our love of food.
Funnel cakes, fried Oreo.
A festival of taste buds refined by hers.
An obese smile,
Both our stomachs full.
The anticipation of reaching our peak.
Let out as a loud yell, covered by the sound of laughing.
The sound of bells and dings.
Large to small plush bears & animals given to the winner of each game. 
Her being the best prize there.
Life size

— The End —