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Keiya Tasire Jun 9
Over the  mountains along the winding road
Crossing the distance
To the people of my heart
To hug you
To look into your  eyes
As you share your tales
Of challenges and joys.
I may not be there physically.
Yet I am with you
Always in  Spirit.
<3 u 8
I live a way from my family and there are days that I miss  my family a lot.
Madeleine Apr 7
My daughter
Why are you crying
I Am always with you
I could see your smile
For a single

I realized there are
A thousand little things
I would never change
About you
Chantell Wild Mar 22
I would climb walls
to get to you
mountains even
if that's what it took
to spend one more
moment with you
flower-color Feb 23
in between this time
there has been so much
and entirely nothing
boys, girls, tiers, and stormy butterflies

but still my mind wonders
ending up in memories of you
in daydreams and nightmares with you
still you are in my mind

i don't ask why
but im absolutely sure that
this is not good for me
the best and worst part of this is
i don't know how to stop myself
Sharmaine Jan 9
So cold but it felt so warm
Clear nightsky is coverd with stars
Simple conversation becomes special
And its all because I am with you.
East Wind Jan 10
I took a plane and a train to come find you.
you said "take a nap, we've got time"
and I said, "no thank you I'll stay awake,
lets take a walk instead."
six miles we went.
I, trying to avoid the jet lag
but really just scared that if I shut my eyes,
days will disappear like stars when night gives way to the day sky or
like warm cookies from a cookie jar.
You, laughing because you missed my laugh.
Later on,
As I sat in the metro
in a city I didn't know
trying to find my way back to your house
I wished I had the power to stretch a second into an hour
an hour into a day and a day into forever there with you!
caitlin Dec 2018
i like watching sunsets
but id rather share them with you
i like all my playlist
and now my songs remind me of you
i like being alone
but i’d rather be alone with you
East Wind Oct 2018
I wish I can turn a day into
forever there with you.
Time moves fast when you're having fun...and also when you get older.
Irene Poole Sep 2018
I think I’m angry
With you
The double dichotomy of words
Both with and at
All encompassing the ever growing redundancies of phrase upon fragile phrase
Hand upon hand
Your hand a sliver in my heart
It beats
Beats like a funeral drum as the fires and pyres are lit
Beats like fists on chests
A piercing war cry
“Cry for help,
No one will hear you” stuck in the quicksand
:a fly in honey:
“Oh honey what have you done?”
I think I’m angry
With you
I’m angrier without you
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