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Sep 1 · 245
Tia Sep 1
Isn’t that what we all do?
We’re okay but we don’t think so

Minds getting hazy
A little bit crazy
Should we ask maybes
Or should we just stop talking?

I’ve been having a lot of arguments
In my head
I don’t know whose currently winning

It’s lame
A big joke that we make
We act we’re okay
But inside our soul is dead

Do we really heal or do we conceal?
Does time really heal or we get better at faking?
Are we really here or were just asleep dreaming?
May 18 · 162
Suppressed Thoughts
Tia May 18
So many thoughts
has been suppressed
In fear of people
Who often misunderstood

Most of the times
Feeling like a hypocrite
For trying to understand
What’s behind of a facade

What is on the other side
What has been beyond the line
Without the intention to meddle
But always caught up in the middle
Jul 2020 · 136
Tia Jul 2020
I neither want to live nor die
And I don't want to lie
That **** scares me out
Knowing that I should be feeling either one

Have you ever felt that you don't care?
Not about the others but yourself
It's like you're just letting the water flow
Not minding if it leads you to a bay or your downfall

I feel quiet a bit adventurous
But I know these are dangerous
One wrong step would destroy me
in absolute pieces that you cannot count it

If it happens, it's okay I guess
I guess I just had to deal with the consequences
But is there even anything to fear?
I didn't even chose to live nor die, I just choose neither.
Apr 2020 · 188
I Fell
Tia Apr 2020
Let me paint you a picture
of how my heart was fractured
after you suddenly let go
while I'm tightly holding you

You left me with no goodbye
pushed me on the side
cut me off of your life
Now I doubt that my heart is still alive

Let me start with the blank canvass
Where you drew the night sky and the stars
Together with your promises and lies
As you avert your gaze to me and smile

You did it beautifully and gracefully
I kinda forgot how to breathe
for a moment as you lean
closer to pinch me on my cheek

Then you turn back to your art work
While I am here wondering what was that for
but my heart is happy I know for sure
so I didn't complain and let my head hung low

I was fidgeting my hands trying to calm
talking to myself to just breathe normal
asking my heart to please stop pounding
because I'm afraid you would hear it loudly beating

And then I started to panic
when you clasp your hand in mine
I started to hear my heartbeat in my ears
Then you dropped the bomb and I know my face turned white

Hopes and dreams are on the ground
along with it is my heart
and I can see it tearing apart
my legs getting weaker, I cannot stand

I fell
I actually fell with no one to catch me
I fell and you weren't there to catch me
I fell and I feel I'll be broken for an eternity
Feb 2020 · 146
Fear Is
Tia Feb 2020
Fear is
for the weak
who faced it
with shaking feet

Fear is
for the wanderer
who left their home
to find their soul

Fear is
for the unstable minds
that found courage
in a very unstable bridge

Fear is
for the brave
As they face it
Even though they are afraid

Fear is
a piece of cake
For them
who've been in hell

Fear is
for us to take
to summon the strength
we never felt
Jan 2020 · 193
Please Don't
Tia Jan 2020
How did it start?
When did everything started to fall apart?
How did we manage to get so far?
So far, like the unreachable star

Is this how it will end?
Our broken hearts not having time to mend?
Are we sure about the paths we're taking?
Or are you also hesitating to continue walking

You know sometimes I just want to ask
Even though it sounds like a heavy task
"Can we at least pretend everything is fine?
And if we can, let's try to salvage us at the same time"

This isn't about me being the dramatic that I am
This is me wanting to know if this is really the end
Because in me, there's a hope that we still can
It's still waiting, hiding in its den

I sound pathetic don't I?
But we're hanging by a thread and I don't want this to die
I still want another moment of you and I
But if you don't, just please don't lie
Dec 2019 · 147
The Last
Tia Dec 2019
The last thing that I want to do
Is to think of you
Again and again and again
But I just can't help myself often

The last person that I want to see
Is you being near to me
But just like how I dream at night
I want you by my side with your hand in mine

The last sound that I want to hear
Is your voice ringing in my ear
just like how I hate every high pitched sound
But still I go crazy when I hear it around

The last emotion that I want to feel
Was when you left my heart broken and unhealed
I know how much it hurts and how it can be painful
But still I wanna love you like you love me too for real
Nov 2019 · 143
Tia Nov 2019
It shouldn't matter if you're covered in fats
It shouldn't matter if your bones almost pop out
It shouldn't matter if your height is too short
It shouldn't matter if your height is a tower straight

The color of your skin should not be the basis
It must not be a bother what ever your race is
The language you speak must not be seen as a joke
The culture you're in shouldn't be hidden under a rock

We all complain about equality
We all ask for even judgement from the society
But what we want is for those eyes to only see
What we can offer best and not our imperfections and weakness

What we needed is to embrace ourselves
From flaws and imperfections
From incompleteness and being hollow
To the greatest things we do and know
Oct 2019 · 170
Dead but Breathing
Tia Oct 2019
Have you ever had a bad dream?
Or a nightmare but you don't feel like it?
Something that feels more like a bad memory
But instead it is appearing in your sleep with someone else

It's like a deja vu of the past
But with people of the present
And when you wake up
You feel like you're being squished by a truck

It's scary.
Too scary and exhausting
As you cannot get out of bed
Because you're feeling tired, scared and paralyzed

And then you wanted to do something but you feel too weak to move
You feel glued to the bed while sweating beads
Your mind running thousands of thoughts
Your eyes fixed at the ceiling while thinking

Eyes not averting nor closing
because if you look at your surroundings
You know you're surrounded by darkness
And if you close them, you see the bad dream

It's like you're being trapped
Without you realizing
So you end up not moving
Like you're dead but still breathing
Mar 2019 · 256
Love Receipt
Tia Mar 2019
I don't know but I kinda forgot myself
I don't know but I kinda don't know what's left
I don't know but I think this is some kind of factory reset?
I don't know but maybe this is something like a love receipt

You see? I was lost when you left me
just like before nothing matters, just you and me
The only difference is now the nothing that matters is me
No I don't feel sad, I just feel empty

Because when you told me that you're planning to stay
I'm already thinking ahead of the bills that we need to pay
I already saw us argue over what to cook for lunch and dinner
What to do tomorrow, what color of shirt to wear

I was black but you were all the colors
I was the sky while you are the clouds
I was the post and you were the lamp
But I realized I'm just a trend and you are a follower

I thought I highlighted your colors and yes I did but just your true color
I  thought that we're fit and we could make it work
But no I can't make you shine and you can't even shout "she's mine"
But it's okay, I understand that I'm tough and it was just a "challenge accepted "

Don't worry about this love receipt
It's fine, I had the choice to throw it but I decided to keep it
Well just in case that you come back to ask for satisfaction rate
I could show it and maybe ask for refund or in front of you maybe I could rip it
Dec 2018 · 699
I Loved You
Tia Dec 2018
I didn't loved you
because you told me so
I didn't loved you
So you can hear I love you too

I didn't loved you
because I needed you
Nor did I loved you
because I wanted you

I loved you
The moment you understood my brain and my pain
I loved you
The moment you watched the night sky and the stars with me

I loved you
When you said you'll never leave
I loved you
When you said you'll always be here

I loved you
When I saw you looked up and  and stare at the moon
I loved you
When under the moonlight you held my hand

I loved you
When you swore a little too much
I loved you
When your brows are drawing a straight line

I loved you
The moment you showed me your soul
I loved you
The moment I felt that I am in love with you

I loved you
Even though I don't know if you did too
I loved you
Even though I don't know if yours was true

I loved you
Even though I don't know your truths
I loved you
Even though I realized you don't feel the same too

I was a fool
Not listening to my mind
I was a fool
Thinking that you'll be mine

I was a fool
Believing your made up story
I was a fool
I forgot you're a real writer of stories

But yet
I didn't put a thought on it
But yet
I still continued ignoring it

Because I loved you
Not because you made me
But because I fell in love with you
And I chose to love you
Nov 2018 · 214
Mask of Happiness
Tia Nov 2018
You have that bright smiles
And your loud laughs
You show your wonderful mood
And your oh so joyful eyes

But behind of all of that
You are really not
Truth is you are scared
Feeling hopeless and hurt

So can you pull that mask off?
That mask! That mask you are wearing
That mask! That mask of happiness
Happiness you are showing us

Will you let us know?
Know those thoughts?
Those thoughts that hurts you
Those thoughts that haunts you

Please let us know, let us see
Let us feel your pain
Because what all of us knew is your mask
Your mask of happiness
I lied in front of the class when I was in College. I lied in front of the class when I said the poem that I wrote was about a friend. I lied when I told them it wasn't me.
Tia Oct 2018
Where are you when it's dark?
When it's hard to take what they bark
When I needed to breathe my deserved air
When in their eyes I feel so naked, so bare

I wanted to know you ever since
Ever since everything knocked me down and made  some sense
But yet you were nowhere to be found
You weren't there, you left me behind

Was this your natural nature?
To not show up even if everything is so hard to endure?
To let me be dragged and lay on the floor?
To let me be drowned on my sea of failure?

You kept running away
Leaving me to doubt myself when I fail
Putting me in the box with couple of locks
Caging me with no escape luck
Finished in June of 2018.
Oct 2018 · 470
Tia Oct 2018
I'm losing her
The her who used to smile
The girl who is full of joy
The woman who used to be happy

She's beginning to lose herself
The one who used to have loads of positivity
The lady who was good at everything
The she who loved to be challenged

She's getting afraid
Starting to hide at the dark
Wanting to just give up
Letting fear eat her up

She's getting tired
Tired of fighting back
Tired of overcoming things
Tired of everything

I'm losing her
The her who radiates
The her who wants to be strong everyday
The her who hates to lose

I'm losing her already
The girl who used to be happy
The girl who just want to be happy
I'm losing her, I'm losing her to sadness
Sep 2018 · 330
Not to Love You
Tia Sep 2018
I'm having the same fear again
But yet I don't wanna be comforted
I'm experiencing the same thing again
But yet I don't want you to see me uncollected

I'm having the same heavy breathings again
But yet I don't want you to know how I am unhealed
I'm having the same dreams again
But yet I don't want to tell you in those dreams you visited

I'm standing on the same spot again
But yet I don't want to inform you that even a little I didn't moved
I'm having ghosts of my feelings again
But yet I want to show you to forget is what I tried

It's *******!
******* that I'm in the same mess
It's *******!
******* that I'm in the same madness

It's *******!
******* that I have the same tears!
It's *******!
******* that now I'm looking for the same beer!

Do you know how?
How hard is it not to think of you?
Do you know how?
How I tried to tell my heart not to beat for you?

Do you know how?
How I'm trying to get you off my mind?
Do you know how?
How I'm doing my best not to see you in the crowd?

Do you know how?
How hard I tried to ignore the fact that I miss you?
Do you know how?
How it hurts to force myself not to love you.
When you're trying so hard but it's not enough to make the feelings disappear.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
The Great Wall
Tia Aug 2018
Because in me, there is a wall higher than China's
That I promised no one can get in even if they try hard
It's unbreakable even by the titans
It is made of solid rocks strengthened by thousands of emotions

Years and years of building
Years and years of protecting
Years and years of guarding
And now the heart inside is becoming empty and lonely
Jul 2018 · 239
Dear Mom
Tia Jul 2018
I fell in love
and told you nothing
Because I was afraid of what might happen

Sorry I didn't say anything
I was so caught up with everything
And now I can't get my self to talking

I'm getting scared
I am still feeling the pain
And I just want it to go away

I know this was my fault
I should have made a second thought
Then I might have prevented this broken heart

Please turn off the lights
Don't initiate a fight
I wouldn't listen even if you're right

I really want to take away the pain
Just for now can I be mean?
Or just walk underneath the rain?

Do you think I'm gonna be okay?
Do you think I could take the pain away?
Do you think I can be back to the same me again?
Jun 2018 · 283
The Saddest Part
Tia Jun 2018
The saddest part is telling you I'm fine
The saddest part is when I can't look into your eyes
The saddest part is me believing it's alright
The saddest part is I can't state what's been on my mind

The hardest thing was not remembering
Cause in my mind, it's all over, they are swirling
It's here and there and I've been trying
Trying so hard to get them off but I can't stop thinking

The most painful is me still holding
Still trying to save what's left but there's nothing
Letting my mind assume that we can go back to the beginning
But I also knew that we can't because the story's end is nearing

The most painful sight is you too is hurting
But we're left no choice we aren't for each other's loving
You are the Sun that shines in the morning
While I am the Moon that hovers darkness in the evening

And the saddest part, the saddest part is me telling you lies
That I'm not hurting, I didn't cry
Not a river when I lay at night
That I am happy and fine and I don't mind
Jun 2018 · 219
On My Way Home
Tia Jun 2018
Tonight, I would like to feel the pain
While my eyes cry like a heavy rain
In the middle of the night
Wherein I'm closing all the lights

I'd be going back to the first thing
When everything is fine all is smiling
When my mind is just in peace resting
When nothing breaks my heart, it was the last thing

Then I'd be thinking of the memories
When there is only happiness
When things aren't burning
When hearts aren't hurting

Tonight, I'd be on my way home
In the arms of the only one I know
With the sincerest embrace I will ever have
With the sweetest kiss that I always loved

Tonight, I'd be home finally
Going back to the presence of lonely
Coming home to the hugs of sadness
Kissing the lips of unhappiness
Jun 2018 · 264
Understanding Love
Tia Jun 2018
I am so confused on how does love works
Even if I thought of it hard
I still go back in the old definitions and words
But nothing really sunk in my mind

How do we fall for someone?
It's as complicated as finding the right rhyme
It must feel right, good, perfect
Perfect to be in a poem to make meanings

But then, not everything rhymes
Not all is meant to sound nice
But yet they can put meaning to it
And make the imperfect perfect

Opposite attracts, Like poles repel
That's the science law
But then same feather flocks together
That's what philosophers said

You see?
Understanding love is more complicated than science and math
It couldn't be solved by any formula just like that
There's no wise mind, no genius, no protege

We became fools because of it
Weak and vulnerable because of it
Stupid and **** because of it
All of this for something we can't even define

Love is love
Love is happy
Love is pain
Love is you

But we all contradict these when the rollercoaster started
When things go up, down, upside down
Trying to shake you and see how far you can last
How long will you be able to hold
We knew it but we're still confused right? You with me on this?
Mar 2018 · 228
To My Future Someone
Tia Mar 2018
To my future someone
Touch me
Caress my cheeks
I'll lean to it
Assure you I'm liking it

To my future someone
Embrace me
Lock me up in your arms
I'll tell you
I like how your arms wrapped around in me

To my future someone
Kiss me
Put your lips in my forehead
I'll smile
With contentment and happiness

To my future someone
Cuddle me
Put my head against your chest
I'll hold on tight
Draw patterns against your skin

To my future someone
Tell me you love me
Every night before we go to sleep
I'll say it back
With all the love I have for you
Jan 2018 · 245
I Do
Tia Jan 2018
I watched as they kissed
Like people in love
They understand ones movement

I cry as they cry
Pouring out emotions
While one hugging the other

I got lost as they do
In their little world
Where nothing matters just them two

I smile as they smile
Seeing that tug on the corner of their lips
Wide up to their ears

I threw a fit as they argue
On the littlest things
To the biggest matters

But I love it when they make up
Fixing things like the adults
And act like teenagers over again

I saw it all
Their growing love
Pouring like a waterfall

I felt it too
The feeling of love
Radiating from them

Sick in love
But will never get sick
To be with one another

They come back to the arms each other
And knew they'll say I do sooner or later
To promise a love that will last forever
Jan 2018 · 516
You Won
Tia Jan 2018
Facts are my basis
Life isn't full of roses and daisies
You are your own racist
You belittle yourself's abilities

Throw away the pain
Open your door, dance in the rain
Your abilities are the strength you gain
You just need to put that in your brain

Appreciate yourself you have beauty
Trust yourself, you can get through seas that was stormy
Wave your flag after you crossed the unstable bridge
Then get back on the ground, kneel to thank God

Sing that song say 'I will survive! "
Believe in yourself you'll make it out alive
Repeat this cycle of life while holding yourself tight
Then next thing you knew you won already with all your might
For 2018
Dec 2017 · 334
Mind Game
Tia Dec 2017
Tik tok, tik tok, clock is ticking like a rewind
Eyes going from left to right I wanna do what's on my mind
I am busy playing the blade on my hand
But yet I still need strength which I cannot find

Red drops, black dots
I only have stupid thoughts
I know things will only end in one way
Either I reach my end or I end this mind game

Oooops, the shiny metal slipped
It fell, fell out of my grip
Like how my mind fell out of sanity
But nope, I'm not going to be forever crazy

Tada mama! You see I'm smiling like the old times?
It was hard to create this but I manage to put this mask
Isn't it beautiful?
I put too much effort to make it wonderful, make it colorful

Now no one is gonna discover
That deep inside I wanna cut and go for a lifetime slumber
That I almost tried to end it the other way
That I almost gave in to lose my own game
Dec 2017 · 545
Queen of this Hall
Tia Dec 2017
I am not going to fall even if things crumble
I'll make my way up and tower them all
I will not stumble, crawl or roll
I'm gonna show you, I'm the queen of this hall

I know you like the back of my hand
And I'll track you until you're out of my mind
I'll show you I can handle and drive my life
Without you squeezing my neck with a knife

I'll give you a big and loud slow clap
For trying to ruin me with your crap
But no, no, no you little wittle, you fell on my trap
And right now it's not me but you on my grasp

How does it feel?
To question yourself when would you heal?
To feel like you're forever living in fear
To think that you're better off in a coffin
This is for those who have Anxiety and Depression. Show it to that imaginary person who keeps on controlling you to hate yourself that you can do better.
Dec 2017 · 468
Damn Liquid
Tia Dec 2017
Heart crushed
Jaws clenched
Balled up fists
I feel like I'm on too much risk

I love you
But I want to hate you
Leave my town
Give back my heart before it crashes on the ground

Here it goes again
The liquid of my pain
Going down
Down, down, I'm done

**** liquid!
Why don't you just let me be happy?!
I let you go already!
Why don't you just let me?!

I'm done with you
Stop already
I'm so done with you
Let me be happy
Dec 2017 · 445
Your Eyes
Tia Dec 2017
Eyes made of galaxies
Colors radiating like sunrise in the morning
Giving me a vibe of a new beginning
Telling me those untold hopeful stories

How can you shine in the darkest alley?
How can you relive a dead lady?
Your eyes that couldn't lie gives me life
Your eyes, your eyes kept me alive

One look at my eyes and you read my mind
One glance at my soul and my heart pumps blood
One stare from you and I am hypnotized
Hypnotized to work all day even if I'm drained

Your eyes does all of these
It has magic, it casts spells
And I am someone willing to submit
Because you are my only reason to still breathe
Let's appreciate how transparent and secretive the eyes of someone could be. Sooo powerful.
Dec 2017 · 1.1k
For Once
Tia Dec 2017
For once give me a good lie
Tell me you love me
Tell me I'm worth your while
Tell me you appreciate me

For once give me a reason to breathe
Tell me I should go on
Tell me things are worth the wait
Tell me you'll support me 'til the end

For once comfort me in your arms
Tell me everything will be alright
Tell me I'm going to be fine
Tell me you'll hold me tight

For once make me feel I'm not wrong
Tell me sweet nothings and such
Tell me things that I longed
Tell me my heart is on the right track

For once, just for once
Tell me what I needed to hear
Tell me lies to make my heart heal
Tell me words that would change what I feel
We all been desperate like this right?
Dec 2017 · 341
Tia Dec 2017
I give up on asking for your forgiveness
If you'll just make me feel less and less
You don't deserve such kindness
You should not drag me into your mess

I'm sorry I lost my patience
That I awoken and came to my senses
That between you and I
I'm the one who is to die

From all of your stupid lies
Lies I believed and relied
I'm such an idiot I got blind
from my love and ignored my mind

I should have been wiser
I should have been smarter
I should have known you're a player
I should have known you're a gamer

You kept on blaming all of it to me
You kept on saying it was me
You kept on making me believe I am the problem
You kept on lying to me now it's proven

It wasn't me who's at fault
It's you! You are the ****
Now you can't deceive me like the old times
I'm now awake and back to my ******* senses
This is for those who got blamed on their relationships. Wake up boo.
Dec 2017 · 576
Life Before Death
Tia Dec 2017
Have you ever?
Ever imagined yourself six feet under,
With no light coming from the outside,
With nothing but soil around your last ride,

You saw it coming,
You knew it will be the same ending,
For you, for I, them, him and her,
There's no escape even if you tried harder,

You wasted a day, a month, a year,
Not doing the thing you wanted forever,
Now you regret not doing what might have made you happier,
What might have made you live greater, healthier, longer,

You once have your time in your hands,
But you toyed it uselessly in your palms,
And realizing all of these makes you want to go back,
In that particular time when you still have all the lux,

Luxury to live, laugh and love,
To be happy, lonely and wise,
You made a fool out of yourself,
Spending all you have into a hell disguised as heaven,

Maybe it's true, maybe, maybe what they say is true,
Everything comes flashing back before everything ended for you,
The only happy memories you made, people you loved and hurt,
The people you did not forgave, the people you should have mended.

This is the life before death,
The life I don't want you to meet,
The life, the life you shouldn't kiss.
Nov 2017 · 433
Tia Nov 2017
Drunk state
Sober mind
Twisted tongue
Honest words

Stumbling and rambling
Unfiltered sentences
Stuttering mess
Confessions of true emotions

How I love the drunk state
It's just me and my honesty
My lips taking in liquids
My lips spitting out true feelings

There's no don'ts
There's no what ifs
There's no hesitations
There's no taking back

There's no limit
On what should I say
On what can I say
On what I must say

I just wanna be drunk
Drunk to say things
Drunk to tell you this
Drunk till I fell asleep
Nov 2017 · 435
Little Paradise
Tia Nov 2017
While they are all travelling
I am here stuck in my own daydream
In places they have never been
In a paradise only my eyes have seen

I've been in a lot of places
I even travelled the universe
I've travelled to the future and past
I've slowed down the time from being fast

I met the people I always admire
We all hugged as we smile
They gave me advice on how to live life
They told me how should I fight

My sweet little paradise
The reason why I still try
To continue my journey in this mad world
To accept whatever tomorrow is up for.
Nov 2017 · 488
The Court's Order
Tia Nov 2017
She never really get to tell what she wanted to
No one wants to hear the rants of the girl who stares at the moon
People are scared to break her walls to see the other side
Little did they know she's more scared if they did see what's inside

Before she even speak they already covered their ears
Before she even walked they already pried her off their ways
Before she even see they already blinded her eyes
Before she even, before she even

Tug, tug, tug, there's the court's order
She is sentenced to be imprisoned in her own border
With nothing but herself which is already bare
With nothing but glares, with no one to care

The crowd is yelling, chanting, screaming in joy
Pumping fists in the air, happy like they had their favorite toy
They judged her already, decided not to hear her out
Decided not to give her chance, decided not to shed her some light

The court's order from those who thinks they are in power
The court's order for those who believes it can save them from danger
The court's order to those innocent people who's the true victim of ******
The court's order which no one can oppose, everyone fears
Nov 2017 · 519
Tia Nov 2017
I have too many words to say
And I just want us to be friends and play
I'll share with you my lots of chocolates
From my mom out of the country working so late

I want her here to take care of me
But instead she's out there taking care of another baby
She can't play with me I feel so lonely
And I wanna ask if you could maybe a bit make me happy

I'm sorry I can't say these to you
I wanted to, I really really do
I want you to hear me I even want to hear my own voice
I want to say we can share my things, play my toys

Maybe next time you'll accept my offer
Maybe you'll like to have a piece of my burger
Maybe we'll do those bestfriends twinning
Maybe we can be out playing and running
This is for that kid who cannot talk and wanted to play with the little girl. But the girl declined her offer because she can't talk. I just tried to put myself in her situation. This is basically Her Story.
Nov 2017 · 375
Self Definition of Love
Tia Nov 2017
Is not judging the people you love.

It's not telling them what they are but discovering things about them and accepting every millimeter of it.

It's making them live the life they wanted and support them in any way possible.

It is indeed investing every single thing you have. Time, trust, efforts, money, happiness, your body and soul, patience and a lot of many things.

It is getting into an argument with them then make up after you both realize you were both wrong even though you know you were right.

It is apologizing for a mistake that you never did but you'll say sorry by the way.

It is being comfortable with them even in the most awkward moments.

It is when the time seems to slow down and picks up its pace whenever you are together.

It was never forcing them to do or tell you things but wait patiently even if you think it takes forever.

It is appreciating every perfect imperfections they have.

It is living the future and not the things that must be left behind.

It is putting on all your trust in their hand and know that they will never drop it.

Sure they might hold it loosely or tightly sometimes that it will hurt, but you knew they will not let it go and you can assure them that you'll do the same.

And it is being with each other laughing your ***** off, falling your faces, getting annoyed at something together and so on.

It is making your hearts have a synchronized rhythm.
And here I am telling you what is love when I'm another oblivious kid was never in a relationship. Pardon me. Lol
Nov 2017 · 634
Tia Nov 2017
You shouldn't care what they believe,
You have your own beautiful life to live,
Don't imitate them and be hypocrite,
Make your own path if you feel you don't fit,

Let them call you a freak for being stupid and weird,
Then slap them with the fact that they can't be you even if they bleed,
**** them with kindness as Selena would sing,
Then let you be their flashlight like Jessie would bring,

Stop being torn apart don't hurt yourself,
Be a thorn of their rose that if they held wrong they would yelp,
Don't be as broke as you think you were before,
Make up your mind it's just an illusion of yours,

Flip your hair and dance you are a queen,
Make your song that you'd sing to them,
Write your book that generations would read,
Wear your crown show them how a woman should be.

— The End —