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Brumous Apr 21
What's the difference between man and woman?
When all there is---mistakes and clichéd mottos
We failed to fully respect each other,
and just disguised ourselves as gods

instead of being human
Yes, some live in a corrupt society.
Words' Worth May 2020
If you believe
In yourself
Flip a coin

Stay out of jail
If it says heads
You're dead

If it says tails
You have made it
You made bail

Flip the coin again
Because the world don't give chances to cons
Jail is safe
Satirical one.
Traveler Mar 2020
The bottom has falling out
Levitation is a must
I collect my abilities
Disability was just a crutch

Retired warrior conditions
A construct of altered cognition
We all grudge the *****
Why else would we put hope
In our metaphysical
Poetic encryption's
I assure you
It is all merely mind over matter
Surely a little bit older
And of course a bit fatter
But levitation, I'll have at her!!
Traveler Tim
Gods1son Sep 2018
Once again, I allowed fear cage me in
Lights out
I was pulling my hair out
Another opportunity missed out

Lost in my thoughts
Controversy going on inside of me
Fear vs my abilities
It was a tough one, I could tell by the way I was perspiring

My abilities took shots at fear
Fear backed out
Looking forward to the next opportunity
I know fear will try to resurface
I will use it as a means of propelling!
Tia Jan 2018
Facts are my basis
Life isn't full of roses and daisies
You are your own racist
You belittle yourself's abilities

Throw away the pain
Open your door, dance in the rain
Your abilities are the strength you gain
You just need to put that in your brain

Appreciate yourself you have beauty
Trust yourself, you can get through seas that was stormy
Wave your flag after you crossed the unstable bridge
Then get back on the ground, kneel to thank God

Sing that song say 'I will survive! "
Believe in yourself you'll make it out alive
Repeat this cycle of life while holding yourself tight
Then next thing you knew you won already with all your might
For 2018
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Do you know how beautifully you get all of me?
Every feeling and the pain you get them too obviously,
As much obvious like the universal truth of sun rises from the East,
Many times it gets harder to know how I feel,
But you already know what is going on in this deep sea,
Deep sea made of billions of thoughts in it,
I know your situations your endless beautiful deeds of too,
I know am a fool everyday either directly or indirectly I've hurted you,
If you hurted me ever I don't think so you did,
Then it couldn't be you it could have be me,
I can't even say sorry for most of them you know ?
Because you just forgivie me before releasing what I did though,
I know I should have known of  my limits and revised them ,
But it gets harder to do it when I see your deep dark pupils; Every strength for denial that I feel something I lost strength,
And I know you care for me so much and adore too,
You do many things I am not able to thank you,
I used to say it's just time am trying to be humble ,
But you do all of kindness without even thinking how bad or good it can end or situations can stumble,
It shows the purity of heart ,
This is the one of the most aprreicable thing I noticed from start,
Words won't end that easily so I have to made them,
Don't worry I won't waste them,
Stacking up all your expectations,
Just relax am alright I'll deal with this hurricane with  all possible cautions.
Clive Blake Sep 2017
Don’t see only our disabilit-ease,
Don’t deny us basic facilit-ease,
Don’t ignore our many abilit-ease,
Don’t compound our varied difficult-ease,
Deal head-on with the harsh realit-ease.

You never know what life has in store,
You may fall one day and rise no more,
You may join our ranks, afraid, unsure,
You may write words to plead; implore.

We are not an alien race,
We have a voice, we have a face,
We have our part to play; a place.

Let us join life’s lively dance,
Let us have an equal chance.

Shane Leigh Jul 2017
An extremely intelligent man with hordes and hordes of books; books upon books upon shelves – oh, endless shelves. Whatever the matter of his genius abilities, he is rather, let's say, naive. He often spends nights alone in the comforts of his dark den with nothing but his prizes to keep him company. Oh Jonathan, you lonely man: what is to become of your vast capabilities?

Will you build planes like you had as a child and flaunt them to your parents? Will you remain alone in your den – a room full of endless, lonely, dark, and quiet company – surrounded by your hordes of books and shelves? Full, but empty, shelves … Each space occupied by a semblance of papers … and more books.
© Shane Leigh
You can either take a photo or shoot a video.
A Photo reminds you of the past and makes you wish time had stayed frozen. A Video lets you relive a moment, fulfilling your need to stay young and to be lost in an endless loop of memories.
I find that fear
is just as delicate
as hope.
It comes and goes.
Leaves an effect.
It is amazing their
abilities to conquer
or overcome.
They can change
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