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Today I can write the saddest poem,
like a beautiful birthday cake cut into pieces
or a candle that is blown out after a wish is read
or people congratulating you
on all the achievements
that you have persisted
until now in your growing age.

Today I can write the saddest poem,
but not about my birthday,
but about the days,
about the months,
about the years,
that I've been through,
everything was happy,
yes I am very happy.
Indonesia, 18th June 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
You were the purest savoir from that forgotten night, the saddest sight, is that of fractured light.
Eloisa Apr 2020
Longer sleepless evenings
Humid, dark, and bleak
Serene and sorrowful homes
Blossoming sakura trees weep
With heavyhearted lonely buds
Spring, unforgettable saddest spring
Trees not lovelier and so are fields
Nor the day more delightful than the evening
These unhappy blooms in pink
Signal a different kind of grief
Sakura  (cherry blossoms) are constantly cited as the most recognizable sign of spring in Japan. When trees all over the country burst into breathtakingly beautiful clusters of pink flowers right about the time it gets warm enough, people  yearly go outside to enjoy. Blooming of the sakura is a beautiful  gift from mother nature, hanami (sakura viewing) is done by many people in spring.  But due to COVID-19 pandemic, parks right now are being closed to avoid more transmission of SARSCoV2.
Ghostt Apr 2020
i could see heaven in your eyes
the saddest sun will rise
a forever we may be
if only your eyes could see
lips as soft cream
touch so gentle at the seam
i wonder if you could love me
cause when i look at you i see the sea
Could it be?
Maybe meant to be
colette alexia Apr 2020
If I could write you a letter
It would go something like this
I hope this letter finds you well
I truly hope you're finding bliss

Wrapped in a million other feelings, still my love for you exists
Among other things, it's being in your arms that I miss
How they used to comfort me
When we weren't separated by distance

It seems fitting that the last time I saw you was in an airport
The place where we had already shed so many tears before
But this goodbye was different
And I felt it in my core

I think that's why I cried for an hour
Sitting in your car
I could tell that when you said we'd be alright
Even you weren't really sure

As you wiped my tears away, I knew you didn't want to stay
It took you another month to admit it
But you eventually said the same
I lie awake sometimes thinking of other things I wish you'd say

"I still love you."
"I still want you."
"I'm sorry that I caused you all this pain."
Words I'll never hear and that has to be okay
larni Feb 2019
the saddest thing about our story is that we could have made it work.
if you cared about me like i cared about you, you would have fought for me.
but you didn’t.
it’s so clear.
i was right every time that i told you i loved you more.
you always denied it and said you love me more, but i guess now we know.
Tia Jun 2018
The saddest part is telling you I'm fine
The saddest part is when I can't look into your eyes
The saddest part is me believing it's alright
The saddest part is I can't state what's been on my mind

The hardest thing was not remembering
Cause in my mind, it's all over, they are swirling
It's here and there and I've been trying
Trying so hard to get them off but I can't stop thinking

The most painful is me still holding
Still trying to save what's left but there's nothing
Letting my mind assume that we can go back to the beginning
But I also knew that we can't because the story's end is nearing

The most painful sight is you too is hurting
But we're left no choice we aren't for each other's loving
You are the Sun that shines in the morning
While I am the Moon that hovers darkness in the evening

And the saddest part, the saddest part is me telling you lies
That I'm not hurting, I didn't cry
Not a river when I lay at night
That I am happy and fine and I don't mind
Miguel Nino R Jan 2018
Did you know you broke my heart?
Without even say a single word
But just the way we fell apart
It felt like they **** you with a sword

I believed I was by your side
When you told me your dream so shameless
Even if we’re as different as day and night
I wanted to insist this would be endless

I agree all the blame is mine
For not having realized I was wrong
All was so clear but I was blind
Thinking in the things we could’ve done

Did you know you broke my heart?
And I blamed you all this time
Well, here comes the saddest part
I still can’t get you out of my mind
Barker Sep 2017
The saddest thing that I've seen in my life
Is seeing someone who used to care
Not care anymore and accept the position they're in
Erin Nicole Jan 2017
The loneliest people are the kindest, The saddest people smile the brightest, the most damaged people are the weirdest... all because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer the same as they did.
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