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Z Sep 2020
i pull away
i don't know what to say,
it's too familiar
my apprehension
at simple questions,
at gentle whispers

we'd spend our evenings
chasing feelings
we'd try to capture
by those lattice lies
we manufactured

but i can't talk
i missed so many calls
and i can't think
i just can't get involved

i'm on a break, i just can't take this,
i'm suspending consciousness
my reality
has lost all consonance

but, oh,
there's nothing much i miss
and, oh,
i just wanna stay like this
Aylin Chavez Jan 2020
Beaming within the royal
You hypnotized me
To take me to the rooftop
Where we bore within our fate

The midnight heavens was dense
And you grasped my palm
To perceive my covet  
But no stars lived to radiate  

Bitter wind swirled around, opposing one
You yanked me tighter in
For the world all over me to be paused  
I only wish sorrows were given

With a snap of realism
You let me plummet
To observe how far I’ll tumble
And your royal eyes perished
Erian Rose Oct 2019
The moon danced on our fingertips
Clenched in our fists
If it wasn’t for this
I’d be hypnotized by your kiss
Jules Oct 2019
I saw you today
The room froze
A held breath
A skipped heartbeat
A smile that hypnotized me
Cardboard-Jones Jul 2019
Underneath the clouds
But stumbling above the ground.
I quietly shout
What’s keeping me around?
What keeps me silhouetted in the background
Of your fickle heart and your crown?

When I open my eyes,
A blurry masquerade of a reality unmade.
I can’t tell if I’m awake.
And I can’t tell if I made a mistake.
I’m putty in your hand
At home with the ******.

I can’t tell if I’m awake.
And I can’t tell if I made a mistake.
And I can’t tell if I’m insane.
Hypnagogia is the transitional phase between wakefulness and sleep.
Penguin Poems Jun 2019
did you ever believe me?
when I told you I cared?
did you ever realize?
how much I was scared?
of losing you, of never having you

did you ever love me?
in the way I loved you?
did you ever mean it?
when you said “of course I do”?
think I lost you— or never even had you

did you ever care?
or were you too selfish?
were you ever scared?
or even jealous?
you knew you’d never lose me; you always had me.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
You on my mind

Your uniquely beautiful eyes are a perfect azure.
You are pure of heart and so serene to be sure.
My love grows for you as every hour goes by;
Continuously moving forward towards you, my alluring light.

As you stare deep into my soul, I am left helpless.
You are becoming a part of me that I cannot live without.
You leave me feeling like I can only ever be selfless,
Because all you give to me, changes me and I am left to renounce,
Every dream I ever had, because I never knew you before now.
Your wishes have become my only desires;
I do not matter to me anyhow…

So willingly I fall before you, I am humbled by your beauty.
I am yours to choose, or lose willingly.
As you lick your lips, I take in a deep breath;
Your sultry dance moves all around me and I am left in a mess.
Fixated on you, I cannot take my eyes from yours;
I am hypnotized by your good looks and desperate for your love.

As the curves of your body entice me in,
I am left begging for you to give me all that I need.
As your hands move in sync with my every wish,
I am hooked on your feelings; I am left praying for another kiss.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Azrapse Nov 2017
Golden brown hair
Big brown eyes
Smiles like an angel
Her lips
So soft
Big hips
Nice thighs
This girl has got me hypnotized
She’s oh so delicate
I wonder how she ain’t broken yet
Takes pride in what she do
Everything she’s touched flourished
a goddess of war
every other dude be fighting
trying to get at her
But no one succeeds
When it comes to her feelings
love is a myth
She ain’t ever loved before
Got me trying to be a myth buster
Get to her head find my way to her heart
I know she’s a ten but if she was a nine
I’d be the one to make her mine
The feeling that I’m feeling
Cause I want something I ain’t getting
Cupid shot me right in the ***
Paired me up with her a heartless angel
Fallen from the sky
Touched down on earth
Broke so many hearts
Call her the devil
My little rebel
Never met a soul so obscure
I was lost in this world
Thinking could she be my cure?
Tia Dec 2017
Eyes made of galaxies
Colors radiating like sunrise in the morning
Giving me a vibe of a new beginning
Telling me those untold hopeful stories

How can you shine in the darkest alley?
How can you relive a dead lady?
Your eyes that couldn't lie gives me life
Your eyes, your eyes kept me alive

One look at my eyes and you read my mind
One glance at my soul and my heart pumps blood
One stare from you and I am hypnotized
Hypnotized to work all day even if I'm drained

Your eyes does all of these
It has magic, it casts spells
And I am someone willing to submit
Because you are my only reason to still breathe
Let's appreciate how transparent and secretive the eyes of someone could be. Sooo powerful.
Aaron LaLux Nov 2016
have everything now,
those smiling eyes,

this is,
an anonymous love letter I’ve forgotten your name,
I find it’s better to just forget the truth and remember the lies,

have everything now,
those smiling eyes,

and that’s okay,
because I’ve been getting good at erasing memories lately,
like lovers all the best ones seem to eventually fade away,
and you can put all the blame on me honestly it’s totally okay,

have everything now,
for those smiling eyes,

I see you see,
that my reputation precedes me,
I’ll bet expectations were set even before we ever met,
yep that’s the truth and I don’t lie believe me,

we are legends in the flesh immortal Gods that live in the infinite infinity infinitely,

have everything now,
for those smiling eyes…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

The Holy Trilogy Vol. 1 by Aaron La Lux, available now:
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