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annh Oct 13
My tongue is tethered to the words which have failed me.
‘There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
- Arundhati Roy
Cloth shoved down your throat
How long can you be silenced?
It's the last hour.
Man, I am cranking out poems by the hour... I love it!
R Amber Jun 30
i spend the afternoon, gently
weaving a conversation
about myself into
the hands of my mother
who shoos me away, leaving,
going, turning away after
i ask her,
"how would you react
if i were gay?"
and i am gay

and well, there could have been
worse outcomes, an aftermath
that could have broken me
but the silence
was deafening
and i could not cover my ears
but my mouth was zipped
shut, no words; and my mom
threw away the key

we let the night
pass by like a ghost
and the next day, the sun
was rebirthed; my mom
slips me the key
to my mouth
and i unzip it
but it continues
to be silent
with my voice kept unheard
Puck Jun 7
There was a silence fogging us
But now we see clear
We speak
We say their names
We change
Educate yourself and others.
Grey Jun 6
Donate. Vote. Raise awareness. Sign petitions. Protest. Educate yourself and others. Email authorities and those who can make concrete change. Use your voice. Advocate for equal rights. Share ways others can help. Let’s end this madness Now.
Apple juice May 5
To embrace the bottomless presence of fluttering wings,
Brushing ever so lightly on each side of my internal entity.
Do I dare?
Live with the impulse within side me?
To bestow the emotional strength to deny any action led thought my mind plays?
Sought to push every trace of something more between the two.
Whilst ne’er be an I and you?
When all the forbidden,
Reveals our truth.
From either of the two,
No words are used,
But both know our forbidden fruit lays within you.
Just a kernel awaiting to be used to plant its itty bitty seedling where the heart is slowly beating,
While natural magnetism endlessly glazes it’s way between candy stones and gummy sour kids.
Just when the sweet stickiness resides in our own consciousness,
It reminds with ease that there could never be a you and me...
For when candy stones dissolve utter contemplation,
For our words will now on stick like gummy sour kids in a melted mess of cowardice.
“Hear me? My almighty!”
Do I dare?
Touch the unlovable?
To love the untouchable?
And thus live with ceaseless guilt?
Or mask what I truly felt,
Over my own candy built tooth.
You don’t choose what we love.
Love chooses you! so then what am I to do.. when it comes to you...?
Can’t bare to hold our truth and I couldn't dare to keep it true.
You think I can
be silenced
and I almost find
that funny.
Living at home again for 3 months, today.
dailythoughts Apr 23
Lungs are yapping for air
Even breathing takes effort
This pattern can’t be trusted

Heart is empty from all the over pumping
The color red has turned black
The way to my heart is now dry

Eyes are zooming in the dark
Imaging the impossible
Imaging the comfort of my death bed

Ears are still to the nothingness
Yearning for your voice
Deaf to the words that will save me

Lips are sealed shut from the overthinking
Words want to flow free
Yet the only flow open is betraying me toxicially

Here I am
Pushing my luck
To see another day
Without you

Here I am
With a loud mind
Pushing my luck
To see another day
Without you
How anxiety and overthinking feels.
Debbie Ogenyi Feb 23
Traveling the dusty path of life
Overwhelmed with so much strife
Knocked down ten times by  fear
Carrying  load  of regret  heavy to bear
Staggering yet  no one to hold
For men around are after gold
How  could they  see her worth
When  She could not see her  worth

Toxic words as  arrows  pierce  right through her
Mockery whispers emanate   from within her
Should she stop traveling?
lay in the sand sorrowing?
For there is strength to move on
No gumption to live on
Suffocated by self depreciation
For she got no validation

She was not  meant to pass by
To breathe a while and die
they gave her no chance  to stay
believing  she didn’t have a say

Today  she is  awake
No more crying by the lake
For its time  she rises above her fears
Far above the drowning ocean of her tears
Today she  steps out
Erasing all doubt

She is not just passing by
She is here for a purpose
Carrying much gold on the inside
Aware that she can no longer hide
More than just a traveler
She has a voice
A voice the world needs to hear
Originally written on
19th  February 2020  to all those who have been silenced by fear, failure or criticism , Its time to Rise ,it is  time to shine,it is time to Live .
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