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LSD Sep 27
De talloze keren dat ik je het heb willen vertellen
allen vol moed opzoek naar woorden, nederlands of engels
nog altijd niet de juiste taal gevonden

Moeten de woorden rijmen?
poezie of als muziek?
een artiest uitend op papier?

Of ja, in mijn geval achter het scherm

Alle pogingen gehuld in de meest romantische, passende en passievolle woorden
het is me nog niet gelukt

Inmiddels wel gestopt met rijmen, maar alsnog niet hoe ik het had willen zien verschijnen
tot nu toe alleen nog maar lege woorden

Toch had ik gewild dat het schrijven over diamanten en jasmijnen
hadden kunnen onthullen wat ik probeer te ontcijferen
maar met miscommunicatie als tweede naam en onbegrepen die van jou
is dat geen strak plan

Zelfs zo, lastiger dan ooit, alsof je naast me zit nu
ik heb mijn woorden niet sneller zien verdwijnen
dan de tijd die ik doorbreng met jou
authentiek, elke spatie zo veelzeggend
maar ongebruikt gelaten, zoals de muziek
die waarschijnlijk nooit meer op zou houden op het moment dat ik jou vertel, alles, wat ik zeggen wil

Misschien toch maar poëzie
dat mijn ongekende motivatie toch niet schrijven kan
wellicht brengt het je dan de melodie
die ik voor je had willen zingen als ik de stem ervoor had

Dan had het geluid je hart doen trillen

Op een plek waar gevoelens de woorden niet meer nodig had
misschien dan nog in een tekening, kunst, schilderij of een standbeeld
uitgekerfd en gehouwen of van gehouden
vastgezet in niets anders dan een mening in werkelijkheid uitgelegd

Het zit toch wat lastiger in elkaar

Wellicht ben ik dan eindelijk klaar met de keren dat ik geprobeerd heb jou te schrijven
en ik de loze woorden bij elkaar raapte en zei wat ik niet zeggen kan

Want waar mijn woorden te kort komen en geen inkt ze kan vormen in oneindig prachtige lijnen
geen scherm die het licht kan uitstralen
met het bereik van wat ik jou zou willen vertellen

Evenals de keren dat de woorden stierven
op mijn lippen onderweg naar jou is al zoveel verloren
ik ben het inmiddels kwijt

De ontelbare keren dat ik met jou deelde wat alleen van ons kan zijn
ik ga het nooit vergeten
de liefde, de warmte of het gevoel om met jou samen te zijn
misschien ligt daar alle kracht, opgespaard om op te teren
ik mag het niet delen

Het is van mij.
Pyrrha Sep 13
Carefully the needle penetrates into my skin
With every new puncture the thread follows along

In and out again and again
Till it reaches the end and finally
A harsh pull, a few tugs

Then the string is snipped free at last
Its been completely sewn shut

Only after you closed me up
Did you ask me how my day was
How I was feeling

But what could I say
With my mouth sewn shut?
Lee Sep 3
women are silenced
minorities are marginalized
i would love to see inside the mind of a man who likes to criticize
others for the traits they cannot control
at the end of the day
in the same way
we all grow old

i've lost my voice
my thoughts no longer bold
like a mime I sit and watch
as everyone spills their soul
i think instead of speaking
analyze the conversation
emotions are peaking
i've deescalated the situation...
in my head.
i struggle to speak
they skip my solution
jabbering continues
without a conclusion
i am of no use
i have no relief
feelings are recluse
a heart but no sleeves
Nathalie Aug 4
Peace lingers  

And sets a familiar tone

I wave at a distant moon

As the new dawn awakens  

From her sleep

Dreams have been painted  

On the canvass of my mind    

My heart smiles as it remembers

Visions of yesterday

No words can fully capture

The essence or this feeling

Stirring within my soul

Grace and beauty  

Have silenced old fears

Ones that have haunted my sleep

My spirit soars as it recalls

Verses that have yet to be heard

Remembering words to a song

That has just begun…

~ Nathalie
elaine Jul 25
We are silent until we die,
As we die we inhale our last breath, and exhale a shout into oblivion. Shouting all that was not said and all that could have happened.
While you are screaming though, you question why you never said this while you were alive. Where people could take in what you have to say and possibly change. But then again how could you scream to a world with headphones in and music turned all the way up to drown out the sounds.
Sam Kelly Jul 20
The results are undeniable,
My fears are justifiable.
I know you mean no harm,
But I’m a sucker for your charm.
I mean, on paper, you’re ideal,
But I’m already losing what is real.
I’m tripping over words inside my head.
I don’t know what should be left unsaid.
Polite smiles are well and good
But I would scream if only I could.
I feel my demons scratch my tongue,
Trying to silence what I’ve become.
I’m running out of space inside my mind,
I just can’t be who I left behind.
I am honest and I am strong.
So why does that now feel so wrong?
And I know freedom isn’t free
But I’m begging you not to break me.
If you are going to do
what you are going to do,
then, me, too.

You know what they say,
"It's eye for an eye!" It's
never been a better time
to hoard your money or
build your fortress. If you
use your opulence just to
defend the devil's rigging,
it's not too far off to believe

others will come,
sneak in w/ gasoline
others will come,
sneak in w/ gasoline

speak in fire what they can't
say with words, still unheard
status as we know it
is based on make believe
is it so, so strange some
intend to burn

at inferno temperatures
in a city that infights
copy and paste?

then, is it strange,
except for the few,
the rich sit on their asses?

If you are going to do
what you are going to do,
then, me, too.

Me, too.
Me, too.
Ron Gavalik May 3
In a world of wage servants
we are drugged, propagandized.
That's how the keep us
docile, in line.
Sometimes a servant refuses
to take his meds.
His spoken truth burns down
the facade, for a brief moment,
until he is silenced.
Sarah Levene Feb 7
The edges of my heart
Cut my soft fingertips every time I try to put the shards back together
Shattered, it struggles to not beat itself into pieces once again
It feels as if my heart isn't the only point of origin for the blood Pumping through my veins
My lungs
Have become nothing but collateral damage from the
Razor sharp "I love you's,"
Their causalness
Serrating my gentle, slowing breaths
Stopping my heart's beating
Every word holding a little less meaning
"I love you?" I say back, confusèdly
Exactly what percentage of your heart you think you poured into your words
Because I
Didn't hear any of it.
Cold, Callous
sandpaper tongue
Licking at the firey feelings of Doubt in my mind
My quieted voice can quench my questions
Smother the slivers of vowels lodged in my lungs
Trust me when I say you cannot hold in the blood flowing from my wounds
By holding My hand.
Shorter than I yet
Somehow your lies stand taller than my inner knowing truth.
Your heart is flawless and filled with youth
So you
Cannot see the end as being anything other than mutual
Like my heart fingers and lungs
Are mutually bleeding
Sometimes, it is hard to tell which is bleeding more
It is hard to tell if I am holding myself together or continuously falling further apart
Not like you would know the difference
You only ever held me when I didn't need it
When I smiled
Your mouth was filled with i love yous
But when I cried
It was never filled with questions
Did you never try to see through me
Or even simply into my eyes
I thought you knew I wouldn't let you drown in my tears
Your reluctance to talk about my fears
Only shoved my own head under the steadily rising waters of sadness
And despair
My dear, how did you get so distant?
Moons, planets, light years away
Your heart
May as well have been located in the andromeda galaxy
Because i
Could never truly reach it
Did you really want to become so distant?
When I just wanted to reside by your side
I guess I'll dont really want to know the reason why
Or if it would have even been worth it to try
To fix us.
My girlfriend and i broke up. She says it was mutual, but if one person isn't ready for a relationship, and the other is willing to try, is it really mutual?
Josh Overson Jan 26
Only reason I can’t seem to post more about you...
Is because you asked me to let you go.
I wish I didn’t have to.
I miss you, but all I’m doing is hurting you right now. And hurting myself.
I love you I truly do.
I think about you all of the time.
The hope of us still influences my decisions.
So don’t take this silence for death.
I will always stay
You mean the world to me.
*My beautiful anomaly
These poems I have stored..
Will they ever see daylight.
I’d rather never let go, than let you go.
I know I broke your trust, but I hope.
You’ll stay too
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