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s y kalindara May 17
I sound the way I feel
silent, silenced.
I speak in soft sentences that end
in demure whispers
and masking mumbles,
with a voice that's paralleled to averting eyes, glancing at passing feet.

I bear a larynx that insufflates insecurities
and a mouth that hosts friction;
sealed lips, grinding teeth and a bitten tongue.
They're my signatures and I own each one.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
This is a two-parter. I'll be publishing the next bit soon. It went a bit off topic so I felt like it was better suited as a separate yet related poem.
Andrea Dec 2020
Hush little baby you're only a child
You don't know how the world works
Sit down, let the adults talk, it'll only take a while

Hush little baby, don't talk like that
The spite from your mouth
Become forgotten artifacts

Hush little baby you're only 22,
You can vote, drink, work
But you can't talk to us too

Hush little baby you're
Our child, we love you enough
To **** you inside
The fragile spine breaks
As you read the words
Silenced by my pen
annh Oct 2020
My tongue is tethered to the words which have failed me.
‘There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
- Arundhati Roy
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
Cloth shoved down your throat
How long can you be silenced?
It's the last hour.
Man, I am cranking out poems by the hour... I love it!
StakesV Jun 2020
i spend the afternoon, gently
weaving a conversation
about myself into
the hands of my mother
who shoos me away, leaving,
going, turning away after
i ask her,
"how would you react
if i were gay?"
and i am gay

and well, there could have been
worse outcomes, an aftermath
that could have broken me
but the silence
was deafening
and i could not cover my ears
but my mouth was zipped
shut, no words; and my mom
threw away the key

we let the night
pass by like a ghost
and the next day, the sun
was rebirthed; my mom
slips me the key
to my mouth
and i unzip it
but it continues
to be silent
with my voice kept unheard
Puck Jun 2020
There was a silence fogging us
But now we see clear
We speak
We say their names
We change
Educate yourself and others.
Grey Jun 2020
Donate. Vote. Raise awareness. Sign petitions. Protest. Educate yourself and others. Email authorities and those who can make concrete change. Use your voice. Advocate for equal rights. Share ways others can help. Let’s end this madness Now.
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
You think I can
be silenced
and I almost find
that funny.
Living at home again for 3 months, today.
dailythoughts Apr 2020
Lungs are yapping for air
Even breathing takes effort
This pattern can’t be trusted

Heart is empty from all the over pumping
The color red has turned black
The way to my heart is now dry

Eyes are zooming in the dark
Imaging the impossible
Imaging the comfort of my death bed

Ears are still to the nothingness
Yearning for your voice
Deaf to the words that will save me

Lips are sealed shut from the overthinking
Words want to flow free
Yet the only flow open is betraying me toxicially

Here I am
Pushing my luck
To see another day
Without you

Here I am
With a loud mind
Pushing my luck
To see another day
Without you
How anxiety and overthinking feels.
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