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دema Oct 5
i’ve taught myself
to be silent when
i shouldn’t,
and now i’m not
when i should,

there i go,
obliviously, relentlessly
and uncontrollably making
my voice worthless and worth less.
bakunawa Jul 17
it can't be
so long as
she still smiles.
can't forgive what you still regret.. especially if the bitter taste only reminds you of your own mistake.

snippet of white noise, to be posted later.
thank you for reading.
Eyithen Jul 10
I was told I talk too much so I never made a sound
My voice fading until buried six feet underground
I was told I was annoying, that I should just shut up
And people wonder why I'm so quiet
I would try to speak over the ocean waves
I gave up, no one interested in what I had to say
My voice now but a whisper floating on the wind
You wouldn't hear it unless you really listened.
But no one did and no one ever would
Because no one really cared about the girl and didn't see why they should.
I'm the girl that suddenly stopped talking because I felt like I was bothering people.
Breanna W May 23
My voice doesn’t reach you.

I hope one day when I collapse,
and spread out a million pieces
of life-burnt-ash,
that then, maybe then,
you’ll stop and
that I finally reached you,
that I finally reached you

After our time came to pass.
CautiousRain May 3
Have you ever seen a tap dancer
sit on a stage
with their legs crossed,
their metal plated shoes
facing away,
and their sound stolen?

Well, have you ever seen a girl
sit on her bed
with her legs crossed,
her feet tucked, hiding,
buried away,
and her voice silenced?
Well, have you?
Eloise Rose Mar 6
We are supposed to express whatever lies deep with In this chest
But as soon as it get too much
It’s end is abrupt
And it is hushed
And it is shoved
Back into the recess of depression
Of which it was born
Of which oppression
Will finally adorn
Us who’ve been silenced
Us who mourn
distractedpen Jan 27
Do I make sense?
I’m speaking but
Can you hear me?

It seems like I’m speaking silence
I suppose I am since, wait--
Do I make sense?

My words are easily misinterpreted
Even now, you’re listening but
Can you hear me?

Tangled tangents taken
From the context of my mind
Do I make sense?

I don’t. Of course the sound waves are reaching you
Still, I have to ask again to be sure
Can you hear me?

L’appel du vide is all I hear
I want to know you’re not the same
Do I make sense?
Can you hear me?
even i didn't understand what this poem was supposed to mean for a while. it took me about a month to realize why i wrote it.
She's silenced, in a shell of her former self
She's told to remain silent that her words are too sharp,
What if they can groom life itself...
Poetry is a writer's truth seen and expressed with passion.
Astra Nov 2018
Another sleepless night,
Another night of lies,
I harbor my feels that I have to hide,

Why might you ask do these feels stay alive,
I answer with a few simple lines,

I’m a girl, one slightly broken, one afraid of the question and attention,
So hushed are my thoughts and silence is my voice,

There’s one good thing I must say something that strengthens me inside,
And keeps me alive,

That fact that this feelings are all MINE
All right reserved, written by fragilehalo
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