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Delicacy8100 Apr 15
I watch you as you lightly moan holding back the pleasure.
Lightly grabbing me
I'm pulling you deep into my mouth
glancing at one another
we both grin
I pull your manhood
pushing and pulling with my tongue
the taste of your flesh... Mmmm
My mouth pulls tighter
Your ******* growing firmer
You ******
testing my limit
I shove you deeper
Pushing you onto the chair
No holding back
Tia Nov 2017
Drunk state
Sober mind
Twisted tongue
Honest words

Stumbling and rambling
Unfiltered sentences
Stuttering mess
Confessions of true emotions

How I love the drunk state
It's just me and my honesty
My lips taking in liquids
My lips spitting out true feelings

There's no don'ts
There's no what ifs
There's no hesitations
There's no taking back

There's no limit
On what should I say
On what can I say
On what I must say

I just wanna be drunk
Drunk to say things
Drunk to tell you this
Drunk till I fell asleep
Lalala Jun 2015
A verse doesn’t have to rhyme
In order for it to be called a poem

It doesn’t have to have a quota
To limit your endless ideas

It doesn’t have to be beautiful
In order for it to be read

It doesn’t have to be spontaneously vague
To be able to leave a good impression

But your poem has to have a heart
For whenever an eye passes through your scribbled mind
He will be able to fathom the real emotion of your work
Just write it all out!
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
You go for more or settle for less
Run after them or go at your own pace
You can climb higher and higher
You can always get what you want
None should tell you that you can't
If you can proceed, you shouldn't retire
You can soar higher than the sky
You can poke your limits in the eye
Ahead lies a wonderful reward
Go for it, focus on moving forward
You can change your little story
By constructing yourself greater glory
Navigate the icy unchattered waters
You can go beyond the definate borders
Nothing about their words matters
You can disapprove your doubters
You can hit the spot, if you truly aim
You can change the rules of the game
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— The End —