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Apr 2020
Let me paint you a picture
of how my heart was fractured
after you suddenly let go
while I'm tightly holding you

You left me with no goodbye
pushed me on the side
cut me off of your life
Now I doubt that my heart is still alive

Let me start with the blank canvass
Where you drew the night sky and the stars
Together with your promises and lies
As you avert your gaze to me and smile

You did it beautifully and gracefully
I kinda forgot how to breathe
for a moment as you lean
closer to pinch me on my cheek

Then you turn back to your art work
While I am here wondering what was that for
but my heart is happy I know for sure
so I didn't complain and let my head hung low

I was fidgeting my hands trying to calm
talking to myself to just breathe normal
asking my heart to please stop pounding
because I'm afraid you would hear it loudly beating

And then I started to panic
when you clasp your hand in mine
I started to hear my heartbeat in my ears
Then you dropped the bomb and I know my face turned white

Hopes and dreams are on the ground
along with it is my heart
and I can see it tearing apart
my legs getting weaker, I cannot stand

I fell
I actually fell with no one to catch me
I fell and you weren't there to catch me
I fell and I feel I'll be broken for an eternity
Written by
Tia  23/F/Philippines
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