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Oct 2015 · 694
soldier's glide
sainche micano Oct 2015
reload your arms..
fighter of trend..
and the fields of blood
you could save at loss
or call at the hiss of attack would have been kind
that heart of yours is fragile
woven in glass and tired reed
spoken to a careless life
...that would cease like the last note
played at the piano concert..
swift yet so sweet
stealing the sweat of emotion
and the gasp of a soul...
feeling all the oxygen flee
as life comes from embrace
..the soldiers glide
reckless writing to feelings of war
Oct 2015 · 3.4k
ego, you go
sainche micano Oct 2015
we speak of thought
and carry the night
but inside our hearts
we bury the life
oh dear ego,
you run away so easy
i can't rely on you anymore
you deserve no place in chest
cause you lift me so high
then flee when i'm destroyed
.but at the end of the day
we'll fight to keep sane
in this colored world
i'm humbled
Oct 2015 · 1.5k
sainche micano Oct 2015
this is ******
not plastic anymore
when we washed the pretense down the sink
silence arose behind closed curtains
for guilt was a guest
serving our thirsty egos
we shouldn't have lost faith
the one season we had all year
unbelievable how we still know
we are not movie-stars
it's how we could have had it all
rolling in the deep
scribbled like the main script
with our smiles saved for the end
despite the flaming battle...
we shouldn't have lost faith
this is unfaithful
our hearts desire to stick even amidst the guilt
Oct 2015 · 856
sainche micano Oct 2015
my belly is crowned
..i am satisfied
with all this honey you giving me
i'll flourish with sweetness and ease
with the comfort of your love
baby, with your love
Oct 2015 · 621
moment of you again..
sainche micano Oct 2015
i learnt how to burst when i lost my trust in you
i was a rose of Eden's nights
beneath a dome of dawn's star
little could i secure...
but fairly, i was pure enough to endure
till my breath became a betrayed justice
and your warmth began to heat up
became hot..a furnace of drowning relations
for all i could be is burnt if i survived
there is nothing we could save but ourselves
cause no matter how good..
it all became a severe overdose
and the poisons embraced the reactions my companion is with me
they say cold  ...
but this is one who stayed by me
wrapped my heart..woke me up at night
and said hello in the morning
after impatient sailing of goodnight kisses
i learnt how to burst when i lost my trust in you
Sep 2015 · 391
...i thought
sainche micano Sep 2015
i thought we were warm enough
to understand and withstand
to be concerned about breaking
especially if it's between us

me and you wrote a song
and everybody sang along
as we dressed into love
we were great, yet so young

we had power between us
a force..and a life..
Sep 2015 · 2.8k
and you may see...
sainche micano Sep 2015
float baby, float
in whatever you do,
stay in the boat
because i am not armed
i can't save you
so listen to your safety
and you may see tomorrow

float baby, float
in whatever you do,
stay in the boat
the waves will roar
and the lights will fade
follow the compass
and you may see tomorrow
for these seasons we keep up
behind the shuttered doors..
you wrote me a perfect song
i said i will listen..
Sep 2015 · 351
infinite mortal
sainche micano Sep 2015
i burst my heart out for you
you **** the breath out of me
my fragile ego..
is getting lost onto you

so i'll say,
long live dear conqueror
you've taken all of me
beside a pond to save my thirst these
Sep 2015 · 191
sainche micano Sep 2015
bank your heart
we are playing dead
spread out life
before you stray

oh dear trust,
inside my head..
calm this maze,
inside my cup..

my city is lighting,
with candles of gloss..
attention is howling,
the corridor's song..
Sep 2015 · 813
these days
sainche micano Sep 2015
fountains are white
sparkles are light
life is the brightness
of healing inside

awakening my craving
is killing my pride
i think i will follow
follow you, past the crowd*

hello..oh melanie
i'm here..reciting felony
you said return is your harmony
but i don't hear a word..tonight
this is the fool you made of me
even patience is resisting me
so my my mystified company
these days
Sep 2015 · 2.2k
dear heartless..
sainche micano Sep 2015
i had to tell you..
it hurts
so that you don't do it to someone else
i don't want anybody
to go through what you put me through
i don't want you
to hurt another soul
they make us fade
Sep 2015 · 109
sainche micano Sep 2015
you are pain
that is all you carry
Sep 2015 · 485
i understand now
sainche micano Sep 2015
i guess this is me
a story of another loner
i will burden the earth
with my weight and volume
then leave it
just the way i came
i won't cry when i leave
i'll lay in silence
and won't move
because i understand now
more than anything
there is a better world out there
where souls have no teeth to laugh at me
and blood to make me bleed
i understand now
how flesh will betray

*how messed we still play
it's hard to love the traitor..never lie to any sincere heart
Sep 2015 · 220
wages on pages
sainche micano Sep 2015
there is a substance in my heart
it screams but never dies
weighing out my pulse
and washing off the paint
of my colorful world
..i saw this all as beautiful
a while back
but now it's nothing
oh heaven,
come save me
i feel like nothing
but it will all come to pass
the angels are here
i'll go to sleep
Sep 2015 · 922
sainche micano Sep 2015
when my mind speaks
it's loud

& there is no such thing as..
i speak less than i think
Sep 2015 · 217
sainche micano Sep 2015
this is the place
where i was born
small enough to crush me
it's why few know about it
we closed all the doors to strangers
and learnt from behind its walls
and called it warm
we named it home

it's familiar
to a place i faked a smile
and the first place i cried
here, i'll always be a son
oh yes, always a son
we were taught the world
but never experienced it

but the roof and the bricks
kept us from the weather and cold...
hmm the space upon my pillow
is where i learnt to whisper
all the twitches that stained my heart

you'll always be home
the castle daddy owns
Sep 2015 · 331
saving myself
sainche micano Sep 2015
My heart pounds like a dollar
Saving souls wherever..
So they always want to have it
..steal it
And keep it..

My lips sail like a promise
Saving lives from heartache..
Pasting smiles and kisses..
To stained hearts and dreamers
I could say...
...I'm saving myself
By saving you...
So I'll love you
..this life is a mirror..
Whatever we do, love is the remedy..
Sep 2015 · 558
Finding myself
sainche micano Sep 2015
These badges...
comfort my spirit to nothing
I'm working...
Like seasons are shifting in raindrops..
I find myself..
Behind a curtain, when the door is closed
Where reality finally whispers
Those streets are too plastic ..
And too loud for me..
I belong to the peaceful silence
that plays a flavored violin
...I'm only myself
On my own
Sep 2015 · 4.3k
my freedom is real
sainche micano Sep 2015
the way you live is fragrance
turning people's senses
moving people's feelings stain white hearts
then bleach black souls
..oh yes
you preach clarity
sowing memories
and feeding obsessions

..don't take me
my freedom is real
Sep 2015 · 546
..still yours
sainche micano Sep 2015
i bathed in perfume,
exhausted my blues..
the fashion was set
to be classic and brewed..
so the night was a dance
with wines served in sound..
say the season is merry
we're lovingly caring..
so laugh with pink cheeks
sound loud and enlarged..
your blood-shot eyes are in love,
with a prince of the night..
perfected like a gallery,
on display like diamond..
surely..the way we live
is alive with bliss..

baby, i love you
Sep 2015 · 757
..saying the truth
sainche micano Sep 2015
this is the way i feel
after i speak the sun in me
saying the truth..
i want to see you again
..but you go quiet
placing a cloud upon my heart
saying the truth
i just hope you feel the same

because i betray my heart so often..
by saying the truth
Sep 2015 · 148
sainche micano Sep 2015
place the world inside these arms
..careful to spill it well..
this is the direction to safety
so i'll show the way i pillow
..or the way i giggle
Sep 2015 · 323
perfect & u
sainche micano Sep 2015
i am fine
as heaven..
it's spelt upon my bones
with the safest flesh upon em
i feel it gazing into the mirror
then i whisper my kisses
as i adore and marvel..
....."this is perfected.."

the imperfectionist is you
look at what you've done

you broke me so well
i see the pieces in my eyes
weighing from my beaten heart
as i comfort my left cheek
with my right palm..
i want to write about you my ego were yours
people never receive the real hearts
Sep 2015 · 113
sainche micano Sep 2015
you made me write about a hill
because the sea is calm today
oh how i understand us better
when the weather is stormy
because i know we'll fight
and save what we built
says the lilly field
and the morning cloud
...the sun will rise
to watch us again
burn like our might
Sep 2015 · 94
sainche micano Sep 2015
i learnt it with different colors
...the world full of lights...
Sep 2015 · 348
anything to get you
sainche micano Sep 2015
she chased me but..
..i fled
and she didn't catch me

i chased you but.. fled
and i didn't catch you

so i'll get to her
..then maybe
you'll get to me

doing anything to get you
Sep 2015 · 906
they flow..
sainche micano Sep 2015
let it be
that the liquid in your eyes
flows for me...
...when they take me away
and when i return to your arms...

the liquid in my eyes
flows for you...
as i watch you lying next to me flows
when i hear those stories off your lips

you should know that tears flow
....& you're special
Sep 2015 · 308
we, of course we
sainche micano Sep 2015
you're not angry with me
i'll get you smiling when i laugh
...and you will smile so easy
even when i'm laughing at you

you're not here to leave me
i feel it when you say bye-bye'll watch me at a distance
and break when i lose my strength

we're not like them
you have diamonds in yours eyes
and i have stars upon my lips
..we shine together..
there is always a special people
Sep 2015 · 471
what never is
sainche micano Sep 2015
you're sipping wine
i'm counting bottles
you're sitting down
i'm trying to settle...
....the window of our love
is music with echoes
the story of our nights
is painted with battle....
..i want to pay attention
but the bills are screaming
i guess i'm filthy if you're messed
cause you make me better

what never is..
is us
Sep 2015 · 551
when the young men..
sainche micano Sep 2015
when the young men marry
they'll parade their love in the streets
and hold their affection within the town
where they'll spread it out like petals
and say it all like music

when the young men marry
they'll paint the sun yellow
and grip the waist of maria T
then under the moonlight
they'll speak out their hearts
like a tale of the ecstasy

when the young men marry
   if wishes were horses
  ..the roses are horses..
the peace of the times..if the young men marry the lust will fade
Sep 2015 · 550
sainche micano Sep 2015
i chose to be your shadow
cause somehow i'll be by your side
when the lights are upon you

...when it gets so dark
i'll never leave you..
..i'll wrap you
& i'll be all that you see

i chose to be your shadow
you are a special people to my life
Aug 2015 · 252
sainche micano Aug 2015
plaster is plastic
it won't fix me
i need reality
that won't twist me
..i thought it could be you
so i paced my bones
down this breezy hallway
hoping to find a pillow for this heart of mine
but men are greater soldiers than thunder
it's why you struck me down i hope i understand
why human emotion is so frail
for mine is glass on winter's window
it's why you will see through me
only when you touch me..
only when you touch me breathe on me
to draw your dreams
the way we are
Aug 2015 · 275
sainche micano Aug 2015
taking steps besides you
is how i find peace
the colors of your love
is a story melting the pearls
...wake me up beside you
cause i want to feel alive
when you breathing with me
before you see the world
aaaaaii aaaiiiiii
in your your arms
that is pillow wine
to feel love brings to life ..i am always in love. don't know what title to give this
Aug 2015 · 701
in the rain
sainche micano Aug 2015
wooo hooo!!
in the puddle
where we stand
forgetting raindrops
& getting lost inside your eyes

wooo hooo!!!
i'm okay
with finding warmth
tasting drips off your pink lips
& sliding fingers through your hair

sweet sound of raindrops
the skies have joined us here
kissing in the rain
kissing in the rain
Jul 2015 · 2.5k
sainche micano Jul 2015
in my zone
the morning is singing
it sounds like two of us
but i woke up alone
so i'll be reciting peace
and writing hope
it sounds like two of us
but i walk home alone
gets me smiling
to everybody...
it sounds like two of us
but i'm lonely inside
Jul 2015 · 461
sainche micano Jul 2015
the way we think
makes the way we sink
..sing to me
to cling to me

..the sounds of your promise
are inside me
the say..stay with me
and you will smile
Jul 2015 · 781
sainche micano Jul 2015
i know...
they don't care when i scream
cause i'm an ocean
i am far for all their homes
cause i'm an ocean loud when i roar
they will hide when i speak
but i will show how i feel
call me calm, or call me rough
cause i'm an ocean

and my breeze will ease your mind
see my waves will bring you sand
so you build your castles next to me
i'm being an ocean

you can find your way through
then you leave me...
they've all done it's why i leave your hands...
when you try to catch me...
cause i'm an ocean
Jul 2015 · 525
sainche micano Jul 2015
..speak to me..
you'll surely roar
cause you're calm
in your overflow
....of pleasure
to have me... i'll be yours
& yours only
Jul 2015 · 1.8k
divorce (teacher)
sainche micano Jul 2015
wedding* bells
sounded good
thought you could lead
and i would follow
so you taught me how
and showed me when
and since you have left
it's time for graduation
so sign the papers
and let me pass
Jul 2015 · 790
we burn
sainche micano Jul 2015
we have wings
they fight the wind
and call the heights
..we burn..
we burn when we collide
don't forget it all
the way i press on
and pressure up your soul
to accept my insanity
it's why i like you
with no meaning
a silent reasons
special people
Jul 2015 · 340
forget the world
sainche micano Jul 2015
i'm awake this morning
with the color of your world
so i forget the world
..and write the script
magnify it's ink
then let the blot flow through
bind what we live for
and keep this salty truth
make arms for our time
..before we defend what's ours
Jun 2015 · 2.4k
sainche micano Jun 2015
these streets announce my name
i stain them with my weary soles
with thoughts of a better life
weighing onto my shaky bones
...i hope these whispers speak the truth
they say it will be alright
ooowwwwhhh ooooohhh!!
this is how i lead my life
hope..hope..and *more hope
everyday..says i'm closer to the prize
Jun 2015 · 338
my day was yours
sainche micano Jun 2015
as I dressed up this morning
I whispered your name
took a deep breath and got excited
that I'd see you again

when I got here this morning
I saw the colors of your back
I was thirsty for your language
but your silence was qualified

I thought we'd kiss
then scream sorry for all that went wrong
but I guess that could probably stay in my head..

I just thought you'd make my day..
my day was yours.
Jun 2015 · 556
sainche micano Jun 2015
I gave you the worthy
Before you got noticed
In the sounds of your night
I wiped away lonely
Teach me to fly
Was written upon you
Now that lessons are done
You not coming for reunion
You got blinded by the Skies
Well they are blue
Cause you got them confused
Do you know what you want..
.they ask..
Jun 2015 · 245
i let go
sainche micano Jun 2015
she acted like she didn't know
that's why i let go
..i let go of the dreams
i let go of her's no sad story
but the mad story that wakes me up
to realize my bed is cold
May 2015 · 424
sainche micano May 2015
this is what it means..
...let me explain
a moment with me..
and you'll let in better
...with time
when the time is right..
May 2015 · 751
sainche micano May 2015 stained my life with paint I've failed to wash off..I'm proud of the design you put upon it.. *thank you
Notes to my ex
May 2015 · 577
sainche micano May 2015 stained my life with paint I've failed to wash off..I'm proud of the design you put upon it.. *thank you
Notes to my ex
Apr 2015 · 2.5k
hiding our love
sainche micano Apr 2015
we pretend all day
so ashamed to say
that when..
the sun goes down
we find comfort
amidst our tongues
and weakened souls
..they shouldn't know
because we're great
and they'll shout
they'll gossip
but the more we hide
the easier we break
if no one knows
then we're not proud
i just don't know why i never say it out
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
windows *astray*
sainche micano Apr 2015
very true
you got me flirting
with somebody else
of course i am
i was poisoned
by the unfaithful world
and trust less in loyalty
so i go astray
before i'm betrayed
well looks like
you just
don't want to listen anymore..
i hate being faithful..the world is unfaithful..even you dear...even you
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