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Debanjana Saha Jul 2018
What's the best way
to celebrate one's birthday?

To throw a party?
To cut two cakes -
One for birthday, another for promotion?
To be with loved ones - called a family?
To cherish oneself and make goals for future?
To teach art to the less privileged children?

Yes, I did it all this time!

The best of everything was the part
when I taught art to the less privileged children
But to my surprise,
These cute children taught me
more than what I could teach them!
It was- how to be happily happy with minimalism.

I spent two hours of my birthday
With them
Teaching them art
And it was so awakening,
Their happy expressions of art
Made me more happy.

They gifted me that day a smile
Which was unconditional
Few were orphans,
few children of a single parent
With less of money
but more of heart!

Their smiling aura
Amidst all odds
taught me how to live
and be happy minimally!
A lesson to be learnt this 28 years of life
To be happy minimally.
Thank you all for your wishes on my birthday.
Always love to be at home called hellopoetry.
train coming
ever felt
Ishant17 Dec 2017
my life isn't what i wanted it to be...but that's O.K.
for i have learnt and understood it.
life won't be what i wanted it to be
i regret no more
Svode Oct 2017
What is there when we all are gone?
What use comes from the greed-possessed wealth,
other than to please our current existence?

What hotel room will the rich reside in?
When they are in the land above,
and where among them will the poor men lay?

What was there for us to know?
When history reaped what it had sown,
and learnt it's lesson: only to forget again.

What is there beyond today?
A figment of time, life and space,
or an investment into the unknown place?

Life is the worst thing to have happened to me,
yet it is the best in every degree,
because without it I wouldn't be pondering the idea.
Diya May 2017
Life takes you  to where you don't want
But vision helps to control that.
Education makes you literate
But values makes you human.
Fame helps to lead a luxurious life
But honesty helps to lead a decent life.
Money targets expensive smile
But ambition targets destiny.
Perfection makes you enchanted
But happiness makes you feel alive.
I've understood the basic principles of life,
So, I wanna shout at the world
Life lessons are known after years of gaining knowledge and when you know one of them , it makes u feel as the happiest person even of it may be for a second...same happened with me and my happiness was the story behind the poem..!
Mel Feb 2017
You asked me the reason
And without any doubt I told you
You betrayed me
And I thought I can believe you
You told everyone about it
And now everybody know
Because of you
I have learnt to not trust
Because of you
I have learnt to not care
Because of you
I have learnt to protect myself
And when you ask me why
Remember you are the reason why
Care a little less
Live a little more
You don't live for their expectation
You don't live for their opinion
Their opinion do not define you
So live on
So move on
So life goes on
Random thoughts. This doesn't sound like a poem... I always thought the "poem" I wrote doesn't sound like a poem. But I try to have the quality of a poem... I TRIEDDDD.
Viseract Jan 2017
Smoothing out my imperfections
Lessons learned from past rejections
How can he develop, when it hurt so bad
To reflect upon the times, he fell

And he knows
That he doesn't know where to go
He knows where he's been
Forgiven his sins
Now is time to begin,

A mistake in progress
An object to forget
Trying to improve
But not done yet

Despite the hate,
A tidal wave
Gasping for air
It's just not the same
Now he must start, again

Rinse and repeat
March in defeat
He's learnt time and again
There's no substitute for the mentor
Called pain
"He", huh.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Once we were all young,
Bug catchers, supposed to be fun,
Was it for us? The bees stung!
Or for the bugs, poor insects,
They didn't learn much, I guess.........
Feedback welcome.
George Krokos Sep 2016
From simple and humble beginnings we have all come a long way
to where we find ourselves this moment now which means today.
Throughout our journey in life we have all experienced a great deal
but what lesson have we each learnt on which we can put our seal?
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
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